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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mr Sample Free

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mr Sample Free

Guide Doge for the Blind: A Comprehensive Lee Sin Guide

Mr Sample Free Last updated on March 8, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Shaco Heavily favored into Lee's side,a Q and E Combo will very much lock him down and keep vision onto him. Only real trouble this guy can give you is if he's invading your jungle with Ignite. in a 1v1 or counter gank situation you will win this matchup.
Wukong Oh how i love this match up, you beat him in every aspect early game. he's especially vulnerable to your invades, if you can set a Wukong behind, even burning his flash if played correctly will render him useless early game if you countergank. be careful of his ult post 6, keep E up on him for vision+ult him away as he ults = proceed to make him cry

Introduction to the guide, and about myself and the purpose of this guide

2.Lee Sin, The Blind Monk
About Lee Sin, his strengths and his weaknesses

Which Rune page do i build on Lee?

Mastery Theorycrafting, which page fits Lee best?

Items,When to go Dps or Offtank? when and what do i build?

Skill explanations and Skill sequence

7.Summoner Spells
Which Summoner Spells are best for Lee Sin and why?

8.Basic-Advanced Mechanics
An in-depth chapter in Basic to advanced Lee Sin Mechanics

9.The Insec and it's Variations
An image based guide for new players to lee learning to Insec

10.Jungle Routes and Early game
and indepth chapter that goes into how to play Lee's early game from Invading all the way to early vision

How do i Gank on Lee Sin? where and what lanes should i Gank?

How to Teamfight with Lee Sin

13.The Importance of Picks
How to make picks as Lee Sin when trying to avoid Teamfighting

What is Tilting and how to avoid it?

A glossary for frequently used references in this Guide

Final Notes

Changes to the Guide and Ingame changes that effect Lee

About myself and the purpose of this guide

Welcome Summoners! I'm Mr Sample Free, a Diamond 4 Lee Sin main on EUW with 2 accounts in Diamond Elo. I plan on going for masters Season 6 and will try to share as much knowledge in this guide as i can.

This is my first guide and I've put a lot of time into it, i plan on updating throughout season 6, any criticism is welcomed. This guide is inspired by Yodas oldschool Lee Sin Guide Found here.. I've used Yodas Guide as far back as i can remember, i still find myself browsing it these days because of how well made it was and i hope to inspire more people to pick up Lee Sin with my Guide.

The purpose of this Guide: i aim to cover everything from Abilitys to Teamfighting all the way to How to prevent tilting for the ranked players reading this guide.

I've mained Lee Since Season 3 and is still one of the most Fun mechanicly demanding champions in my opinion in the entire game. Because of his Huge skill cap Lee can almost never be mastered, with every fight there is always something better you could of done, which is often the case with mechanicly intensive champs. Keep in mind this guide is not just a pre-season guide, i aim to guide you guys throughout the season with him

Heres a little little something to get you in the mood.

^Song gets good past the 2:00 mark^

My profile

About Lee Sin, His Strengths and his Weaknesses


+ 1.Insanely high Skill cap
+ 2.High Mobility
+ 3.Youtube Worthy Playmaking potential
+ 4.Strong Ganks Pre and Post 6
+ 5.Great peeling with E and R
+ 6.Flexible Build/Masterie paths
+ 7.Strong Skirmish Potential
+ 8.Ability to Assassinate Carrys if played correctly
+ 9.Always Meta worthy
+ 10. Has 2 Gap closers
+ 11.One of the best control junglers in the game

Lee Sins Strenghts

Lee is one of strongest champions in the game if played correctly, a lot of new players avoid Lee due to the learning curve, i aim to give new players a head start on him as-well as veterans tips to climb using Lee. He is looking incredibly strong coming into the Pre-season with changes to Lucidity boots, items and masteries fitting his strengths really well.

Lee Sin's Limitations

With the Pre-season Pacing looking to be fact paced aswell as other factors like turret Nerf and minion buffs it's shaping up to be a good Season for Lee (we shall see for how long) and there's no better time to pick him up than now, He has Few Limitations


- 1.High learning curve
- 2.Requires High level decision making and objective control to fully utilize his strengths
- 3.Punished for being indecisive in teamfights
- 4.Team fighting Effectively requires a lot of practice
- 5.Scales Poorly into Lategame
- 6.Can be an uphill climb if behind


Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Pretty standard runes for an early game jungler.

