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Camille Build Guide by IbnBattuta

Support IbnBattuta's Camille Guide: Forever Support (Jungle Updated)

Support IbnBattuta's Camille Guide: Forever Support (Jungle Updated)

Updated on January 29, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta Build Guide By IbnBattuta 52 10 564,317 Views 24 Comments
52 10 564,317 Views 24 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta Camille Build Guide By IbnBattuta Updated on January 29, 2021
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Runes: Offensive

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Tenacity
Coup de Grace

Shield Bash
Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Champion Build Guide

IbnBattuta's Camille Guide: Forever Support (Jungle Updated)

By IbnBattuta
Hello everyone, My summoner name is IbnBattuta and believe me "Ibn" isn't spelled I-B-N like a machine's serial name but that's an actual name of a famous Moroccan Traveler and I use his name in games since most Champions/Heroes in most of the rpg games start their adventures as travelers.

I started playing LoL back around Season 3 then quit the game around level 10 (mostly because my account was "banned" 4 times for leaving games at the time), then a year after I got bored of my normal games so I gave LoL another try and made this account in Season 4 and played till I reached level 10 and quit LoL again but this time because I had a ban for a week due to a leave of mine (Low-Profile Queue didn't exist at that time). Later I downloaded LoL again because of my gaming clan "Damage Incorporated" which was playing LoL so I was thinking of recruiting EUNE players to our clan so I came back to this account and somehow I found players from my country using TeamSpeak as well so LoL became more interesting and fun so I had the motivation to reach level 30 and I achieved that goal and now participating in ranked games and S6 I was Bronze II and in S7 I'm still Bronze V so I hope that I reach Platinum but to be serious, I'm still Silver in Season 10.

So let's head to our main subject, Camille is a good champion that was released not long time ago and she is different than any other 6300IP champion in LoL since she doesn't require much brain power or complicated combos compared to them. To be a skillful Camille player, you only need to understand how she works before playing her and in less than 3 games you will see that you've mastered her and since I've mastered her completely and became a pro player with her, I want to share my knowledge with all of you.
Pros / Cons

+ Easy to learn and broken once mastered!
+ Poke enemies without fear of being damaged due to her Passive.
+ Insane mobility from Precision Protocol and Hookshot / Wall Dive.
+ Can Stun, Slow and Lock-in her enemies.
+ Can engage teamfights when she likes and also walks out of it to tell the story.
+ Taste how it feels to be part of the Survey Corps.

Camille is one of the easiest champions to play with and she is fun to play. She has an amazing passive that protects you when you poke enemy champions in the Early game causing them to flee and you farm safely. She can slow enemies by her Tactical Sweep which reduces their speed badly preventing them from escaping from you or providing you a chance to run. Mobility from her Hookshot / Wall Dive allowing her to catch enemies off guard and also escaping losing fights easily. Her Ultimate Hextech Ultimatum is better than Dark Procession of Yorick and Cataclysm of Jarvan IV allowing her to use terrains to stun enemies within her Ult and also separate your targeted champion from his allies. If you're a main top, I definitely recommend getting her ASAP.

- Squishy before level 3 and dependant on her ultimate to shine as Support.
- Easily countered by Jungle Assassins and CC Supports.
- Heavily dependent on terrains around her and her positioning.
- Bad early-game if you're playing as JG or Support which makes her more reliant on her teammates' progress.
- You'll have a hard time when playing as support since ADC players will mostly think you're filled and trolling.

Camille is heavily dependent on both her Hookshot / Wall Dive and Precision Protocol in engaging in and escaping from fights so till she reaches level 3 she can be poked easily causing her to fall back in early. She can be easily counted by famous jungle picks like Lee Sin, Jax, Master Yi and Xin Zhao who will camp in her jungle and continuously go after her so she isn't the best jungle there is but still useful in ganks. If someone plays Camille or played against her in many games, he will predict where Camille will use her Hookshot / Wall Dive or Hextech Ultimatum and will counter both of her skills. If she had fallen behind early she won't be able to obtain enough gold leaving her in more of a support role which actually isn't a bad thing since I'm main Support Camille myself.


