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LeBlanc Build Guide by jmm288

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jmm288

It's All Smoke and Mirrors - Best Leblanc NA (8.3)

jmm288 Last updated on February 16, 2018
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Standard Leblanc

LeBlanc Build

LoL Path: Domination
LoL Rune: Electrocute
LoL Rune: Sudden Impact
Sudden Impact
LoL Rune: Zombie Ward
Zombie Ward
LoL Rune: Ravenous Hunter
Ravenous Hunter

LoL Path: Precision
LoL Rune: Presence of Mind
Presence of Mind
LoL Rune: Coup de Grace
Coup de Grace

+13 ability power or +8 attack damage, adaptive and +5.5% attack speed

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Middle Lane
Ranked #30 in
Middle Lane
Win 48%
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Threats to LeBlanc with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Aurelion Sol Super easy matchup, provided you can avoid his W. He's low mobility and no real CC allow you to jump all over him whenever you want.
Brand Easy matchup, no mobility, no gap closer, hard to hit CC. Just dodge his W or E > Q and win the lane.
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Hey guys I'm Lebląnc, a NA Leblanc main with over 200 games as Leblanc in S7 and she'll continue to be my main through season 8. In my time climbing the ladder season 7, I've become familiar with just about every one of Leblanc's matchups and her synergy with a few junglers as well, I'll update with season 8 info as I discover it.

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Pros / Cons


+ High Mobility
+ High Burst Damage
+ Reliable-ish CC
+ High Snowball Ability
+ High Skill Cap


+ Squishy especially at early levels
+ High Cooldown durations early
+ No easy CS
+ Prone to getting camped
+ Falls behind easily

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Runes Reforged

Okay, so Season 8 season is here with Runes Reforged I'm staying up to date with the Leblanc meta as it progresses, and trying some new ideas.

Then the secondary runes:
  • Secondary Runes : There are a few options here so let me lay them out for you:
    • Precision:
      1. S1: Presence of Mind the nerf to Triumph basically makes it not as worth to go anymore, but Coup de Grace still stands strong, so Presence of Mind makes up for the lack of Manaflow Band.
      2. S2: Coup de Grace is the old Merciless x2 which means Leblanc hits even hard at low percentages, this is a real boost for her, and her kit.
    • Sorcery:
      1. S1: The Ultimate Hat works super well with Leblanc. **EDIT** So.. Ultimate Hat is not additive, it's multiplicative which means that my math is slightly misleading for Leblanc, and anyone who builds 40% CDR. Mainly this has to do with CDR which lowers the scaling of The Ultimate Hat by about 6% overall. 49% is all you get at 40% CDR + 15% The Ultimate Hat, I know it seems weird, but here's how it works: 1-(1-0.4)*(1-0.15)=49% not 55% and it's because of the 40% "normal" cdr.

        **This math assumes no "normal" cdr, which isn't probably going to be the case most times**
        Her Ultimate sits at a 54 second cooldown without any reduction. Adding on The Ultimate Hat allows that to go down to 51 seconds at level 1 and then stacks all the way down to 46-47 seconds at 5 stacks LEVEL 1(iirc). That means that Leblancs ulti is 8 seconds sooner which is quite advantageous. This rune pays off bigtime early on and less so later, this is because naturally Leblanc's ulti follows a 54 / 42 / 30 pattern so 15% of 54 is 8 seconds off, rather than 15% of 30 which is 5, so if you get The Ultimate Hat to max stacks at level 1 of your ulti you're cutting 8 seconds off, rather than if you max stacks at R level 3 and you're cutting 5 seconds off.

        Now here's the cool part: most champions have a singular ulti, so they have to wait the full cooldown to get to 2 stacks. Leblanc however, has her passive cooldown on her Mimic clone, and it **DOES** count as a stack. So at 6 you use your mimic clone, and some other R + Q/W/E and your ultimate should go from 54 seconds -> 50 chopping 4 seconds off instantly.

