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Xin Zhao Build Guide by IF angelfire

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League of Legends Build Guide Author IF angelfire

How to carry 101 with Hybrit/AS Xin Zhao [Top/Mid/Jungle]

IF angelfire Last updated on March 31, 2013
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Hello Mobafire! I've made this guide to share how I personally play Xin Zhao. With that said, please keep in mind that I don't play much ranked (yet), and this build has MUCH room for changes. I believe that Xin Zhao can be built multiple ways, but this guide will high light my favorite way to play. I'm not a professional gamer. I'm just a Guy who loves league of legends.

Xin Zhao is an awesome assassin type Bruiser who has strong and fast abilities. The point to Xin Zhao is to be like a Leader, tricky, sneaky, and misleading. You make your enemies think they are safe, and when they least expect it.. woosh! They are dead.

Expect to take time and practice, as with most champions. Very few people can pick up a new champion right way. If at first you don't succeed, try again!

Anyways, my name is Kevin / IF Angelfire and I´m playing on the EUW Servers. Enjoy my guide.

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Enjoy Some Music?
Yeah.. I know its cliched. What can I say?
"Be a Man..." *sign*

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Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons


+ Incredible Sustain
+ Awesome Dmg Output
+ Tanky
+ NO Skillshots
+ Has Damage even when build Tanky
+ Two forms of CC
+ Incredible Single-Target Damage
+ Can easily carry Games, if played well

- Only Escape requires target ( Audacious Charge)
- Ult can be ineffective if used poorly
- Once you´re behind, its hard to make a comeback

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Invisible Text YEY!

Since season three changes, I've been testing different builds; here is a generic one for now until I make up my mind.
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Invisible text!

Offensive Tree

Since I take Ignite, I put a point in here. It will give me 5 AP/AD when Ignite is on cool down. It is not a lot, but it is still something.

4% Cool Down Reduction. Cool down reduction helps a lot!

A bit easier to lasthit with it. You also need that point to get Executioner .

12 AD at level 18. The more dmg you have, the more dmg you do.

Increases your damage dealt by 2%.

+8% Armor penetration. Works incredibly well on Xin Zhao duo his Passiv Challenge.

+3 AD. Works well with Summoner´s Wrath... And you need the points for Executioner .

+6 Armor penetration. Pretty much the same as Weapon Expertise .

Increases damage dealt by 5% to targets below 50% health. That just screams assassin :p Haha. More damage! yey!
Invisible text!
Invisible text!

Defensiv Tree

You gain 6 Healh regen per 5 seconds. It´s usefull earlygame, so you can stay in lane much longer.

+108 Health at level 18.

+5 Armor. Doesnt sound that much, but it´s worth.

+3.5 Magic Resistance. Pretty much the same effect as Hardiness .
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A note:
Most of the time, masteries are about personal preference. If you feel like mixing it up, go ahead. :3

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
Invisible Text YEY!
For Runes I take:

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration So I can do Much more Damage with my Audacious Charge.
Greater Seal of Armor Standart Runes for Top lane.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Same as above.
Greater Quintessence of Ability Power Because they scale Incredibly well with his Battle Cry and his Audacious Charge.

A note:
You can also Choose your Standart AD Runes, but you wont Heal as much and your Sustain will fall down... I prefer my Setup. :3

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Unique Skills

One of Xin Zhao's best features is "No Aim Required." That means what it says - you point and click, and your stuff will go off no matter what. That said, the only important thing to know is the timing of your spells.
Invisible text!

Invisible text!

1) One-talon strike
You can catch a lot of opponents off-guard with this technique. You charge you Three Talon Strike on minions for two hits, and then Audacious Charge and get the third hit for a fast knockup. Most applicable when you're trying to harass the Enemy or if jungling, when you're holding lane for someone and they just returned.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!

2) Wall-charge
This one is more awareness than a special technique. Always keep in mind that your Audacious Charge can go over walls. Mostly this will be stopped by lack of vision, but if you carry a Sight Ward on you, you can use it to reveal monsters over the wall and dash to them.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!

3) Attack-walking
This applies to Xin Zhao more than almost any other champion. Most people get in the habit of just mashing their buttons because Xin Zhao has the capability to do that, but you should really be moving in between each attack. This can mean the difference between a two-talon escape and a Three Talon Strike kill.
Invisible text!
Invisible text!

4) Proper use of Crescent Sweep
There are two ways to use Crescent Sweep. First, to help start a fight by scattering the enemy. This one is pretty standard, you just use it right after your first dash ( Audacious Charge). The second use is the hardest one - using Crescent Sweep to hit an enemy back into your team. You have to wait for them to walk near another enemy unit, Audacious Charge to that unit, then Flash and Crescent Sweep while they are behind you. Obviously this is really hard to pull off and you probably won't even do it once in a whole game, but when it happens you look like a god.

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Team Fights

A note:
Every Fight is Different. It Depends on your Team AND on the Enemy Team.

If the Enemy Team has someone like Maokai, Irelia or Renekton, you should take the first opportunity and prodect your ADC/APC with your Three Talon Strike, Audacious Charge and your Crescent Sweep.

Otherwise, try to kill their ADC and / or APC AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

If you manage it to gain One of the Two possible Options, your Team wins the Fight and can Destroy main Objectives like Enemy Towers, Inhibitors or even get Baron Nashor , wich will create a Larger Advantage between you and your Enemies, that can bring you to Victory.

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A note:
My item build is just that, mine. Each and every build is customisable. I tell you this a million times in my guide, but here it is again; It is about personal preference. There are items that you'll always build, like The Black Cleaver, and then there are items you'll want to try, like Maw of Malmortius. If I don't have it in my main build, it does not mean its not a good or valuable choice. I sincerely hope you go though this section thoroughly.


Starting items

You have 3 different choices here:
Sight Ward
Sight WardSight Ward

Only choose them, if you have to dodge skillshots like Brand´s Sear/ Pillar of Flame or Karthus´s Lay Waste.

Sight Ward Standart Starting Items for Xin Zhao if you dont know, who you are against or you know, that you can easily get the early Lane domination against Champions like Vladimir or Darius.

Sight WardSight Ward If you need Much More Sustain against Champions like Teemo, Garen or Jax.

Core Items

I go for my The Brutalizer first because I enjoy the AD and Armor Penetration. It is pretty cheap to upgrade into The Black Cleaver. I suggest you do this when you can.

If you didnt pick it up at Starting Item.

I just Love this Item. Especially on Xin Zhao. It works great with Battle Cry duo the stacking Attackspeed buff and the Bonus AD and AP are great for his Damage and Sustain.


Mid-Game Items

Pretty much Standart on Xin Zhao. Exept you play against a heavy AD Team. Then you choose Ninja Tabis.

This Item is Great for Xin Zhao. Especially because it scales extremly well with Battle Cry and Guinsoo's Rageblade.

Gives you more Damage, Armor Penetration and Health. Almost everything you need for Xin Zhao in one Item.

Finishing Touch

The End items are sorta situational and you may swap them for something you personally think would be better depending on your play style, your team, and the enemy team.
Only Pick it up, if the Enemy APC is Shutting you Down.

Gives you Armor, Health and an awesome Aura, that deals 40 Magical Damage per Second.

If you have to fight against Anoying AD´s or to Prodect your ADC.
A Must Have in every Team. If nobody in your Team bought it, pick it up As Soon As Possible!