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Jax Build Guide by Aariie

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aariie

Jax Jungle S3

Aariie Last updated on March 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey Names Aarie. This would be my first ever Moba build so please give me any feedback positive or negative. I choose Jax because I have a lot of experience with him and I believe he is most ideal in the jungle. Please excuse my sucky format I plan to fix it when I get more educated on this. Jax is a champ that deals high base damage from his skills which scale from both ad/ap which is hard to counter. Also has great defensive ulti which makes him able to take damage. He is one of the best (if not the best) One vs One champs in the league so don't be afraid to take someone head on. But enough about that I'll highlight the important things in light blue. Enjoy!

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I Choose Quint of movement speed because early game your usually the fastest champ which gets you around the jungle quicker, Better chase downs in lanes when ganking to secure the kill, also when things get rough once you leap away your gone! You could also use Quint of hybrid pen, Quint of armor pen, Quint of Attack Damage also those are decent back ups but I strongly recommend the movement speed quints.

Armor seals Almost the best seal for any Jungler. Less damage from jungle creeps, Less damage in lane, etc.

Mark of Attack damage I had hybrid penetrtion marks before but as a jungler magic penetration and armor penetration isn't need for the simple fact jungle minions have no mr and little to no armor so there for I went with flat Attack Damage. I feel like these are the best for him. Other options are Mark of attack speed.

Glyph of Scalinng Magic Resist. is the best choice for Jax and this build because as you can see in my build I have no magic resis items. These runes give you a decent base mr that also stacks well when you use your ulti. The only other option I could see is Glyph of Magic resist and this is only if you don't have the scaling runes.

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I'll make this chapter short. The build I created gives Jax enough "Tankiness" so there is no need to go deep down the defensive masteries. On the offensive side I grabbed armor pen for early damage because in my build i have no penetration items so this will help. You can take 2 into Butcher for faster Jungling. I took Destruction because when a lane is free I always beat down tower or help a team member in doing so. Summoners Resolve for that extra 10 gold in smite could always help get you that extra pot you need. Hardiness more armor for jungle defense and overall defense. Veterans scar that 30 hp is a great boost in sustain for your jungling. Masteries are pretty straight forward.

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Ok I usually take the butter knife and 5 Health Potion to start, others call it the Hunter's Machete. As the game unfolds and in between your jungle run you get a Gank or 2 and even a kill your second buy should be Giant's Belt. If you didn't have the best of luck and we all know it happens just grab the Spirit Stone and Boots of Speed. You could even grab a Cloth Armor instead of boots to give you more hardiness in the jungle and lets not forget you got good movement speed because of your runes.


Ok around this time you should have enough gold from Ganks and constant jungle raping to have 2 out of these 3 items Ninja Tabi, Spirit of the Ancient Golem, Frozen Mallet. Honestly you should have the first 2 i mentioned. With those 2 items you should be Tanky enough along with your Ulti to start engaging in Team fights. Once you get that Frozen Mallet that cc is ******ed along with your stun.

Late Game

Now this is where it gets crazy. You basically got you tank items now its time to get damage. I recommend you get Iceborn Gauntlet first if they have heavy ad or a ad champ is heavily fed on their team this way you could engage on them for your team to shut him down. If not grab that core item we all love on Jax.... @.@ Hextech Gunblade. This way you have sustain along with Tankiness which makes you harder to take down. This also buffs your Ulti a lot giving you that mr you always wanted. I usually finish up with Blade of the Ruined King to shred tanks and that attack speed is bananas with your passive. Most likely you will have the fastest attack speed in the game depending on the champ select but you would be in top 2 hands down. Lets not forget about the active as well who does not love more movement speed and a life leeching item xD.

Situational items

Sometimes they have teams that deal tons of damage and you end up becoming the main tank which shouldn't happen but hey it's solo queue :/. If a team is heavy in damage I usually grab the Runic Bulwark this way you get a load of mr and a bit more hp and armor. Also your team gets some armor and mr as well.