      2. S2: Transcendence, Absolute Focus, and Scorch are the viable options here primarily. I use primarily Absolute Focus, and Scorch as those directly provide combat stats.

    Here is my secondary build option:

    This is an alternate build that I was debating between running this and Domination tree for main runes.

    • Keystones: Summon Aery works nicely with Leblanc's Shatter Orb poke so use it as often as you can.
    • Primary1 (p1): Manaflow Band I prefer now over The Ultimate Hat as I don't find Hat as useful as I once did, and Manaflow is useful early game.
    • p2: Absolute Focus is the primary option here. It has a fantastic damage output early on, stacked with Summon Aery and Scorch you poke even harder.
    • p3: Scorch works best here. Stacking with Q and W it just adds on that little bit more damage you can use.
      • Secondary Runes : There are a few options here so let me lay them out for you:

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Summoner Spells


Teleport should be taken in the vast majority of games (at least in s7). This is because it allows good ganks bot and top, or allows LB to roam and then TP back to lane to keep laning pressure up. It is also possible to run Ignite which I will discuss below.


Flash should always be taken with Leblanc for movement. It allows you to escape ganks, dive under/out of turret, gap close when W is on cd, or any other variety of things you can do with Flash. It should always be taken on Leblanc.

Ignite (Option #1 )

Ignite was Leblanc's primary spell in S6, but from S6-S7 mid lane changed to more of a support role, and various Leblanc nerfs caused her to not due as much early damage. Due to these changes, it's not as advisable to take Ignite now. It can still be done in squishy matchups where they're running ignite as well, but if you fall behind Ignite is virtually useless on Leblanc.

Of Note: In S8 this may change as one of the new keystones allows for the changing of Summoner Spells (ie start with Ignite, switch to teleport).

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Champion Abilities and Sequence

Sigil of Malice (Passive)

This is Leblanc's passive, it is a damage proc.

Sigil of Malice should be used like this: Hit the enemy champion with a spell, wait 1.5 seconds (until the sigil is fully colored) then use another champion spell to proc the Sigil's bonus AP damage.

Shatter Orb (Q)

RANGE: 700
COST: 40/45/50/55/60 mana
This is Leblanc's Q, her main damage ability.

Shatter Orb should be used to poke, proc the sigil, or to cs. It is her main ranged ability, and is on a short 6 second cooldown and only 40 mana cost at level 1.

Distortion (W)

RANGE: 600
COST: 70/80/90/100/110 mana
COOLDOWN: 18/16/14/12/10 sec
This is Leblanc's W and her main mobility ability ;)

Distortion has to be one of the most unfair, unbalanced skill shots in all of LoL. It allows Leblanc amazing movement across the Rift and makes her ganking potential downright terrifying. Use W to retreat if getting ganked, to roam and get kills, to ward, etc. In team fights, if you can W onto a group of enemies + wait 1.5 seconds + Q you will make a huge dent in a team.
  • The only downfall to Distortion is this: if you W in, you are 99% likely to return to your original location, this makes the W very predictable if you're constantly returning to it. Use this to your advantage and DO NOT always return to W's starting spot.
  • You can start Distortion at Level 1 for mobility, but it's damage is near 0 on minions so you'll have to be real good at CS'ing.
  • There is a spot on most every wall that Leblanc can get over with Distortion, so practice is definitely required.
  • If you W > R + W and run out of a bush when enemies locate you recalling, wait as long as possible, but then RETURN to the bush to recall with the second half of your Distortion.

Ethereal Chains (E)

RANGE: 950
COST: 80 mana
COOLDOWN: 14/13/12/11/10 sec
This is Leblanc's E, her hard Crowd Control.