Go for flat instead of scaling is an obvious choice as we are playing to Lee's early game strengths.

Feel free to go for CDR blues if against full AD team/low AP threats, although it seems even less useful now with the lucidity changes and item changes for lee. if you are going to take Cdr blues i'd do a 6 cdr 3 mr blues or you will find yourself getting shredded unlesss experienced as Lee.

No real need to take armor pen reds as flat AD does more damage early, and with items like Cleaver, Ghostblade and Maw giving armor shred it falls nicely into our build.


After trying out different masteries i find 0/18/12 to be by far the most optimal masteries on Lee Sin. The 18 points into Cunning gives us great early game damage with Merciless and thunderlords Decree, Dangerous game is also one of my favourite masteries for Lee as it hlps you immensly when going in for Risky Q's, that health it gives you can and will save your life many times. merciless is insanly good on lee as your q scales with missing % health it helps nuke low targets.
Thunderlords Decree works beautifuly with your ganks, it's almost made for ganking with it's 20 second cooldown and gives lee even more early game damage, which in my opinion is what makes this build so strong.

We go 12 points into resolve for 1 reason, Insight. this masterie is huge for Lee coming into the mid game where making flash kicks and other plays is incredibly important

I ran 12/18/0 for a while and it still yeild great results, Double Edged Sword and Oppressor is guaranteed damage whenever your E's slow is on the enemy. but the biggest draw back to running this is you don't have the 15% Summoner spells CDR from Insight, which often led to me doing alot of damage with this build, but not having the summoner spells for decent flash kicks when our team chose to 5v5

I encourage you to play around with what fits your playstyle as this 12/18 can be hard to pull of as it leaves you with little defensive stats, some players go for 18/12/0 or 18/0/12 or 0/12/18 for the 15% summoner spell CDR which helps alot with your mid too late game play making. but as far as i can see 12/18 seems a cut above the rest in terms of raw early game power.

Offtank Vs Dps, which do i build?

You need to remember Lee sin is a very team reliant champion, and you should build him as such, when i find myself ahead a few kills early i almost always go for a nice cheap AD item like Caulfield's Warhammer or Hexdrinker, for the most part, unless your team needs damage, it's best to start building defense after these early AD pickups, to ensure your tanky enough to sustain damage in fights ( your no use to anyone if you get 1 shotted before a fight starts),and also Tanky enough to get to the enemy backline for Kicks when you need too. You can always finish your AD items after you pickup some defense.

What Exactly do i build?

Starting Items and Early AD pickups

After trying different starts, Refillable Potion and Hunter's Machete seem to be the best Start for Lee, it gives you enough sustain to clear your camps untill level 3-4 and look for a Gank untill your first back. For your Second Back you want to buy your Upgraded machete and a pink ward. There is still alot being debated as to which machete upgrade one is Best for Lee but i find Tracker's Knife fits lees early playstyle nicely, the main drawback to Tracker's Knife is that you need to keep the warding trinket unless you are conservative with your wards so you can pick up Sweeping Lens for the mid-late game counter warding.
The only time i opt to not buy Tracker's Knife is when your team already has multiple damage threats and they need you to stay alive, i find that Skirmisher's Sabre helps to sway control back to you in unfair fights, so it's a good pickup in that respect Stalker's Blade can also be a good pickup if the enemy has a very mobile team, allowing you to control them easier in ganks/teamfights. ultimately, the Machete upgrade comes down to personal preference and playstyle

With the new Tracker's Knife giving you 2 rechargeable stealth wards aswell as the Warding trinket giving more wards. This is a huge buff to Lee aslong as you don't mind giving up Red/Blue Smite you get to skip buying Sightstone and rush some early AD if your ahead, giving your early game a huge headstart. with items like Serrated Dirk and Caulfield's Warhammer giving you raw ad and armor pen early game it plays perfectly into your strengths and build straight into Youmuu's Ghostblade or The Black Cleaver.

