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Gangplank Build Guide by Patejl

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Patejl

Gangplank - Pirate who does not like the jungle

Patejl Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there. In this guide I am going to show you how I build Gangplank. This is laning gangplank so if you were looking for a jungle guide keep searching.

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Pros / Cons

+ High mobility
+ High crits (1200+ with ) and overall high dmg output
+ Good farming

- Medium survability
- No hard CC

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Summoner Spells

I like and on every AD carry because it just gives you even more mobility and you can easily escape ganks or chase your enemies.

Alternatives: You can use or instead of

Spells you dont need:
- you already have
- your dmg is high enough + you have

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9x Greater Mark of Desolation - you deal physical dmg so armor penetration is usefull
alternatives: 9x or 9x

9x - mana regeneration allows you to use your spells more often and stay in lane for longer (better farm, more harrasment)

9x - you can basically go anything you like here (CD could work)

3x - again you can go quints you like I just dont have any more suitable (crit, armor pen could be fine)

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I go 21/9/0 but if you prefer you can go 21/0/9. You are playing physical dmg dealer so you need 21 offense - a bit more crits with more dmg and some CD reductions - pretty much all you want and need.

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Skill Sequence

Get a point in everytime you can and dont hesitate to use it often (when you see you team mates going for the kills, when one of your lanes is getting pushed by huge wave of minions and there is noone around to save it...)

Max first and do not be afraid to abuse it as harrasing tool and also farming tool (the bonus gold is nice) - you should have enough mana regen from runes and Philosopher's Stone

Then max - it gives you more dmg and more speed which is very nice

Personally I level up as the last skill, I just have it at lv 1 to use it to remove CC (you shouldnt use it for its heal unless you are sure that there wont be any danger around for another 20 seconds)

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I like starting with because it gives you health regen (stay in lane longer + you can play more agrresive) and also some survability

Second item I buy (ASAP) is Philosopher's Stone - health regen and mana regen allows you to stay in lane for as long as you want and it produces some extra gold which is always good (NOTE: You can skip and go straight for )

Boots, everyone need boots - (more =more dmg) or (but you dont need CC reduction that much)

Now you should farm and farm a lot so you can rush - now your crits really hurt (if you cant farm that much go for first)

Build to add even more dmg, more movement speed and even some health

Now you should start getting situational items (you can of course get them earlier if needed):

- at lv 18 you should have around 2,5k hp with the items and runes above, so getting this is really good
- more dmg and lifesteal = nothing to explain here
- if you already have this is very good choise because it gives you health so you wont die so easily and some more dmg (alternative: - but you have your own slow)
or - if you need MR
- if enemies realize that you are a threat and they start building armor
- if you recieve too much dmg from autoatackers
- you can get this even earlier (or at least ), because it gives crit, dmg, armor pen and CD (everything is usefull) and its active boosts you for a short period of time (since you does so much dmg with crits this period should be long enough to kill 1 or 2 enemies)

NOTE: Even when you are dmg dealer, you still need some tanky items. You can survive during early, mid maybe even during the beginning of late game without them, but sooner or later you will start dying just to aoe dmg or the enemy team starts focusing you. Dont worry about being useless - you are more usefull if you deal slightly less dmg but for long time than no dmg because you are dead

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Choosing a lane:
You can be basicaly in any lane, but I like to be 1v1 top or 2v1 top because it allows me to get a lot of farm early game (2v1 lane is just free farm and you can zone enemy with ).

Choosing a lane partner:
Again you can lane with anyone except for another AD carry - you would end up stealing each others minion kills. It is best to lane with tank or support (even better if he does have stun/snare).

Laning phase and mid game (farming):
Try to farm as much as you can (even with ). If you feel that you can beat your enemies just poke them with and then when their health is low activate and go for the kill. After lv 6 pay attention to other lanes aswell and use to help your allies survive or get the kills.

Late game (teamfights):
Keep active all the time. Spam (best on squishes or champions your team focuses). When you see that fight started use . If you get CCed use . It may take some games but you have to find some kind of sense to know when to get directly into fight and start also autoatacking and when to rather stay back and just spam your abilities. Ofcourse your main targets should be their main dmg dealers or support (your crits should easily melt them). If you dont think you can go for the dmg dealers staying behind tanky ones (you are afraid of dying instantly) you can also atack those tanky enemies (still better to deal some dmg to them at least than dying - but ofcourse still try to use on the squishy ones - its range should allow you to do so).

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Just try it and you will get your own proof :-D