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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Heimerdinger Build Guide by BesTibi



Updated on October 31, 2017
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League of Legends Build Guide Author BesTibi Build Guide By BesTibi 264,892 Views 6 Comments
264,892 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author BesTibi Heimerdinger Build Guide By BesTibi Updated on October 31, 2017
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Song for a better game

Enjoy the glorious and fantastic Instalok's Heimerdinger song!


Or you might want to listen to Gunther's Ding **** song... :D

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Hello! This is bestibi from EUNE. I started playing with Heimerdinger 2015 May because I wanted to learn how to beat him(I hated him before as an enemy, and usually as an ally, because I never saw any good Heimer players before in my team :) ). Now I know a lot about him and I want to share the "secret" with you guys.

//Pros&cons will be added, I just have to find out what to say and what not to say, and-how to say them.
Mastery&item explanation in the appropriate "notes"section.

Sometimes I will add random but useful chapters and I might write the same thing in a few different ways. When I added this note, the guide was too complex to check everything. So from now on it is true that the guide is incomplete, I am working on detailed matchups chapter, and I will add a "Basics&tips" chapter soon. Back to updating tomorrow, same time. (2016. 01. 03. 10:50 pm)
01. 04. Added Akali, Anivia, Cassiopeia, Diana, Ekko, Ezreal, Fizz and Kennen matchup details.
Next day's task: Add "Basics, tips&tricks" chapter.
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Rework stuff-Heimerdinger's new role

This is something we should discuss first. Heimerdinger is still a mage, but finally his bread and butter spell is Hextech Micro-Rockets. Before the rework, it was like OK, I will smack them with my Hextech Micro-Rockets. Might take a while, because I've got to max Q (]]h-28g evolution turrets]]) so I can store up to 3 turrets at a time. So Riot made sure we can go for our damaging spells, and we can max Hextech Micro-Rockets and then CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade. So Heimerdinger won't be the little nerd running behind turrets that spam lasers until each and every enemy dies. The new idea is to be a caster mage, as Heimerdinger should be. This gives him a lot more potential, and a good use of CH-3X Lightning Grenade.
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-Extremely fun to play (except in One for all)
-Nice burst
-Range level over 9K
-Zoning efficiency around 0.8-1 (from 0 to 1 of course)
-Huge outplay potential

-Most champions with higher range have an advantage
-"Just" a viable pick in ranked matches
-Off meta atm
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What did I change?

This section is about the changes I had to do with this guide.
At first, I took a look at the chapters and changed the important things, corrected mistakes and stupid phrases(I usually write my guide during the night, I had a hard year). If anyone notices mistakes in this guide, then leave a comment so I can correct them.
-The second change should be something with the itemization as Athene's got changed, and building rylai's after zhonya's is is essential these days.
-Added Rod of Ages to bad items.
-Added Masteries chapter.
-Added a conclusion about the changes I made, you can look for them above in this chapter.
-Still working on Detailed matchups #2...

-Added Pros&Cons section
-Rewrote masteries' explanations
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Since the PBE registration is/was open, I took a good look at the new rune&mastery system, and I say this chapter will change once that stuff is live.
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So let's check the Ferocity tree. Here We've got Sorcery first, as it makes your abilities stronger. Feast is a good sustain tool for you, and it's better than the other two in the same line. The third line is obviously Natural Talent so it's kinda easy to get here. Now we have to take a look at the fourth line. Here I would say you can choose between Bounty Hunter and Battle Trance . I prefer Battle Trance as you may not have the chance to kill every single enemy at least once.
The Cunning tree is also quite simple. We've got Savagery, Secret Stash and Merciless . You don't need Meditation as you don't want to spam your skills like crazy, you want to make them count. Dangerous Game is another obvious choice for you.
In the fifth line you can choose between magic pen&armor pen, and CDR. it's a choice of preference, but you'll have enough CDR from your items, so I took the magic&armor pen.
Why Thunderlord's Decree ? That one is simple to answer.
Just check your Hextech Micro-Rockets proccing that ability dealing tons of bonus damage, and making your opponent's laning phase a real horror.
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A crazy idea

Here lies the idea of Deathfire Touch on Heimerdinger. Just...live with Thunderlord's Decree please...
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Outdated information is written with red color. Bonus information is written with green.

