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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Nautilus Build Guide by tela82

Other How to play Nautilus and not fail in the attempt.

Other How to play Nautilus and not fail in the attempt.

Updated on July 3, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author tela82 Build Guide By tela82 34 9 301,328 Views 16 Comments
34 9 301,328 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author tela82 Nautilus Build Guide By tela82 Updated on July 3, 2014
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  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
  • LoL Champion: Nautilus
    AP Jungle


Hi people! I'm back! I have this guide of Nautilus without update since S3 and I have the impression that it was time to take a look to it :)

Personally I think that the system of the game changed a lot from one season to the other and that play jungler is not anymore the same as before. I believe that in the early game junglers that play with offensive masteries and aggressive champions have more chances to have a good game, than those who play tanky / defensive champions.

I would say that tanky junglers depends more in the damage of their team in the begining of the game. From the start they lack in damage and tankiness, making them squishy like any other champion and without do too much damage, assuming no major threat.

Meanwhile offensive junglers, I see that they can decide a game from the begining if they destroy the enemy from the start. I'm playing more champions like VI with trinity, lee, Jarvan, Wukong all always with offensive masteries and runes.

But also on the other side if the balance of the game is not already completly on the side of the enemy, in mid/ late game, tanky junglers can change the course of the game against a team of squishy dps, if they are able to do well their job, neutralizing the enemy and giving time to their team to destroy them.

In short words aggresive junglers + offensive masteries > tanky junglers + defense masteries in my opinion.

Back to the topic at hand, I still maintain that Nautilus is a champion who should be played focused on his utility : CC, snare, damage mitigation, etc.

Play Nautilus AP is not an error, is possible to have successful games, but taking a look at his AP ratio I'm not sure... I still think it's better to bet on what is safe... Tank the damn game.

Ok I will leave it here for today, I've actualized part of the introduction and the build, but from here to down I didn't change nothing.. everything is old and I hope I'll work on it in the course of time.
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The 3 Builds!

As you can see we 3 builds, Jungle Utility, Support, and Jungle Unstoppable. Let's talk about them and their differences.

Jungle Utility

This build for me is an evolution of the Build <Jungle Unstoppable>. When I started to play Nautilus it was with this build, in these times I was feeling me very strong from the minute 1 to the last, (actually is still the strongest build), but little by little I started to exchange some items, for anothers not so tanky but with actives.
Sometimes a TF is an explosion, where to be too much tanky is not as necessary as give to your team extra speed, life steal, Auras that reinforce their armor and magic resist while at the same time CC to your enemy, slow them, etc.
So with this build we sacrifice a big amount of tankines, we can not expose ourselves too much, we have to play more carefully, but in TF with the actives, CC and etc., you will destroy the enemy team.


The Support Build is oriented to be very tanky in the begining, you need armor to counter the enemy adc. Normally adc will start with full dmg runes without not too much arpen, the way to counter dmd without arpen is with armor. Nautilus has great mechanics to support, he has his passive that stuns on the first auto attack every 12 seconds, he has the rest of his skills, to stun, slow and mitigate damage.

Jungle Unstoppable

Well here we are, if you don't feel confortable with the build <Jungle Utility> then this is your build. With this build you are simple as unstoppable and imposible to kill. You will feel damn strong from the minute 1 to the end of the game. You can just step in the midle of TF and intimidate the enemy, absorbing damage, protecting your team that no one goes trough you, stuning, slowing, etc, etc.
With this build primarily you will mitigate a lot of damage, making lose time the enemy, but be carefull, you need to positioned very well between your team and the enemy, you need to be in first line, you need to keep an eye on your adc like if you are his bodyguard.
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Pros / Cons

Jungle Nautilus


+ Fast jungle cleaning and strong vs counter jungling!
+ Tons of damage mitigation!
+ Efficient gank mechanics!
+ Large HP pool, armor and magic resist!
+ Fast moving and persecution of enemies!
+ Titan's Wrath persistent damage!
+ CC Machine!

