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Singed Build Guide by Bread Snacks

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bread Snacks


Bread Snacks Last updated on January 27, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basic Info

So lets just jump straight into this and let me start by saying Singed is a very diverse champion that can sometimes be underestimated, with the right skill and knowledge you can put Singed in any situation and excel. Singed like allot of champs really depend on placement and technique, with singed your first priority is always be in a position to kite your enemy, now as a mid lane Singed you are going to be in allot of awkward situations but do not fear cause Singed well does not care, anytime you see the enemy chase you run the opposite direction and always have Poison Trail on. In the early levels you will have to be aggressive and I will go deeper into that when I talk about starting items. Now this guide was originally going to be just for mid lane but Singed is really straight forward you build him the same anywhere of course depending on who you are laning against, mid lane I would prob definitely put flash on which isn't bad, good for getting away or flashing in to get a Fling off. With this guide you could go top, mid, or even support, but your team will hate you until you feed your ADC. Lets jump in :)

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Summoner Spells

Flash - For playing mid I would say flash is a must have, as mid you will be either camped and or ganked from jungle, top, or bottom lane. Lets face it if you don't have flash and your enemy's see that, good chances you're going to be seeing allot of the enemy jungle.

Ignite - I find flash to be nice in the early levels especially for securing those early kills or reducing the healing effect on an enemy, have found myself many times Fling an enemy into my Poison Trail with Mega Adhesive at their feet and just when they are about to get away or I just wanted to end them quickly id throw ignite on them.

Ghost - If you don't find you need flash or ignite and feel that you're a little more advanced I would recommend ghost, it's nice for getting out of sticky situations, or to chase down an enemy trying to get out of your sticky situation.

Cleanse - Cleanse I would put with ghost I feel both of those summoner spells put together synergizes best with each other, and is good for either getting out of a fight, or get out of a slow to get back into one.

Playing Mid lane I would choose Ignite/ Flash but if you feel you're more advanced I would go Ghost/ Cleanse, it's really all SITUATIONAL. TIP* CLEANSE DOES NOT REMOVE THE HEALING REDUCTION FROM IGNITE.

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Starting Items:
what I usually start on singed is either Sapphire Crystal or Doran's Shield, and Health Potion. When I start Sapphire Crystal it's usually cause I feel the enemy mid doesn't have allot of poke or pressure, which helps me build into a Tear of the Goddess. If I feel the enemy mid has really good poke/pressure I will build Doran's Shield or Null-Magic Mantle, another route you can go is start Boots of Speed and 4 Health Potion which would allow you to be aggressive early, or escape ganks if you feel they're jungle has allot of maneuverability.

Some Essential items I like to build are Tear of the Goddess, boots are nice to have specially on singed if you have trouble reaching enemy for a Fling, now which boots to get I would grab Mercury's Treads for the MR since you're going to most likely be playing against an AP champ but if not you could grab Ninja Tabi, or Boots of Swiftness since singed does prefer to kite his enemies like all the time and slows definitely cripple him and what he is about. Last Essential item would be catalyst the protector which builds into Rod of Ages, build order is SITUATIONAL if you feel you need to get away from those pesky jungles grab Boots of Speed if you're going oom grab the Tear of the Goddess or start building into a catalyst the protector.

Core Items:
Item I like to have mid to late game are boots usually Mercury's Treads or Ninja Tabi, Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter I find the passive really nice ut makes your spell damage reduce the targets movement speed by 35% for 1.5sec so they sit in your poison trail a little longer, and the item gives 500 health, and AP, Liandry's Torment also a nice item to have passive: dealing spell damage burns enemies for 6% of their current health as magic damage over 3 seconds, and also if their movement is impaired they take double damage from this effect as well kind of synergizes with Rylai's Crystal Scepter and your Mega Adhesive ability, next I usually upgrade that Tear of the Goddess to Archangel's Staff which is good for mana boost, now for your sixth item you can either go Void Staff which is pretty good if your enemy has MR or go for a SITUATIONAL item.

Now their are alot of situational items and I will only be going over the items that i would use on singed in different scenarios such as if the enemy team is AP heavy I would rotate one if not a few of these items into my build such as Banshee's Veil it gives good hp boost and MR, and the passive gives you a spell shield. Locket of the Iron Solari is a great item not only does it give you +20 Armor, and 10 CD, and of course a nice hp boost, but for your team it grants +20 MR, +10 health regen, oh there is more, it also has an active that shield yourself and nearby allied champions really good for team fights, so its got a little of both worlds if nobody is building this on your team not a bad item to think about. Abyssal Mask has MR which is nice the aura isn't bad definitely an option. Spirit Visage is another really nice item paired with your ult Insanity Potion can give you a good survival boost, as well as a Health boost,MR, CD, and a nice +20hp regen.

