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Tryndamere Build Guide by Baxauer

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Baxauer

How to carry dem gaimz! S7 Tryndamere - Challenger guide

Baxauer Last updated on February 4, 2017
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Please keep in mind that this is a quick guide, which means it is only about things I think are important to mention. Either if you are a new Tryndamere player or you have played him for a long time already, this guide is adjusted to help you improve.

This build is well adjusted for both mid and top, but I prefer playing mid lane because I have access to small jungle camps and I am near the dragon, where I can contribute a lot.

If you find this guide useful please like my facebook page and be updated on the latest changes for this and other champions that I cover.

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1st step: Farm
2nd step: last hit all
3rd step: Farm
4th step: Farm
5th step: Carry the game.(you are big now, just right click dem)

Seriously, farm is the most important on this champion. Its a safe way to get the items and carry the game. People say Tryndamere is a noob champion and that it is very easy, but it is not. Maybe he is a strong champion, but only playing it properly will get you victory.

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Pros & Cons


Highest physical damage in the game
Super strong late game
One of the best split pushers
High mobility
Very good sustain
OP ultimate
Easily clears jungle camps on low levels
Capable of doing fast dragon/baron
Great at 1v1

Relatively weak early game
Item dependent
Weak pre level 6
Can be kited
Not so good in team fights, especially vs heavy cc
Once behind, hard to get back
Can be countered in lane with poke/cc

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Who am I?

I've been playing League of Legends for over 2 years and the first champion I bought was Tryndamere. It was my favorite champion then, and it still is. I really wanted to be a insanely strong badass melee warrior, and then I found Tryndamere. I was amazed. His ultimate is superb , he has great mobility and highest damage. The more I played him , the more comfortable I got with him, and soon I started carrying games, which we all enjoy doing. Since then I've always played him competitively in ranked even when he wasn't good. This champion will always be the best to me.

I got to challenger tier using Tryndamere, so I've decided to share with others what I've learned. Some of it might be wrong, but I really believe that my tier shows that what I have to say is worthy.

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A Sample of a Challenger Game

As a proof of who I am, I posted a short video of highlights from a high elo game where I played Tryndamere. Most of the people in that game are in challenger or 90+ Diamond 1. Tryndamere is my main champion and I have over 70% win rate with him, in over 300 games. You can check me on LOLKING: .

Here is the video. Enjoy it!

Another video of pre season 4 challenger elo game.

Here is a new video of Season 5 (patch 5.11) Tryndamere full game.

There will be more.

I also want to show you my stats with Tryndamere, so you can see that I know what I'm doing. I've played Tryndamere for over 2 years. He was my first champion, and I've played all possible items/builds on him. Overall, I truly believe that currently this is by far the best build.

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Runes and Masteries

You need defense runes and masteries because u are melee with full damage build. You need to be resistant to poke and burst as much as you can, so you can stay in lane longer and not burn your ultimate instantly. Attack speed is important mostly for early game, that's why only use 6 AS runes, which don't mean much later when you have tons of attack speed with items. You need it to easily push while last hitting every minion, and for early trades. Attack damage runes are the ones that will allow you to push fast, farm easy, clear jungle and of course kill enemies a lot easier. Life steal quintessence is a vital rune that allows you to stay in lane for a very long time, along side with Doran's Blade. Masteries are quite simple, as much damage, attack speed and critical strike boost as possible, plus some additional defense.

If you are facing 2 or more champions with magic AOE damage, make sure to take Evasive mastery. You will notice that you will take significantly less damage from champions like Gragas, Ziggs and Karma.

4.5 Patch Update (Rune Changes)

4.5 Patch brought us big changes, mostly with runes. Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Quintessence of Life Steal have been nerfed, while many others buffed. These nerfs have great impact on Tryndamere. I took some time to experiment and test out these runes with new values, and I came to a conclusion. Greater Quintessence of Life Steal runes are out. Instead I will be using 3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed that got a really good buff this patch. They give 4.5% attack speed each, which is huge. Additionally, Greater Seal of Armor can be replaced with Greater Seal of Scaling Health, which got buffed too.

Basically, the lack of life steal will be compensated with additional attack speed and damage. While you might experience some difficulties with sustain in very early game, you will feel more powerful once you buy Vampiric Scepter.

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Why Defensive Masteries?

Many people wonder why would Tryndamere go for 21 in defense mastery tree, when he is a damager champion. Well, the answer is quite simple. The amount of stats that you are getting from defense masteries is more than you get from offense.