Flash: Is the most common skill that any champion use to escape from certain situations or to catch champions but for Camille it can be used in more different ways since it can be used with her skills giving her higher range to catch enemies from a very far range and all that depends on your understanding of her skills and how they work.

Ignite: Ignite is so OP right now for Camille and I advice using it right now because somehow some enemy champions regardless of them using Heal or not, they can get HP back through their Supports or through leveling up which will rune your fight and cause you and ADC to die, so Ignite is the way to ensure these situations never happen.

Exhaust: Usually most Supports start with Exhaust and that's what we used to start with Camille in the past, but Ignite is better right now to counter ADC's healing and to ensure we get the kill that ADC couldn't get, and never ever get Teleport since it's useless in most cases.
Forget everything we might have used before in this section, and since this guide was created further back in Season 7, and was updated many times after Rune Reforged, it's time now for a new change to our usual runes to Camille in her Support role.

To be kinda honest, I prefer Precision tree but Resolve has better survival rate than just playing blunt AD and confusing your ADC and making him think that you're just here to troll his game, so Resolve is a kind of assurance for ADC that we're indeed serious about playing Camille as Support. (Just for now till we find a better choice for runes later)

Aftershock is a nice combination with Camille's passive Adaptive Defenses which gives us a shield but with Aftershock, we do add some more defense for ourselves to reduce the maximum amount of damage from enemies when poking them, which ensure more survivability on the long run and on top of that, we turn that shielding into damage when we're chasing enemies to kill them with our ADC, so it's a win-win situation.

I tried before not to take Bone Plating but it was a really bad idea, since this rune come at handy in many situations, especially when faced against ADC who are usually Auto Attack based, so it saves you bunch of times.

3rd rune is either gonna be Second Wind or Chrysalis but I do prefer more the first because it returns part of the HP I've lost despite my other runes and passive shield, to ensure more survivability over the second choice which gives us more HP in early but turns it into a weak damage later.

Unflinching is really handy since it increased your resistance when enemy champions try to CC you either to stop you from catching up with them or to chase after you to take you down and it stacks with Mercury's Treads our usual boots choice, so it's really handy with Camille abilities.

In Inspiration tree, you could use Hextech Flashtraption, Magical Footwear or Perfect Timing depending on the matchup you're against, but there is seriously no choice preferred over the other.

Lastly, we do pick Minion Dematerializer mainly to get Canon Minion early, to increase our damage to it through the course of the game and to take the gold for both us and ADC when enemy is trying to prevent us from taking that gold, so it's a safe pick to gain that gold from enough distance.
Ability Sequence Order
> > >
Obviously we max our ultimate skill Hextech Ultimatum first to reduce it's cooldown like any champion in LoL then we max Hookshot / Wall Dive because we want to reduce it's cooldown so that we can stun more for ADC and assisting him in getting kills early so that ADC can help other lanes then we max Precision Protocol bot because it's damage but because it gives you a speed buff once you hit the enemy so that you can get away from him with no damage done to you because of your passive Adaptive Defenses and lastly we max Tactical Sweep to improve its damage.
Camille as Support


Coming here to my guide means one of these things:
1. You like to play with Camille but being auto-filled and not being able to pick Top, made you miss the chance to enjoy playing her when you wanted to. so you came to Mobafire to discover if she has potential in other lanes which could make up for the auto-fill problem.
2. You love to play with Camille so much but unfortunately, you weren't able to make her reach mastery 7 so you wanted to know if there is another lane you could play her in which could make you reach mastery 7 easily.
3. Your main role is Support and you almost mastered all Support champions there is, but somehow while you were playing your secondary role, you saw someone who was playing Camille as Support that made you interested to know more about her uncommon playstyle.
Reasons could vary but there is one thing I can guarantee you; Playing her as Support won't ever disappoint you.

Are you sure that you ain't just trolling?

