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Nidalee Build Guide by Keezjah

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keezjah

Guide to "Fear the Wild"

Keezjah Last updated on February 19, 2013
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AP Mid / Support

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Welcome Mobafire community to my Nidalee fear the wild guide,

My Name is Keezjah, I play on the EUW servers and currently im a Silver league player.

Nidalee is my best champion simply because of the amount of hours i played her, she has good mobility, nice escape mechanisms and proper poke, yet in teamfights she might be a littlebit useless unless you build/play her right.

Teamfights are a big thing in the league and can make you win an entire game (or lose), because of this you don't want to be feeling useless and i will make an entire Chapter about teamfights.

Nidalee comes from the Jungle, and is raised by cats because of this she can turn into a cat from level 6 on this is what attracts me to her and why i think shes cool.
Also her Cooldowns are low wich means you dont ever have an ability on CD.

NOTE: This guide is about how i play her, build her and this fits my playstyle perfectly.

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Pro's vs. Con's

Why should i take nidalee what is that make her excel at her game.

Nidalee is one of those champions who you dont want to deal with if the enemy knows what he/shes doing, because she can easily poke you down and then finish you of with her cat form.

Here i will show you what nidalees good points and bad points are

Pro's Con's
- Good Poke (famous for it). - Takes time to Master.
- Excellent Damage. - Not the most solid pick for Teamfights.
- Good Map awereness thanks to her traps. - Very mana reliant early laning phase.
- Great escape mechanisms (especially in brushes) - Bad against CC.
- Great sustain. - She grew up in the jungle, but isnt a
- Can jump over certain terrain using Pounce. natural jungler :(
- She can transform into a cougar.
- Can easily check brushes with her traps.

If you ask me the pro's weight up to the con's just watch out for ganks and although your traps can show you where an enemy is you should still buy wards because the enemy needs to step on your traps. pacing a brush full with traps costs to much mana, so i recommend only doing this when you have a blue buff.

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For Masteries i take 21/9/0 Masteries.

21/9/0 why?

Well you are an offensive AP focussed Carry this means you need to deal damage and lots of it. for this i have the 21 in the offensive tree. The 9 Points go into defensive and not utility i'll tell you why (because i see alot of people go 21/0/9 on AP nidalee). In teamfights your human form is more of a support/poker but this is not the role you should take in a teamfight as a carry your role is to deal damage and the best way to deal damage in teamfights is with Catform wich forces you to get in melee range for this i build her with allot of health, this way you wont get "punished" to much for getting up close.

Arcane Knowedge (8% Magic Penetration):

Arcane Knowledge basicly is a musthave because if you dont take this it will be really hard to build tanky, since the way i build that is by lacking Magic Pen.

Spellsword (Deal an aditional 5% of your Total AP as Magic Damage on your Auto-Attacks).

Spellsword is another Masterie i just want to point out the math isnt that hard but it makes you deal quite alot of damage on your Auto-Attacks. since you have a AS increase on your E in Human form and only 1 damage ability on human form this is highly recommended since it deals 5 damage for every 100 ability power you have, lets say you have 500 AP then this talent will grant you an aditional 25 damage on every Auto-Attack and with ur E you can deal significant damage. Do not underestimate Spellsword.

Executioner (Deal an additional 5% damage against targets below 50% health):

This Masterie is pretty obvious, still i just want to point out that if you take this your spear who will be ur main poke ability but also your KS (Kill Secure) ability, your finisher so to say.
this is why you should take this because we all hate people getting away with 5 health left.

The rest of the Masteries are pretty obvious and will talk for themselves.

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My Runes are basicly ALL abillity Power except for my Marks wich are Magic Pen.

9x Flat ability power for poking down your enemy champion early game

9x Magic Penetration, again i build this because i usually build health and neglect my magic pen for it.

9x Ability Power per level, for giving some additional strenght late game.

3x Flat ability Power, same reason as the seals.

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I started this guide at the 2nd of febuary 2013 and its still under contruction.

More info to be added soon.


Added AP Midalee to Team 1 (General, Items, Ability's, Masteries and Runes added)
Added Supportalee to Team 1 (General, Items, Abilit's and Masteries added)

Next Up:
- Supportalee; Runes
- Introduction.

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