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Vayne Build Guide by TROLLing1999

AD Carry Hunting the Evil *REVAMPED*

AD Carry Hunting the Evil *REVAMPED*

Updated on October 25, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999 Build Guide By TROLLing1999 6 4 11,937 Views 28 Comments
6 4 11,937 Views 28 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999 Vayne Build Guide By TROLLing1999 Updated on October 25, 2013
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


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Quick Guide

Table of contentsinvisible textinvisible text
Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire presenting Vayne! In this guide i'll all the basics about playing Vayne effectively including advanced tipr 'n tricks ,always trying to keep the guide as short as possible , so that i don't waste your time.

Anyway, Vayne is a ranged dps carry, a hypercarry sepcifically, which means that she relies on auto-attacks to hurt her enemies. Due to her skillset and her short for an ADC range Vayne]'s performance early game is relatively poor and it's worth the value playing passively and focusing on farming during the laning phase. However, Vayne odds out because of her huge late game potential since she belongs to the top tier of champions in terms of damage put during late game. This in addition to her attribute to slip from the enemie's allows her to ''carry'' games on her own. Where shall be given great attention though, is teamfighting where her short range and her squishiness make kiting and positioning a ''must'' increasing immediately the difficulty level.

In lane , Vayne can synergize not anly with babysiters( Sona and Janna) who will provide her with sustain and allow her to farm but also with tanky(not necessarily) agrresive supports which will deny the enemies' farm thanks to their poke/CC and absorb a large amount of damage( Leona, Alistar, Lulu). When it comes to late game guys like Maokai, Malphite and Galio who have the ability to keep the enemy teams busy are an awsome synergy with Vayne , since she will be able to deal damage withiut being afraid of assasins like Akali or Xin Zhao or a bruiser like Nasus. Finally, carries that can destroy Vayne's laning phaase are the ones with high early game damage output like Draven or with long-range harass abilities like Urgot or Caitlyn.

So, although if i recommned reading the whole guide, if you wanna learn just the very basics stick at the cheatsheet and the chapter you're interested in. FEEDBACK IS DESIRED!
spacespace 1.Building
Runes; Masteries; Summoner Spells

Main Items; Alternatives; Comparisons; Non-viable items

Ability Explanation; Skill Sequence

Early Game; Mid Game; Late Game

Summary; Special Thanks

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invisible textinvisible text
Ok, that's the typical offense tree, focusing on physical attack. Not much to say.. The defense tree guarantees you some sustain thanks to Durability , while Veteran's Scars and Hardiness make you slightly less squishy. Summoner's Resolve is great when going with Barrier or Cleanse(further explanation later)).
invisible text
invisible texrinvisible texr
Main Runes
The Greater Mark of Attack Damage is a typical rune for every AD champion. It increases your damage, which means easier last-hitting, while Tumble and Condemn that scale with AD, deal more damage as well.
In bot lane, where the most damage is physical, you need armor to survive. This rune provides you with a nice amount of it.
Ok, in bot lane you generally won't be hurt by much magic damage, but after level 3/4 many junglers tend to gank bot/top for kills, while in the late game you always have to face up with AP champs. That's why I prefer scaling MR than flat MR.
More AD is more than desired. The reasons are the same with the marks.
You can replace the damage quints with these.They provide you with early sustain and synergize well with Doran's Blade
invisible text
invisible text
They provide you with less MR but they 're great if you have to force ''mage'' supports like Zyra
invisible text
Summoner Spells
invisible text
Flash is a must on Vayne because she lacks a true escape mechanism. This exposes her immediately to assasins with gap-closers. Additionally, Flash can be used to chase or to reposition yourself for a better Condemn.
invisible text

Introduced in S3 , Barrier is a great spell for every adc.It can absorb tons of damage,surprise the enemy and it's not countered by healing reduction effects. It can be used defensively or to join a fight stronger.
invisible text

Great vs high CC team/lanes. Note that you can always get a Quicksilver Sash
invisible text

