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League of Legends Build Guide Author glizdka

Items combos

glizdka Last updated on May 10, 2012
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Hello everyone, I'm glizdka and here I'm gonna present you several items combinations that you may find useful. I'll try to keep it short but still informative enough.

Each items combo has more or less synergy, and general or direct purpose, let's start:

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  • 3-05-2012 Added "Warwick's Omen" and "Cheap Sheet"

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Total cost: 5355

Gives high survivability
Converts high health into attack damage
Grants critical chance
Rather expensive
Combo's components ain't so beneficial separately

This was one of oldest items combos in game - it's been nerfed several times because it used to be even stronger, and called "OP" item combo.
It provides very high bulk of health, and some armor.
Then it converts HP into AD, and also grants critical chance.

This is very good combo for all physical attackers that require offensive edge in addition to survivability.

If you, say, have 1500k Health, here you will add 1270 from Warmog's Armor to reach around 2750HP. Then Atma's Impaler converts it into around 42 extra AD.

Sometimes we can meet Atmog combo made from Frozen Mallet instead of Warmog's Armor

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Phantom Edge

Total cost: 6685

Gives both: attack damage and attack speed (each makes other work better)
Grants high critical chance and also improves critical strike damage
Components are very beneficial even separately
Components are very cost efficent
Some extra movement speed for better mobility and positioning
Very expensive
Components made from very expensive single-buy items like B.F.
Greatly improves auto-attacks, but not so greately improves AD scaling skills

This is one of first combos and it's still kind of "meta-build" for ranged AD dps champions.
It gives every single stats that can improve bare auto-attacks: AD, AS, Crit Chance, Crit Damage.

This is very good combo for all ranged physical damage dealers, like Caitlyn

AD works better with high AS. Crits works better with high AD. So we can call this combo self-syngery.

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Archangels' Spam

Total cost: 15020
Rabbadon's + 1 Archangel's cost: 6455

Gives highest possible AP for itemizing all 5 items slots
Solves any problem with mana
Extremly expensive
Needs time to load Tear of the Goddess
Grants only plain AP and no other stats
High components' cost
Components not so beneficial separately

This is mathematicaly highest possible AP item's combo. Perfect for champions that have only one need:
Pure AP and mana pool/regen to spam skills like Xerath

It gives high bulk of mana (1000 for loading Tear of the Goddess and 400 for each Archangel's Staff).
Then it converts 3% of that mana into AP as well as your normal mana pool.
With each next Archangel's Staff mana-to-ap ratio increases by 3%, while also gives extra 400 mana.
Remember also that each Archangel's Staff gives 45 AP on its own.
Rabadon's Deathcap increases all the AP gained by 30%.

If you have, say, 1500 mana and full combo, you reach 4100 mana. That mana will be converted into AP.
12% resulting in 492 AP for mana only, then add 180 from Archangel's Staffs.
140 from Rabadon's Deathcap and +30% AP and you will reach 1056 AP

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Mana AD warriors' gear

Total cost: 7600

Gives high AD and mana pool
Gives good survivability
Not so expensive as for 3-items-combo
Components useful even separately
Consists of rather cheap single-buy items
Loadin Tear of the Goddess is not such a problem, as skills and autoattack load it
Offensive edge of combo is only pure AD, no AS nor Crits
Components not very cost efficent
Usually gives more mana than needed

This is combo that provides offense and defense, as well as solves any problems with mana.
Usually it's more mana than needed, but it's still converted into AD.

This is very good combo for mana hungry champions that also need some survivability, like Pantheon.
But it's not so great if you need also AS or Crit in addition to plain AD.

If you have, say, 1000 mana, with this combo you reach 3325 mana.
2% conversion, and 20AD from Manamune itself, results in 85AD.

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Skills spammers' gear

Total cost: 7695

Very cost efficent
Grants AD, AP, AS, Crits, Mana so it's "self-synergy"
Grants both: Spellvamp and Lifesteal
Consists of very cheap single-buy items
Very cost efficent components
Components very useful even separately
After skills you get extra magic damage (working with spellvamp)
Gives slow proc chance as well as sure slow nuke
Very strong items taking only 2 slots
Extremly expensive
Works best for hybrid AP/AD skills spammers
Usually requires you to have additional defensive items

This is very strong combo for any skills spammers, that scale with AD and AP like Skarner, Jax.
It's almost self-explainatory combo, it's power lies in making your spells and attacks way stronger,
also you get extra lifesteal and spellvamp for your skills-spam and auto-attacks-spam.
Keep in mind that spellvamp works with Trinity Force afterskill extra damage proc.

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Hybrid champions' gear

Total cost: 5860

Extremly cost efficent
Rather cheap single-buy components
Contains AD, AS, AP, Spellvamp and lifesteal
Rather expensive
Components not so great separately
Only for hybrids AD/AP
Guinsoo's Rageblade needs to be charged via auto-attacks or spell-casts

This is the way to get most of important stats for hybrid AP/AD champions. Besides no greater synergy.
Works better for champions that can spam spells or auto-attacks.

