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Teemo Build Guide by Stecchino DKS

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Stecchino DKS

Introducing the AD carry Teemo

Stecchino DKS Last updated on February 21, 2012
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Hello and welcome all to my AD carry Teemo guide.
This is my second guide here on MobaFire and I hope you find it useful and better than the first one!
In this guide I'm am going to explain to you how to play with Teemo, what items to buy for best possible results and what tricks you can make.
Later on, I will be reviewing some of the major changes that happened to Teemo and how these changed the way that squirrel should be played.
Please take the time to read this build through( I know you will skip most of it anyways)
As always feedback is appreciated very much.
I hope you enjoy the information listed below!!

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Pros / Cons

So let's start things of by telling you a little about Teemo's pros and cons.

+ Powerful early game with birst damage
+ Easy to last hit during lane phase
+ Very fast movement speed
+ Adorable like hell
+ The only blind that worths it in the game
+ Can easily push junglers back
+ Easy last hitting minions in early game
+ High damage on mid game
+ Extensively high damage on late game.(totally mind-blowing)
+ Can change roles according to the needs of the game.
+ Competitive against most champions mid lane
+ Dominating in side lanes(I always go on sides, mostly top)
+ Pisses opponents off If you laugh all the time(Shift + 4)

- You get focused a lot
- Low mana pool unless you grab the golem buff
- Oracle's ruins your strategy
- Playing against other Attack Damage Teemo's is kinda annoying (there is an interaction though here)

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Guide Edits

-20/02/2012 Guide Published
-20/02/2012 Fixed some misspelled words.
-21/02/2012 Took "Good nukes" out of the pros thanks to MajorLoL's notice.

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The runes I use to play Teemo are these below:
Greater Mark of Desolation
Greater Seal of Armor
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Greater Quintessence of Health
Now the reasons I use those runes :
To start with the Greater Mark of Desolation The reason I use 9 of this runes is basically because I play Teemo as a high attack damage dealer. This runes are also a perfect combination with the Black Clever because of it's armor reduction.
Next I prefer using because Teemo is really depended on his armor in early game and this runes help me stay in a lane longer than usual.
Also because I play Teemo as a solo top champion in Ranked games this runes help me escape from a gank by the enemy jungler.
To continue with, I use because of my low hp in the beginning and the damage I can take from nukers like brand, Akali and Fizz on a lane. This runes give me great potential against ability power champions helping me fight them straight.
Finally the the Quintessence I use is this . The reason I do this is because this bonus 78 health in the beginning gives me the opportunity to push a lane harder and also try killing the enemy champion thoughout the lane phase.
The runes above are my personal favorite but there are some other alternative runes that you can use to play Teemo and work pretty well.
These are:
Greater Mark of Attack Damage
Greater Seal of Attack Speed
Greater Glyph of Attack Speed
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Now those runes give Teemo an extensively powerful early game followed by a strong late late game focusing on attack speed and a lot of burst damage but for this to happen, we need a different build something I am about to explain later on the builds, but first we should discuss the advantages of these runes on Teemo.
Let's start of course with the . This Mark gives Teemo some extra damage, something that he needs on early game and something that could easily secure him a couple of kills in combine with his Blinding Dart.
To continue with if prefer using because attack speed is needed when playing Teemo and if you have some from early on, then you can start strongly to push and kill. These runes make it also easier for Teemo to farm in the beginning.
gives attack speed too and it is important for the reasons I explained right above.
Last but not least stands the Greater Quintessence of Desolation, giving armor penetration which helps mostly when you focus on killing champions. Pretty awesome generally.

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Blinding Dart - Obscures an enemy's vision with a powerful venom, dealing damage to the target unit and causing all attacks to miss for the duration.
Deals 80/125/170/215/260 (+0.8) magic damage and causes the target to miss all of their attacks for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds.

70/80/90/100/110 Mana

Move Quick - Teemo scampers around, passively increasing his movement speed until he is struck by an enemy champion or turret. Teemo can sprint to gain bonus movement speed that isn't stopped by being struck for a short time.
Passive: Teemo's Movement Speed is increased by 10/14/18/22/26% unless he has been damaged by an enemy champion or turret in the last 5 seconds.

Active: Teemo sprints, gaining twice his normal bonus for 3 seconds. This bonus is not lost when struck.

40 Mana

Toxic Shot - Each of Teemo's attacks will poison the target, dealing damage on impact and each second after for 4 seconds.
Teemo's basic attacks poison their target, dealing 9/18/27/36/45 (+0.14) magical damage upon impact and 6/12/18/24/30 (+0.14) magical damage each second for 4 seconds.