Masteries like Warlord and Havoc are great, but if you play on a higher level, you will lack defense so much, that these masteries won't matter because you won't be able make them useful, if enemy team bursts you down too fast , or cc you to death. That's why these defensive masteries are essential against most of the team setups. Against CC and kite, Swiftness and Legendary Guardian help you overcome that. For burst you have additional Armor and Magic resistance. Also, in lane you have much better sustain with Perseverance and Second Wind .

There are times when offensive masteries are much better to have, of course, but you have to be able to estimate when that is. When you play ranked match you can see enemy team composition and then make your masteries according to their setup.

(UPDATE) Defense masteries - 4.5 and previous patches.

When I wrote how Defense masteries can be really good, Perseverance was an overpowered mastery, and that's why these masteries were in many occasions better than offense. However, now that Perseverance have been nerfed numerous times with last few patches, I had to add few things about this mastery build.

First, the defense tree is still good, but not nearly as it was. Current meta is allowing Tryndamere to go full offense and still be really useful.
Second, rune changes with 4.5 patch are allowing Tryndamere to be stronger using offense masteries, making him a much bigger threat once he gets core items.
Third, deciding which masteries you are going to use still greatly depends on your and enemy team composition.

In summary to whole rune/masteries guide, I recommend you to test it and take those that fit your playstyle the best. These runes and masteries that I use are one of the best builds and they fit my playstyle, but that doesn't mean there aren't other builds that work as well, or even better.

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Deciding which runes/masteries.

Basically, the moment when you are deciding which masteries and runes to use is when you see full composition of your and enemy team. Then you can estimate if u need armor or scaling health runes.

For example, if you are in top lane against Renekton, Trundle or Olaf, who are lane bullies, you want to choose those runes to help u go through that hard laning phase. Therefore, you should use Greater Seal of Armor, since those are champions that deal physical damage.

But choosing runes and masteries is also highly dependent on your playstyle. If you want to play risky aggressive, where you can have high reward if u succeed, you go with offense. But if u want to just play passively and farm, you can go defense masteries which will help u with sustain and avoiding death.

In 4.5 patch I have used offense masteries a lot, mostly because I had no problem handling the lane with it. These offense masteries allowed me to get more objectives, kills and push easier in mid game. Most of the enemies got caught off guard. That's what usually happens if you have good early game with offense masteries with Tryndamere.

However, I think that defense masteries are better for late game, because you can build all offensive items and still chase/escape easily, be sustainable and survive while splitpushing or teamfighting. The additional tenacity is often very important for late game, and that defense mastery cannot be replaced by any item, while offense masteries can, by buying more damage.

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Starting Items

Doran's Blade is without doubt the best starting item, because it gives you damage, life steal and health. That's all you could want with this runes/masteries build. If you play carefully, so you don't get poked too much or do bad trades, you should be able to stay in lane for quite a long time. This item allows you to farm up a bit, so when you recall for the first time, you will get significantly stronger. Taking another Doran's Blade is a good choice if you don't have enough gold for Vampiric Scepter or Berserker's Greaves.

Alternative start

You should almost always start Doran's Blade, but if you really feel that you won't be able to stay in lane versus a poker or strong ad melee champion, then you should take Doran's Shield + Health Potion. This will give you significantly greater sustain versus heavy long-ranged pokers.

Core Items

Berserker's Greaves is pretty obvious item. You need attack and movement speed asap.
Bilgewater Cutlass is one of the strongest items for ad champions in the game. Its relatively cheap and it has amazing stats. Additionally it gives you this incredible active ability that is particularly good for melee champions, because you can be kited much harder when they are slowed 2 seconds for 25% of their movement speed.
Statikk Shiv gives great stats for not too much gold too. Additionally it gives very good passive. Another good thing about this item is that it is built from Zeal, which you should take as soon as possible because of the extra movement speed. Don't take Avarice Blade alone, not worth it. Better take anything else, like Long Sword and Dagger.

