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Singed Build Guide by fabiobarros

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fabiobarros


fabiobarros Last updated on July 29, 2013
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Hello everyone, this is my first guide on MOBAFIRE, i´m low elo player that enjoy play so this can´t be the best guide but i appreciate comments with opinions , i accidently main singed, was 4 months ago, i was going to a game, and i choose singed just to test, since then i dont play more champions than singed. Hope you like my guide ;)

This skin up, is a rare skin, when i start play was unavailable and since then i didn´t see again in sale. When is come again i was going the first to buy, cause i love the skin, for now i have surfer singed ;)

Here is my lolking IñFernuS

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Pros / Cons


- I think is the best farmer of the game
- It´s very hard to kill with itens
- R + ghost give you an insane speed
- The ultimate just give you what you need
- Has an good AOE damage with poison
- If play good can carry games


- Has a bad early game.
- Mana hungry until tear.
- Has a few hard champions to play against
- You need farm to be strong

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Summoner Spells

I think this is the best summoners spells for singed, ghost to run away and ignite to secure a kill but you can take if you dont want lose creeps and if you are going to proxy i will explain later what proxy is.

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Recommended items on singed

The best build for singed in my opinion is.

This is the best boots for singed by far, if they have a lot of CC you have to buy this.

Rylai´s is a must have item, i always said this item was made for singed

Well i always buy archangel´s, but someone like to build i think archangel is better when full stacked it turns seraph´s and that shield can save you in a lot of fights.

Thormmail is the best armor item for singed, it returns damage you take. I think is cool vs adc unless the adc is a

Well, ability power + sustain i cant tall more, is a good item

Same as

I ussualy get this because of his passive and my type of play, i like to hit the opponent while i poison him etc, is not a must have but is good

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Early/mid/late game/teamfights

People say singed early is not good, i disagree and agree at same time, i get 7/10 first bloods, the secret is not waste much mana on poison the creeps, so you can have mana to fight you opponent just last hit minions when you can. When you get tear, you can now fight and try to win the battle, with you R you will win 80% of fights.


Now you have the tear, and maybe the rylais if you do well it´s time to shine,now you can 2 vs 1 if needed with your R. Mid game you should farm,farm,farm if opponnent want to fight go kill him. If your opponent is missing go kill all the creeps, dont hit the enemy turret, go farm creeps between outer turrer and the inner turret, if you see them come just FLING them and run. Minions will destroy turret fast.

Late game

I like to say now YOU ARE A GOOD, but dont initiate fights, let your jungle engadge after that go for they ADC and fling them back and kill, If you engadge, you maybe finish killed because is not a good engadger

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Lane matche ups

Easy opponents

Medium opponents

Hard opponents

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Proxy singed

Well now comes the proxy singed ;) i will show you a video to how proxy singed, this guy DruidDroid is very famous by his proxy singed, i always see his stream,but when i try to proxy i always feed the other team ;) but this guy is very good, you can try proxy but if you dont feel confidente dont do it, only do it when you feel confident, i just do when i reach 6 because my ulti give me a good escape.

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I hope you enjoyed the guide, not the best, but i did my best, i´d like some comments with critcism about the guide so i can do better builds in future.

Thx all ;)