Techmaturgical repair bots
This is your passive. It gives bonus health regen in an aura. If your turrets aren't in it's range, then after 8 seconds they become inactive and the enemy can destroy them freely.
The aura stuff won't change of course. They removed the sustain, which means people can fight you with better chances, and that is good for players who struggle against him. Instead, Heimerdinger receives a movement speed bonus as long as he stays next to turrets. And that is good news for the revered inventor.

Evolution turrrets(Q)
This is your main ability you are known for. These turrets make you strong and their range grants you a safety zone where enemies should not step in. This zone is up until you are in it, and if a turret is destroyed, you can replace it with another. From the beginning, you will start generating turrets that you hold and can lay whenever you want. At 1 stacks you can hold 1 turret, at 3 stacks 2 and when maxed, 3 turrets maximum so you have to max this ability first. If the enemy jungler ganks or the top laner roams and they engage on you, then you mustn't leave the safety zone because you will be killed. See mid game's chapter for further information.
The base damage of the turrets were halved, but the ap scaling was increased by 20%, from 15% to 35%, and that is crazy. This means you are weaker early, but your late game is a lot stronger. The turret kit now always stores 3 turrets maximum, which means if you start with q, then you can leave 3 turrets instantly. This also means we want to max this thing last. The turret recharge time is set to 20 seconds, like it would be late game,
so it's where things get interesting. Being around them gives you wings, so you can juke a lot easier. Also, his laser beam charge time was increased from 16 to 50 seconds. That keeps for ages. Good news is, you can charge the beams by casting other abilities.

Hextech micro-rockets(W)
This is your main poke ability. If you're ahead, definitely max this second. This ability is a little bit tricky. When you cast it, you'll notice that if your mouse was in the max range of it, then the rockets will go through the point where your mouse was in the moment when you cast w. After meeting in this point, the rockets will go on their own straight lines. If you want to farm with it(not recommended early) to clear waves fast, then you can use this method. If you want maximum output damage, then aim the way you think it will it your opponent, then cast it. It is also good to know if there are enemies in an area where you don't have vision because the if a rocket hits an enemy champion/minion(or monster), you will see an animation as it blows up colliding with that unit you just hit. This is useful to counter Teemo's stealth. I had a few funny kills like Teemo could activate his passive on the lane so I wasn't sure to overextend or not. I just shot the rockets in a half-spreading way. Two of them collided with Teemo(I saw that they hit something I couldn't see :3 ). Luckily I had enough AP so when I threw the electron storm grenade that way, it killed Teemo. The other one was that I was chasing Talon, and he disappeared around red team's blue buff. I shot my rockets in the bush next to the blue's camp and I just got him. He thought I saw him because of a ward...
Mind that Hextech-micro rockets will damage the first unit they hit! So try landing it when you have a clear vision of your enemy(no minions or other disturbing units).
So your Hextech Micro-Rockets will charge your turrets' beams. Each rocket that hits an enemy champion adds 20%, which means a perfect 5 rockets hit causes an immediate shock from the nearby turrets. Also, stat buffs.

CH-2 electron storm grenade(E)
Your grenade is not so long ranged like the rockets, but it is a key ability to secure kills and to stun enemies. It has two CC effects: If you land it perfectly, then it deal magic damage and stun the target(s) for a small time. It has quite long cool-down when it has 1-2 stacks, so if your opponent is not so mobile, you can rank this ability up along with the rockets so you can easily stun your opponent-if you can land it for sure-, and then wombo combo-style, and you got a kill. The hardest thing in playing with Heimerdinger is landing the electron storm grenade and landing the wombo combo(explanation somewhere below).
Damage radius increased so it's easier to land, cool-down set to 12 seconds, like maxed. Landing it causes a laser beam blast from nearby turrets.

This is your ultimate. Rank it if possible(levels 6, 11, 16). This ability takes the amount of mana just when you cast it and after a few seconds, you can cancel it if you know it is not the time to use it. This ability changes your basic abilities and makes them stronger.

H-28Q Apex Turret is a long ranged turret that won't lasts for a short period of time, and it is a fourth turret you can lay(As you can only have 3 small turrets on the map at a time!).
Use this when teamfighting for more damage output, and for bonus safety zone(even if it's temporary). While it's up, you should use your basic combo to kill the enemy carries.

Hextech Rocket Swarm is four waves of rockets that work similar to the basic rockets. This is a single target nuke, this is the second part of your wombo combo. After a few matches you will be able to know if the enemy team has a squishy target to be nuked so you can chase her down with wombo combo.

