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Fizz Build Guide by Morzanoth

Jungle How to play Fizz Jungle.

Jungle How to play Fizz Jungle.

Updated on April 17, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth Build Guide By Morzanoth 250 23 753,831 Views 20 Comments
250 23 753,831 Views 20 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Morzanoth Fizz Build Guide By Morzanoth Updated on April 17, 2020
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Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Nimbus Cloak
Absolute Focus

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

How to play Fizz Jungle.

By Morzanoth
Hey there Summoner! Are you looking to ruin lives and tilt enemies like never before? Then look no further as Fizz Jungle is the answer you've been searching for. This guide will aid you in getting to grips with this trickster and hopefully help you in understanding Fizz. So please sit tight, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle as we start your journey to master Fizz Jungle.
A little about myself
So I'm sure you're probably wondering who the random stranger giving you advice is and what gives merit to what I'm saying. Well to be quite frank, I'm just a gold level player who really enjoys playing Fizz in the jungle. I've been playing this game since the end of season 4 and I've been a jungle main since the beginning of season 5. Fizz is one of my most played champs and a champion I've taken a considerable amount of time learning. If you do have any questions you'd like to ask me personally please do add "Morzanoth" on EUW and I'll be happy to help you as best as I can.
Before we start
Before we start this journey I need you to familiarize yourself with some of these terms that I will be frequently using throughout the guide. If you are unsure of anything please do leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

AP - Ability Power
AD - Attack Damage
MR - Magic Resist
AS - Attack Speed
CDR - Cool Down Reduction
CD - Cool Down
Gank - Term used when you try to pressure a lane
Counter Gank - This is when you see a lane getting ganked and you attempt to assist with the aim of turning it around.
Match Gank - When you see the enemy jungler in a lane and you know you can't take the fight, you aim to either trade even or protect your laner from dying
Summoner Spells
So the most common summoner spell in the game. Helps you chase down those slippery targets and can help you escape too.

If you're going to jungle then you need this. Like the one condition to jungling. Allows you to purchase jungle items which you need and can be upgraded in some neat ways.
So Fizz has a pretty interesting set of abilities. They allow you to dash in and out of fights with ease.

Nimble Fighter Fizz's passive doesn't really do that much in the jungle, just a little damage reduction. It does keep you a little healthier against large camps like raptors.

Urchin Strike This is your primary gap closing ability. When cast you will travel a fixed distance no matter how close you are to your target. It does apply on-hit effects which is pretty useful with lichbane but it enemies can flash or dash to avoid the damage.

Seastone Trident The passive bleed on this ability is nothing too grand early on to be honest. The bleed no longer proc's counts as spell damage so you need to use the active to proc your jungle item's passive. You need a few levels and some ability power before it is worth leveling. The active side to it is very useful as the auto attack reset is nice and the CD reset on kill helps clearing the jungle a bit faster. Please note that this is probably your most consistent form of damage as even if you don't kill the target you gain bonus damage for a couple seconds

Playful / Trickster The single ability in Fizz's kit that will tilt enemies beyond reason. The ability to avoid all incoming damage for a short amount of time means that fizz can tower dive pretty easily and reset turret aggression easily. This is also you're highest damaging ability so you need to use it wisely early on. I will explain a bit later on.

Chum the Waters Primary engage tool for Fizz. Is best used when starting a gank or trying to chase targets/stop them retreating. A zoning fish is the deadliest after all.
Before I get into the runes let me first start by saying there are a number of things you can run on Fizz. This page setup is based on my preference when playing him in the jungle.

Electrocute It's basically a lot of burst damage and you can proc it really with your full combo

Sudden Impact Fizz makes use of dashes with his Q and his E so he can gain some penetration which helps deal some extra damage

Eyeball Collection Eyeball collection offers a nice bit of AP as the game progresses and can sometimes help when you need to assassinate crucial targets. Being a jungler you're more likely to get kills and can stack this up pretty quick.

Ingenious Hunter I get the Item CDR for Fizz because the later the game goes the more valuable certain cooldowns become. Being able to use your Zhonya's a little faster that the enemy can make a big difference.

Nimbus Cloak Probably on of the strongest runes as jungler at the moment. It allows you to utilize your smite as a burst of movement speed to keep you in range of a target or to run away in a flash.

Absolute Focus Since you'll be starting a lot of fights from the fog of war and with high HP it beneficial for you to take absolute focus. This is the only optional rune in the build but is my preference from the sorcery tree.;

Bonus Stats

First row - Attack speed: As an ability based champ, you rely a lot on your abilities to clear camps. With your high cooldowns early this can be difficult so you rely mostly on auto attacks. Taking attack speed will help you clear a little faster, making your first clear healthier and allow you to scale into the mid-game effectively.