Mid Game

It's true that Blade of the Ruined King is an expensive item, but it's a must. Take it right after Statikk Shiv if possible. It's active is really powerful. It takes health from enemies and helps you chase down or escape them. Even after so much nerf, it's still good. If you have between 1500 and 2000 gold it's always good to take B. F. Sword. Taking it early gives you opportunity to get Infinity Edge, which is incredibly important for team and 1v1 fights. If you don't have enough gold to get B. F. Sword it's always ok to get Pickaxe which you can after build either into Infinity Edge, Last Whisper (rush LW if they stack armor) or Zephyr. During mid game I tend to take The Brutalizer if I have slightly less gold than 1500. It's a solid item for Tryndamere, but don't rush into building The Black Cleaver, it costs a lot for what it gives you, and Last Whisper is much more effective. Instead of The Brutalizer always consider taking Hexdrinker if they have a lot of magic damage. Same goes for Warden's Mail, but you would usually already get a cloth armor earlier, since you are facing physical damage, so it ends up being cheap to build. Don't rush Randuin's Omen, get the damage first.

Split push

Whenever you have around 500 gold you can take Dagger. It is part of many items of the build. If you have more , around 1000, as said before, taking Pickaxe is nice. Both of these are parts of Zephyr. So overall, I find Zephyr quite easy to obtain. Pay attention on how much attack and movement speed it gives. 10% movement speed is amazing. It's perfect item for split pushing. You can move fast, push fast, and easily escape especially with extra tenacity that it gives you.

Other items

Guardian Angel currently isn't the best item since it got nerfed.(it's kinda expensive). Take it only for team fights when your team needs someone to engage, so you can sacrifice and do as much damage as you can.
Phantom Dancer is a good split pushing item as well, you can take it instead of Zephyr, but never ever replace Statikk Shiv with it. I rarely take it, only if I lack critical strike chance, when I'm missing Infinity Edge.
I only build Youmuu's Ghostblade if I already have The Brutalizer and some defensive items, which means that I don't need additional health from The Black Cleaver. However, I believe that Youmuu's Ghostblade is overall better than The Black Cleaver on Tryndamere. You can sometimes take The Bloodthirster if you think that it can help you sustain longer in team fights. For example, if they mostly have bruisers or they don't have much burst and only one ignite. Against AOE cc or if they aim to cc you and to prevent you from doing much, Quicksilver Sash is a perfect item for that. Later build it in Mercurial Scimitar, but as a last item, since it is insanely expensive. This item is perfect vs AP kiters with cc, such as Syndra, Teemo or Lissandra, since it gives you nice amount of magic resistance.

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All I can tell you is how I play Tryndamere, but you should practice and find a way to dominate with him in your own way. I like to play passively early and to get nice farm pre 6. I try to evaluate if I can fight my enemy. On high elo you shouldn't try to trade often, only if you are certain that you can beat your opponent. When you get core items, you are very strong then, but still don't be greedy. Continue farming and pushing. Try to do dragon and steal jungle on every occasion. Maximize your own gold, and help your team get advantage by getting turrets down. It is very important to clearly decide whether you are going to split push hard and try to get turrets, or join your team as soon as the team fight starts. Once you know what you are doing, you will get the most for your team. The strategy is mostly about getting strong items as soon as possible, and helping your team gain advantage.

Early game strategy for MID LANE

Tryndamere is a champion that can easily snowball if he gets good start, which is why I will only talk a little bit about early game strategy. Basically, you want to push the first minion wave very fast while last hitting all. Taking Spinning Slash will allow you to do it with ease. Most of the mid lane champions will have hard time last hitting minions under turret, especially when they are level 1, and have only one spell. This way you will start getting advantage very early. You can push the second wave with Spinning Slash too , but after that always be careful. Jungler will always come mid if the lane is pushed, so you have to save Spinning Slash to escape. You get level 2 as soon as you kill the first minion of second wave. Then you can start healing with Bloodlust every time it comes off cooldown, if you lost health pushing. Try not to overextend pre level 6, if you don't have wards. After 6 is pretty safe to push if enemy mid and jungler don't have much cc. Mid is the short lane, so your ultimate means even more, since you can get behind turret very quickly, while your ultimate is active. During the laning phase, always try to slow your enemy with Mocking Shout, when your jungler ganks. Also don't rush to use Spinning Slash. Most of the times it is better to save it either for closing the kill, or escaping if enemy jungler counterganks.

