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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Gangplank Build Guide by VonDrynn

Support Gangplank support, by VonDrynn

Support Gangplank support, by VonDrynn

Updated on April 30, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VonDrynn Build Guide By VonDrynn 6 2 93,568 Views 5 Comments
6 2 93,568 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author VonDrynn Gangplank Build Guide By VonDrynn Updated on April 30, 2014
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This introduction is here to ask the essential question: How can an AD Carry benefit from having Gangplank as support?
Gangplank's ability kit makes him a strong supporting team member and is able to help the team's AD Carry get a high gold income and kills.
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Good Allies

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Lets take a look at his abilities:

Grog Soaked Blade, Gangplank's passive slows his target and has proven to be very useful to slow down the enemy AD Carry, or ganking junglers that want to reach and lock down your own AD Carry. Enemies as well as the enemy jungler will usually go for your AD Carry.
Gangplank's passive is therefore a strong utility tool to keep enemies off your team members - or, a tool to slow down and kill high value targets.

Parrrley is Gangplank's main ability, Gangplank is to be played as a poke support - poking the enemy AD Carry every time he/she tries to farm.
Parrrley is also Gangplank support's main farming ability as he gains extra gold by last hitting with this ability. Last hitting is possibble by purchasing Relic Shield, which also yields your AD Carry an extra amount of gold and heals the both of you on minion kills.

Remove Scurvy makes Gangplank able to stay in the lane with his AD Carry for a very long period of time due to its self-heal. It's also a strong anti-Crowd Control ability, should the jungler target you instead of your team members.
The self-heal makes you able to stay in the lane and keep poking the enemies, but it also reduce the danger of warding brushes.

Raise Morale benefits your AD Carry directly as it increases Attack Damage and movement speed. This spell can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes.

Cannon Barrage is Gangplank's ultimate, placing a large field AOE that reduces movement by 25% and deals damage, the ability can easilly be used to secure kills or hold off incoming enemies.
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Greater Quintessence of Gold, "Wanna know why me Roger is so Jolly? Heheheh..."
A big problem with many alternative support builds, is that they have too low gold income for the player to participate properly in team fights.
I therefore highly recommend using the Greater quintessence of gold since it gives you a steady flow of income, and is not dependant on your lane being good or bad.

Gangplank is a greedy pirate!

Greater Mark of Attack Damage "YAARRR!"
Gangplank scales with Attack damage and the Greater Mark of Attak damage is a great boost for some good early damage on his Q Parrrley.
Some might argue that you can benefit more from greater mark of armor penetration in the long run, but since you most likely will be fighting an enemy AD carry with only so much armor to penetrate - flat Attack damage might benefit you better early game.

Greater Seal of Armor, as mentioned earlier you will be fighting in the botlane with long ranged AD carries around, so armor is crucial! Also, Gangplank's auto attack is melee so you have to be beefy enough to get in close.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist, the same goes for Magic resistance, as you have to get in the middle of team fights Magic Resistance Glyphs are vital to counter heavy AOE attacks when a team fight breaks out.
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Stealth Ward is crucial buy at level one, as you want to ward the river brush in about lvl 2 - as this is the level where most junglers begin to gank lanes.

Relic Shield is the key to Gangplank support, as it makes him able to last hit minions, thereby gaining a large amount of gold, healing and sustaining the AD carry and himself. Note that if Gangplank last hits with his Q ability Parrrley he gains extra gold from the ability. You therefore want to save your stacks on Relic Shield for when your Q is up, to get that extra gold income.
Relic Shield also adds more beefyness to Gangplank, keep in mind, that you are most likely to fight ranged foes.

Health Potion is a very strong item early game, as it's upgraded into a biscuit that restore an additional 20 health and 10 mana instantly upon consumption, due to the Culinary Master upgrade in your masteries. The upgraded health potion, Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation, is very good for gaining both mana and health in one purchase.
The extra mana regeneration from the biscuit also makes sure that you have enough mana to last hit minions with your Parrrley.