For AD heavy teams first item I can think of is Sunfire Cape it has good armor, and a nice hp boost, the passive also deals AoE damage so those pesky melee aren't going to be on you for long. Frozen Heart great item if you're having trouble with melee champs the passive reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%, and of course gives you 90 armor, 20 CD, and a nice mana boost. Randuin's Omen gives 70 armor, 500 health, and also if you're hit by a basic attack you slow the attack speed of the attacker by 15%, and their movement speed by 10%, the active allows you to slow nearby enemies by 35% so really good for getting out of range and leaving your enemy in the Poison Trail. Thornmail is a great item against standards attacks cause it returns 30% damage taken before amrmor and magic damage but would only use if i was getting cc'ed allot, and having trouble with melee, this item is very SITUATIONAL.

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Singed has very diverse kit and works well with him and his team.
Passive: Empowered Bulwark- Increases Singed's health by .25 for each mana point he has. So with this build should get a good hp boost without even thinking about it and helps in the early levels.

Q Poison Trail- I like to put points and max this out cause it helps allot when clearing and even putting pressure on enemy mid.

W Mega Adhesive- Great ability specially when trying to catch an enemy I usually don't max this out until last because the 35% slow I feel to be enough.

E Fling- I will usually max this out second, the initial damage is nice, and helps control the battle, and can really throw the enemy mid off, if you know what i mean.

R Insanity Potion- really great in a team fight especially if the enemy team is grouped, or if you're being chased by more then one enemy, it can change the course of the battle, or if you really need a miracle and have no options this is your answer.

Singed's abilities are completely SITUATIONAL, the only time I would max something else would be probably if the mid didn't have Flash or I know they don't have good escapes, so I would grab Mega Adhesive or Fling if me and my jungle are coordinating and try to organize ganks, which as a mid having good communication with your jungle is crucial to be successful.

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For singed just going to go over some must have masteries.
Sorcery - always good to have your Fling or Mega Adhesive as soon as possible
Mental Force - really nice for the early levels
Expose Weakness - small damage boost, helps you put a little more pressure on the enemy mid
Arcane Mastery - Helps in the early levels
Recovery - helps you sustain in lane
Enchanted Armor - lets you able to get close to enemy mid, and also to help sustain
Oppression - This is really nice with your Mega Adhesive definitely a must have as it reduces damage taken by 3% from enemies that have impaired movement. Good synergy.
Resistance - is to help you sustain in lane with enemy mid SITUATIONAL only if whoever you're laning against happens to be AD I would put points in Hardiness
Swiftness - another nice mastery, boost to survival, and could help prevent ganks.

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Rune Options

Seal of Scaling Healthx9 - helps you get in close, and take some harass from enemy mid to Fling, or just want to put Poison Trail debuff on target.
Seal of Armorx9 - could use these if you feel the enemy team is a little heavier on the AD side.
Greater Quintessence of Movement Speedx3 - not a bad pick helps when kiting or just trying to avoid ganks might hurt your early game but will not slow you down :) get it cause you have Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed.

Those would be the only runes I would switch out not saying that if you don't use any of these you're doomed but it's all very SITUATIONAL.

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Champion Counters (MID) and Team Comps

As Singed I have played him mid for a while now and will list a few of the champions I have shut down and won lane against.

The one thing I know I have over most mids is maneuverability, and the ability to control the battle with one Fling or one Mega Adhesive, and I can control the lane, and being able to run around them like a mad man, getting them to miss skill shots is the name of the game, and you always want to apply your Poison Trail to the enemy target. Singed can counter most champions that lack in escapes.

For Comps Volibear and Leona are my top picks I just like the thought of double throw backs into my teams arms and Leona's ability to stun the whole enemy team while I run in circles around them applying Mega Adhesive and popping Insanity Potion, just about any champ that can slow or even apply poisons as well, or just gives me a chance to kite, or Fling is da BOMB with singed.

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Champions I have had a hard time playing against.(MID)

Brand is one of the champ I had a hard time playing against everytime I tryed to get close to him he would either Sear me or put Pillar of Flame under me he has high damage early. Kassadin makes trying to get away or chasing a chore cause he has Force Pulse which slows you, and Null Sphere which then silences you shutting you down from trying to get a Fling on him, and when he hits level 6 he gets Riftwalk so you have to be careful engaging, and watch health cause he can easily burst you with his combo.

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So I am not saying Singed is the best mid, but I am saying he can hang with the best if you just give him a shot, when playing Singed mid it's going to take a few or it might just take one. Well this AWESOME, and AMAZINGLY, HELPFUL guide has come to an end, goodbye friends.