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Gangplank Build Guide by Klarry300

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Klarry300

Gangplank: Screw Blackbeard, Here's the real deal!

Klarry300 Last updated on September 1, 2011
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Ahoy, Me Hearty!


This is my build for Gangplank. Your probably familiar with this pirate, and he is really one of the most fun champs to play. I'm going to show you how i play Gangplank and how you could learn something off it.

So let's carry on then, sprogs!

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Golden Booty & Scallywagging Scurvy

Pros: Every pirate's booty:

Awesome farmer
Great harrasser (Parrrley nonstop with this build)
Clears CC and can increase his movevent to get away easier
Can support teammates all around the map with his ultimate
Insane late game damage
Heal to help last longer in lane
He's a pirate!

Cons: Every pirate's problems

Doesn't have any proper escape mechanism
Pretty squishy until you get your last item
Easy to counter with armor until you get penetration items
You will get targeted more in teamfights the better you perform
Scurvy needs to be treated...

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These are just what i use and what i think is the most useful ones:


Greater Mark of Desolation

These are by far the most useful marks for most physical builds. Slice through their armor and do more damage, simple enough.


Greater Seal of Replenishment OR Greater Seal of Armor

Seals are, as most runes and masteries, to be picked to fit your playstyle. If you want extra mana regen go for Greater Seal of Replenishment. Otherwise i recommend you to swap these with Greater Seal of Armor. You can also use AS seals for faster stacking of your slow, but i think it's quite a waste.


Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Your glyphs should be CDR. These will lower the cooldown on your Parrrley by about 10% and is very noticable later on in the game.


Greater Quintessence of Desolation OR Greater Quintessence of Health

The Quintessences i use is often the extra Armor penetration, but health quints is ALWAYS a viable choice and is great for early survivability.

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Simple AD Carry masteries, with extra ghost, exhaust.

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Summonerrr Spells

Summoner Spells are a matter of preference in my eyes, but here are the two i use:


This helps you catch up on enemies and slow them even more with your passive. Combined with the Movement Speed from Trinity Force and Phantom Dancer, you'll be running across the field of justice like Teemo on fire!


Very helpful summoner spell all around, slows, removes ther carry's damage, lower armor and magic resist, this spell got it all. It's simply great on Gangplank.


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Skillboard of a Pirate

Grog Soaked Blade (Passive): Gangplanks passive is really nice to have and is a great slow.
This used to do damage, but i have to say that the stackable slow is better. Oh, and another great thing... your Parrrley actually apply it! That means you can let them taste your gun, run up to them and start stacking your slow! Blimey me!
Parrrley (Q):
The main skill of Gangplank and what characterizes him above all. This lovely little shot's damage is going to go through the roof later on in the game, and it is what makes Gangplank such an awesome harasser. You should unload your gun and fire off a shot as soon as you can when you have your Tear of the Goddess, it's going to boost your damage significantly with Manamune! With your CDR boots and glyphs, this will go down to a 3 second cooldown.
Max this FIRST
Remove Scurvy (W):
Your medicine against ganks is going to be this skill. You eat some nice fruit and you regain health and clears ALL crowd control effects on you. This is really useful and since this build has good mana-regen your going to be using this a LOT, and it will be a really useful heal.
Max this SECOND
Raise Morale (E):
This ability is quite overlooked since you could deny the other team xp before they changed it, but it doesn't mean it's worse now! Your AD and movement speed get a significant buff and you can also activate it to nearby teammates. Great for taking down towers and boosting damage!
Max this LAST
Cannon Barrage (R):
Gangplank's ultimate is quite a disappointment, but it's still very useful if you use it correctly. You will be able to slow whole bunches of enemies with this, since it slows everyone in the area. It's important to know that it reaches over the entire map so you can aid your teammates no matter where they are. This should be placed behind enemies if they escape, and in front of them if they are chasing. You can also pick off kills with this if you calculate where the enemies are standing or if you just see them by a tower.

Put a point in this EVERY time it's available!

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Jack o' Items

My Build

This is the main items i use in my build and is how i build Gangplank.

15% Cooldown Reduction: These boots will help you spam Parrrley and your other abilities aswell. Great for getting even more mana for Manamune. If your having trouble you could switch these for Mercury's Treads if they have an annoying AP caster or loads of CC.

20 Attack Damage, 1350 Mana, 7 Mana Per 5 Sec and 2% Of Max Mana in AD: This item is what this build revolves around. It solves ALL of your mana problems, gives you mana every time you strike or use an ability AND it gives you LOADS of AD if you do it right! Parrrley spam NOW! It will help you so much later on and you will harrass your lane like a boss. This item is just too good on Gangplank!

30 AS, AD, AP, 15% Crit, 250HP & Mana, 12 Movement Speed, 25% to slow and 150% AD on next ability: The Trinity Force gives you a bit of everything and everything a Gangplank needs. The stats are all beneficial, but what really is the deal with this item is the passive 150% proc on your next ability. Thing is, when you activate your Parrrley you will gain the proc, and then when the bullet lands you get the extra damage added to your shot! What's not to love? Did i mention it slows too!?