Remember, sometimes just having Warrior enchant is all the AD you need, Lee Sin plays more of a support/offtank role coming into mid-late game and you need to build him as such if your team needs you to be going into the backline for insecs or simply peeling, simply buying warriors then going for defense will always be a safe way to play.

Youmuu's now gives attack speed and movement speed combined with this raw AD puts your early game DPS and mobility at a Huge advantage, however it leaves you with very little defensive stats, and i would only reccomend building it if you are super ahead and your team needs damage, aswell as the enemy team having many squishy target. you want to pick up Caulfield's Warhammer or Hexdrinker if they have strong AP threat early after trackers as it looks to be core on Lee.
Boot choices and Building into the Mid-late game

If i feel like i don't need Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi i tend to rush Boots of Mobility if i feel like i can snowball multiple lanes/establish early presence in the enemy jungle or Ionian Boots of Lucidity which now reduce summoner cooldowns for more early to mid game play making potential.The current pacing of the game dictates early snowballing quite heavily and these boots play to your strengths aswell as help with early game, if they are heavy CC i do reccomend going for Mercury's Treads because if you find yourself locked down as lee it can be quite tricky escape without merc's

Phage / The Black Cleaver are both great choices but rely on prolonged attacking which is only useful for you if they have a strong frontline/immobile enemies to make use of the stacks and if your going offtank when ahead the health and potential to stick to your enemys with the Phage passive is very valuable, also with the AD buff on cleaver i think it's still a nice pickup if against less mobile champions so you can stack the passive.

After our some early AD you will find yourself with some heavy early game damage but you will need to pick up some defensive stats to allow for room to peel and tank some damage in skirmishes, along with Hexdrinker i find Dead Man's Plate compliments them both with mobility and the passive slow. However don't forget to go for a Randuin's Omen if they have alot of crit based champions.

You generally want Finish your build with a Banshee's Veil or extra health/tankiness for the late game fights with items like Warmog's Armor or Thornmail I've always preferred banshee's because the spell shield helps you get to the back line easier if your going for risky plays. my Snowball build caters to both resistances and it's a safe build to go for.
Building when behind

If you find yourself behind: there is no static Build for Lee use my offtank build as a guideline of a few items that you can utilize. You need to build to the strengths of your team and the weaknesses of the enemy. If they have heavy AP burst rush a Locket of the Iron Solari as when behind you either become a Peel bot, or an insec machine depending if the enemy has heavy engage or multiple squishys. The Black Cleaver helps to peel armor based tanks if for example your AD carry is ahead. most imporantly however, you should be relying on picking off enemy champions when behind, which is why i put Sweeping Lens in the offtank build.

As rule no.1 for making picks is having decent vision, with a snowball build you need to worry less about making picks however and more about mobility so keeping your warding trinket is a safe bet when ahead.

Skill explanations and skill sequence

PASSIVE: After using an ability.Lee Sins next 2 Basic attacks withing 3 seconds gain 40% attack speed,returning 20 energy on the first attack and 10 on the second

This is Lee sins passive and you will need to learn how to use it both for fighting jungle camps and enemys, It's important to do so to maximize your damage output with the 40% speed and the energy regen. Practice using it between every ability while clearing your jungle, alot of the time you won't get the chance to use every passive Auto attack when fighting enemys but it's important you try to get atleast 1 auto attack off per ability in skirmishes for the regen, allowing you to use your spells efficiently.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin fires a sonic blast in the target direction, dealing physical damage to the first enemy it hits and granting true sight of them for 3 seconds. If Sonic Wave hits, Lee Sin can cast Resonating Strike within the next 3 seconds.