Early game strategy for TOP LANE

Top lane requires different, more passive playstyle, mostly because different champions are played in top. Facing bruisers and other duelists can be very tricky. Lane is longer, so if you push, it's harder to avoid death when ganked, even if you have ward. This is why I tend to play completely passive and just try to last hit every minion vs tanky opponents which are hard to kill. Against champions like Darius, Irelia and Renekton that can harass you a lot, you shouldn't risk to go in deep to last hit. Even if you miss some creeps it is fine, because Tryndamere naturally is weaker than those champions in early game, but later dominates. Most of top champions will build heavy armor against you, so either try to avoid fighting them and maximize your creep score instead of going for the kill. Once you get Blade of the Ruined King (which is very good against tanks because it steals percentage of enemy health) and Last Whisper, in many occasions you can safely fight them and kill them without too much effort.

People often underestimate Tryndamere, which gives you advantage. When you recall and spend all your gold on items, that is the best time to strike. Enemies will be surprised and caught off guard, especially if you have two or three crits in a row.

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Preseason 5

Tryndamere is having harder time to split push and win top lane now. It isn't a big difference, but it's still worth mentioning. Here is why :

1. Second turrets give shield, which makes it much harder for you to split push and dive someone 1v1.

2. Inhibitor turrets are insanely strong now. It is really hard to dive someone under inhibitor turret. Inhibitor turret :
- Reduces target's damage dealt by 15% (Was removed later in the season)
- Slows target's movement speed by 10% (Was removed later in the season, still much harder to dive than before, because they do a lot of damage if you tank it for 5 seconds straight)
- Ignores 82.5% of the target's armor
It does more stuff, but these things really have a big effect on your dive. It does a lot of damage, slows you and reduces your damage.

3. Top lane matchups are now harder for Tryndamere than they used to be. Tryndamere could handle pretty much anything except Quinn in top lane, but now you have many champions that are strong and hard to play against. These champions are being played really often and they counter Tryndamere in a way.

- Lissandra - Really strong push and poke. Super hard to catch. Has slows, snares and stuns.
- Gnar - Strong push and poke.
- Mega Gnar - Strong push, damage and cc. Very very tanky.
- Lulu - Annoying
- Leblanc - op

And even against tanky top laners, you cant kill them and get ahead. Irelia, Maokai, Malphite and Dr Mundo are usually really hard to kill. And if you just go even with them, that wont secure your win, because they usually have more impact in teamfights than you do. You also can't split push against them, because they can wave clear easily and catch you if you overextend. (not even to talk about diving them -.-)

Beside all that, Tryndamere is still quite strong and can carry games easily. A little mistake by opponent, and you get big and snowball the game. Late game is still super strong on Tryndamere, but the ways to get there are harder.

(New Build) - I usually take Zephyr or Youmuu's Ghostblade in mid game as 3rd item now, because it makes it easier to move around the map, create pressure and secure objectives. More roam instead of trying to dive someone with Infinity Edge.

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A lot of changes came with 5.22 patch. New masteries, a lot of different items and other changes made Tryndamere stronger.

Major points why Tryndamere is stronger now :
- Turrets now have more health but have no armor. Overall, they drop faster, making Tryndamere's split pushing much more effective.
- You gain more gold overall, especially early game, so you can get core items faster.
- New Masteries aren't making Tryndamere that much stronger, at least not offensively. However, on defensive/sustain side, it is much better. Vampirism , Warlord's Bloodlust and Runic Armor make his sustain in lane and healing in general very powerful. Now, just with Doran's Blade you have 5% lifesteal together with Vampirism making you really sustainable in laning and early game. Picking up another Doran's Blade gives you enough lifesteal even for later stages of the game.
- Running Flash and Teleport with Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Distortion and Insight , pushes their cooldown down to a little over 3 minutes.
- Guinsoo's Rageblade is overpowered right now. In my opinion this is a core item for Tryndamere, since it just gives too much great stats. Works well because you can get stacks really fast and have time to use it and destroy your enemies under the effect of ultimate.

I prefer using Teleport over other summoner spells(ignite, ghost, exhaust) right now, because you really just want to get through early game safely and not fight 1v1 in lane. Most early game matchups are hard for Tryndamere at the moment, so there is no reason to go for ignite or exhaust. You can also scale up pretty quickly just by farming. As soon as you get your core items, it gets really easy. Simply using Teleport to get back to lane in early game to maximize your farm, and later for better split pushing makes it the best summoner spell next to Flash. The only exception when I would use Ignite is when enemy laner has a lot of self healing, like Vladimir or Mundo. Exhaust can be useful if enemy team has a lot of assassins and you lane against one (Riven, Rengar, Zed, Fizz,...).