Mostly, When I pick Camille in Draft or Ranked, players start to think that I'm trolling because I wasn't fast to claim Top so they start accusing me of trolling and warn me that if I didn't change her, they'd report me after game so if this happens to you when you start playing her it's normal but to ensure your teammates won't troll because of you once you enter the game, explains to them how Camille can be played as Support by explaining how could her abilities help in supporting your ADC like how Hookshot / Wall Dive can stun enemies, how Tactical Sweep slow enemies and also helps ADC catching up with them and also how her Hextech Ultimatum can lock enemies in their place to delay their escape to allow the ADC to finish them off, so she has 3 skills that are helpful in most situations in-game so explain this to your ally and you'll ensure their full cooperation with you.

Skill Maxing Order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Before you start..

In the lobby, you'll either pick Ignite or Exhaust as your secondary summoner spell after Flash then you will choose her runes which I mentioned in Runes section above and if someone was wondering how Camille could be played as Support, take few seconds explaining to him why and Resolve tree will save you worthless debates sometimes, when they see that you've picked Aftershock rune.
Once the game starts, you'll buy your stating item that I've also included above and it'd be better if you made a custom set with my items included to make things easier for you to save time, and also because it'll be handy in situational fights when you need to adapt to the current matchup you're facing.
Head to bottom lane or to either Red or Blue (if your jungle required your assistance) and before minions spawn, ask your ADC about his playstyle wither he is an aggressive player who likes to take chances and poke enemies or he is a passive player who likes to farm safely till he gain advantage over enemy and carry in late game.
You'll adapt to your ADC playstyle so you won't poke enemies when he is a passive type and you also won't stay behind when he is an aggressive player since in both cases it would cause you both to lose the lane.


While playing with a passive ADC player, your early game will be about staying next to him and ensure that enemy team won't be able to take him down and save him when it's required while also keeping track of your support item passive.
But while playing with an aggressive ADC player, your early game will be about poking enemies with your ADC and run to tower when they chase after you till your ADC sees an opening, so what you gonna do is using your Hookshot / Wall Dive to chase those enemies and stun them and when they almost manage their escape, slow them with Tactical Sweep to slow them down for your ADC to catch up with them and VOILA! First Blood.
You aren't that tanky in early game so don't do crazy stunts that will end up getting you killed and your ADC as well so it'll take some time for you to master when to engage or poke with Camille and when to not do so and all combos about engaging and poking will be found in the next section.


E > AA > Q > Run
That's how you gonna poke enemies during early game so don't be afraid to use this combo as much as you want since your Auto Attack will enable your passive from Adaptive Defenses which will give you a shield to protect your back while running back to safety after stun period finish but that's not all, because when you use Precision Protocol after your Auto Attack, It'll activate it's passive which will provide you with extra movement speed which will allow you to run faster with the shield on.

E > AA > Q > AA* > Q > W
Thet's the combo you are gonna use when you and your ADC decide to go after the kill so go after enemies and stun them for your ADC to deal damage to them and you use Precision Protocol to chase after them to deal an Auto Attack then back away from them before the movement bonus speed ends while using Tactical Sweep to slow them in their escape process.

W > E > AA > Q > AA* > Q > R
That's an advanced trick which should only be used when an enemy is escaping with a very low HP and you see that your ADC is nearby and coming toward that enemy champion so what you gonna do is aiming your Tactical Sweep toward the direction you predict enemy ADC will be at after less than 2 seconds while using your Hookshot / Wall Dive in the process and once your slow reach him from far distance, you are going to use your Hextech Ultimatum to lock him in his place till your ADC catch up with you to deal the final blow to the enemy and get the kill.
(I know it sounds complicated but you can practice this using Practice Mode)

E > AA > Q > AA* > Q > R > AA* > E > AA > Q > AA* > Q > W
That's your main combo when enemy champion HP is almost half or below and you know that you don't have damage items to actually kill the enemy but you still have confidence in your tankiness, so you are gonna execute this combo to provide your ADC time to catch up with you and even in some cases, you won't require his assistance at all and will be able to finish enemy off by yourself.