This is Leblanc's shining ability Ethereal Chains, it allows her to, after 1.5 seconds, Crowd Control or Immobilize an enemy champion. As with her W, this is a skill shot and can be easily missed, so practice and patience are best with this move to secure easy kills, ganks, etc.
  • Ethereal Chains has a 14 second Cooldown level 1 so never start it, or level 2 it unless you absolutely need to for a gank, or countering a gank.
  • Using Distortion into Ethereal Chains allows it to be much easier and secure to hit.
  • Always use Ethereal Chains to contest Drakes and Heralds/Baron it goes just the correct distance to latch onto the monster while you're outside the pit.

Mimic (Q)

RANGE: Global
COST: 1 mana
COOLDOWN: 54/42/30
This is Leblanc's R, her multifaceted ultimate.

This ultimate: Mimic has TWO forms:
  1. The ult can be used on it's own: R + R
  2. The ult can be used with another spell: R + Q / R + W / R + E
Ideally, you want to use it both ways. Typically it will be #2, and in a burst fashion so something like Q > wait 1.5 sec > W > R + E > E or W > wait 1.5 sec > Q > E > R + Q, you can imagine some different combinations.

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I got a good question regarding the difficulty surrounding LeBlanc's CS and last hitting and want to go ahead and address that here for anyone else wondering the same thing!

Advice for Creep Scoring with LeBlanc:

- Focus on first 6 minions (sets the tone for lane)
- ONLY last hit minions (don't sit there AA'ing minions whole health bars)
- If they catch on and start to try and poke you while CSing, focus on winning the poke trade, and let them push, then freeze the wave in an advantageous spot so the pressure is on them not to over-extend.

Advice for Last Hitting with LeBlanc:

- Watch Faker's Leblanc (bad advice, I know.)
He is the undisputed king of CS, but interestingly enough he still misses last hits using Leblanc, so it's clearly just difficult, but watching him will definitely help you get a feel for how tiny the window for last hitting with Leblanc is (hint: it's right around 1 or 2 caster minion auto's worth of damage, it's small)
- Practice, Practice, Practice.

I undersold this in my comments response because I know it's not what people like to hear but, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. My CS has gone up from ~100 at 30 minutes (3.3 a minute) to closer to 180 at 30 minutes (6 a minute), and I continue to push that closer to 200 at 30 minutes (~6.6 a minute). I strive for 8 CS a minute, as 8 is plat and that's what I want this season, 9 is diamond, 10 is master and 10+ is challenger.

It is worth noting that as of patch 7.24 Leblanc statistically holds the position of WORST AVERAGE CS per midlane per game at 137.9 per game, so use that as your baseline CS # and try to exceed it every game.


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Roaming also plays an important part in LeBlanc's kit, and it is a tricky topic to nail down mainly because roaming in any match is subjective to that match and the champions in it.

Example: If you're against a team like Malphite, Maokai, Galio, Leona, and some ADC. You can be pretty sure that roaming is going to net you about nothing regardless of what lane you go to, as those champs can stop your roam easily, and you're better off staying in lane.

There are however a few criteria we can use to boost our chances that a roam will be successful:

  1. Is the lane you're looking to roam to, pushed up?
  2. Is the lane you're looking to roam to, at less than half health?
  3. Can you teleport into the lane you're looking to roam to?
    if yes, you probably CAN roam to the lane, but should you? (answer question #4 to find out!)
  4. Would you lose a full wave of CS (or more) because of the roam?
    If yes, you CAN roam, but probably SHOULD NOT, because 12 cs is worth a kill in League economics so it's probably better to stay and lane.
    If no, you CAN roam, and probably SHOULD, but I would still use your own discretion.

If you follow those criteria, there's a good chance you have an opportunity to roam effectively, and should take it.

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It's worth noting Leblanc has some standard combos that most Leblanc's will utilize in lane, knowing when to use these as Leblanc (or avoid them as her opponent) is the difference between a good Leblanc and a mediocre Leblanc.

