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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adeori

Hybrid Evelynn - Because spells aren't enough torture

Adeori Last updated on February 21, 2011
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Welcome ot my guide!
This guide is about hybrid Evelynn - Who still has great burst, but also has some nice sustained DPS with attackspeed, and a slight bit of AD (Mainly from Guinsoo's).

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As you may of noticed, I put a wide range of runes at the top of the page - It all comes don't to preference, or what you own.

Greater Mark of desolation- Mark of desolation - For your high-speed autoattacks, though not as useful as maybe Mark of Magic Penetration. But if you don't play casters/don't have insight, just use these.

- Mark of insight - For spells. Great for nuking, and hatespike DPS. The best choice for marks.

- Seal of clarity - Since Evelynn's (And mana runes) nerf, Evelynn has had mana troubles. With Seal of Scaling Mana Regeneration and Tear of the Goddess, you'll probably have no mana issues.

- Glyph of potency - For that extra ability power, Evelynn's main stat.

-Glyph of force - Same reasons as potency.

- Glyph of focus - Cooldown reduction allows quicker stealthing, making running away from enemies easier. Also, makes it so you can ult more, and nuke with ravage.

- Glyph of focus - Same reasons as focus.

- Quintessence of insight - See Mark of Magic Penetration.

- Quintessence of potency - Same reason as all AP runes.

- Quintessence of force - Same reason as all AP runes.

- Quintessence of fortitude - Evelynn is REALLY squishy early game. This will allow her to survive early game.

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Summoner Spells

- Smite - A surprising pick, I should say. However, you aren't going to play jungle Evelynn or anything.
Pre-minions, you will kill double golems, and hit level 2 pre-laning.
Also, you can use this for grabbing golem easier, ensuring your team a dragon/baron kill, and gaining extra income.
If your team has a jungler that starts at dual golems, I don't recommend this.

- Ghost - A multipurpose spell. With ultimate and [ghost], you are either an epic escaper, or an epic chaser. Only Yi and maybe a few others can outrun you.

Viable spells
Flash - Flash - Nice alternative for ghost, but it's not as good for running long distances after people. However, it does allow you to wallhop.

Teleport - Teleport - It's not the best, but still works. Can be used for the element of surprise (Disappearing from one lane and appearing in another in 4 seconds). Also, you can use this for quick escapes (By hitting stealth, then pressing B or teleport in the 1.27seconds before you stealth, you can teleport whilst stealthed).

Exhaust - Exhaust - Like the reverse version of ghost, slowing one target. It allows you to survive in 1v1 situations, or make it easier for your team to destroy a carry. However, it's not as good for chasing as ghost is, as the slow is only for a second or two.

Cleanse - Cleanse - To get out of those sticky situations, or CC in a 1v1. Greatly increases survivability.

Ignite - Ignite - To finish off those runners, especially those [Master Yi]'s. When they hit ghost and highlander, you know you can't catch up, so just throw an ignite on them. It's also good for those people you know will lure you to their team when running on low HP.

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Meki's pendant - Early game mana issues solved.

x2 - To kill the dual golems and get out alive, or if you didn't take smite, to stay in lane longer.

- Upgrade from Meki's pendant. Fixes mana issues, and also gives early mana stacking for when you build archangel's.

- The type of boots you use is optional, so I just put the basic boots in this slot. If you are mostly running around ganking, use Boots of Mobility. If you are constantly running away from combat, or chasing, use Boots of Swiftness. If they have a lot of CC, use Mercury's Treads. If you need more cooldown reduction, use Ionian Boots of Lucidity, and so on.

- Builds into lichbane later, one of your core items, and increasing your DPS, since you're always autoattacking and casting hatespike.

- High AP, I guess you could call it a core. It also boosts your AP late-game, with it's 30% AP increase.

- One of your core items. Builds from sheen, and also with so much AP, and spamming Q, it makes your autoattacks hit like a truck.

- Another one of your core items. Gives AP and AD. Also, you'll easily build up the AP and ASpeed from your autoattacks and Q spamming, quickly reaching 8 stacks.

- Builds from tear of the goddess, and gives some nice AP. You may choose to swap this with your last item, building the final item before this.


- If you get a lot of CC thrown on you, or you need magic resistance for extra survivability, take this.

- Great for chasing, dealing autoattacking DPS, and also gives armour penetration, which is useful if you didn't take greater mark of desolation.

- Adds more ability power, and also gives attack speed. A nice item if you're lacking attack speed only.