This Lee's only skill shot but is critical in most situations to land it for the gap close, aswell as the opportunity to then combo your attacks after landing your it also has a decent range for chasing and executing enemies who try to flee. it requires practice to hit consistently as do most skill shots. You can also use this Ability as a well planned escape onto a jungle mob over the wall/ lane minion to get away, this ability will save your life many times and is one of the things that makes lee so Mobile.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin dashes to the enemy marked by Sonic Wave dealing physical damage + 8% missing HP

The followup to your Along with sonic wave this is your most used and important skill in your kit and arguably what makes Lee Sin such an early game monster,Keep in mind This skill scales with missing % of enemy health, which is what makes it so good at finishing off enemies. keep in mind to use this you must have sufficient energy, and if the target gets out of range to this followup while you are out of energy you can lose the kill unless you close the gap again with a Wardhop or flash.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin dashes to the target ally or friendly ward. If the ally is a champion, they and Lee Sin receive a shield that lasts 2 seconds and Safeguard's cooldown is halved. Lee Sin can activate Safeguard on himself to receive the shield, and can cast Iron Will within 3 seconds

Along with This is Lee's second Gap closer aswell as escape tool. Probably the most versatile ability in the entire game, you can use this to shield allies in fights or yourself, Gap close into ganks,escape or engage with ward hops, and chase fleeing enemies. for the new players to lee i suggest learning to ward hop and shield allies with this skill before you try anything like Insecs with it first.

ACTIVE: For 4 seconds, Lee Sin gains bonus life steal and spell vamp.

This ones pretty self explanatory, use it in conjuction with your passive for max Lifesteal and is can also s be used in Skirmishes for the Lifesteal and Energy Regen with flurry. although you tend not to use this a hell of alot in fights as it requires standing still and auto attacking which isn't playing to Lees mobile strengths of being a play maker. However when using items like or can help a fair amount if you need the Life steal.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin smashes the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and granting True Sight of them for 4 seconds. If Tempest hits an enemy, Lee Sin can cast Cripple within the next 3 seconds.

Your Basic AOE spell, next to and this Scales incredibly well with Attack damage, Dealing Tons of Damage great for clearing jungle camps and combo'd with your other attacks can do a lot of damage against enemy's,Generally you want to use this after your if they aren't already in melee range, always keep in mind it has a short range and if against invisible enemies save it until you can get in range.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin Slow icon slows all enemies within range that are marked by Tempest for 4 seconds, decaying over the duration.

This Skill Accompanied with is what makes lee a great early game Jungler and Ganker Pre 6. Even if you miss your Q coming in for a gank, just to an ally or ward and pop this skill down and you have already closed the distance and slowed the enemy often burning enemy summoner spells for free. This skill helps alot with chasing/escaping aswell as peeling for your team mates. This slow is important to Lee to ensure you can keep Comboing spells/auto attacks onto the enemy.

ACTIVE: Lee Sin roundhouse kicks the target enemy champion, dealing physical damage and Airborne icon knocking them back over 1 second.
PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 200 / 400 / 600 (+ 200% bonus AD)

Enemies that collide with the targeted champion of this spell will also take the same damage dealt to the target initially by Lee Sin plus bonus physical damage that is calculated from a percentage of the initial target's HP. Also, enemies that collide with the Airborne icon knocked back initial target are Airborne icon knocked up for 1 second.

Lee Sin's Ultimate Ability, The most powerful ability in the game if used correctly, but arguably the hardest ability to fully utilize, this takes tons of practice and often you need to get creative with it. It scales heavily with attack damage and even with 1 or 2 AD items has the ability to completely wreck enemies. This is what makes Lee the best control jungler in the game, you have the ability to misplace an enemy to a position of your choosing, From Insecing too Disengaging too misplacing an enemy away from a Teamfight.
You must be in Melee range to use so always keep this in mind. i feel like most people would learn better about and how to use it effectivly and creativly in video format. So please refer to my Basic - Advanced % Video content section for more on this ability.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We learn and max Q first take W level 2 for the shield to help with early clears then take your 3rd point into E for ganking potential. Then it's personal preference on what to max next, E works well with thunderlords decree, however it's better to atleast take 2 early points into W as the shield helps with early duels.
The most important thing to remember if you are just picking him up is how to use his passive correctly, especially when clearing, always Auto twice after each ability for max attackspeed and energy regen, when dueling the enemy you won't always get to use each passive as they will be running away alot of the time, just keep in mind that flurry will help you maximize your damage output.

Just remember scales with missing %health against jungle creeps,champions,and minions which means the lower they are the more damage this ability does so often saving your second Q until the enemy/mob is low as possible maximizes damage, hence why the Q R Q combo is so deadly.

