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Ezreal Build Guide by Lawlstep

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lawlstep

I Guess I Do Need A Map...

Lawlstep Last updated on May 23, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello my name is Lawlstep and this is my Ezreal guide, This is my first guide on Mobafire I am a devoted to League of Legends, and I am almost always playing League on my free time I enjoy mostly the roles of Adc and Jungle and Support if I'm in the mood or last pick of course Ezreal is a ranged adc what differs him from other adc's is that he is more spell dependant and he is very efficient at kitting.

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Pros / Cons

-Attack Speed Steroid
-Escape Skill Arcane Shift
-Effective All Game

-ALL of his attacks are skill shots
-Difficult to Learn
-No CC
-Extremely Popular So Other Team May Get Him First Before You Do

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Rising Spell Force is Ezreal's passive any abilities that hit an enemy give 10% attack speed for up to 5 stacks Trueshot Barrage will give stacks of Rising Spell Force for every enemy it passes through, it allows for quick pushing and good 1v1

Mystic Shot is his Q this is Ezreal's bread and butter it is his main poke ability he can farm, poke, harass and even kite because it does apply on hit effects making that early Phage really useful.Ezreal fire's a bolt of energy that does damage and applies on hit effects and if it hits someone it reduces all of you're cool downs by 1 second
Essence Flux is Ezreal's W it is basically that one ability that you hate to use Ezreal fires a fluctuating wave of energy that does damage to enemies and increases allies attack speed that are hit by it
Arcane Shift is Ezreal's E and is both useful as a escape and is good for repositioning try to use it in a combo to reposition yourself to land your Mystic Shot there is a video of me doing so later in the guide in the tactics section also it is so much fun to blink and see that Enchanted Crystal Arrow soar by or watch that Darius try to Apprehend you when you just blinked behind him Ezreal blinks to target location and target nearest the location receives damage
Trueshot Barrage is without a doubt one of the most amusing abilitys in the game Ezreal channels and fire a wave across the map dealing ALOT of damage but every unit it passes through reduces the damage by 8% down to a minimum of 30% damage This is one of my favorite ability's in the game you can snipe low health enemies,Clear creep waves,finish off that running enemy, you can contribute to the team fight from anywhere on the map and finally one of the most satisfying things ever baron stealing.

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Uploaded with
2/3 in Wanderer Because move speed why not gets you back to lane faster gets you away faster useful un every situation
3/3 in Meditation Mana regen yes please ain't nobody got time for mana regen items and if you poke as much as possible your gonna need that mana remember 100 mana can be the difference between a successful escape and death.
3/3 in Expanded Mind Moar Mana ? Yes please
1/1 in Runic Affinity long baron red and blue yes please

Uploaded with

4/4 Fury Attack speed what else could you ask for ?
4/4 Deadliness Extra attack damage thats the stuff!
1/1 Destruction Remember it is an objective game after all and the objective is to kill all the turrets and destroy the nexus if you and your jungle have this and you make the enemy support and adc B back you will most likely get the turret down or at least to half
1/1 Weapon Expertise Armor pen for those pesky armor stackers
3/3 Havoc 3% more damage who wouldn't want that
2/2 Lethality 5% crit chance not the best because Mystic Shot cant crit but it allows access to Frenzy
1/2 Brute Force Some more attack damage
1/1 Frenzy More attack speed when you crit ? All of my yes
3/3 Sunder Some more armor pen to shred through even more armor
1/1 Executioner Even moar damage to people -50% ? YES PLEASE! TONS OF DAMAGE!

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Early Game

Your goal early game keep that enemy off you and last hit those creeps as you get a bit more powerful maybe try to deny your enemy of some farm try to make your opponent B back and dragon and then try to push the lane so your creep wave is killed denying him Exp and Gold. Remember kills arn't everything you could be going 4/0 and have 50 cs but if your lane opponent is 1/4 with 120 Cs your lane opponent is still winning in my opinion he isn't just winning he is kicking your *** 15 minions = 1 kill and if you apply that math at 50 Cs + 4x15 =110cs for you while he is at 1x15+120=135cs that a whole 25 CS and he has also over come the problem of his deaths.

Mid Game

Keep farming trying to get kills without over extending and getting yourself killed this is the point where you gotta make decisions is that kill on Kassadin really worth it or is dragon more important the answer is dragon , global objectives are ALWAYS more important then a kill Dragon gives 190 gold to EVERYONE on your team plus 25 to the person that got the kill lets do the math 5x190+25=975 gold and it only takes 2 or 3 people to get dragon lets say those same 3 people were to gank the Kassadin so one person scores the kill 300 gold plus 2 assists so 300+150x2=600 gold so if we look at it global objectives<CS<Kills
Late Game

Group up, teams fights and Baron Nashor are priorities start buying some extra wards just incase in team fights people will always say focus they're Adc or APC this is not exactly correct you should focus the closest threat to you, Yes if a Apc or a Adc dives into your team and goes all Rambo nuke him down like its your job but if they just sit in the back just focus the closest threat you can hit most likely they're bruiser.


Arcane Shift can be used very effectively to change positioning in a team fight during the laning phase so you can land some more poke and even to dodge enemy skills always try to think in your enemy's situation if a enemy Riven is about to Broken Wings on the third hit to avoid the knock back you can predict this and Arcane Shift out. You see many pros and high ranked streamers do things like this in higher ranks like Hotshotgg is very good at predicting his enemies next move always think two steps ahead of your enemies

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Summoner Spells

Flash is essential Arcane Shift is in no way EVER a replacement for Flash you should never rely on Arcane Shift because its cool down is not short enough to be able to escape a mistake you made when trying to reposition yourself for instance you reposition yourself in front of minions with Arcane Shift to harras the enemy Ashe and out of the unwarded bush comes a Shaco good thing you still have your Flash or you would be Sh*t Out Of Luck and if your over extended you would take a Frost Shot to the knee Ezreal: I used to be an explorer like you then i took a Frost Shot to the knee...

Barrier A shield nothing much more can save you can get you that 1v1 kill or give you that 2 seconds you need to flash over a wall very good if you can shield yourself from a long range snipe Whirling Death

Ignite not my favorite can secure a kill or help in the 1v1 as far as escaping enemy's I like either let them go or secure the kill with the Trueshot Barrage and teleport to another lane to push or push your lane or assist another lane that's having a hard time

Teleport is hands down my favorite summoner spell you can assist another lane get back to lane faster so you dont miss any CS or even teleport into a team fight

Heal I feel like this summoner spell is more of a spell your support should grab but if you like having it more power to you

Exhaust is good for 1v1 but like Heal I feel it is more of a support spell

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Recomended Videos

Youtube has a ton of great resources for guides help and other things i would recommend someone aspiring to become better go watch some of Gbay99's videos and some of XChinnin Aka CouilleBleu's League Of Log Videos they are great and then of course theres always Twitch.Tv.

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Credits and Thanks

Thanks to everyone for reading my guide I hopefully you learned something and learned some good strategy's I will be trying to update the guide and add parts on like Why I chose the items stuff like that if you have any suggestions or tips or would like to critisize any of my choices please leave a comment I would like to thank Jhoijhoi's for her guide (click on the name for the link to the guide)