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League of Legends Build Guide Author I Just Wanna Run

Hide And Seek

I Just Wanna Run Last updated on June 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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The map is Crystal Scar - Draft Mode

If Something has a ✪ It is Important Please Read it.

Hide and seek is a game where you are hiding from 2 seekers, or attempting to elude them if found. As a Hiding player your goal is to stay alive for 40 minutes, you lose if you are killed 5 times. As a Seeker, you have a much harder job in that you will need to kill the whole enemy team 5 times each, you will also have 40 minutes to find and kill all the Hiders.

Hiders - To stay alive while only using crowd control abilities for 40 minutes.
Seekers - To kill each enemy 5 times before 40 minutes.

Crowd Control

✪ Slow, stun, exhaust, silence, knock up, knock back, grab, pull, warded abilities (mushroom, jack in the box, etc) and taunt.
Traps, Teleports Like TF and Shen are also allowed
All Targeted Dash Skills and Juke Skills are Allowed! Thanks Anketh! =)
Do Not spam Abilities. I've Seen Too many Lux's Unload their Q,W,E,R all in under a second and then say "I'm Just CCing them" CCing is 1 thing you have to stop at a certian point.

✪ Auto Attacks are banned. Purchasing the items Frozen Mallet and Entropy do not validate this rule.
CC is the only skill Hiders are allowed to use. The item Rylais Crystal Scepter does not mean you get to use CC like Singed and his poision trails.
If you do not know what CC (crowd control) is, follow this link:

Hider Rules.

You may place one warded ability (mushroom, jack in the box, etc) per bush Please Dont Stack jack in The Boxes as they take a risk of Killing a Seeker.
You may not recall at any point of the game
After you die 5 times you must stay in outer circle. You MAY NOT enter jungle at any point, not even to go to the center..
Only 2 Hiders may hide in bush together. This rule limits the amount of spam CC dealt to the seekers.
You may not attack a seeker if he/she is recalling.
Storm Shield are Allowed.
You may not enter areas of your platform which will kill an enemy champion i.e. If you go far enough into your base that the seeker cannot reach you you instantly lose a life.
-A hider will lose a live if they kill a seeker by auto attacks that does not proc CC or if they continue to use their abilities on the seekers even though the seeker stop chasing.

Seeker Rules.
You are Not allowed to leave your base untill 2:00 minutes
No oracles untill 15:00
When you get to 300 Health B or Face the Risk of Dieing.
You may NOT camp the Hiders platform.
You may not start seeking until the clock reaches 2:00
When your health reaches 200-300 you must recall immediately. To limit confusion it is recommended to immediately stop chasing/moving
all together. If you fail to recall when your health is between 200-300 you risk being killed by an enemy.
Recently Respawned Hiders have 30 second Grace after dieing. Which means Seekers cannot Follow or attack them under any circumstance.
1 Slow item for seekers meaning Only 1 seeker can Have Either his choice of Rylia's OR Frozen mallet Decide What Seeker gets to have the slow item before the battle.
-Seekers may recall at any time. Once a seeker is recalling, they can not cancel and continue chasing. Ive seen too many seekers Juke going B and its not fair to the hiders.
No LightBringers or hextech Sweepers untill 20:00 Minutes.

Banned Summoner Spells.

Clairvoyance (NOBODY SHOULD HAVE THIS Hide Nor Seeker)
No ignite for Hiders (Seekers may use this if they wish)

Banned Items.

Guardian Angel
Sunfire Cape

Trolling Rules.

Anyone Caught trolling on either team Will immediatly end the game IF they don't stop. Say GG and Cap Turrets. Then Re-Host the game.

All champions that aren't banned are allowed.
Suggested ban (NOT SET IN STONE)
- Ashe
- Evelynn
- Teemo
- Shaco
- Rengar
- Twisted fate

When you run out of lives.

-When a Hider has lost all 5 of his lives he is defeated, and may no longer participate in the game.
-Defeated Hiders may run around the outer ring or may simply stay in the base.
-Defeated Hiders may NOT enter the fog of war or interfere with the game's progress in any way.
-Defeated Hiders must sell all of their items.
-If a Hider is out, DO NOT KILL THEM. They are out Leave them be.

- Items Section
Only 2 Phantom Dancer For hiders you can have as many Zeals as your heart desires But only 2 Phantom Dancers.
I Personally suggest Boots of Speed Over boots of Mobility Because of the fact if you get hit with boots of Mobility your movement sped goes down by 3 but with Boots of Speed You Constantly Run at 3 My personal Suggestion you can do whatever you want.
I also Suggest Shureliyas Reverie For that added Speed boost when you need to escape.
I will add some bits to this Just a Suggestion On different items You might Want to consider for your build.

Any and ALL Suggestions and or Criticisms Would be Helpfull Thanks guys!

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Seeker Teir List

Seekers Teir list
Teir one- Twisted Fate,Lee sin,Ashe,Warwick,Teemo,Nidali.

Teir 2-Kassadin,Nunu,Blitzcrank,Katarina,Akali,LeBlanc,Ahri,Alistar.

Teir 3 (last teir not often picked)-Master Yi,Quinn&Valor,Nocturn,Xin Zao,Leona,Elise,Amumu.

Most others are never picked cannot tier them :/

Recent changes: Kassadin has been added to teir 2, this is because his very high chase ability counters more hiders with the acception of say zilean even though it is hard to consistantly chase he still has cc and is also a counter pick for hiders giving you more bans.
Also Alistar has been moved to the end of teir two, this is because altho he has good moving cc he dosn't have the late game potencial, i would recomend as more of a hider

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This guide is just a basis of what chars that are usually either played or banned each char has very similar builds for hiders,yes, this is because they all have the exact same objective.
Hopefully you found this usefull, credit of rules to RelishGoneWild
this is a beginning guide i will be doing a more in depth guide on hiders mainly. and stratagies.


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