Second row - Adaptive Force: I would recommend the adaptive force. More ability power early allows you to clear fast which is always helpful.

Third row - Armor: I recommend taking the 5 armor over the health it will reduce the damage you take in the jungle and help your early game as you learn to jungle with Fizz.

Transcendence I don't normally recommend going this because you full build should reach 40% CDR with very little effort. This is also a slightly wasted rune if you are not stacking big CDR items to max full use of it. At most in a game you use the 10% early on to make up for the CDR you are missing. You also gain very little AP from the passive part of this because you only over cap your CDR by 10% more often than not.

Fizz itemizes towards CDR and often gets the max 40% cdr. Taking this into consideration, he gains very little from ultimate hunter since it wouldn't impact his ult cooldown too much. Furthermore he has great base damage and has little mana issues once you have hunter's potion so there aren't many other options in the sorcery tree that are worth while.
So more often than not you would want to stick to the recommended build, it gives the most damage and a nice chunk of CDR to go with it. The defensive build gives you max CDR and a bit more survivability in fights. I've tested both but I do tend to favor the damage build.

Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes I prefer taking Red smite because it gives you a better chance in 1v1's and the true damage burn can force flashes and secure kills. The passive helps to clear the jungle and it also gives a good amount of AP. Always get this item first.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity Relatively cheap and gives you 10% CDR on summoner spells as well as abilities. Allows you to cast your abilities and summoner spells more often which really can make a difference as the game progresses. I tend to get this as a second item because increased movement speed means you can pressure the map a bit more.

Lich Bane This is probably the most useful item on Fizz in the game. It gives all the stats that you want and the passive just adds to your already high burst damage. The more AP you build the better this item gets.

Zhonya's Hourglass I prefer getting zhonya's over a Morellonomicon because the active stasis it gives will be about the same time as the cooldown on your Playful / Trickster Also adds to your AP and gives you more CDR and armor.

Rabadon's Deathcap This is simple really. Buy AP...get more AP for free... Kill everything with all the AP you now have.(Seriously buy it and see for yourself)

Void Staff This is generally an item you can get as a 4th or 5th item against teams with some sort of front line. I say this because at that point the enemy will group and killing that front line can get pretty difficult. If you are up against a team that has very little MR then do not buy this.

Sorcerer's Shoes Only buy this if you are building the defensive build. Since the defensive build lacks the magic pen, you will need this to help kill those squishy targets a bit faster.

Banshee's Veil AP, CDR and neat little passive. Also gives you a nice amount of MR if the enemy have a very burst mage on their side. The passive effect enables you to play a little more dangerously. The spell shield means you can look to go for an aggressive play while still being relatively safe with the added spell shield.

Hextech Rocketbelt This is a really good item on Fizz. It gives the AP and health it gives are very useful especially against very burst heavy enemies. The active ability provides a neat little gap closer and can deal a lot of damage if you hit enough of the projectiles.

Spellbinder This is a little bit of an odd choice. I wouldn't normally recommend this because you don't really cast spells that often. It can help you close the gap though and the extra AP adds to your burst combo. Experiment with it as maybe a 3rd or 4th item but until you are comfortable playing Fizz jungle then stick to a more standard build.

Hextech Gunblade I've included gunblade in this build as an alternative to Lich Bane. The active ability does a lot of damage and the slow is really useful when chasing targets down. The sustain it gives can also help you survive some fights because of the 15% healing from all damage sources.

Nashor's Tooth If you are going to itemize more towards the attack speed route with Fizz then I recommend picking up this as your second item. It gives you a lot of CD and AP early on in the game as well as a lot of attack speed which works well with your W if you proc the bonus on-hit damage.

Guinsoo's Rageblade This is more a fun item you can get. It gives you a lot of sustained damage and when you have your W on-hit damage active you can actually shred most targets. This is a very situational buy since you get the most benefit from it the earlier you get it. It delays a lot of your core items so it's not the best option.

Dark Seal You can buy this on your first back rotation if you have enough money to spare. The passive increase in healing will help a bit and getting a kill or assist easrly will increase your damage earlier. The latest you can buy this is around level 6 or 7 when you have access to your ult. If you already have a few kills rather buy the other items in this guide. I can't stress this enough, DO NOT BUY THIS IF YOU ARE GOING EVEN... it is not efficient and will delay your power spike considerably if you upgrade it.

Mejai's Soulstealer If you buy a Dark Seal on your first back and manage to get 10 stacks on it then maybe build into this. Only get this if you are ahead and can risk the investment. The damage it can give is nice but since Fizz is an assassin he generally risks dying a lot so it may not be worth your time.
Fizz for beginners
The first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with your weapon of mass destruction. Fizz has a very unique set of abilities that allows him to dash in and out of fights. You can think of him as a poke champion since you want to deal as much damage and hopefully take none in return.

