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Gragas Build Guide by TimRhabey

Top Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth

By TimRhabey | Updated on September 29, 2020
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Runes: [My Current Setup]

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Cheap Shot
Ghost Poro
Relentless Hunter


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+8 Magic Resist


1 2
Kill Pressure [Lane]
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Win 48%
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Champion Build Guide

Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth

By TimRhabey
Hello everyone! And welcome to Gragas Laner for Every Matchup
First let me introduce myself, i am TimRhabey also know by the nickname of Tim and i am a Brazilian Gragas OTP. This guide will include Keystones, Builds, Threats and Synergies, Combos and some other tips to elevate your Gragas gameplay and open your mind for new possibilites!
Pros & Cons Back to Top


+ Excellent Wave Clear
+ Very Flexible
+ Huge Sustain
+ Good Against Tanks
+ Excellent Engage/Disengage
+ Strong In Any Stage If Played Right
+ Good At Duels and Teamfigts
+ Unexpected
+ Fun To Play


- Mana Problems
- Ability Reiliant
- Struggles Against Ranged
- Kited Easily
- Pretty Squishy Without Defensive Items
- Hard to Master
- Nearly Useless When Behind
Keystones Back to Top


Solid Options

Electrocute is the most solid Keystone option at it offers great burst wich helps alot in trading during the early-mid game stages and offers decent scaling.
I take taste of blood whenever i can, its a super valuable rune for laning since it offers great sustain when used together with your passive
Ghost poro is a really underrated rune but it's actually the safest option to take since it's the only one that is guaranteed for you to stack, since requires kill participation and requires clearing wards, sometimes you won't be able to stack them, so i prefer taking poro since its a guaranteed stack, it offers pretty good vision control and since you will be most likely using you will stack it pretty quickly.
is gonna be much better than and in most of your games, Gragas most likely builds early or so being able to use them constantly is really important for him and can sometimes make the difference between dying or securing a kill.

Situational Options

and are most likely gonna be used only in specific situations, is only gonna be usefull at the point where it outdamages entirelly wich takes a long time, wich means... only if both teams are late game and if you are sure that the game will extend untill that point. Before the rework it was the core keystone for Gragas in any game, but nowdays i think its completelly pointless to take over , is offering too little to even make such difference, the movement speed it offers can be replaced by and , and the damage it used to offer got nerfed to the ground making just usefull for "tracking" enemies that are out of vision.
After playing quite a while with Gragas i realized that isn't actually that great of a rune, the little penetration and lethality it offers is pretty much useless, only take against really agressive laners like Talon or Yasuo, but either way i prefer to have the bonus sustain from 99% of my games.
I used to pick every single game, but after a while i realized that in some games, specially against those hard matchups like Malzahar or Xerath i wasn't really stacking it as soon as i would want to, since requires kill participation, if you get behind you are most likely to delay it's stacking alot since you won't be really looking for fights and kills against enemies that are ahead of you, but instead prioritize farming.
Only pick if you are in a really high tempo game where both teams are focused around snowballing the early game as quick as possible so you can constantly look for fights and get rewarded for you kill participation in them.
and are most likely gonna be used only in specific situations, is the best option against melee assassins so you can have an even better sustain during trades and overall laning phase. Is good against enemies that roam alot, like Aurelion Sol or Talon since those champions roam alot, you can either decide to pick a scaling rune setup so you can punish them for leaving their lane by outscaling and/or taking their turrets away, or you can decide to pick and trying onto roaming aswell so you can try to build a lead or even preventing their roams from being successful.

Very Situational Options

is actually very strong for Gragas since it offers alot of attack speed early it allows you to be really oppressive during the early game, attack speed also synergises really well with Gragas' 's AA since it makes it way faster allowing you to combo faster wich means... less outplaying potential against your combos, but is only viable in really high tempo games in wich both teams are all focused around snowballing early, since offers the most DPS early this rune will allow you to greatly impact as soon as possible.
I take only against really tanky compositions, since its better to deal straight true damage than to have some little bonus penetration from against tanky enemies.
is pretty risky to take in any elo below diamond since players below diamond tend to not ward alot so this makes way harder for you to fully stack it quickly so i prefer to take the safer option wich is , is good for jungling or if you want to roam alot because it offers the best vision control(you literally remove enemy vision and replace with ally vision wich is sleeper OP in higher elos).
I used to take alot before knowing how broken is for champions like Gragas who oftenly build alot of activable items, is only a viable option in high tempo games since those games tend to end pretty quickly you'll need the lowest cooldown possible on your so you can make sure you'll always have it when you decide to fight and/or duel around the map.


