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Shyvana Build Guide by Coorowko

Jungle Hybrid Bruiser Shyvana

Jungle Hybrid Bruiser Shyvana

Updated on January 25, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko Build Guide By Coorowko 12,772 Views 0 Comments
12,772 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko Shyvana Build Guide By Coorowko Updated on January 25, 2022
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Runes: Sunderer

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Chilling Smite

Chilling Smite

LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

Hybrid Bruiser Shyvana

By Coorowko
A Basic Overview
Hi there,

In my previous guide on Shyvana I came up with a very off meta on-hit build that didn't have very much justification or explanation, rightfully so because the build was very very not good, however I feel this particular build might have some merit although it still remains an off-meta path in my opinion.

I have explained a lot of my reasoning in the note sections of this guide, but for those who have trouble with the user interface or prefer everything in a proper form I will copy paste the information from the to here. I haven't really used Mobafire in a while so everything is very bare bones in its aesthetic flair, apologies for what will be a long dry read with very few visual queues. I may update this guide in the future if I'm still having fun with it after the next patch, otherwise it will remain how it is.

Without further ado, here is my guide on Hybrid Bruiser Shyvana:

(Early Items)
Now that Divine Sunderer is no longer going to have Phage as an early item the only real damage item you should get early on is Sheen, however if you can afford Tier 2 boots they're a good way to boost your early game defense and movement.

Dark Seal is pretty optional, but if you're ahead and want to start ganking it's a good pickup, and if you manage to sustain through to the mid/late game the Mejais boost to AP and Movement speed is extremely good.

(Damage Bruiser Core)
Divine Sunderer is the perfect item for this Hybrid build, it provides both Physical and Magic damage into the midgame, gives Shyvana really good sustain in fights in terms of both damage and survivability, and gives a nice boost to health and ability haste.

Nashor's Tooth provides Shyvana with a massive AP and Attack Speed boost, and grants on-hit damage that scales with both AP and AD. Nashor's is a perfect second item in this build and is the only other must have item for the Divine Sunderer Hybrid build.

(Tank Bruiser Core)
This version of the build focuses on building Health scaling items that provide bonus AD and AP based on bonus health, naturally it will end up doing less damage overall but will make Shyvana a very tanky dragon, turning her more into a Juggernaut or straight tank.

Frostfire Gauntlet provides bonus health and gives Shyvana a small boost to her tankiness right off the bat, it also provides her with a slow that can help prevent enemies from escaping. It's really the only other Mythic aside from Sunderer that enables Shyvana as a Hybrid Champion, although there may be an argument for Chemtank and Sunfire based on their utility, I'll have to test them out but right now Frostfire is my tank item of choice.

Demonic Embrace is a must have for Juggernaut Shyv, bonus AP based on Health and Tank shredding are excellent abilities and cannot be ignored.

Titanic is the AD version of Demonic Embrace, it gives a nice 2% bonus AD based on bonus health and gives Shyvana a potent on-hit effect that helps clear jungle camps fast and deals a good spread of damage in close quarters team fights.

realisitically you could effectively build these items alongside Divine Sunderer (as I note in the below Options sections) for a tankier Hybrid Damage build if you think you can get away with it.

I would only recommend taking these items if you're really struggling to survive in fights and there is an overwhelming representation of a certain kind of damage on the other team.

Because Shyvana naturally builds a fair amount of Lifesteal and Omnivamp with this Hybrid Build, Spirit Visage is a really solid option especially if you're moving towards a tankier Shyvana Bruiser with the Frostfire Mythic Option.

Death's Dance is soon to be changed, making it function against Magic Damage in addition to the initial Physical Damage, however its extra healing will now scales off of bonus AD and rely on a timed takedown to negate damage making its sustain a little worse for a Hybrid build. That said it may be better as an option against enemy teams with a good mix of Magic and Physical Damage, for the time being it remains a solid anti-AD tool for Bruiser Shyv.

Force of Nature gives a big MR boost and provides bonuses to both health and movement, it's quite good against teams with a lot of AP and CC as it gains bonus stacks when Shyv becomes immobilised and at maximum stacks grants a big bonus to movement speed and reduces Magic Damage by a huge 25%.

Dead Man's Plate is a great tool for chasing down enemies and gives a nice bonus to armour, health, and movement.

If the enemy team is especially tanky or you're leaning more to one side of damage in your build, consider getting at least one of these items based on the situation.

Uniquely Abyssal Mask provides resistance and anti-resistance, if you're not struggling with damage, if the enemy team has harcore magic damage, and you're build Demonic Embrace, I would absolutely recommend this item.

On the AD side I would really recommend Black Cleaver, as its base stats are really good for a Bruiser build and its effects provide both Armour Penetration and mobility.

Serylda's is a fair option as it provides a slow cc utility and a good chunk of bonus Armour Penetration, however its lack of defensive stats makes it a risky buy over something like Rylai's.

Void Staff and Shadowflame are not items I would recommend, but they remain solid options for Magic Penetration, out of the two I think Shadowflame's raw stats make it a preferable item.

(Magic Damage Options)
A lot of these items are situational, but there are a few recommendations I would make;

Demonic Embrace is a must have if you're building a lot of health, it grants big bonus AP and the Max Health damage over time is really good at cracking tanks.

Cosmic Drive is really good for duelling and gives you a boost to mobility and AP in team fights, it is also an exceptional stat stick thanks to its four base bonuses.