The first thing you want to get down is using his abilities at the right times. The most basic combo you have is Q to a target, pressing your W as you dash to apply the bonus damage and then E to either escape or follow up. Alternatively you can lead with E, but you don't want to reactivate the ability. The slow on Fizz's E will allow you to stick onto a target for longer and also mean you can keep auto attacking the enemies with your W active. Now be careful here. Only do this when you want to all-in an enemy since you are left with no escape other than your flash. More often than not you want to save your E or your Q to escape to a nearby minion or over a jungle wall.

Once you have access to your Ult, your combo simply starts off with R and follows the same pattern. I mention a few different ways to use your ult a little later on (I know, you gotta keep reading to find it :P). Additionally, once you have access to your Smite upgrade you can smite a target as you engage on them. It will mark them for 4 seconds and just adds additional damage over time. I have gotten a few kills thanks to smiting an enemy since the passive burn is over a few seconds (like a junglers version of ignite in a way, makes those fade away kills hurt even more too XD).

A small note on skill order. You need to consider what you want to do before you go in. If you think you can all in someone you should lead with your E since it would be your highest damaging ability. If you are looking to push someone out of lane or apply some pressure then lead with your Q. Look at the Advanced tips section further down for a bit more on this.
The Fizz basics to tilting your enemies (Jungle First Clear)
Jungle fizz has a specific jungle route and he struggles to clear certain camps before getting your full jungle item. You need to understand your power spikes while jungling and once you do, you will have a better early game.

So my current path on Fizz depends on the side of the map you are on. If you are on BLUE side, start at your red buff and get a leash from your laners. You can then take your blue and gromp. From there you can look to get scuttle, gank top or mid, or continue you jungle route with wolves, down to raptors and potentially krugs. If you are worried about the enemy jungler contesting top scuttle take your wolves and then run down to the bot scuttle. If it's up, take it and and see if it's possible to gank, if not, continue your clear.

If you are starting on RED side, start bot side and take your Blue buff, make sure you get a strong leash from your bot lane. You will then take your gromp and your wolves for level 3. You can then go for red and then raptors. You do not want to take krug camp in your first clear on RED side. It is more beneficial for you to base and get your components and path down to your bot side camps which should be respawning. You can also check if the scuttle is up, because the enemy jungle has most likely taken the top side one.

Now, assuming you are level 3, what you want to do when clearing a camp would be to auto attack a monster (preferably a small one) and then use your E. Using your E will negate the damage you would have taken when you started the camp since you can't be targeted. You can then drop down for the slow and then you want to Q another monster. This allows you to kite the camp a bit better while you work down the monsters. You generally only want to cast your W when the monsters are low enough to execute so you can reset the cooldown on the ability. If you are clearing a buff then activate your W as often as possible so you can clear them faster. You ALWAYS want to kill the smaller monsters first, this will reduce the overall damage because you are reducing the number of enemies hitting you faster. For Buff camps I recommend kiting the camp and using E to negate an auto attack where possible.

You need to keep in mind that early on, Fizz is a reactive jungler. This means that you would only act if you see an opportunity, you don't want to force a play. A reactive jungler would only pressure a lane if your opponent has already taken substantial damage and is staying in lane regardless. Alternatively, if you see the enemy jungler in a lane near you, start walking towards that lane. Your aim is either to turn the fight around or to discourage a further engagement(If possible you might end up getting a kill or two). If the enemy jungle is on the other side of the map, maybe try counter-jungling or just keep farming. Remember your main goal is to get to level 6, which is when things get interesting :D.
When things get interesting
Now why I say things get interesting at level 6 is because your ult on Fizz has a few uses people may not realize. Basically the further away you are from a someone the better the chance of you landing it due to the increase in size as it travels. This also increases the damage it can deal which makes this a really scary ability to face. There are 2 types of ult's that I can classify being the Zoning and Killing ult. The Zoning Ult is basically throwing your ult in a direction or to an area you don't want your target to move to, forcing them to fight or blow their escapes. The Killing ult is used when you know your target has no escapes and you can throw your ult directly to them. In both cases the further away you are the better because your ult will get bigger and possibly latch on regardless of how you aimed it. You ult has a relatively long range so it can also be used to slow down targets who are already running away or even placed in a choke point to stop anyone from following you. The more you play Fizz the more confident you'll be when choosing how to throw out your ult so just experiment and see what works for you.
The madness goes just gets better
Now you have your ult and your enemies are falling like flies when you go after them... but now what? What do you do once you realize you're probably the strongest person on the map at the moment. Well, a mistake I have made and still do make is playing too passively. You don't want to throw away a lead I get it, but if you do nothing with a lead you are effectively useless.