Stealth Ward, as you only buy one Stealth Ward at level 1, the Warding totem is the best trinket to have with this build. The Stealth Ward makes you able to ward the brush where a Blitzcrank camps, or where a Nidalee keeps throwing spears from. This specific trinket is one of the best ways to make sure that your AD carry knows where to position him/herself to posed threats.
*NOTE* Your Stealth Ward last for 3 minutes when used, when it dies out, you can use your Stealth Ward to re-ward the river brush with its 1 minute duration.


Targon's brace is the first item to purchase when recalling back to base, upgrading your Relic Shield provides you with more HP and health regenaration which is very important when fighting ranged foes in botlane. The most important stat from the targon's brace is the increased amount of charges you can last hit minions with. This does not only increase your gold income, but it also increases the amount of times you can heal your AD carry when you last hit minions.

Avarice Blade, this is where Gangplank support escalates. When playing as a support its all about getting cheap but efficient items. Avarice Blade provides Gangplank with the critical strike chance he needs to deal good damage, but it also increases his gold income a lot.
The Averice blade gives Gangplank additional 2 gold on every kill, and an additional passive gold income of 3 gold every 10 seconds.

- This means that because of 3x Greater Quintessence of Gold + Greed + Avarice Blade, Gangplank now have a passive gold income of 7,5 gold per 10 seconds.

Sheen is one of the more brilliant items of the Gangplank support build. Gangplank's Parrrley applies on-hit effect, which means that his Q also applies the bonus pshysical damage from Sheen in just one shot.

Sightstone, at this point in the game you have sustain and good damage, but now it's time to ward important objectives across the map - such as the Dragon and Baron Nashor. The Sightstone provides Gangplank with extra HP and wards.

Iceborn Gauntlet is a very strong upgrade of Sheen on Gangplank support, as it makes his Q create a field for 2 seconds that slows enemies inside by 30% upon hit.
This effect makes it hard for high priority targets such as the enemy AD carry to escape fights.
Iceborn Gauntlet also yields the high amount of 70 armor, 500 mana and 10 Cooldown reduction, which makes you able to spam your spells more often.

Ninja Tabi, till now Gangplank's E Raise Morale and the mastery Wanderer have increased his movement speed enough for him not needing boots. But this point in the game is a good time to get some extra movement speed to hunt down targets and gain the extra benefits from a pair of boots. As you are most likely to fight an enemy AD carry the Ninja Tabi boots are a very good defense.

*NOTE* Since you haven't had the mana pool to benefit from Ionian Boots of Lucidity or a greater need for Mercury's Treads due to your W Remove Scurvy - Ninja Tabi is the best purchase.


Infinity Edge, with the high damage, critical strike chance and +50% critical strike damage from this blade, Gangplank support is now able to deal heavy blows to the foes of his team.

Statikk Shiv, "more crit lads!". You already have half of the weapon; Avarice Blade, so upgrading is pretty cheap.
With the extra movement speed and attack speed you can make sure to apply your passive Grog Soaked Blade with your auto attacks - slowing the enemy down, terminate them with your Q and thereby slow them down even further with Iceborn Gauntlet.

Ruby Sightstone, upgrading the sightstone is a cheap purchase to get more late-game sustain and increase your amount of ward charges.
Based on a supports lower income, and Gangplank support relying a lot on the previous explained utility items, such as Avarice Blade, Sheen and Iceborn Gauntlet, I recommend that the Ruby Sightstone upgrade is made late-game.

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Active farming and gold items

8g per kill Parrrley + 2g per kill Avarice Blade = 10g per minion kill (+ minion kill gold amount from Relic Shield .)

Minion kill gold amount:
Caster minion : 14g (+0.5 / 3 min)
melee minion : 19g (+0.5 / 3 min)
Siege minion : 40g (+1 / 3 min)

As a rule of thumb, always save your charges on Relic Shield for minions granting the highest amount of gold. siege minion being the minion granting the highest amount of gold, is of course your highest priority!
When a Siege minion is not around use instead your charges on the meelee minions.

Gold Masteries





Passive gold income

Passive gold income
As previously mentioned, 3x Greater Quintessence of Gold + Greed + Avarice Blade, earns support Gangplank a passive gold income of 7,5 gold per 10 seconds.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author VonDrynn
VonDrynn Gangplank Guide
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Gangplank support, by VonDrynn

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