Advanced Combos:

Despite that the following video is mostly used for her as Top, It's still useful to learn how reflix-able you should be while playing Camille and it could give you a better understanding about her abilities overall.
Camille as Top
I couldn't play Camille right in Top before but this link posted by Riot helped me much understand how her items work on top and a good suggestion of her runes and masteries so I included the build in Camille - Top section and if you want an explanation, check Riot's link:
Camille as Jungle

Before you play her as JG:

In season 10, Camille is no longer a viable JG and you could be lucky in a game, and get beyond the stage of farming and start assisting your allies but IRL, Camille was nerfed so hard in JG that she lost all types of bonus damage, stun, healing, and attack speed that she had against monsters before all these nerfs, still, if you like to play her as JG and confident in your abilities, feel free to do so.


Most top laners could be played as Jungle and Camille isn't different than them.
Despite being a God Tier Top Laner (at times), Camille is an average Jungle and that's because she can be countered with almost all famous jungle picks like Lee Sin, Master Yi, Rengar, Master Yi, and Jax which makes your games tough in Jungle and they will invade your JG more often but still, that doesn't mean all Jungle champions are your counter and that's why Camille is still a playable Jungle champion.
Once you are in Ranked or Draft, Just see who is gonna be their Jungle so if he is a high threat to Camille, better avoid playing her at all but if it's meh and you can counter him or you have learned how to counter that specific champion, go for it and play Camille in Jungle.

Skill Maxing Order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Jungle Route:

Red > Blue > Gromp (Frog) > Wolves > Crab > Raptors (Chickens) > Krug


In Lobby you will take Flash and Smite and once the game starts you will buy Hunter's Machete and Refillable Potion since you don't consume that much Mana anyway.
You will head for Red to get its buff for your Auto Attacks and before around 10 secs of Red's spawn ask you allies to ward Blue for you in case enemy Jungle is gonna go after it later.
Once you kill Red, Head for blue not because of it's buff since you almost never run out of Mana but because of it's XP and always aim Tactical Sweep on Jungle Monster to regain some of your HP and the more monsters targeted by it the better.
After you've killed Blue go after Gromp then head to Wolves since they are easy to beat than Raptors or Krugs and once you finish them head after krugs but if your HP is so low better recall now or regret later.
Now Raptors are left and they are hard to beat so never go with low or mid HP if you don't want both your team and enemy team hear Executed because you died to a monster.
Sometimes I avoid Raptors and go after Rift Scuttler directly (season 8) if I'm with low HP.
Now go help your allies and gank enemy team or you can do this early once you reach level 3 but never go gank before that level since it's too risky since you don't have Hookshot / Wall Dive yet.
Now you are free to do what you like and don't forget to always be helpful to your teammates and babysit weak lanes before the enemy in them becomes fed.


Camille is a meh Jungle champion despite being an amazing champion overall but the best thing is that if you were able to become ahead of your enemy team or you were able to reach late game, she becomes so OP and you will have an easy time winning and carrying that game.
Blood Moon Camille


Blood Moon is one of the most fun modes in league and not every game is the same, You might have an awesome early that swear that you are gonna win but the unexpected could happen and enemy team win and despite rewards from Blood Moon and items stats ain't the same as when it came to League but still, the fast-paced games and thrill of continuous rapid team fights are what make it unique, you can even use Blood Moon as a Training Room to learn how to play your Blood Moon Champion in team fights.

Skill Maxing Order:

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Why I chose Camille to main in Blood Moon?

It's simple, Camille's after playing Camille for more than a match, I realized that tanky style ain't my type and I'm more of an Assassin with her, giving up armor and magic resist in exchange for damage and attack speed so after I played some games with her as PURE AD champ, it turned out to be amazing, having S in almost all my games with that build and stacking many wins which helped me earn key fragments easily at old time so here is a proof of how effective she is if played right in this mode:
(It's not about your KDA but it's about meeting the objective of the game so that your team wins!)

Why I choose this build?