Fizz can get a lead very easily, so you need to start using and abusing it. Around level 9 you should have at least completed your jungle item, Ionian boots and most of your lich bane(something to aim for). You have enough damage to pressure any lane with ease, so get to work. Start fighting, diving towers where possible and push those objectives. Now you want to be careful when doing this. Fizz excels in small fights early on, so 2 to 3 champions at most. You want to try and kill one enemy laner and then push down towers. If you win a major fight then look for Rift Herald or Dragon. You might fall a bit behind in levels but you should get your laners to a point where they are able to fight the enemy without you there.
So it went to late game
So you guys messed around and didn't actually get anything done with the nice lead you build up. Your team is probably starting to rage and take major risks... basically you feel you guys are throwing the game. I'm sure you're reading this and thinking this won't happen, but trust me it will. The ability to basically erase a champion to the game can and will get distracting (It's fun to do after all). Now your enemy have caught up and are winning team fights and are pushing your base and your feeling like there is no hope...blah blah blah. Can seem a bit overwhelming and all that but you need to seriously start thinking about a few things.

Firstly start evaluating the enemy in terms of dangers to you specifically. Fizz has a very weak team fight due to his high single target damage. Identify the biggest danger to you, be it a tank that locks you up constantly or a carry that can basically one shot you. You can do a few things once you realize what to look out for. Basically you need to look for a pick. Now when going for a pick you need to be able to follow up with some sort of pressure on the map, you need to use the advantage you just gained. If you know your team struggle with taking towers, look to Baron, or maybe try pushing down towers in multiple lanes. Fizz's role in all this is either as a split-pusher or to initiate the pick. Fizz really struggles with late game team fights if he cannot get onto a squishy target. I have found his splitpush really effective with lich bane so maybe try doing that a bit.
Advanced Tricks and Tips when using your Fizz
This is it. The part you have been waiting for if you haven't skipped right to this paragraph. This is just a little section to let you know some of the tips and trick I use when playing Fizz in the jungle. You can develop your own style and tricks so don't focus too much time mastering these... I'm only gold after all.

So the first ability I want to discuss is your E ability, probably the most versatile ability in your kit. Your E can be used to jump over some jungle walls, My most used are the walls near Baron/Dragon pit, the wall behind krugs and the wall near the raptor camp. There are many more but with blasting plants you wont need to worry too much about them (Just experiment and have fun).

The second trick is to use your E to avoid damage. Fizz gains brief invulnerability when you are still on your trident, which can be used to actually cancel some abilities or negate tower shots and auto attacks. The best example I can think of is a Twisted Fate Gold Card on his Pick A Card Ability. If timed right you can dodge the stun completely and avoid the damage. The most important thing to remember when doing this is your next move. Yes you can avoid damage but you are also left in a pretty tight spot. You have a very short range on your reactivation of your E, so a well coordinated enemy team can then set up and pick you off. The best thing to do in that situation is to actually to not use the second active on your E, but to rather let yourself fall on the spot. The slow as a result of this can save you or teammates in multiple situations.

The last thing you can do with your E is simple. As you are falling off your trident you can use Flash and change your final landing spot. The best illustration of these tricks is by Westdoor against Faker in Worlds which resulted in Westdoor getting the kill ---> Click here to watch .He uses his E to avoid a turret shot and then flashes before he lands to get the slow on Faker.

A note when using your Q. Since you dash a fix distance when cast you can use it to pass through some jungle walls much like yasuo. Placing a ward over a wall and Q'ing to get over can help you escape or cut off an enemies escape route. Additionally, since the dash distance is fixed, you can safely use the ability right next to an enemy to gain a bit of distance when leaving a fight. What I mean by this is when you are standing right next to an enemy you can use your Q to put distance between you instead of closing a gap. This is generally used when you all-in an enemy, you would R the enemy, E to close a bit of distance, W for the bonus damage and then Q to escape if you were in turret range or to block your opponents retreat. This is highly dependent on your landing spot after you E since it would determine the direction you will Q towards.

Latest thing I've found on Fizz is that you can actually clear the raptor camp very early. Since you start with Hunter's Talisman you gain passive healing from any monsters you have attacked over a couple seconds. Raptor camp has 6 monsters in total, so you can gain a lot of hp back if you start the camp with your E since the AOE is large enough to hit all the monsters in the camp. You can then work down all the small raptors, making sure to auto attack different ones as you kite back since you want to take advantage of the passive "Spellvamp" for as long as possible. This will take some time getting used to but you shouldn't lost too much HP but it will take some time.

These are just some useful tips and tricks that I use when I play Fizz jungle. Just keep these in mind when playing since these are slightly more advanced mechanical skills which are needed to play Fizz successfully.

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