We take Flash and Smite as they are standard for Lee and most junglers.
Alot of Lee one tricks like to play Mid and top and run Flash + Ignite for the snowball potential in lane. sometimes you will see a Lee take Teleport in lane, i strongly advise against this esepecially with the teleport recent nerf.

For Anyone who is just picking up Lee and a visual learner i can't recommend enough NathanielB's how not to be basic video

Now to recap alot of these techniques are very advanced and require many hours of practice, so before you try 1v5 Q'ing into an enemy team for that flashy play i recommend practicing these techniques in a bot/custom game.

Learn how to ward hop at a fast pace, as it's the bread and butter of lee's kit.

Here are a few basic to Advanced combos to learn:

Ward Hop: WARD > W

Place your ward with whatever hotkey you have your trinket/ward item assigned too then quickly follow up with a W onto the ward keep in mind Hopping to a ward costs more energy to use than it does to Safegaurd onto an ally, always W to an ally if you can instead.

Basic Gap Closer Q>Q>E>E

Basic way to engage onto an Enemy, Practicing hitting your Q's and you will land them 90% of the time

Standard Gank Combo W>E>E>Q>Q

Either W to a Ward or your Teammate E>E for the slow and damage, save Q for when they try to run and use their escape, finish with Q>Q to execute

The InsecQ>Q>W>R or Q>Q>R>FLASH


The Insec, you want to use this to Kick an enemy priority target into your team, this move requires decent map awareness as your team HAS to followup or your stuck in a messy situation. The latter combo has more advantages, such as having W to get out of the enemy backline, and also less time for the enemy carry to react to your combo and flash away. they both require a lot of practice before expeting them to be smoothe

The Smite Q Smite>Q

use this to suprise your enemy by smiting a minion they think they are safe behind to land your Q and finish them off or start your combo. Q>Smite instead for style points


Your highest damage Combo, best use of this is when in an unwarded brush the enemy face-checks, you could throw an auto then E auto again then Q>R>Q this will kill someone 90% of the time if they face-check and are squishy. many possibility with this combo.

These are just a few combos to get you started, refer back to the video above for more advanced techniques. Once you learn each of these Techniques you will be able to combo them smoothly to the point where it becomes muscle memory. it all takes practice, don't expect to be a god after your first few tries.

Below is a video of mine for the purpose of the guide showcasing a few of our combos that we learn chained together as an idea of how to do it and what it looks like. This isn't a montage, it's just a short video showing you how to pull of some of the "how am i not challenger" ganks featured in my Ganking section aswel as some basic combos

Since i want to put focus in this Guide for the Newer players, This is For the New guys learning Lees kit, i just wanted to have an image based guide of The Insec for reference for you guys, these are just a few to practice and get you started.

Normal Ward Insec

Get in Q range (Sonic Wave) of your Target

Throw your Q (Sonic Wave) onto the Target

Follow up with Q again to Land your Resonating Strike

Place your Ward behind your Target ( have your Ward item always on a preffered Hotkey or slot in your invent for easy learning)

Cast W (Safeguard) onto the Ward

Cast R (Dragon's Rage)

Ult Flash Kick

This ones alot simpler, but harder to learn as you need to be alot closer and faster to pull this combo off. But it's easily one of the best combos in Lees kit when used correctly.

Stand In Meele Range of the enemy

Begin to Cast your R (Dragon's Rage)

Flash INSTANTLY over the target (place your cursor exactly where to flash and they will bounce in the exact opposite direction, think of this like you are using yourself to bounce them of your own ultimate. This works in ANY direction so you can be creative with it

Minion Tool Insec

This is the Same as the Standard Ward Insec, just using minions to get behind your enemy, this is a great tool for ganking if the enemy is infront of their on minions. i'll leave out the Text this time since it's the same explanation of the above "Ward Insec"

It's usually best to start bot side for the better Pull. Smite when The Camp spawns, auto a few times then Q AA AA Q when it's low enough.

Blue side: Golems>Red>Wolves>Blue> look for a level 3 gank top/mid,take scuttler for vision on river, Gromp>Base.