80 Attack Damage, 25% Critical Chance, 250% Critical Strikes: Behold the mighty Infinity Edge. It boosts your damage like crazy and gives you extra critical chance. By the time of getting this you will be critting down squishies with your Parrrley in 3 or less shots. But remember that it is quite expensive so farm well if you don't get any kills.

55 Attack Speed, 30% Critical Chance and 15% Movement Speed: By now, this is definitely the item for Gangplank. Attack Speed to boost our damage output greatly, even MORE critical chance and some movement speed to catch up and slow the hell out of your opponent.

40 Attack Damage and 40% Armor Penetration:
This item is one of the most important when building Gangplank. You need armor penetration if the opponent is getting armor. This helps you out alot and if the other team is really armor heavy, consider getting this earlier. It's also better than The Black Cleaver since the cleaver won't penetrate your first Parrrley on your opponent and you dont have very high Attack speed.

375 Health, 375 Mana, 50 Magic Resist and Blocks one negative spell every 45 Sec.: This item is your survivability. Everyone needs atleast one defense item, and this is just a great one. It gives you some HP, Mana that also increases your AD from Manamune, Magic Resist and that AWESOME passive that blocks a spell every 45 Sec. Feel free to swap this with any of the defense items listed in the situational item list, and i recommend a Frozen Heart if the threat is more AD based.

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Situational Items List

Here's the list of all situational items:

Atma's Impaler: This item is actually really good to if you need extra AD, crit and a bit of armor in the end. Swap this with your defensive item if you don't think you need that much protection.
Force of Nature: Huge MR bonus and regen if good if they have alot of feeded casters. It also givis a movement speed bonus which is not to forget.
Frozen Heart: This item synergizes well with this build. It gives you 500 mana which is
500*0.02= 10 Damage and alot of armor and CDR that will help you alot if they have alot of physical damage.
Frozen Mallet: Alot of HP, and a huge slow if you feel your passive and Trinity Force isn't enough.
[[Madred's Bloodrazor}}: Great vs HP stacking enemies.
Mercury's Treads Swap these with your boots if you are getting locked down by CC when Remove Scurvy goes on CD.
The Black Cleaver: Obviously a good item with damage, AS and armor penetration. You should get this if the enemies have ALOT of armor instead of Last Whisper.
The Bloodthirster: Lifesteal is great if you think that you need it, i just tend to not benefit from it that much, since i got my heal.
Thornmail: Great vs fed AD carries that will make them suffer for targeting you.

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Gameplay and Item Purchases - Early, Mid and Late

Start off with Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potions. This will allow you to spam Parrrley much more often than other items and a great start in this build.

Early on you want to focus on last-hitting and harrassing with Parrrley. Always harrass if there is an opponent nearby - they will hate you for it. There's nothing more to do here, so let's carry on.

I try to build my Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible, and i can afford it i buy Boots of Speed. This will make you a living harrasment-machine that just keeps spamming Parrrley. By this time everyone gets their boots so it's a good idea to build Ionian Boots of Lucidity to get even more speed and CDR to spam Parrrley even more!

At this time, i usually get a Sheen BEFORE i build Manamune. This is because it doubles Parrrleys damage and gives us some mana, so we can still be spamming Parrrley until we get our Manamune. When getting Manamune your damage will get a big buff if you have done your spamming well. It is a very rewarding item and you should also be able to heal yourself when you want too.

Now, you'd want to build a Trinity Force because it will give you so much chasing power and also a bit of everything we need. You will have an extra slow AND you Parrrley will hit for even more damage!

After getting Trinity, we can get even more damage to dominate the game. Infinity Edge is the item for that. It gives us boatloads of AD and nice crit too! Parrrley will go through the ROOF in damage!!!

Now with this damage, you need AS pretty bad. Phantom Dancer gives a lot of it, even MORE crit, and some very nice movement speed! This makes you alot more mobile and you will be able to bring them to the depths of the Sea!

Since GP is all physical damage, Last Whisper is a great item to counter armor. There's just that much else to consider, it is better that a The Black Cleaver if you opponent doesn't have huge amounts of armor.

So now you have probably already crushed their team with your awesomeness, but if they forgot how to surrender, you need a defence item. Banshee's Veil is the one i pick, because it gives HP, Mana for Manamune, MR and a great passive. You can switch this one with any of the defensive items listed in the situational items list.

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Dead Men Tells No Tales...

Well, this is a chapter where i might will put up photos and screens of results from people who used the build.

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So that's the end of my Gangplank build, i hope you enjoyed reading it and that you've learned something from it, and just don't think you wasted your time.

I really want to know what you think of it and i hope you will have suggestions to make it better.


Oh, Wait! Dont forget to comment, rate and favorite as you please!

And for the fun of it here's a pirate's pickup lines!

1. Prepare to be boarded!
2. Well blow me down?!
3. I'd love to drop anchor in your lagoon.
4. Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?
5. That’s some treasure chest you’ve got there!