Ult+E is a very overpowered electron storm grenade but it's really hard to land it like a worthy spell. It bounces 3 times, each time with the effects of the basic grenade. So it can stun up to three times, it has AoE slow and of course nice a amount of damage.
Huge buff, much more team fight potential.

I mentioned a few strange phrases like "basic combo" and "wombo combo"
Basic combo
This is an ability combo when you want to punish your opponent and just to zone her. You carefully walk closer and closer to your opponent using the "dumb laner"-effect, like you walk around minions in safety zone and keep last hitting them. Analyze your opponent's auto-attack animation. Try to get close when she starts an aa, and if you land CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade, and if you have a clear vision, then cast Hextech Micro-Rockets aiming a bit behind your opponent. Then start going back to avoid the other part of the trade. Use this to win laning phase by poking your opponent back to their base so you can start building your Zhonya's Hourglass.
Wombo Combo
This is pretty much the same, but it's closer to an all-in. You have to land your e just like in the basic combo, and then Ult+W towards the opponent, and while the rockets damage her, use ignite. This will secure a kill if your opponent doesn't have any health potions or any kinds of sustain, but she will have to recall if she survives. If you see her low on health, try landing a W on her so you got the kill. After a trade like this you should back away if you have enough gold, but you can stay and farm/roam to another lane and help them.

Of course landing these combos are depend on the match-up(mobile/immobile champions, hard dodging abilities, like Playful / Trickster, etc.). I'll add match-up explanations and killing tactics against a few important counters/strong laners.
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Spell order

Time to discuss this. It was pretty straightforward before, so I did not want to talk about maxing order. It was r, q, w, e.
As we discussed in Heimerdinger's new role, The main abilities are w ( Hextech Micro-Rockets) and e ( CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade). Start with the first point in q ( h-28g evolution turrets), but max w and soon after e. Rank up ultimate whenever you can, and max q last.
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Doran's Ring and Health Potions and Stealth Ward don't have to be explained, these are your starting items, I don't think there is something special for Heimer.

The must-have item is Zhonya's Hourglass. Rush this vs AD assassins. Vs mages, if you have early kills, try to get Fiendish Codex as you won't need armor early in this case. Finish Zhonya's Hourglass or go for Morellonomicon vs that mage.
Building Zhonya's Hourglass buys you time, distracts your enemies, wins your games. We love Zhonya's Hourglass, and Zhonya's Hourglass loves us too.

It is important in counter-attacking and getting double kills in these situations.
Absolutely core item on Heimerdinger.
Do not forget to use Zhonya's active when getting focused in teamfights!

Morellonomicon could be picked up first if you feel safe or you don't need extra time and armor. You should get this item as your first or second item.

Raw damage to catch those pesky enemies off guard. If the enemy does not build magic resistance, go for this as a third item option.

Void Staff and Sorcerer's Shoes are your magic penetration items. I recommend getting Boots first, so you can finish sorcerer's with 800 gold.
You don't necessarily have to rush Void Staff, sorcerer's will be enough for a longer time.

The slow is still useful on this item. Recommended to get this after Rabadon's Deathcap (and after t2 boots of course).

[[luden's echo is another option here, if you want to roam, you can use the burst and movement speed it provides.

Go get Banshee's Veil if you can't dodge each and every ability of the enemy, or you just want to live 3 seconds longer. Great defensive item for mages.

Another magic penetration option. Void Staff is more likely to be your friend anyway.

Not recommended items

Abyssal Mask is a nice item vs mages when you have to get into close range to fight, like Katarina and Fizz.

Athene's Unholy Grail got some changes I don't really like, as it leaves you alone vs AP enemies, so you don't have mr options. This is why you should build Rylai's Crystal Scepter after Zhonya's Hourglass. Today build Athene's on sustain mages, like Nidalee.

I finally managed to add Rod of Ages here. It can't even be called a situational item, thanks to the changes, so do not build this item. Again, build it on Nidalee after jungler item.
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Warding is an important thing to do. You may have a [control ward]] on the map.

The map is under constuction

Placing a good vision ward may provide vision for a long time, but if it gets cleared, try to place another close to the previous one's location, as enemy activity is higher there.

Which trinket to use?

The Stealth Ward is like a Stealth Ward, but it's lifespan is not that long. It is good to grant vision while you are trying to farm during laning phase, to keep a blue buff visible, etc. You can swap this later on.

Farsight Alteration is a long ranged vision ward, but this won't grant true sight.
You can get this if you want more vision in the jungle but you don't want to go there and your support wards other places properly.