Redside: Gromp>Blue>Wolves>Red (smite red for HP)> look for gank top/mid, if no ganks available take scuttler for vision on river, take Golems>Base.

Keep tabs on enemy jungler and try to know enemy whereabouts, Look to put some wards near enemy Raptors/wolves if your find yourself not ganking. knowing the enemy whereabouts allows you to predict counterganks easier.

When the enemy jungler shows up on the map Click on him to check which Jungle camp buffs he has, to see if he was recently at wolves for example, that way you know he will be heading to the other side of his jungle for the next 30 secs - 1 minute, allowing you to have a rough idea of which lanes he will gank.


In lower elo's this tends to work 99% of the time since they don't ward their buffs against Lee's: Get a smiteless Gromp on red side learn E level 2, head down to the enemy red buff, ward the tip of the brush next to their red so get vision if they aren't already there, wait untill enemy starts clearing it, if the enemy is low a Q E Q should finish them, make sure to smite Red when it's low so you steal the EXP. If the enemy is above half health, walk up to them and E>AA>E>Q>AA>Q>Q, again make sure you smite Red. if the enemy doesn't show up to Red either take it or get out of there to avoid getting collapsed upon.
alternatively you can do the same to the enemy Blue buff if your Blue side, however you would have to skip golems and do Red then go straight for the invade because the enemy clears quicker than if you were invading them from red side

In Higher elo's only go for the invade if You have Invaded before hand with your team and you know the enemy jungler used his trinket already, giving him no ward to Ward his Red.

Now with the Tracker/No sightstone buff to lee also comes a minor nerf to Lees vision control with the lack of sweeper, which is why buying an early pink now is even more important. Bellow is a map of some decent early game pinks and regular wards from helping your lanes to counter jungling and enemy jungler vision.


Now when you place a pink you are to a certain degree comitting to it, or it's essentially wasted time/gold, you want to at least gain knowledge of the jungler's/enemy whereabouts with these wards. i time the pinks 3:50 plus so you can grab one after your first back and decide where you want to place it. I've timed the standard wards at 3:00+, these are just examples of early game wards you can place to grant you aggressive vision this isn't me saying you must have a ward everywhere on the map, you want to decide where you will be placing resources and your time on the map and then place the pink/stealth ward accordingly.

the regular wards like the enemy raptor ward can give you great vision on the enemy junglers whereabouts, giving you and your team a headsup as to what that jungler plans on doing, if you see him heading top with this vision you can make your way up there for a countergank, even more worth if you have that pink placed topside.

Only Place your Pinks when you Know your can defend them Don't place a pink for your midlaner in his bush just as he recalls and you see the enemy jungler/mid laner around your intended bush. you need to gaining something with this vision, pinks are one of the best ways to ensure your ganks can land, and the enemy jungler often walks right into you unknowingly while you wait in a brush which is always good fun for you as Lee.

Ganking is all about knowing Which lanes to Gank, when to gank, where the enemy jungler is, probobility of the gank suceeding and enemy summoner spells. alot of this is just basic jungling knowledge but i will elaborate for the new players.

Your main Role as Lee Sin Early games is to snowball your teams lanes

there are 2 types of regular Ganks, Dives and Lane Ganks

Dives: Your standard Gank where you come from a brush and try to land your or to an ally or ward then then execute with ( make sure you save your Q untill they try escape or atleast if you know you can hit it.

Lane Ganks: Usually a lane Gank is For when the enemy laner is pushed into their tower,you walk up into top lane brush for example and wait untill enemy laner pushes into you and your team mate, then Flash Kick him into you. Also works botlane however you need to ask your teammates if it has been warded.

In loading screen/lobby you need to establish the synergy you have with each lane for example, does your lane have CC like and adjust your routes accordingly, if your botlane has alot of CC like or then start topside, work your way through your jungle down to botside at level 3 for a gank.

A good jungler will plan his route into the lanes he wants to gank, for example if you know enemy top has no flash and top lane is pushing into Him you go clear Gromp then go for a Lane gank up through the lane. this also baits the enemy jungler into coming when they have no idea you are in the brush.