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Frozen Omen/Randuin's Heart

Total cost: 5850
Gives armor from 2 best armor items in game
( Thornmail is only 1 armor more than Frozen Heart so i threat them as 1st place ex equo

Gives both: HP and armor
-48% Total attack speed debuff to enemies
Gives 25% Cooldown reduction
Contains gold generator (heart of gold)
Components useful even separately
Consists of rather cheap single-buy items
Doesn't grant magic resistance
Rather expensive - but gold generator decreases its cost
35% attack speed debuff is only temporary, or works only if you are focused + relies on chance

This is best anti-auto-attackers defensive combo in-game.
It doesn't only protect from physical damage (skills and auto attacks) but also from on-hit effects.
-48% Attack speed debuff is extremly strong, and this combo can be game-breaking.

Extremly useful on any kind of tank/offtank, but also can be built as additional defense to counter heavy auto-attacking enemies, especially those with on-hits Vayne, Kog'Maw, Madred's Bloodrazor.

Remember that it also provides good mana pool and strong cooldown reduction,
so it is kinda offensive too (you can use your skills more).

this is one of few combos that can be bought by separate players and still work.
Say, you can ask other tanky champion to buy 1 component while you buy other,
that way attackspeed debuff still works against enemy champions.

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Aura damage over time

Total cost: 8365
Gives HP, armor and magic resistance so it protects from everything
Increases your natural damage over time with Sunfire Cape
Abyssal Mask increases damage from Sunfire Cape and your natural damage over time
Your natural damage over times also slows enemies ( Rylai's Crystal Scepter) helping you stick to enemy
Rather expensive
Consists of cost inefficent items
Extra AP is usually not needed
Components not really strong separately
Works better early game, later on it's very weak

This is very good combo for champions that have natural damage over time auras Amumu, Sejuani.
It grants survivability and offense at the same time.
Extra AP and -magic resistance aura improves your skills too.
Your skills and (especially damage over time aura) will now slow enemies ( Rylai's Crystal Scepter).
That will help you stick to your target.

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Warwick's Omen

Total cost: 4325

Rather cheap
Cheap single-guy components
Grants descent cooldown reduction
Grants HP, Armor and Magic resistance, so it's defense againt everything
Improves your natural health regeneration, spellvamp, lifesteal, and skills regenerating health
Not very strong mid-late game
Components not very strong separately
Applies only for few champions
Low cost efficency of components

Generaly it grants you 30% Cooldown reduction, some health, magic resistance and armor.
This is, as its name suggests, perfect gear for champions like Warwick,
for those whose skills benefit much more from cooldown reduction than AP, and that need defense.

Keep in mind that Spirit Visage doesn't only improve your healing abilities, but also:
  • Natural health per 5 seconds regeneration
  • Lifesteal and spellvamp
  • Regeneration runes from jungle big creeps
  • HP temporary increasers (when you are injured) like Fury of the Sands or Dominus

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Cheap sheet

Total cost: 3750

Very cheap
Mostly consists of extremly cheap single-buy components
Extremly powerful early game, and still strong through entire game
Grants you both: armor and magic resistance
Grants you AD, AS, on-hit magic damage and lifesteal
Free wards
Extremly cost efficent
Applicable for almost every auto-attacking champion
If you want pure damage, you can find better items
Wit's End's magic resistance needs to be charged via auto-attacks

This combo is one of the most powerful in game.
It's first of all very cheap and you can afford it very early.
It gives attack damage and speed, so it's self-synergy as AD works better with AS and vice versa
Gives defense about both damage sources: magic and physical

This is perfect combo for anyone that wants some damage and defense, high for its cost.
It's also very good for solo-top champions like Irelia, because they can utilize free wards.

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"The Shredder"

Total cost: 5552

Extremly cost efficent
Very cheap single-buy components (all but B.F. Sword)
Components very useful even separately
Improves physical damage spells via penetration
Gives every stat attractive for physical damage dealer: AD, AS, Crit., ArPen.
Extra movement speed upon activation
Works better with melees
Not so strong against tankier targets
Rather expensive
Doesn't apply for many champions

This is very simple: Get every single stat attractive for physical damage dealer.
Get extra temporary boots making you even stronger.
Pierce 65 Target's armor (and 96 with full ArPen. runes/masteries).

It's extremly effective for assassins specialized at killing squishies,
as those usually have low armor.

How much does armor penetration give? Read my another guide: [click]

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Thank you for reading. If you knnow any good items combos i didn't mention type it in comment.

Please don't forget to rate my guide if you found it informative, or just like it.

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Little credit:
jhoihjoi's guide how to create - that helped me a lot


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