Noxious Trap - Teemo places an explosive poisonous trap using one of the mushrooms stored in his pack. If an enemy steps on the trap it will release a poisonous cloud, slowing enemies and damaging them over time.
Uses a stored mushroom to place a trap that detonates if an enemy steps on it, spreading poison to nearby enemies that slows movement speed by 30/40/50% and deals 200/400/600 (+0.8) magic damage over 4 seconds. Traps last 10 minutes.

Teemo forages for a mushroom every   seconds, but he is only big enough to carry 3 at once.

75/100/125 Mana

Camouflage Camouflage - If Teemo stands still and takes no actions for 3 seconds, he becomes stealthed indefinitely. After leaving stealth, Teemo gains the Element of Surprise, increasing his attack speed by 40% for 3 seconds.

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Now let's explain the items on this build and why they were chosen.
The full build is this:

First of all we start with the .
The reason to use these boots is because they give you great potential in mid game in combine with the Madred's Bloodrazor. Also in late game while having the Phantom Dancer and the Black Clever, your attack speed will be over 2.0 and you will be able to deal tons of damage in seconds.
Next, is the .
Basically you get it for it's health. The slow from it's passive is also really helpful especcially when you're out there chasing champions. With this item there is no way they will ever escape from you...if the don't have flash.

Next on the list comes the .
Here you buy the required items in one way for best possible results. This way goes a little bit something like this: This item is pretty much the most powerful one for Teemo. Makes him a beast in farming and also gives you the possibility to stay longer in lanes.

And now the . This item except from the great damage and the attack speed, has an awesome passive. The armor penetration given to you by three hits from this items's passive, is 45. Combining that with your 15 armor penetration from the runes you use you get one tiny war machine ready to demolish.

The is the item providing you with the damage you need in order to push, kill and farm thoughout the late game.

Last comes the which is a nice item to get with Teemo because of its promises. What's noticeable here is the movement speed enrichment. The 15% bonus movement speed allows you to move in the map all over the place in no time, placing your mushrooms so as to ward, slow and trick your opponents.

Some games though last long. In this case you might want to change your with an

By doing this what happens is that your critical strikes will obviously score higher damage but your Movement Speed including your escaping capability will drop. Personally I do change the Greaves with an Infinity Edge in order to deal more damage.

Additional items and builds

With Teemo you have a bunch of different options in the items you can chose.
What you should do is scan the enemy team, find the type or enemy champion (ad or ap) that can become your nightmare and buy items not only to help you survive but counter him as well.

By following a more magic resist but with a great damage build you can build Teemo like this:

(Madred's and Black Cleaver already explained on top)

Starting things of nice and smoothly we got the widely known and beloved . Giving both mana, health, Magic Resist and of course the blocking shield, Banshee's is an extremely powerful survivability item capable of blocking enemy spells and buying you time to kill'em all. can also be chosen to be the second major item on your build when buying the first in order to help you last longer.

Next on the list are .Why put them second ???
Like you would have probably already guessed, you buy Boots of Speed in the first place, you just finish Mercury's after the Bloodrazor. are the boots to keep you up longer in lanes, help you escape situations like a boss and generally protect you from the evil enemies. When needed, change your in order to get your self out of trouble in many difficult situations.

is one of the most powerful items in the League, giving a little bit of everything you get a well-balanced item capable of helpin' you both absorb and give out damage. Although it's price is really high(damn right it is...) Trinity is worth the money spent, after all you have to last hit during the game. In combine with the and your , Trinity could help you harass your opponent, prove that size doesn't mean anything and go back to farming in no time, in order to get the other items you want to.

Last but not least, we have the an item well-known of it's capabilities. Combining armor, magic resist and a beautiful Unique passive, the Guardian Angel is a magical and extremely powerful item which is of course worth the cost. The main reason to chose it though is because it fits really good with the other items in this build and helps you create a Teemo, fast and powerful enough to escape the "support" tag.

This build below represents the items you can use in order to counteract attack damage champions like Caitlyn, Tryndamere etc...

(Phantom Dancer and Bloodthirster explained above. Greave's and Infnity Edge although explained above too, are also here for some extra information)
What happens here is that you manage to deal big amounts of damage while the enemy players have to keep hitting you for a long time in order to disrupt you, but let's see things a bit more deeply...

The although explained above here should not be changed at late game in order to get a stronger item. A second Phantom Dancer is the best possible choice here but I do not recommend it because you wouldn't want to lose your precious movement speed throughout the game.

The is a fairly discussed item on Teemo. Some say it shouldn't be used some others disagree. It is my personal belief that the only good time to use it is after buying a and a so that you can also farm and stack health and health regeneration but also protect yourself. Additionally, it is best to use it against attack damage players and not ability power ones. That is the reason it is included in this build and not the one above.