With Lee if you can't see any potential ganks, farming untill 6 is perfectly fine, because as soon as you get your ult it opens up tons of ganking potential, flanking from Enemy raptors, Ward hop behind enemy midlaner, flash and ult them into your mid laner is a perfect example of this and one of my favorite ganks to pull of.

Don't forget you have the most potent counter-jungling potential in the game, if you see the enemy jungler gank mid and he goes to his raptors after low health, head straight there and look to execute him with your mobility, this is the reason keeping tabs on the enemy jungler is so important

Theres actually a type of gank i forgot in the above, it's called a :How Am I Not Challenger Gank these are Ganks only lee do and work and feel great. these ganks are mainly pulled of by flanking the enemy laner, ward hopping over the wall and flash kicking into your mid laner. check my Combo showcase video in the "Basic - advanced mechanics" Section as i try to show you more than a few of these type of ganks.

You can't rely on lee for damage output coming into late game which is why Making picks are so important.

Now as with lee there is always something better you could be doing in a team fight, as his kit is just insane. But i tend to do one of two things,

Utility - This is when i know my teams carrys need protection from front line and peeling and with the last buffs to lee's ult giving you more damage to your knockbacks on your kicks, it's a decent strategy too kick a tank into the enemy backline. you need to be looking for these 5 man kicks to engage/peel, then go in and get yours slows down (randuins/your E) this is a better way to play out team fights if they have heavy engage and lockdown, but aslong as you land a decent kick it's a reliable way to let your frontline engage, while you peel for your carrys.

Secondly, Flanking - By using sweeper/pinks this is something you should be doing 90% of the time with lee as it's easily the most effective way to play out team fights with him, look for opportunity to flank the enemy back line and get a decent kick onto them, standard way of doing this will be to to a ward then either flash behind the carry and ult or into your team. This will create tons of pressure onto the enemy team, they will focus you after giving your carrys breathing space/ pressure, the key to this is speed you will want to have your Insecs on lockdown before even attempting this.

Lastly always remember if they have squishy assassins like ect, you have the ability to control them really easily, a flash kick into a that engages onto your team will grant you 1 second of air time for your team to focus her down, it's really quite strong when used correctly. if the enemy has stealth champions like or you need to make sure to be carrying pinks and using your E as soon as they Shroud/Ult

A decent video by Syngg Linus explaining How to teamfight with Lee, i think alot of you will find this useful

A pick is simply catching a single enemy offgaurd and away from his team : When the enemy team has a disgusting Team comp and you keep failing team fights, Just make picks, when you know it's highly unlikely your going to win a 5v5, get vision, sweep brushes you know the enemy will walk past and look to catch them out with a Ward over the bush into a flash insec combo.

The main way to make picks are by using your map awareness of the game and enemy positioning and taking advantage of it, this is often a huge reason that separates lower Elo from the higher tiers.

With this you can force objectives with the man advantage. It can sometimes be tricky to carry late game team fights with lee unless experienced and you will often find yourself just flat out failing and becoming useless, you need to have a plan of action before you enter a team fight.

Below are some image based ideas of how to use vision and map awareness to make Picks.
I made these in a custom for the guide.

Red arrow/Circle are your prediction of the enemy movement
Your trajectory

Below, we pretend the enemy team is grouping mid lane for a push/seige, Ezreal goes botlane to push it out, then dissapears into the fog of war, using our map awareness we predict ezreal is going Mid to join with his team, so we set up vision as to not alert the enemy team we are waiting for ezreal, ping our team we think ezreal is about to cross their jungle, and set up a Pick, heres how:

We See Ezreal pushing bot

We Predict Ezreals path to join his team and begin setting up vision

We See Ezreal and Ready ourselves and prepare To Kick him into our team ( the most effective way to make picks as Lee Sin )

Throw your Sonic Wave ( Q ) onto the enemy as they walk past. ( this can also be done with a Ward hop over the wall into a Ult flash over the wall into your team

Followup with your Resonating Strike ( Q again ), Ward hop behind the enemy

Dragon's Rage ( R ) the enemy over the wall, into your team

if all goes to plan you have made an easy Pick, but you have to make you use the man advantage and go for objectives, or deep vision. Just make use of the pick or it was all just a kill.