Stealth and stuff got reworked, so you don't necessarily have to buy this. The only case now is when your team can ward properly without you. By the way, get Farsight Alteration.
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Gank ahead

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Getting ganked (outdated)

Getting ganked is a thrilling part in this game if you are playing Heimerdinger. In the next three chapters I won't really mention the 1v2,3,4 situations. When the enemy is alone, the thing is pretty easy. You won't find yourself in this situation as H-28G Evolution Turrets grant you a nice safety zone so you will have control on the larger part of the lane.
Try not pushing that hard, so you won't have to move the safety zone closer to the enemy tower, or the enemy jungler's gank potential will be higher, and you will not survive that easily, as if they co-operate well, then flashing out of your safety zone and not getting under lane tower's range might mean that you are dead. When you are getting ganked, there are two cases: Your lane opponent, or the jungler engages first. If there is a delay between the arrival of the enemies, try to focus the engaging opponent by bursting him to death without your ignite, you will need that to take care of the other sneaky if he really wants to just do it. If they arrive at the same time, stun the one with higher damage, lay H-28Q Apex Turret, and try to take at least one of them. It is not a problem if you die, your goal is to take somebody with you once you have to die. After you have Zhonya's Hourglass, you will have a better surviving potential, so you can take a double/triple kill, and recall to safety. 1v3 can be created if the top laner comes down, and the fourth guy to join the fight is usually the support. There is nothing more satisfying when you see four of them coming: Cassiopeia starts to engage, burns ult while Rengar's mark pops above your head. A big red circle appears as Pantheon ults your safety-zone, and finally Thresh's Death Sentence almost hooks one of your turrets. You are already in 6/0/3 and they only want to kill you whatever it takes. Isn't that cute? 4 tryhards just walk upon you, and then leave in defeat. They lost 2 of them, 2-3-4 flashes, maybe an exhaust, pantheon's ignite, 3 ults, and what did they get in return? enough damage to kill cassiopeia and pantheon, while rengar is low on health and thresh has done nothing because he wasted his Q. The smell of outplay and burned summoners is...cool. "I theorize your defeat!"-Professor Cecil B. Heimerdinger.
If you are smart and you have your two core items, as known as Zhonya's Hourglass and Rylai's Crystal Scepter (it is more helpful if you have boots), then you can easily 1v4 them. In this case, your goal is to make them burn as many summoner spells as they can, but watch out for crowd control effects!
Do not fight if
they got Alistar
they got a good Thresh+ Yasuo/ Zed/ Talon.
Only fight if you know you will snipe someone!
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Early game

So when you have your starting items, you go to your lane. As soon as you get there and you can't see any enemies start placing your turrets. If you see the enemy, then definitely lay your turrets. If you get poked, then closer to your turret(I will insert a picture where you should put them). Anyway, the method is the following: In the very middle of the lane, there are some stones in the ground, forming a circle. Lay 2 turrets on the opposite sides of the circle, but not in the minion wave's line! the third turret should be put down in the range of the other two.
The Heimer turrets from above
The link above shows how to lay your turrets usually when you are playing in the red team.
Make sure that the turrets are close to the spot where the minions will start fighting so you can clear the 1st wave easily. With the second wave, you kill the 1st minion and you got
your W. Try not using W to clear, only if you have decent mana regen, otherwise you will run out of mana soon. At level 3 you rank up your E. If your opponent starts to poke you then punish her with W, or if she is close enough then E+W combo.
During laning phase, you might get ganked so always ward at least one bush. You want to kill your opponent around 800 gold so you will have advantage and you can start building into Zhonya's. Ask your jungler to come, but ganking will be hard because your turrets give you a safety zone. If you can't kill your opponent, then try poking her down till she has to recall. If you calculate well, then you can make this happen when you have 1250 or more gold. If the jungler pings to take blue, then go(you can ask for it as well, I don't really need blue).
Another good starting method:
This idea is about laning. You can just poke your enemy like if you have a clear shot, then use Hextech Micro-Rockets on them. If they come to poke your turrets, try to e+w them. The most important thing is that you want to farm for as long as possible, make the enemy use their Health Potions, and keep them on lane for as long as you can. Meanwhile, you may have a chance to use auto attacks, and farm up. After like 10-15 minutes, you will have 2.9k gold, the price of Zhonya's Hourglass. Just try to zone your opponent, then back off. If you kill him, then you will have an additional 300 gold.
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Mid game