Patch 6.10 Update

Guinsoo's Rageblade was nerfed and doesn't work so well for Tryndamere anymore, mostly because it got a lot more expensive. Blade of the Ruined King was already very good on Tryndamere, so now it is replacing Guinsoo's as a core item. Guinsoo's still isn't bad, it's good for split push, and overall good late game item, but it's very expensive so I wouldn't build it early.

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There haven't been many changes that affected Tryndamere in season 7. The meta has been changing as always, with new champions being more or less popular in top lane. There are still some hard matchups for Tryndamere, but most of them are manageable.

Main difference to the build from previous season for Tryndamere is in core build (getting first 2 items). Blade of the Ruined King isn't so good anymore, because it just doesn't give good enough stats to make you as strong in the early game as you want. Since currently the game develops faster, and gold is gained faster, you can rush Infinity Edge right after getting boots and Phantom Dancer. So Phantom Dancer is still the strongest zeal item, and first item of core build, after which you go for Infinity Edge. I still prefer taking Berserker's Greaves because it gives me the additional attack speed I badly need when I complete the core build.

Lethality is a decent stat for Tryndamere too and can be used in certain situations, but still isn't a priority stat.

Beside Lethality, most of the items remained the same, so did the build for late game Tryndamere. It has changed a little, mostly because of the different champions being played now, such as Malzahar and Warwick. Getting a Quicksilver Sash more often is a good idea.

Playstlye still depends on team compositions, but in general, it is the same as before. Play safe and farm up early, if you aren't certain you can push your advantage. When you have core items, run around map, take farm, steal jungle camps and secure objectives.

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Popular Matchups

Difficulty: 7/10
Many people think that Jax is a complete counter for Tryndamere, but it is only true on some levels. Whenever I face this champion, I feel like it is a skilled matchup. If I play good , I can farm and handle him. However, if he is really good, I know I will never be able to fight him 1v1, unless my jungler camps my lane. But still, I can probably play safe, let him push, and try to farm as much as I can. He sure has an advantage, but that doesn't mean he crushes Tryndamere.

I usually play this matchup passive and defensive. I go offensive only if enemy jungler is really weak for early ganks, my jungler wants to camp top, or I know that enemy player isn't so skilled Jax player.

Playing safe against Jax is pretty easy, just let him push, stay behind and go to creeps when you have to last hit. Heal and farm at turret. Later when you have core items, you will probably be more efficient than Jax, even though you wont be able to fight him 1v1.

Difficulty: 6/10

Renekton is a known lane bully. Considered by a lot of people that his early game is one of the strongest, which is entirely true. Tryndamere too, can have a lot of difficulties handling this croc.

First of all, it is really hard for Tryndamere to win trades against Renekton, especially if Renekton knows what he's doing. However, what makes him strong is that he is constantly pushing easily, while damaging his enemy. That makes a big problem. That's why whenever I play against croc, I just try to out push him. If I succeed at pushing, I will probably win lane, because I can trade him with my creeps backing me up. I just start with E and use it over all creeps the moment they come to lane, and keep hitting them to rise my fury. This makes it easy to duel Renekton and works most of the times.

However, there are crazy ones that will just push you even harder, but then you can farm at you turret. So if you push , you can trade with him, and if he pushes you can free farm at turret. Pretty solid tactic.

Once you get life steal, he will have hard time pressuring you. If you are not ahead of him, you won't be able to kill him alone, but late game is entirely yours.

Difficulty: 6/10

Irelia too is a very popular top laner now. Her aggression and snowball potential are great. Irelia's laning phase is really strong, especially after level 3 where she has all 3 of her abilities. So, fighting her in the early game is pretty hard. You will probably get out traded, especially if she lands a stun with E and then gets a lot of damage on you with her W activation. The way I play this matchup is depending on the situation.

I can either pressure her from level 1, and try to get some advantage early on, or just play passive like you can against most of the matchups.

So, playing aggressively early isn't too hard. Just take Spinning Slash and push the wave as soon as it comes. She won't be able to do much since she only has one spell, and you will be able to punish her if she tries anything. You can get some damage on her if she overextends, because it will be pushing towards her and creeps will be backing you up if she fights back. Try to make it difficult for her to last hit at turret. Just simply mess with her as much as you can, but never forget that last hitting is main priority. If you feel like you can't last hit most of the creeps and bully her at the same time, then do not try this strategy. This strategy is working if you are confident that you can execute it well, or if enemy jungler has a really weak gank so you don't have to worry about getting ganked while pushing.