Combo 1 - Poke Combo: Distortion near opponent (to apply Sigil of Malice)> Distortion back to return pad > Shatter Orb to proc Sigil of Malice

This combo is Leblanc's easiest and most used combo. Every Leblanc will use this combo and it's generally pretty safe. Mainly the times to avoid using this combo are when the opponent has means to either:
  1. Hard CC you before you Distortion back to return pad
  2. Outtrade your burst damage before you Distortion back to the return pad

This would mean people like:
  1. Anivia, Galio, Cassiopeia, Lux, Ryze, Morgana, Malzahar
  2. Kassadin, Anivia, Fizz, Cassiopeia,

DO NOT (lazily) use this combo. It can work if they slack on CC'ing or blowing you up, but if they're good they will make sure this trade is in their favor every time.

Combo 2 - Chain / incoming gank Combo: Distortion near opponent (to apply Sigil of Malice and get close) > Ethereal Chains connects before Sigil of Malice proc > Shatter Orb to do damage > Ethereal Chains procs Sigil of Malice

Now this combo is trickier than it looks. The main weirdness to this combo comes from the fact that the sigil proc can happen at different times so it can be advantageous to a gank or disadvantageous.
  1. Advantageous option: Distortion > Ethereal Chains immediately > Shatter Orb to proc the Sigil of Malice > Ethereal Chains then roots -- this way the majority of the damage is done BEFORE the chains root and not as they root. This is advantageous because often the opponent will flash out of an Ethereal Chains especially when they see the jungler, so at least with this combo the damage is guaranteed, and the jungler has something to follow up off of. Additionally, most people underestimate how far Ethereal Chains will keep connection. If you Distortion shoulder-to-shoulder with your opponent and land an Ethereal Chains, they CANNOT flash to a distance where the chain will break, unless they have a dash or something similar.
  2. Disadvantageous option: Distortion > Ethereal Chains immediately > wait > Ethereal Chains PROCS THE SIGIL when it roots > Shatter Orb for damage. This combo is pretty obviously flawed IMO, leaving the Sigil of Malice proc up to the Ethereal Chains means that they can flash out of the Sigil of Malice proc and the root, in addition to your Shatter Orb damage. This effectively makes the above combo much more escapable.

Combo 3 - All-in Combo (pre-6): Distortion near opponent (to apply Sigil of Malice and get close) > Ethereal Chains as close as you can (to keep from missing / them from running away) > Shatter Orb (to proc sigil) > Ethereal Chains roots them > AA > Shatter Orb again if you can

Combo 3 - All-in Combo (post-6): Distortion near opponent (to apply Sigil of Malice and get close) > Ethereal Chains as close as you can > Wait 1 second > Shatter Orb to proc Sigil of Malice > Mimic + Shatter Orb (highest damage move is Shatter Orb) > AA > Shatter Orb

Note: Post-6 you can use Mimic + Ethereal Chains instead of Mimic + Shatter Orb as well for an all-in. Mimic + Ethereal Chains re-roots, keeps locked in place, can't flash.

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Core Item Explanation

Hextech Gunblade is Leblanc's core damage item in Season 7, this is mainly due to the fact that it grants a decent 80 ability power. However the real benefit comes from the item's active: Lightning Bolt which deals 175-250 damage (lvls 1-18), +30% of your AP, and a +40% slow. Both of these stats are amazing for Leblanc as she can blow her full combo (something like Q > W > E > R+Q) and then tack on the Gunblade active at the end if they're still alive, either way they're losing a ton of health if you hit the full combo.

Morellonomicon is highly considered Leblanc's secondary core item. This mainly is due to the solid 100 AP, 20% cdr, and 400 mana, which if stacked with Transcendence you have 10%in runes, and you have 30% with 1 item, making this combo very strong just based on those stats, AND Morellonomicon also has Grevious Wounds, so people like Swain, Akali, Gangplank, and Cassiopeia it is extremely effective against.