If there is a lot of magic damage on the opposing team you can grab Wit's End this way you don't give up your Aspd and you get a decent amount of mr to go along with that op Ulti of yours.

If your team is total just stomping the other team and you have a decent enough tank/engager. Eff it grab one of these to do some crazy damage Guinsoo's Rageblade, Trinity Force, Zephyr.

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Skill Sequence

Skill sequence is pretty simple with Jax. You start of with Counter Strike in the jungle because this way minions don't do any damage for a short amount of time also it deal AOE damage depending on the amount of hits you dodge. His Empower deals the most damage out of all his skills and has the shortest cd so you max this first. If you are planning for a level 2 Gank you take Leap Strike before Empower this way you have a skill to engage with and combo with your stun. Otherwise you grab Leap Strike at 3 or 4 depending on when you decide you want to start Ganking. Leap Strike should be the second skill maxed because it deals the second highest damage and you take your Ulti Grandmaster's Might at 6 11 16. Counter Strike is maxed last because I don't use it to really damage people, I use it for the utility of dodging attacks and stunning. It dodges the same amount of attacks at each level and stun time is the same this is why it is maxed last.

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Summoner spells is simple as well because one will always be defaulted if your jungle which is Smite. I get Flash because sometimes you need it to close that gap when someone gets away with one poke of life or you get focused so hard and you flash away with little life left and your team gets to destroy their team because you just took all the heat etc. You can get Ghost but I don't see the reason to when you have permanent slow and movement speed Quints. Honestly those 2 spells are the best in my opinion for this role.

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Creeping / Jungling

-Start at wolves your team must help you!
-Then Blue buff also request help from your team.
-Wraiths>wolves>red buff> Twin Golems then press b button.
-In between that jungle sequence I usually find a gank depending on which lane is pushed.
-DO NOT DIVE EARLY unless it's a 1 Leap Strike kill

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This isn't something you do when you feel like, this is your JOB! After a team fight and your alive and your not in good pushing condition go get those creeps in that overly packed creep lane (only when laners are b or dead or after laning phase) if not head to your jungle and clear it then you go back. Farming is key to complete this build. Kills and assist will come regardless if you play correctly dont force that. But farm in order to be effective. Don't steal from lanes though... not cool.

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Team Work

In team fights you should always leap on that adc/mage. This is what i do as jax to play him successfully. I also try to make sure my carries are safe as well, If i see they are being harassed to where they cant handle themselves I run to their aid. teamwork is vital be aware of your surroundings, enemies, teamates, and who is winning that fight. Make plays dont let them play you. Understnd Jaxes limits. Play him a biot and you will realize what he can and cant do. You will realize he CAN DO ANYTHING!!! LOL J/K...

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Unique Skills

Leap Strike engaging skill/ escape skill.. If you don't have to use it to engage save it just in case you need to leap on them after they flash or you need to leap away b/c things didn't go your way.

Empower damage skill. It stacks with leap strike but I believe it does more damage as a basic attack so if u leap try to use it right after u land to gain max damage out of it. In a head up 1v1 spam spam spam.

Counter Strike cc... dodge.. this skill is great for Ganks if timed well you can instantly leap into stunning the enemy. Great for a 1v1 with a melee attacker or 2v1 which Jax specializes in. Can turn a fight with you having low health into a victory.

Grandmaster's Might the passive on this makes you the beast that you are. every 3rd attack deals bonus magic damage and with empower on every other attack you deal tons of damage. Active basically you become an op tank lol. Great for team fights when you are focused.

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Well that's all I have folk's. I'm going to keep this one short. My build Makes you Tanky, Good attack damage/magic damage, perma slow/aoe slow (great with aoe stun), awesome aspd, tenacity, op movement speed, great sustain. What more could ya want from a soloist type of champ. But do let the opness get to you play as a team player and wins will be easy. ENJOY!!

P.S Guide still under construction.