Now you should have Zhonya's Hourglass and Needlessly Large Rod building into Rylai's. Now you have a great outplaying item and your mana won't be burned so soon if you don't spam. Now you can start zoning the enemy. Or farm up for Rylai's, then killing time!
If the enemy jungler is good and your opponent is behind, then watch out for ganks!
If you are confident and know what to do, then you will get at least one kill during enemy ganks.
Then back and start building into the core item Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Be sure to buy Boots early, and finish them as Sorcerer's Shoes after Rylai's Crystal Scepter. The third item, based on the situation, should be Morellonomicon or Rabadon's Deathcap.
I would not say it's worthy to destroy a safety zone so you can roam, but if bot needs to be defended, just walk behind the pushed enemy laners and you may be good to go. Don't forget to wait for the support(and AD carry), so you won't be a free kill for the enemies.
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Late game

At this point, in the best case you are kind of fed, you have Zhonya, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Sorcerer's Shoes and Rabadon's Deathcap/ Morellonomicon. Late game is full of teamfights so you have to know how to fight. I think everybody knows that a Heimerdinger won't ever initiate fights, as he can only initiate counter-attacks with an ult+q and a well landed e+w. If your team has a great tank and an average bot lane (like a supp who can help initiating and an adc who can stay in the freaking backline to auto attack), then during the fight you can focus on getting their carries. There is a big chance that they'll focus on you, because they hate your safety zone(you have lots of AP now, your turrets are very-very strong). So when the fight's aura is clear for you, create the safety zone by placing your turrets in a triangle-shape, one turret towards your base, the other two closer to the enemy team. Your job is to stun the stronger opponents(fed carries, champions with lots of hard cc, etc.), and if your team seems to win the fight, try to nuke an enemy carry with wombo combo, or weaken the focused target. If you need to turn the tide of the fight, then lay Ult+Q for more damage and stronger safety zone. I know this part is tricky to imagine and to explain what to do and when, but when you are playing the game and you have to decide, you will see the right choice. The enemy only fights well, if they can kill you, and they make it alive. So if you get killed, remember, your death is not important. The important thing is that if they can survive your adc and your turrets. I always laughed hard(it's not a nice thing though...), when I got killed and (e.g.) my Ult+Q shot it's laser beam that hit the enemy Tahm Kench and their adc in Tahm's stomach, so I not just killed a strong enemy(in that match), our team got two kills and they got one.
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Detailed matchups #1

Firstly, I won't be done with this so soon, but it is important for You. PLease read the short notes I wrote on the top of the guide, and if you need more help before a match, or you have some time, then you can read a bit more about your potential opponents. Let's dive, as you won't ever do with Heimerdinger in a match!

About her skills: Orb of Deception is long ranged so she can poke your turrets and she gains bonus move speed while the orb is traveling. Note that the orb on it's way back deals true damage, so her burst can be painful if you don't know your and her mechanics to defeat her. Fox-Fire is painful if you go close, and Charm is a skillshot that works like taunt, so if you don't watch out, she will kill you in no time with a landed charm. The key against her is that you know that you can reorganize your turrets and you can poke her that much she is easy to kill, but she still stays because she thinks that she can kill you and make it back to safety in one peace. Spirit Rush gives her the ability to dash three times, if she wants...As I only know Ahri as an opponent, I can say that her ult turned the tides a few times when I was under average with Heimerdinger.

Ask for ganks, kill her early, and don't get stunned. Those are the important things. If you can, then roam to bot and get assists/kills, and ask them to help vs Annie. Once you make a mistake, she will kill you. She can stun you with ult, so try to roam, try to bait their jungler to gank you, and focus the squishier target. That's all you can do.
definitely do the Other way to farm I mentioned in the Early game chapter.

Play safe and farm a lot before ult and zhonya. She has a stealth mode but she can kill you if their jungler comes and can gank well. So, if she makes any mistake, land your basic combo. If she is poked out of lane(she walks away to recall), then recall asap, or finish farming a wave and then back away. Always try to build something, but if you have 1500 gold and the rabadon costs 1700(so you have a needlessly large rod and a blasting wand), then farm your way to that gold. Ult+q will scare the enemies away, so don't hesitate to use it if you can't kill the engaging jungler/Akali. to buy time, use Zhonya's. Ping ss and be sure to roam to help clearing the drake, and if you can, roam to bot or top to help, Akali will try to get fed like this so you can prevent that with a smart move.