I personally run Morello in about 75% of my games on Leblanc, and while this may seem low, I find that Lich Bane offers comparative stats and better pushing power. I would highly advise you play around with going Hextech Gunblade -> Lich Bane or Hextech Gunblade -> Morellonomicon and see which fits your play style more aptly. My suggestion: If you're constantly poking, running OOM, and getting ganked go Morellonomicon, but if you're in a lane where you control the tempo, the wave placement, and are more or less winning use Lich Bane as you can trigger the proc as often as it's up and it will allow you to do much more damage to turrets.

Void Staff is Leblanc's most familiar item. If you're like me and starting playing her in (late) season 5, you'll notice this item is still part of her main kit. Void Staff offers unparalleled amounts of magic pen, which is Leblanc's secondary stat. It's a great power spike when you get to it, and allows your damage to penetrate a good amount of MR. My only warning about Void Staff is DO NOT rush this item (anymore), as it doesn't give the same utility stats as other items ( Hextech Gunblade, Lich Bane, Mejai's Soulstealer

Lich Bane is super underrated on Leblanc. Idk why I don't see more Leblanc's build this but it is absolutely amazing on her. Often Morellonomicon overshadows this item because of the +10% CDR it offers over Lich Bane, however, you'd be mistaken if you never run this on Leblanc as the +250 mana is super useful and acts like a The Dark Seal x2.5 and the 7% movement speed is noticeable in ganking and roaming. This doesn't even mention the fact that the Spellblade passive takes Leblanc from uselessly AA'ing a turret to effectively destroying a turret in 2-3 minion waves.

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Situational Items

Abyssal Mask is a situational defensive item for Leblanc. Primarily it is useful when bought second after Hextech Gunblade, due to the mana reliance early, however you can build it later on as a defensive item if you want, there are better options though in most all cases. I don't run this item normally, but have used it a handful of times.

Banshee's Veil is a great utility item on Leblanc. I build this item probably 1/5 of the games I play against primarily high burst champions like Veigar, Syndra, Ahri, Malzahar, Fizz, Taliyah, and Annie

Liandry's Torment is a toss up IMHO. It doesn't give you the power spike that Void Staff does, but will often be a good compromise between damage and sustain.

Luden's Echo is a great, great Leblanc item. Back in Season 6 this was Leblanc's core item, before Hextech Gunblade was discovered to give slightly higher burst. That being said, I still build Luden's Echo every game I have the gold to spend. If you find yourself with a good lead in lane, but less than 10 The Dark Seal stacks, but enough to buy a Needlessly Large Rod, send Luden's every time; helps roaming, escaping and burst overall.

Zhonya's Hourglass is another situational defensive item on Leblanc. It works wonders against AD champs like Zed, Yasuo, and Talon; as well as some mages like Lissandra, Fizz, and Syndra.

Ninja Tabi are a defensive pick I don't run often on Leblanc, but definitely does help a ton against AD heavy team comps, especially if you find yourself getting caught out.

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Jungler Synergy

Leblanc has a few junglers which she gets along really well with, they're almost guaranteed ganks if they come mid and aren't brain dead here they are (in my humble opinion):

Sejuani provides a lot of tank and CC for Leblanc to piggy-back on. If Leblanc can land an Ethereal Chains or if Sejuani can land Arctic Assault or Permafrost the gank is pretty much assured or Flash.

Evelynn post re-work (7.20+) is a great asset with Leblanc on the team, they have similar playstyles and with Evelynn's new Allure as long as she hits that, or Leblanc lands an Ethereal Chains, should be an easy gank. I still have to do more experimenting with this synergy. The only thing that worries me is both Eve and LB have a hard time team fighting, so late game could be an issue.

Jarvan IV is one of my favorite Season 7 Junglers to synergize with Leblanc. Cataclysm firstly, is an easy gank for Leblanc if used on your laning opponent, secondly, if used in a team fight on multiple people Leblanc can Distortion > Shatter Orb an ENTIRE TEAM, which is way too powerful. Additionally, Demacian Standard > Dragon Strike is also a great opportunity for Leblanc to use Ethereal Chains.