- Not good 1v1...
- Depends too much on the time of reaction and skill of the rest of the team.
- Nautilus can not win a game alone, without a team halfway competent.
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Support Nautilus


+ Very strong in the first phase of the game!
+ A lot of cc and mechanics to help to get a kill!
+ More than a good tankiness!
+ Great support functionality, with an end game, as Tank/ Off Tank!
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- The effectiveness will depend of the dps and reaction of your teammates.
- Lack of gold may be a problem sometimes.
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Jungle Runes

  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: These runes gives to you and advanced tactical advantage in every sense, to gank, move more fast in all the jungle, to help or just to run.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Speed: VERY IMPORTANT! Use these runes or not, will make the difference between whether you want to clear the jungle fast and and not be easily counter invaded and killed, or not.
    I suggest strongly not use AP runes, because the cleaning speed of the jungle will be greatly diminished as well as your HP levels.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: It offers some defence, good for sustainability in early jungle and later on.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: It's always nice to have that extra bit of magic resist when playing Tanky.

Support Runes
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Jungle Utility Masteries

Support Masteries

Jungle Unstoppable Masteries

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Now is the turn of the items. The guide is just a guide and not always the same items adapt to all the kind of situations, but I will try to cover the most important points.

Ninja Tabi Item of preference for everything, if not Mobility Boots depending the situation, due that Mercury's Treads -> Tenacious does not stack with Spirit of the Ancient Golem, so makes no sense buy both.

Mobility Boots Excellent for the jungle, I would say that buy these boots or the Ninja Tabi are a personal more choice and also depending the circunstances. Sometimes is more necesary damage mitigation and sometimes more gank speed.

Philosopher's Stone Nice to have health and mana regen while jungle and also additional gold, that will help a lot to build items early.

Locket of the Iron Solari is a good item, not bad at all, but also not so OP like the old Aegis of the Legion. It is cheap and cost efficient.

Shurelya's Battlesong This item will help to initiate tfs or to help your team to run. Keep an eye always to your items, because sometimes you can activate them, to surprise your enemies that are not counting with it.

Runic Bulwark UPS!! removed from the game :(

Randuin's Omen This item sinergy with us very well, because give to us 500hp, armor and a passive and active very useful.

Frozen Heart This item should be builded, only if in the opposite team are at least 2 or 3 AD champions.

Spirit of the Ancient Golem the reason is obviously, this items give to us 500HP to start be tanky and help us to clean the jungle more fast.

Zeke's Herald This item is very underestimate but it will enhance your adc or anyother AD in the team. Makes the difference in tfs believe me.

Ruby Sightstone Item for when we play support.

Enchantment: Captain Great item to make your team move fast when you initiate any tf and don't lose any time, or to help them to run and escape from enemies runing in your direction.
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Summoner Spells

The jungle spells are:
  • Flash Normally good to escape from counter jungling situations.
  • Smite the reason is obviously.

The support spells are:
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Here we are finally! Let's talk about jungling :)

Now, in the season 3, the jungle has changed. What has changed?
  • Junglers with aoe damage have been prejudiced.
  • Monsters now attack the closest enemy.
  • Their life has been incremented.
  • The difficulty of the jungle has been increased.

Is this bad for Nautilus? no is not. Nautilus is not anymore qualified to jungle? NO!

Not all the junglers are the same, every jungler is different, some are more fast and they can counter better, others are more fighters or assassins and others can be more tanky full of cc.

Nautilus is the last kind of jungler, you can not expect be a killer or fight 1v1. You are a cc machine and your mission is Gank and neutralize the enemy for your team, to kill them all, thats it.

With Nautilus you will see, that from lvl 3 is gank constantly MID, BOT, TOP, MID, BOT, etc. If you can NOT do this, its because, even with a Guide, you still need to play and practice more, get experience and courage.

Remember Nautilus passive stuns the target for 0,5/0,75/1 seconds and do extra damage 1 every 12 seconds! So that means that at lvl 3/ 4 you should have your passive, Dredge Line, Riptide and Titan's Wrath, so YOU CAN NOT FAIL! OR AT LEAST THEY WILL HAVE TO USE FLASH! Don't forget to start to PING! PING! PING! every time you are coming to gank!

Things to consider: Nautilus is the perfect babysitter, after FAIL in a gank you just need to wait 12 seconds to try it again :)
Normally people think that after a fail a gank, the jungler continues his route, going to somewhere else and he will not come back for a while. ERROR!

Next I present the jungle route, the red lines to gank and the green to steal minions of enemy jungle.
Remember! with the new S3 jungle, junglers can now progress better than before, so if you can not gank too much, at least try to steal some monsters to the enemy, save smite to do it quick.