The gives you the highest possible critical damage.(pretty damn awesome) The reason it is explained in this build is that here you should immediately include it after the other items because here you need it. In combine with your and the other item busting your damage you can destroy the other champions in no time.

Finally, you end your build with a because of its armor and passive of course. Sending 30% of the damage they deal you back, you can easily kill the enemy champions by letting them hit you till you both reach 1000 hp(worst case scenario) and then use blind to finish them off while you don't take any damage at all.(Unless they have a too)

It is of course implied that when you finish your build you should buy all elixirs if possible in all the builds.

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Fan build tries.

Here I will post games of fans senting me their results using my guide.
So please if possible when trying me build, upload your photos to:

If uploaded there I will get your results and post them on the build.
Unfortunately I cannot post my own at the moment because of a bug with my Print Screen button, I'll try to fix it as soon as possible but until then please sent me yours so that I can upload them.

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Summoner Spells

There are many alternative Summoner Spells you can use on Teemo but some of them fit better than the others. Below I've listed them into 3 categories from best to worse.


Flash is one of the most-used Spells in the whole League since everyone started using it after the championship in Dreamhack. It can get you out of trouble, help you escape from large team fights and of course hunt down the evil enemies.

Ghost is the ultimate hunting spell but it can also be proven useful if you want to escape from a situation while not having flash. This one, is a good choice with Teemo while in combine with his Move Quick, you can get in and out of somewhere in no time. Because Teemo has no escaping abilities(considering that a mushroom isn't placed around him) Ghost can literally save your life.

Helps disrupt, hunt and kill enemy champions. Good fit on Teemo.

Because Teemo has a powerful early game, Ignite can secure kills for him throughout the early and mid game phase.

Since you can Teleport on your mushrooms, this spell is always a good choice.


Heal is used for early game in order to survive and stay longer in lanes.
If not starting well, Heal can be used on Teemo too.

Because you are easily focused and killed, Cleanse can help you get away from Stunts, slows etc. If choosing this always pack it with Ghost.

Teemo runs out of mana quite easily so Clarity could be a possible choice.

If playing AP Teemo it is an excellent Spell. When playing AD is it just fine.


If playing Dominion....still no
No need for Revive..never.
Ultimate jungle spell but unless you jungle then no.
No need for Fortify
We are focusing AD Teemo so no.

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Ranked Play

Here we are now....ranked games! Exciting!!
When playing Teemo in Rakned games you should of course go bot with a good support. I personally recommend having a Sona or a Soraka with you.
Stating this well you last hit minions in order to earn gold and build items as fast as possible.
Because you are open in ganks you should always save mana, enough so that you could cast both Move Quick and Blinding Dart is things just go wrong.
Since you have the support with you try not to push too much the enemy champions, nor the tower. Focus on last hitting minions so that you can save your support's mana too, for difficult situations. That of course wouldn't consider Soraka up until the last patch, since she could give mana to herself.

When you get into mid game, considering you had a really good farming in early game, you should have bought your Madred's Bloodrazors, your boots and the Phage. Although farming on bot, when you get the chance you should definitely start placing your mushrooms in order to avoid ganks and ward the map.
In addition you could easily push towers in all lanes and of course give your team a great advantage when placing wards in the dragon lake. At this time you should also help your team by pushing, clearing enemy minion waves and of course ganking, since Teemo when played properly can do that.

By the start of late game you should have most of your core items ready to use. Here you start things off by focusin' on the enemy tank ONLY as long as your teammates focus on killing the enemy carry and of course the second in line damage dealer. What you do is keep warding the map in the most important places like Baron and Dragon while also covering Blue and Red Buff.

What is noticable with this guide is that it is an excellent one for Ranked games Games because you can easily farm and deal tons of damage to all kinds of enemies. I always use this guide when playing Teemo and I win 90% of the games.
Try using this guide and in combine with a good farm, you'll be unbeatable.Believe me!

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Other builds

This is my second build on Mobafire so the the only other I have is this one down below. Don't be afraid click it.
Shaco.Why is everybody dead ??

Guides coming on.
+ Graves
+ Blitzcrank

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So that was all guys, not much was it ?
I hope you spent some time reading this in-depth Teemo guide because it is worth it.
Please remember to vote, comment and leave some feedback but please don't downvote this build because you play Teemo AP. Give the build some tries and then come with an answer, I'm sure you would have changed your mind about it.
I hope you guys all enjoyed reading it, as I did making it for you and remember !!
Size doesn't mean anything, skill is what matters and I bet you have it.