Rylai's for slippery targets and utility, you won't often use this but if your team is struggling to lock down enemies this can really help.

Lich Bane if you choose to go for Mythic options other than Sunderer, I'm not sure if this is any good yet with the other Mythic options but it is there just in case.

Finally Morellos is probably the most consistent Anti-heal option for Shyvana if it's necessary.

(Physical Damage Options)
Once again these items are very situational, my recommendations are;

BoRK is solid in an AD leaning Bruiser Hybrid and is excellent for duelling due to its mobility boost and lifesteal sustain.

Ravenous Hydra is a good safe AD item with the benefit of Omnivamp applying to every form of damage Shyvana deals and gives a nice boost to camp clearing speed and AoE team fight damage.

Titanic Hydra similarly gives a clear boost and also gives a massive health boost and bonus AoE physical damage scaling on health.

Steraks will be changed very soon and will be a less effective item on Shyvana thanks to her average base AD growth but for the time being it grants exceptional survivability and sustain.

Finally Chempunk is an okay if suboptimal anti-heal option.

If you're struggling with ganks and clearing I would recommend levelling Burnout over Twin Bite first after Flame Breath, as it will give Shyv a really nice boost to her movement speed and AoE damage. Burnout is also a much better tool for the Tankier or Frostfire Bruiser build, so if you chose to go for bulk over damage I would recommend Burnout being the second levelled ability.

Personally I prefer Twin Bite being levelled first with the Divine Sunderer build, as it pairs very well with Press the Attack and significantly increases the amount of Damage you can put out in a short period of time. It also makes taking Dragons much easier, which you need to be focusing as an objective with this Hybrid Bruiser build, building up Shyv's Passive is essentially to ensure your survival as the game goes on.

Shyvana rapidly stacks Press the Attack, making it an exceptional rune for this Bruiser build.

Triumph is the only minor rune in its slot that I would recommend, bonus Gold on takedowns and burst healing makes it a very rewarding bonus.

Legend: Alacrity will allow Shyvana to rapidly reduce her Q cooldown and increase her damage output, however Legend: Tenacity is essenital against enemy teams with a lot of Crowd Control.

While Coup de Grace is a good choice in Minor Runes, Last Stand is what my preferred rune in the final slot, though you lose some of the burst you get from Coup de Grace, Last Stand gives you that little bit of bonus damage and sustain in close fights making it much better in team fights and duels, especially in the early game.

I've found Sorcery for the secondary Runes to be very consistent;

Transcendace gives a fantastic boost to Ability Haste and makes securing team fight victories in the mid to late game much easier thanks to the 20% cooldown reduction on takedown.

Gathering Storm helps Shyvana Scale into the Late Game and gives her a nice boost to AP or AD depending on which way the build has gone, Shyvana will always be a very solid Late Game champion and this just helps that bit more.

The only potential alternate runes for Sorcery I would recommend are Nimbus Cloak and Waterwalking;

Waterwalking is extremely good as it gives you bit of bonus mobility and damage in the river, a nice bonus considering you'll be going for Dragons pretty often.

Nimbus Cloak makes ganking and escaping that much easier with bonus movement speed and ghosting through units, an excellent choice if you think you're gonna be ganking often.

Conquerer is really the only big difference in this build's main runes, because you'll naturally be able to survive longer Conquerer really helps with Shyvana's sustain in extended fights, it also gives her bonus damage the longer she's in the fight which is something tank Shyvana really needs.

I like the Secondary Runes for Frostire to be Resolve, as it gives her that little bit of extra tankiness;

Overgrowth is a nice pick for this build as you'll be stacking a ton of health for those juicy gear bonuses, bonus health in the early game is also pretty nice and can help you survive just that little bit longer. Alternately you can choose Unflinching in this slot, a good pick if you think the enemy Crowd Control will be oppressive.

Bone Plating is a great rune that helps you survive those early game invades and ganks, however second wind is going to heal you very well as you start building those bonus health items, this choice really just comes down to early game survivability vs. late game sustain. For the safe choice I recommend Bone Plating.

Feel free to mix and match the Secondary Rune pages depending on the situation, the Sunderer build also benefits from resolve just as the Frostfire benefits from Sorcery.

When it comes to Jungle threats your biggest hurdles are going to be champions with quick clear times and good gank potential, the champions listed above represent a general pool of champions that are really hard to play against. I haven't played enough of the build to know one way or the other which champions Shyvana properly shreds, and for the time being I'll reserve judgement until I've played enough to adequately judge.

Bruiser Shyvana synergises with allied champions that provide significant utility, can set up or secure ganks, and protect you when you're going in. Shen, Gallio, and Twisted Fate all have exceptionally useful abilities that fulfill all of the criteria above, their ultimates let them effectively roam, which is extremely hard for top and certain midlaners thanks to the teleport summoner spell changes. They're also able to secure lane priority effectively to pull the pressure off Shyvana by being able to rotate during invades or ultimate on her position. Leona is also a great champ to play with, she can very easily lock down enemies for you and can engage and peel very easily, just a straight up fantastic support to have on your team. Basically, Champions that can give Shyvana an advantage in fights or help her secure objectives and effectively jungle through pressure and utility are going to have the greatest positive impact on your gameplay.

That's all for now, I hope anyone who tries out this build has a fun time with it, if you want or have the time let me know how it went for you.

Enjoy :D
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coorowko
Coorowko Shyvana Guide
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