Here I suggest this route but, I would say, go to do the Red after kill the blue with smitless.
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Now let's talk about the support role, many think that Nautilus can not support and that supports can only be just Taric, Leona, Soraka, etc. In my opinion, Nautilus is unfairly undervalued and he can be also an excellent support.

Nautilus as support is very strong in the beginning. He sinergy very well with aggressives adc. If you learn to master him, the gank potential may be extreme!

Here goes some tips!
  • Put a ward in the point number "1" but wait to lvl 2 to do it. After lvl 3 you should always have ward points "1" and "2". Should not be a problem with Sightstone.
  • Nautilus can mitigate a lot of damage because of Titan's Wrath, Dredge Line and Staggering Blow. Also the armor and hp runes will help you on this.
  • Coordination is everything, if your adc is bad, for more you pray to God, nothing is gonna happen... is not gonna occur a miracle... GG and cry to riot.

As Support your job (your adc partner) is:

1. Letting him farm.
2. Buying wards, preventing enemy gank.
3. Offer your teammate improved sustain.
4. Save your teammate in dangerous situations.
5. Help your teammate to get some kills.

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Team Work

Nautilus is excellent to gank, to catch enemies about to escape and to protect the team in team fights. At late game you are the tank, your mission is to be in the first line, initiate team fights, protect your team and immobilize targets with priority.

  • Always use your Depth Charge in the more far away enemy, you should try to find the objetive whose way is to go through all enemies, EVEN if it is not the primary target.
  • Use your Dredge Line to pull targets with priority or to help if the enemy is harassing your carry too much.
  • Use your skills wisely. Think on the times and CC. Don't spam all your skills at the same time. Don't waste your ultimate if your team is not close enough... etc.
  • Remember to activate Randuin's Omen, Shurelya's Battlesong and etc on TF.
  • Remember that when you gank, your first hit will stun!
  • Use your ultimate just in one enemy if there is no more option for kill it...
  • Don't initiate never a gank with your ultimate!
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Ganking combinations and skill sequence

Ganking procedure and skills order

First I always try to use Staggering Blow and try not to initiate with Dredge Line. Why?, the reason is simple, because I like to wait for the enemy to waste flash and then use Dredge Line.

But anyways, normally the combo is: Dredge Line, Staggering Blow, wait 1 sec, Riptide

Initiate with Depth Charge is a mistake, because if the enemy has flash, he will escape and you will waste your ultimate for nothing... the enemy can also prevent and escape with just running in the moment he see Depth Charge coming...
Team Fights

Dredge Line in team fights is very difficult to initiate with it, you should be patient and do not use it to get their tank!!! >.>
It should be use to catch squishy enemies and not the tanky if you see that your team will not be able to kill it fast and that it will destroy the game...
If there is no chance to catch no one, try to initiate by just getting close and use Dredge Line to separate some enemy of harassing someone of your team, specially if it is your adc.

How to initiate then? getting close, taunting the enemy and with Staggering Blow, (IGNORE TO HIT THEIR TANK). Should I initiate with Depth Charge NO! Wait for the moment when they all attack, are close enough and BAM!!! STUN THEM ALL!!

Titan's Wrath when the team fight explodes you should not activate it immediately, the first wave of damage try to take it without the shield and do it immediately after. Why? is better to save your shield to apply your dot to all the enemies, otherwise you will use your shield at the beginning of the tf, it will be destroyed... and you will remain full of HP but without do any damage.

Riptide use this skill when you position yourself in the middle of the battle.

Depth Charge This skill is do it wisely, don't throw it to the first target you see. This skill will go through all its path launching all enemy on the air till reach its destiny. Stunning 2 seconds.
Use it on the champion that is more far away across all the enemies, usually is their adc ;)
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Support Gameplay

Normal Draft Pick Gameplays Nautilus support... Im not really an expert playing support, my main role is jungle... but I think to show the potencial of Nautilus support, these videos teach a general idea.

My name is Teladoy. Change the resolution to see them better. In the future I will provide how jungle it is... I have no time sorry.. :)
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I hope you like my guide, it is not the most complete, but many guides have too much information and too much blabla, but in the end just the 20% of what they say is usefull in the practice.

Important: read the new guides, not just this one. Not all the guides, but many, are in first position, because they are old and have like 1 million votes.. :P

My suggestion is, before voting first give a try and then after, come here and say: "this guide is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" or maybe to "WOOOW this guide really works O.o".
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