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Hecarim Build Guide by mcnegolol

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mcnegolol

Hecarim Build Top lane - The Pony of Hell [UPDATED S6]

mcnegolol Last updated on December 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Bounty Hunter
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Threats to Hecarim with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Gnar Gnar is only expected him to throw the boomerang and grab MegaGnar after his passive have vanished can go up without problem because it will not be able to replace damage with you
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Hello guys this is my first Build I created, well sorry my English I think it's terrible: P. I created this build to Hecarim because it is my favorite and I can play very well with him and gave a certain desire to create and post my build, but I came across the work to create it but not give up and created not have much experience this site shows that the guides on how to play and what items to buy. I'm new here then come on.


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Here we explain what it is for such items and how to use them at the right time

corrupt potion It has almost the same propiedade the cristaline flask but the change is that it burns for a short period of time inflicting 30 ~ 60 damage . Tip : When you start an exchange 1v1 use the potion and get your 1v1

Trinity Force it is an item MORE PERFECT FOR Hecarim because it helps you in many ways giving 30 ability power for the ultimate leaving it stronger. Passive the Trinity Force is very useful for when you hit the minions he gives you 20 movement speed for 3 seconds joining with the passive Hecarim will improve some of the damage inflicted by him. Who does not like a higher attack speed it helps the team fights and farm and can also help in the secondary passive Trinity Force after using an ability he will give you a bonus of 200% equal to your damage attack.

The Black Cleaver This item is doing Hecarim be someone in the game it gives an extra life for him along with attack damage, it helps you with your abilities decreasing their CDR can conjure so much faster your abilities. The passive [The Black cleaver]] is very good because each hit it decreases the armature 5% staking 6 times the armature breaking maximum is 30%. this item put on the core because it is essential to life and damage to the Hecarim.

Frozen Heart he is one of the items it gives defensive armor and mana and cooldown reduction and leaves the champions slower enemies by 15% is good for ambush or escape of any enemy champion

Sunfire Cape it helps the team fights it gives magic damage in a small area when you take a hit from an enemy champion he is very similar to Thornmail because the two return a small portion of incoming damage.

Thornmail as he was speaking of Sunfire Cape just above they have a similarity of returning a small part of the damage. The Sunfire Cape and Thornmail are equal only if Thornmail has more armor than the Sunfire Cape but it gives life and armor.

Randuin's Omen It reduces the attack speed of enemy champion and reduces critical damage the Frozen Heart is a bit like the Randuin's Omen and recommend using this item against a Tryndamere.

Spirit Visage I recommend this item too because he's great when you have a mid laner enemy with much ability to power and increases the efficiency of healing, drains 20% it is very useful on those occasions.

Blade of the Ruined King it is good that gives you a movement speed a little theft of life he is a recommended item to a Hecarim this item in my opinion is the best aggressive item.

Zephyr It is a great item for those who like critical hit he did not give scribed attack but gives great attack speed to bring towers I put the runes critical chance to increase the damage inflicted with rage attack speed increase attack speed therefore faster your critical strike.

Youmuu's Ghostblade is an item VERY GOOD to take enemy towers is good to do it when the game is matched recommend using it in these occasions: tough games, evened games. it has a passive activatable it's attack speed and movement is very useful in team fights.

Ravenous Hydra it is great for various occasions farm team fights monsters and minions of the jungle and the damage when it is activated is reasonably good nothing too spectacular but not replace the The Black Cleaver by Ravenous Hydra.

Maw of Malmortius This item is essential if for solo 1v1 because when the exchange of damage every 2% of lost life it gives you a strike damage bonus is very useful when soil 1v1 I recommend.

Essence Reaver THIS ITEM IS VERY HELPFUL is serious if it is with much trouble mana it really solve this their problem and still has a slight theft of life is an item that gives you very sustain in team fights and solo 1v1 very effective against Tryndamere Garen, Gnar and Jax.

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Pros / Cons


+ good mobility
+ sustain very easy with the Spirit of Dread
+ great to start team fights with Devastating Charge and Onslaught of Shadows
+ It is good against several champions without any problem
+ easy to play
+ strong against ganks


- if it is slow for some enemy skill your damage is reduced by its passive Warpath
- are very expensive items it
- just stay there for good early game

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use the skill Rampage to a larger area of farm and also good use
Devastating Charge and Spirit of Dread using such abilities is much easier to to farm through the enemy champion farm. to deny the enemy is at the farm means of various minions and use Spirit of Dread to steal everyone's life within the area thus negating farm enemy champion. Once you're very advanced in lane is good to keep the Devastating Charge to escape possible ganks.

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Teleport it is useful to give tp the combined towers or if not in wards for example has a close ally ward of a team fight is so give tp it and use the Onslaught of Shadows in the midst of the enemy and win the team fight is one reason you use it is extremely essential to have a top laner that.

Ghost is an item needed to increase the damage of the passive propio Hecarim has,
it increases the movement speed thus contributing to the damage that the Warpath gives the Hecarim is highly recommended to use it.

Flash Hecarim already have mobility does not need to flash.

Ignite it is good to some extent inflicts damage for a certain period of time but no longer increases your damage such as Ghost makes with the passive Warpath.

Exhaust is even good to let the slow enemies but the Hecarim already have mobility to reach the enemy is unnecessary for him.

Heal it retrieves life immediately and gives an extra movement speed but for a short time but the Ghost already gives movement speed for longer but it does not cure: /

Smite Smite is only for jungle has no need to make an item to Smite in champions enemies.

Barrier only gives a shield for a while and out WHAT the Hecarim is gaining with it ??? Needless this spell.

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How to initiate team fights/ solo 1v1

how to make the right moves to win an exchange of damage contrea an enemy champion ?? Read it below:

Before starting check that the champion enemy has used one of his abilities if so use Devastating Charge then Spirit of Dread and so collide with the enemy use the Rampage then just comes Rampage Spirit of Dread Devastating Charge and so will want to start the exchange with the ultimate Onslaught of Shadows is also a radio that's the best way to inflict damage on the enemy.

Already in the team fights the situation is different wait for the champions enemies become very close together here comes the CHAAAAAAAAAAARRRGE Devastating Charge and at once Onslaught of Shadows then Spirit of Dread and then just stay in Rampage Rampage Rampage Rampage follow this combo a team fight is your ONE TIP VERY IMPORTANT if you have this item Spirit Visage you can do PENTAKILL to a well executed as the Spirit Visage it gives you 20% in healings that your Spirit of Dread gives you.

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Fury for cooldown reduction of Rampage.

Double Edged Sword extra damage inflicted on the enemy when you get a hit.

Vampirism to keep in lane and exchanges 1v1

Oppressor more for defense than attack is for when u get slow taunts those things you inflict 2.5% more damage.

Battering Blows for armor penetration

Fervor of Battle more damage when staked, maximum stack 10.

Secret Stash a slight recovery of mana and life.

Meditation for mana regen.

Dangerous Game when you get a kill recovers lost 5% hp and life.

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Thanks and finalization

I want to thank you all who read this guide up here and gave a lot of work to do I gained enough experience in the game creating a propia build and by posting on the site that gave me a jog vision until interesting, sorry for my English because I am Brazilian and I am still finalizing the course of English then light catch me: P