Kayn is a nice addition to Junglers in League, and has brought a lot to the table as far as synergy with Leblanc. Mainly, since Kayn appears from terrain, Leblanc is able to create gank opportunities from anywhere and then have Kayn follow up, or vice versa.
However, since Kayn has little to no hard CC, it's important to land an Ethereal Chains for him to burst down the target.

Zac has fallen off a bit in the s7 meta, but he still is a good help for Leblanc.
He has massive range, and a really great CC to make opportunities for Leblanc to follow up and get kills. Just wait for the Elastic Slingshot and corresponding knockback, then use your Ethereal Chains and blow 'em up before or after he uses Stretching Strike.

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Ban Options **Season 8 Update**


Zed's a good ban in Season 7 right now, he's getting banned ~46% of all games, and has about a 13% pick rate. He does win lane post 3, and stomps you post 6 if you don't have zhonyas or gunblade to heal up.


I actually like banning Zoe in midlane matchups if I know I'm going to have trouble sustaining against her. But realistically, I still hate Zed more, so I ban Zed > Zoe, however Zoe does have a 12% playrate right now, so it can be worthwhile.


Replacing Annie in this seasons Ban Options is Katarina. This season Kat is getting played in ~10% of all games and can be annoying for Leblanc.


Another low popularity ban Leblanc can opt into choosing. Malzahar is sitting around ~6% pick rate, ~3% ban rate, so he's definitely not a necessary ban by any means, but he does win lane pretty easily so it can pay off if you ban a one-trick Malz, or even just a good Malzahar.


In Season 8 Yasuo is still in a weird spot, but definitely has something to offer. He's sitting at about 10% playrate right now and 50% winrate so pretty normal, however if you feel the need (especially in lower ELO like where I am) to ban him, it's still viable.

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Leblanc is absolutely still one of the most potent mages in Season 7 of League of Legends, and until they rework her, she will continue to be as her kit gives her every advantage. She still hovers around a 5-7% ban rate now despite not having a significantly high play rate (3-4%) showing how many players fear a competent Leblanc. Know that if you play Leblanc, you're asking for a lot of work. I know I daily work on getting her cs more and more consistent, because it's just so damn hard to last hit with her, and that's not even starting to talk about the difficulty of landing her Ethereal Chains and other skill shots. However, if you master her, know that any laner should fear you, and you can carry any game you play, given the right amount of farm and cs. Leblanc has snowball potential higher than almost any champ and if she gets fed will actually 2 shot enemy ADCS. Play her proudly, and fearfully.

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What Do I Run on Leblanc? ** Season 8 Update **

Updated for Season 8: (still working these out)

My ideal build:

(with the option of switching Mejai's Soulstealer and Lich Bane depending on how fed I am early).

Only real difference I've noticed in my own play Season 8 is that I've stopped going Void Staff in favor of CDR items like Morellonomicon as it allows your Mimic cooldown to decrease super rapidly with The Ultimate Hat.

I'll update this section more once Season 8 starts next month.

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I will respond to any Reader comments or questions here! But I know some starter questions:

  1. Why is Leblanc a good mid choice in Season 8?
    Leblanc can still snowball, creating pressure in her lane and roaming to get ganks. She has however definitely fallen behind in Season 8 as evident by her extremely low win remaining extremely low: 49.66% right now, 33nd out of 45 champions.
  2. Who are Leblanc's main counters?
    Check the matchup section for an in-depth review, but they are:
    1. Anivia
    2. Malzahar
    3. Morgana
    4. Kassadin
  3. Who is your favorite Leblanc?
    Faker is pretty clearly the best Leblanc outside NA, in NA LCS the only really promising Leblanc's are Perk's, I also like Shiphtur's.
  4. Are you really the best Leblanc NA?
    Going to have to prove myself again Season 8 :)

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Hey all you can view my stream below!

Twitch link: ***COMING SOON*** ^_^