invisible text
Starting Items and Laning Phase
Doran's Blade shall be your standard start since it provides you with everything you want:AD,HP, and some on-hit sustain. It accompanies well with lifesteal Quints and healing supports.
If you're against a skillshot lane Boots and 4x Health Potions is a viavble start due to the mobility(=helps you dodge skillshots) and the sustain it gives you.
Do you want to build avery quick Vampiric Scepter? Do you prefer potions over on-hit sustain? Then Long Sword and 2x Health Potions is the right start for you.
Berserker's Greaves will guarantee you some more mobility around the map, while the bonus AS will allow you to proc Silver Bolts faster making you more effective at trades. If it's neccessary a 2nd Doran's Blade will cover your damage sustain and tankiness you need during the laning phase. Great sustain and some desired damage! Later you'll build this into Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster.
Mid Game
Blade of the Ruined King gives you everything you need: nice Lifesteal , great AS and some AD. It also has an awsome passive that deals damage %H and the active which can help you chase/escape/ fight. Fantastic AS boost thanks to it Silver Bolts will stack even faster(that's why you take it 2nd and not 3rd). The crit , the MS and the unit collision are also very nice. It synergizes well with Infinity Edge Thanks to the awsome Infinity Edge+ Phantom Dancer combination now you have tons of AD, 55% crit chance and a passive that will hurt your target even more. With that much crit you also take full advantage of Frenzy(offense tree masteries)
Blade of the Ruined King vs. The Bloodthirster

Phantom dancer vs Statikk Shiv

Finishing your Build
invisible text
To deal more damage to squishy and mainly to tanky targets. If you need this earlier delay your Infinity Edge. It's time for one of your defensive items(more in the spoiler below), which if you actually need to can build earlier. If you need 2 def items you have to sacrifise your IE. Now that you finished your main build it's time to upgrade your boots into tier 3 ones. Enchantment: Furor, Enchantment: Homeguard and Enchantment: Alacrity are your possible choices(more in the spoiler below).
Defensive Items and Enchants

invisible textinvisible text
Non viable items

Ability Explanation
It's not the best passive in the game, of course but it's really useful especially when chasing,thanks to the MS bonus it provides whenever an enemy champion is within your natural sight range and you ''look'' at him.
Great for last hitting, repositioning yourself, dodging skillshots and dealing damage(of course).After having activated Final Hour, Tumbleing is followed by invisibility. It does not pass through walls.
This ability(it's a passive one) makes Vayne special, famous etc. It deals true damage (and HP% damage),which can't be blocked by armor. So we're speaking of an extremely high damage output that allows Vayne to pick up squishy targets in zero time and tanky ones within few seconds.
It doesn't deal as much damage as your q and your w but it's still an amazing ability. A knockback or a stun when pushing your enemies against walls. This can help you to secure kills and escape from your enemies. It might be tricky to use correctly in the beginning though.
In paper, your ulti may not look as impressive as other adc ultimates but I can promise you that if activated at the right situation/time it can be the key factor for a fight. It's great for chasing thanks to bonus on Night Hunter and for confusing your enemies due to the invisibility when Tumbleing.Finally, the extra AD is just painful..for your enemies of course.
Skill Sequence
That's the typical skill sequence for Vayne. Tumble has good damage and very low cooldowns. So it's logical to max it first so that you can proc it after having made 2 normal hits with Silver Bolts. Then max Silver Bolts so that you can counter the tankiness that the most of your enemies will have already started building. Condemn last because it has very high cooldown and it is only used to secure kills/escape- you need an early point,though. Against tanky adc champs like Graves or Urgot focus on maximizing Silver Bolts to ignore that tankiness due to the true damage. In lanes where you clearly have the upper hand you might also want to grab more points in Condemn.
Early-Mid Game

Said it in the beginning Vayne is not an early-game champ, but a late game one. So he rmain priority in lane shall be FARMING LIKE HELL. So that she has enough gold and xp to carry the game. But the point is:''How shall i farm''. The answer is LAST HITTING, which means to wait till the creep needs one shot to die. This way you won't push your lane-something that could expose you to ganks.Another major thing is being able to avoid being harassed. Skillshots can be dodged by Tumbleing at the right time or be staying behind your minions. Generally, you should be at a safe distance but at the same time you must be capeable to last hit/join a mini-fight. When it comes to lane trades wait for your support to dive in first, absorb some damage and at the same time deal a bit as well.Then position yourself correctly and try to stun enemies with Condemn. However it's better to avoid many early game trades except if you find your opponents constantly out of position. Finally, don't forget to have a look at the map and try to save Flash for escaping from sticky situations.


Late game
By now you will be able to kill (almost) anybody ,so you can push lanes or roam around the map looking for kills(if you're really fed).YOU SHOULD ALWAYS BE IN THE TEAMFIGHTS, though. You're not the typical teamfight adc with high AoE damage like MF but your ability to reposition yourself quickly with tumble and at the same time to deal damage might turn a fight.

Positioning for adcs

I 'll finish with these words.
Vayne can be really dominant in the right hands and become the x-factor in every game.I hope that after reading this guide the right hands will be your hands as well.
Special Thanks
  • to MissMaw for making the first sig of the guide and the advertising sig of the guide.
  • to jhoijhoi for the first line divider of the guide.
League of Legends Build Guide Author TROLLing1999
TROLLing1999 Vayne Guide
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