Her passive will hurt if you don't damage enough in a short time. Her stun and poke hurts, Glacial Storm got a rework, it may not be as dangerous now. If you can kill her early, then you should win the lane. Maybe you should buy Liandry's Anguish to shred her later on...

Azir is terribly strong right now, and as he is hard to master, you may only find bad Azir players when he is free. Be really careful, his range comes over you, do not let him an advantage by getting zoned out of your lane. If you need to, then flash, and if you can prepare to this matchup, like in draft pick, then just pick barrier instead of ignite, and you may be safe. You will get ganked as he has the power advantage until you outplay them. Try to get the jungler this time, or if you managed to poke the hell out of Azir, then just...KILL HIM! But be very careful.

She will try to play extremely aggressive because she can do that. Once she gets greedy enough to follow you to chunk your health using Twin Fangs, you want to land ch-1 electron storm grenade and then Hextech Micro-Rockets to punish her. After ult, wait for a situation like this, or when you know you would kill her, and just combo her out of the lane.

Well, I had a sacrificing method: I let her q me and I was in a position that she could have killed me with ease. Well, she dashed into my e(reaction time is the key), and then soaked up a wombo combo, and I could kill her because I had 2 items, so I didn't need to use my ignite. Ask your jungler to gank. If she is ahead, she will be able to dive you out of the safety zone. Pick exhaust if you feel that you are not ready to face a Diana, and if she wants to dive you without your permission(hehe), then try to stun her, w, ult+q, exhaust and Zhonya.
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Detailed matchups #2

Well, if you make a few mistakes and he knows how to combo safely, then you will get killed in a 1v1 or 1v2. You will easily recognize Parallel Convergence so you won't ever get stunned. . His Phase Dive works like the following: He dashes towards his cursor on a short distance, and then he gains a quite big ranged attack, and he will blink with his next basic attack to the targeted unit. This will follow you if you flash! Don't get hit three times, and if he wants to proc his passive on your turrets, then stun him asap, and if you have a clear shot, then w. Try to track down his roams. Look at your minimap, and if you see that your teammates are overextended, then make your way there, but ping before you start to go!

Long ranged poke potential. If he goes AP, then Trueshot Barrage will be stronger than usual, use Zhonya's Hourglass properly. Essence Flux passes through units so it can hit you hard, if he gets a Lich Bane, he will go w+q for eternity. If he picks up kills using Trueshot Barrage, try to roam and help your team with H-28Q Apex Turret in teamfights.

Ss a lot, don't get dived out by his max range ult, it can hurt your turrets, and he can outplay you hard. I always take my time to combo with Fizz as now Seastone Trident's active becomes efficient after 2 seconds of it's passive burning on the opponent. Get Zhonya's Hourglass and you can outplay him. You may not get him, but you will survive for sure. You only have to negate his roaming potential, but not getting killed by him depends on your team, so good luck&have fun! :D

She is very strong, try to cancel her lightning using Zhonya's. She can escape from you if she is a lighting ball, but if she gets cc-ed, then she is dead. Heimer top is kinda out of meta these days, so that's why it is a rare matchup. Her AoE damage will be irritating, but don't let her stun you.
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Thanks for reading this long guide! I hope you enjoyed it, if you have an idea of how to play Heimerdinger or another item to any sections then leave a comment,please! If you liked the guide, and you think it's helpful in general, then vote up, please. I will add decorations, if I have time, but this guide is about how to play the D0nger, and you will have ideas how to beat him. D0ng well in mid or top lane, and don't worry if anyone rages for a mistake! I needed 3 matches to learn his mechanics, and a half month of playing(I only played during the weekends and maybe Fridays) to learn landing e. Next step was combo learning, then how to carry&defend, then enhancing teamfight strategies...When I reached level 5 with him, I still had problems with Yasuo.
Sometimes we lost, but mostly we won. Since then I learned Gnar, Udyr and now I'm practicing the new Graves as adc and if I want to, as a jungler. I will make guides for them as well, if I achieved my goals with Graves and...Rek'Sai.
Feel free to experiment with combos, tactics, and tricks in different matchups! If you find anything useful, please leave a comment so I can put it in the guide(and I might do a few corrections ;) ).
As my job on MobaFire is to make guides for the others and I like reading guides about champions I want to learn and so on. So if you, as a customer of this site, think that my guide improved your games and you could master -in this guide's case-Heimerdinger, then please vote it up so I know that this guide works well and I can improve it to be larger(smarter, better D0NGER...), and more helpful.
Have a nice day, guys!
bestibi over and out.

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