The other one is standard. Playing passively and last hitting until you get botrk. With botrk you can probably take her down, depending on who is ahead and what she builds.

But its a fun and skill matchup for sure. It can be hard if she is really good and manages to bully you a lot in the early game. The best advice I can give you is to practice a lot against irelia, because if you get good against her, know her cooldowns well, also know when she has mana to fight and many other things, you will mostly like be able to win this matchup easily , simply by outplaying her.

Difficulty: 4/10

Laning against Shyvana is pretty easy, but wining the lane is hard. This is kind of balanced and skilled lane, where rarely kills occur while fighting 1v1. If you don't have jungler's support to try to push and beat Shyvana in early game, and possibly get her turret, you will have to settle for boring farming game. You probably won't experience difficulty farming because she cannot pressure you a lot. The way I play against shyvana is to try to have really good farm (10 min - 100+ cs, 20 min - 200+ cs). Just focus on last hitting every creep and using every opportunity to go for jungle camps.

The only advice against shyvana I can give is to build magic resist vs her, since she has a lot of magic damage. So, take Hexdrinker early, especially if they have more magic damage champions.

Shyvana is pretty strong mid/late game and can have a big impact on the game, that's why she is being picked so often in competitive games. That's why you have to maximize your impact on the game.

Difficulty: 4/10

Trundle became very popular lately due to his sustain and strong dueling abilities, which is required from a good top lane champion. Facing a tanky champion for Tryndamere is not hard. You like playing against someone who can't bully you, so you can free farm, then be strong later and carry the game. That's kind of the case with trundle. As long as you are careful and farm good, you will get out of this matchup as a winner. So, don't push and don't fight him, simple as that.

Lets get over some of the main reasons why you should not fight Trundle.

First and most important, Trundles Q ability Chomp is ridiculously strong in 1v1 duels. Therefore, winning a 1v1 combat without outplaying him hard will be very difficult especially early game.

Second is his tankiness. He is just a generally tanky troll which is very hard to kill considering his abilities. Additionally, he will build tons of armor against Tryndamere for sure.

Third is his sustain. Look at his passive King's Tribute. That's some strong sustain, isn't it? Combined with life steal from doran's blade and other sustain related masteries and runes, we can agree that he can stay in lane for a long time without being pushed out, even if jungler comes.

Last thing is that he probably uses teleport, which is actually a good thing because he probably will not be able to kill you without ignite. This is why you should consider running teleport (to catch up with him) or heal for additional survival, when facing Trundle.

Overall, Tryndamere is stronger late game than Trundle, so if you do well early in this matchup, you will most likely contribute way more to your team than he will to his. And since he can't bully u too much, doing good early shouldn't be a problem.

There will be more matchup overviews soon!

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Ranged counterpick champions: Quinn, Kennen, Teemo, Gnar (there are many more that can be potentially countering Tryndamere, but these 4 are considered strongest ones).

All of those are pretty hard counters for Tryndamere. There really isn't any strategy that would help you beat them in lane if they play well. The only thing you can do, as I already said in guide, is to play completely passive in lane against those lane bullies. You just simply let them push, take experience and give up some cs for the sake of surviving in lane. Take teleport to make it easier for you to get farm and still have great sustain. Start with Doran's Shield to minimize the poke.

The thing about these matchups is that you outscale them a lot, and if you manage to have a decent laning phase, you will be a carry for your team, while they won't be so useful. So, the main focus would be to survive and get exp and farm. You should also ask for jungle ganks, since those champions are quite easily gankable. In case they gank and you get ahead, you should probably try to snowball and kill them again. If you see that you can't, which is a high possibility, then just make sure to use that advantage to get a lot of farm and start carrying as early as possible.

In case you fall behind, and you actually can't even stand in lane, the best option is to leave the lane, do some jungle farming and roam until your turret falls. You can go for some ganks or objectives (buff, dragon, turret)[teleport ganks as well could be very good if you see an opportunity on bot lane]. Once your turret goes down, try to freeze the lane near your tier 2 turret, so you can free farm there, and if enemy top laner comes near, he is very easy to gank.

You should always rush Botrk, but you can also get some small defensive items to help you in the early game. After botrk, it is usually the best to go for Hexdrinker against magic damage and Ninja Tabi against physical damage (great against Quinn). After that you should go for Phantom Dancer or Statikk Shiv , and then you can go for one more defensive item - Randuin's Omen or Quicksilver Sash.

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