I feel like I've experianced tilting enough to Speak on the matter and i know alot of players get ranked anxiety and tend to tilt even easier

What is Tilting?

It's a broad term used to express anything from dis joy and unhappiness to feeling lackluster in skill and usually happens from going on losing streaks/being consistently flamed for your mistakes.

When you see ELO as something you MUST have you begin to tunnel vision into how much LP you gain/Lose everygame and it becomes the only thing you see, causing you even further anger and stress when you find yourselves losing LP.

Different people react differently to Tilting, some try to grind through these rough patches, others take breaks and go play/do something else. which isn't a bad idea. Coming from someone whos Tilted enough within the past 3 years i found the more time i invested into trying to climb fast, giving myself silly goals like "i must get platinum by next week", the more i found myself playing for 8 hours at a time and getting angry and exhausted by the smallest of mistakes my team mates made.

How do i stop tilting?

Look to improve - by doing so you focus less on what your team mates are doing and more on self improvement and focus. Set yourself Smaller goals like not dying more than 5 times in a game if you find yourself dying to often. smaller goals like these give you a sense of accomplishment after each game regardless of your win or loss of LP

Take a break - pretty self explanatory if you set elo above your real life goals "you gon' have a bad time" . as soon as you start begging to tilt, just log straight off and go do something else, even if it is for a short amount of time, usually when you come back you feel more refreshed and have a clearer head.

Watch your own Replays - plateauing so hard you have no idea what your doing wrong you begin to tilt. a great thing to do is just take a look at your replays and really breakdown what you think you could be doing better, works a lot better for visual learners. it's a huge help seeing your own play and knowing your own mistakes and having the willingness to learn from them is the biggest step in beating a plateau

lastly if you are going to play through a minor tilt and you feel yourself slipping, don't play mechanically intensive champions as you won't be feeling 100% and be able to play them to their fullest capabilitys.

I know This has nothing to do with a Lee Sin Guide but i feel like i should atleast go over the topic.

CC - crowd control such as stuns,slows,silences,taunts
Peeling - Protecting Significant members of your team from the enemy's engage
Pull - When your Teammates help you kill your jungle camp early game
Picks - Singling out an enemy from his team and killing him instead of teamfighting
Kite - when you are attacking and running back at the same time.
AD - Attack damage
AP - Ability power
AA - Auto Attack
EXP - Experiance points
Facecheck - when a champion walks into an unwarded bush despite the possibility of Enemy champions lurking
Insec - using Lee Sin's Ultimate Ability to kick an enemy champion towards your team mates.
Disengage - Using ability to Escape a teamfight with CC

I Hope I could be of help to you guys, i leave you with one last peice of advice, GET CREATIVE, Lee sins Kit has endless possibilitys and being creative with his kit (once learned) can lead to some amazing Plays.

With enough practice in improving your mechanics,game knowledge, and decision making, eventually it will all pay off for you on Lee Sin and heres an Idea of what a Lee can pull of.

Shoutout to Thedruxlol, the guy is an absolute god

Thankyou all for taking the time to read my First guide,Feel free to leave some criticism even if it's bad. I plan to follow through with this guide and update with every patch.

Credits go out to :
EZYoDa for inspiration to make the guide
OwenTheAwseomer for the guide graphics
Vox_Carnifex ( for helping me clean up the guide )
Cóxy for the Title
Spaceaway for helping with Media and guide graphics
Tussor (image in Cons)
Magg-28 (image in pros, also Sig)
Syngg Linus ( video in teamfighting section)

Stay tuned here for updates! i'm still in the process of cleaning up the guide

200k Views update: looks like this guide is picking up some traction was generally well recieved on reddit , and i'm super happy i've helped so many of you :), am updating the guide pretty much daily, got some graphics on the way too, really appreciate all the support and feedback!

18/11/2015: Added Tilting and Early Game vision sections, also added a Combo Showcase video, replacing the old, badly made video
20/11/2015: Added The Section "The Insec and it's variations ( for newer players)"
24/11/2015: Added New Build paths, updated Builds aswell as item section with my thoughts on hunter's potion
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