Our goal in Blood Moon isn't to tank but to kill more enemies as fast as we can so tanking and long fights are useless here so we are going for Attack Damage to have the power to kill our enemies, Attack Speed to kill them before they kill us and Life Steal which can surprisingly save you in many times and let you win hopeless fights.
You will mostly start with Long Sword and not Dagger as I used to before because in early you will need that damage to finish enemy and get First Blood and attack speed is less rewarding at that phase of the game.
Our core item is Blade of the Ruined King which despite it doesn't give much damage, it's Active is deadly which slow enemies so that you are able to catch them causing 100 Magic Damage and can also help you escaping from them and BORK active is more deadly since it cause enemy to lose 8% of his current HP with each hit which is a nice passive with suitable Attack Speed.
Second, You'll make Trinity Force for its passive ability and not Youmuu's Ghostblade despite out of combat speed is important at this time of the game and all that because enemies will be able to catch up with us in that time so we would have 2 choices, either we kill them first before they kill us or trying to escape and still die at the end so I prefer to try rather than escape and die.
We stopped building Duskblade of Draktharr because it lost it's passive which granted us out of combat speed which as I think was a unique passive which was pretty useless in my previous build and in current one as well since 2 unique passives can't stack.
Lastly, we start to buy Lifesteal items that have the most attack damage and we buy them in order of their importance so it's better to start with Death's Dance since it literally neglect death when 1v1 champs with equal power as you and also because Bloodthirster passive is almost useless since there are no minions to get overheal passive from and it decades anyway so we use it for its damage which is considered the highest in the game.

So how to play Blood Moon?

Blood Moon is a 5v5 game that happens in Summoner Rift where the main goal is to destroy enemy nexus but that can only happen through killing Rift Herald, Blood Moon Ghosts and Enemy Champions so our highest priority is Rift Herald since he gives 25 points when he dies.
So now let's take a look at this map:The best starting points in Blood Moon map is the 2 that I've marked since in every game enemy champion will head there so that they kill your Blood Moon Ghosts as soon as they respawn or they gonna wait for you in the same location I mentioned to get First Blood on your enemy team.
So your first objective will be buying your starting items as soon you get into the base and ping "On my way" on one of the locations marked on the map (Right side is more preferred!) so that they know you are gonna wait in the bush so that they join you and it would be better to ask them to follow you and wait for enemy champions.


One teammate shall ward the other bush which is marked on the map in case enemy decided to go there and once 1 or 2 enemies enter your teammates range of sight, you will gonna use your Hookshot / Wall Dive to stun them as quick as possible and initiate the fight followed by Tactical Sweep to prevent enemies from escaping and ensure First Blood for your team.
Next you are gonna try to kill Blood Moon Ghosts as quick as possible while warding around you so that enemy doesn't ambush you there and once you have 3 marks, you gonna have semi immunity and boost to your movement speed which you gonna use to track the movements of your enemy team and reveal them to your ally and then you ambush them or wait for allies then ambush all together and repeat the same process till Rift Herald is respawns.
Soloing Rift Herald should be easy enough for you but note that enemies can see track Rift Herald movement and have sight of him so if they saw him moving from his place or fighting an enemy, they'll know that someone is trying to kill him and go after them so the there are 2 tactics to be followed here:

1. Go alone after Herald and tell your teammates to gather in a location which enemies have a vision of so that they think you are after one of the ghosts or trying to find them which will make enemy team focus on them instead of Herald.

2. Make all 4 members of your team go after left or right side herald then head to the other so enemies will feel that you are all missing and will try to go after one of the two ways so if they chose to head toward you, all what you gonna do is to use your hooks on the walls and escape before they catch you so Herald's HP get back to normal again and if they chose to head for your teammates, you kill the other Herald and your teammates wither kill Herald more quickly or chase after the enemies who are coming for them which in the end in both situations gonna cause your team to have one or both heralds giving you a huge advantage over the enemy team.


Camille is an awesome champion for Blood Moon mode and it's underrated by players who don't play here in that mode so we can use this as an advantage to win against them so all I've left to say is good luck in your fights and be positive as possible.
League of Legends Build Guide Author IbnBattuta
IbnBattuta Camille Guide
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IbnBattuta's Camille Guide: Forever Support (Jungle Updated)

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