Solid Options

Is in most Gragas players opinion, the best Keystone overall or the best keystone at the tree, allows you to play more aggressively against melee assassins/fighters since you can just infinitely hit and run them preventing them from dealing damage to you after you combo them, also allows you to chase your enemies down if you accidentally knock enemies away with your . Is one of my favourite keystones for Gragas laner since it offers some of the best scaling and the best poke of any other keystone, seriously it might surprise you how effective actually is, you can take on pretty much every single game but i recommend only taking it against champions that outrange you, so you can just focuse around farming and outsustaining them with your .
I always try to take because of a few reasons i will talk right now, is one of the best runes for Gragas laner, its almost a must have rune for him since he is a really ability dependant character that consumes alot of mana and need to constantly use them to waveclear better or to poke his enemy and is perfect for that since it will offer ridiculous mana sustain for you.
is a must have for Gragas in my opinion, Gragas generally overcaps CDR really easily since almost all of his core items give him some pretty good CDR, wich means by taking you're not only earning 10% cdr for free, you are most likely to earn some huge bonus AP as well, CDR is the most and i repeat its THE MOST important stat for Gragas, even more important than AP since when you hit 40%-45% cdr your abilities will have all about 3-4 sec cooldown (if you hit the Bodyslam of course) wich will allow you to waveclear better, duel multiple enemies with ease and be much more useful in teamfights.
is much better than in most games, is much more gold efficient and much more rewarding than after the laning phase, since the bonus damage from is permanent this means that you're not only gonna have better poke like you would with but you're gonna have more waveclear and scaling aswell so i just prefer to take over all of my games.

Situational Options

is actually not that as bad as people think it is for Gragas but is just much better, is good against very squishy champions that have low mobility or no dashes so they can't really dodge your poke, since has nearly no cooldown all you gotta do is spam your at the enemies during the lane phase and chunk down their hp bars quickly.
is good for playing hyper aggressively in lane, i generally take it against very squishy matchups that are very unfavourable for the enemy laner so i can constantly all in them with and once they are low enough i can just pop one of my summoners to earn that nice bonus movement speed from so i can chase them down and kill them during the low levels.
is very good if you want to build heavy ap/dps items and hang out in bushes to one-shot enemies or just catch enemies off-guard is pretty underrated on Gragas but it can get the job done is just superior because Gragas most important stat is CDR but can be taken if you want to have much better lane pressure early on.
is actually super good for Gragas laner actually, since you are most likely staring with a your + is gonna hurt alot during the laning phase which allows you to win most early trades just by hitting and running away and then poking them with from afar.

Very Situational Options

Only worth taking against very heavy ap burst champions like Veigar.
Good to take with and if you want to be an absolute roaming maniac.
Pretty troll even in jungle, just take or , is only worth taking if you can't do absolutely anything in your lane so you can focuse around carrying other lanes, so matchups like Malzahar take + , and and basically never stay in your lane XD.


Solid Options

Is currently my favorite keystone for Gragas for a few reasons, is very nice for Gragas since it's slowing stacks up with your 's slow, you will basically guarantee that you hit your ult unless the enemy flashes and that is very usefull when dealing against a team with lots of carries with low mobilitys or no dashes such as Twitch, Jinx or Xerath. allows you to slow them so hard that it will be nearly impossible to miss your unless the enemy flashes away (or unless you're terrible at aiming LMAO).
Not much to say about it, its just a perfect rune for Gragas, gives you a free which will allow you to outplay your enemies and save you some money when buying which is the most core item for Gragas in my opinion.
Basically if you have a chance to take don't avoid using it just pick it and rush into and have fun.
Biscuits are INSANE for Gragas laner bro just always take it whenever you have a chance, not only provides you some of the best mana and hp sustain throughout the laning phase you will also earn some gold if you sell them + increase your maximum mana which will allow you to use way more abilities and be much more useful overall.
I consider a completely core rune for Gragas i take it pretty much every single game just because how useful it is for Gragas, the 5% bonus CDR provides you a very good "cost efficiency" what i mean is, helps you too much for it's "price" all you gotta do is take as your secondary/primary tree and boom, you have it.
is pretty broken for Gragas considering that once Gragas reaches 45% CDR he will just be idiot to play against since his combo will have a 3-4 second cooldown he is basically able to combo you constantly, chunking your health bar down very quickly which is nearly impossible to play against if you're not crazy ahead or using a ranged champion.

Situational Options

Not very good for Gragas mid, i would only recommend taking against some matchups in the toplane, truly shines against those enemies that are very versatile like Gangplank and Sion but either way i just prefer , after its nerf is just not that worth anymore unless you wanna play with which is pretty risky and greedy so not that worth at all unless your enemy laner is pretty much sure to take ignite like Teemo or Kled.
isn't really a "situational" option its more like a "if you want to" option, taking either or will benefit you with alot of gold efficiency and some kind of utility being either better outplaying potential with or a better snowball/mobility around the map with .
What i would recommend doing is picking and once you receive the shoes, just complete your core items before purchasing boots since the movement speed from Slightly Magical Boots is almost the same from any other boot "upgrade" you won't be losing much from using Slightly Magical Boots untill you complete your core items.
is very useful against hard matchups like Malzahar, Zoe and Xerath i generally take it with Arcane Comet so i can focuse on poking and having better waveclear and farming overall.
is exceptionally good for Gragas toplane or if you want to start Corrupting Potion, Timewarp Tonic allows you to outplay your enemy with your bonus sustain specially if you have aswell so you can literally heal nearly half or even more health with a single Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will + your proc.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TimRhabey
TimRhabey Gragas Guide
Gragas Laner for Every Matchup | In Depth
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