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Darius Build Guide by Cthulhu921

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cthulhu921

Judge, Jury, Executioner- Darius

Cthulhu921 Last updated on December 25, 2012
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What Is This Guide About?

League of Legends Quick Lore Video

Darius is supposed by many as a tank, or Ad Carry, but in fact he can be a major Assassin. This is for someone who likes Darius, but doesn't feel like being the tank in the group. This guide is about killing ALL other champions fast and effectively, but being able to surprise and hunt them down. Comment if you have any questions or if you just like the guide in general, let me know so I can fix problems and make guides like this one!

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust: Exhaust slows an enemy champion for a short period of time. This allows Darius to hide in a bush, and slow the target until he can Apprehend them to his blade. DO NOT WASTE ON TANKS. Use this on squishy champions so it makes for an easy kill to help feed Darius.

Cleanse: Cleanse helps lessen the time duration for stuns, snares, etc. This is very good for Darius. (For more on Stuns, Snares, Etc., check the Who's Who article at the bottom of the page.)

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Greater Quintessence of Scaling Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Some Armor, a sprinkle of magic resist, and some armor penetration for flavor. All brought together by attack damage per level quints.

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Additional Boosts to Attack Damage and Attack Speed will help with all of his ruthless pushes on either top or bottom lanes.

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Allow me to explain...

When a lane needs pushing and you are near mid, you will get there most likely before they can even call for help. BEWARE of the rule that this does not work while in combat.

This particular item will slow the enemies down along with bashing their skulls into the ground. By using Frozen Mallet, you can force your opponent to stick close to you while you get the basic bleed-out effect on them while doing massive amounts of damage.

Darius always seems to have the problem of losing health and slowly regaining it back. Most people try to tank Darius up with health regen items, but I believe they are unneeded when you have an item that both heals you and produces damage that will suffice through the entire match.

This only adds to the thunderous earthquakes on the enemies health stacks. It's pretty self-explanatory.

People are always asking for magic resist, when just like with The Bloodthirster, Maw of Malmortius provides both AD and MR.
If the enemies are building armor overall

If the enemies are building AP(Ability Power) overall

[color#ff0000] If you aren't doing so hot with your damage because the other team is winning in accumulated money, then build towards another The Bloodthirster. Build up stacks in the Jungle, top and middle lanes. Don't touch bottom unless you truly have to.


After going through all of the item list displayed above, you should sell all of them except the boots and buy the rest of your The Bloodthirsters. This will give you
Boots of Mobility and 5 The Bloodthirsters.

Dominion Build 5x5

A little magic resist to help start you off on the hunt for 5 points.
Magic resist is heavier by the time you get this item which will help you resist the damage better.
A "nerfed" version of The Bloodthirster, Sanguine Blade helps with attack damage and has life steal to help your health regen.
Not only does this item provide extra armor, health, and magic resist, but it also dishes it out to your team members when they are close enough to you.
This item allows for epic proportional damage, along with slowing your enemy's movement speed so you can get the kill easily.
Finally, a Force of Nature to top your health/health regen while also adding an 8x multiplier to your current movement speed.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

After 5 stacks of attacks from Darius, The enemy will cap off and bleed-out slowly. For each champion that has at least one blood stack from Hemorrhage, Darius will gain bonus movement speed.

If Champions are on the outer ring of this attack, Decimate will deal extra damage to the opponent's health.
Crippling Strike helps deal an extra boost of damage for one hit. It refreshes the basic attack cooldown immediately, so you can get two hits for the price of one.

This cone attack pulls enemies into the fight for yet another round. When you are being pushed back against your turret, you can bring the enemy in for a closer look at a turret's laser. Apprehend can also pull enemies and jungle items through walls.

Noxian Guillotine is not only the perfect finisher for this character, but yet it also refreshes immediately after a kill blow with it on any champion. That's right, if you kill a champion using your ultimate, Darius will have a nice new ultimate to pop right behind the first one. This gives Darius opportunities for a pentakill.

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Combo Starters

Bush Fight Starter Combo:

You want to pull them in using Apprehend, Decimate for a chunk of health. Follow right beind that with a Crippling Strike boost which sets you up for another Decimate to lead into your ultimate for the stunning execution.

Team Fight Starter Combo:

Team fights are vital areas of the game. The team fights show who is pretty much the most durable and who can punch harder and faster. Decimate is a good kicker to push a champion back when they notice a chunk of their stacks is gone. Apprehend only scares them more by bringing them closer to you as you pop your Crippling Strike. A Decimate strikes again, setting you up for the Noxian Guillotine.

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Pros and Cons


+Hits Hard in Beginning
+Naturally Tanky
+Impressive DOT (Damage Over Time)
+Massive Movement Speed
+Instant Ultimate Cooldown
+Amazing "Late Game" Champion


-Easy to Gank Early Game
-Proned to Steal Kills
-When Snared, Most Likely Hit Hard
-His Damage Is Very Noticeable to Enemies
-Steals Minion Farms Easily
-Needs More Skins

Credited Pros/Cons Template: EventHorizon610

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Who's Who?

Darius is a good solo, but remember, there are always other team members. Which ones are good for Darius, and which ones are good against Darius for you to watch out for?

Good for Darius

(See Cleanse, for the duration of stuns, snares, etc. in the Summoner Spells article.)

Although very squishy, Sona provides Health and Mana to feed Darius's hunger for more kills.

Lux AND Ryze
Both of which can snare things easily, like champions! A bully has friends that hold the victim down, while the bully beats the tar out of the victim. Darius is our Class A bully, and these are his friends.


The Problem with Darius is that he has no ranged attacks. This gives all ranged champions an increased advantage over him.

Warwick has a very mean Suppress. Anyone that can stop Darius in his tracks is BAD NEWS.

Other champions to BEWARE that use Suppress:

Although friends, Lux AND Ryze can be very hazardous to Darius. Snares and stuns will always be a bad thing for Darius.

Other champions to BEWARE, that have Snares:



Sion and Renekton have stuns. Stuns prevent a champion from moving or attacking. This is a lot worse than a snare, especially when either of these two have stunned you. They deal excessive amounts of damage to a stunned champion, like piranhas.

Other Champions to BEWARE, that have Stuns:

Twisted Fate

Now I bet you're wondering why I did NOT mention Poppy, Vayne, and Alistar.

These three have a special effect for each of them. One of their abilities will push a champion farther than the usual hit. If the victim is pushed against a structure, such as a wall, the victim will be damaged on impact and will be stunned. A.k.a. VERY DANGEROUS! Do your best to stay away from walls or turrets when these three are around.

Vayne uses a move called Condemn. This move fires a large arrow in the champion's face. This pushes them about 6 in-game feet away from where they were originally standing.

Poppy uses a move called Devastating Charge. She rushes the champion. This is not a skill shot.

Alistar uses a move called Headbutt. He, quite literally, bull rushes you pushing you away from the fight.

Kha'Zix,as most know, is the newest member to the League of Legends Champion Set. He is a very nasty, evolutionary bug that jumps around only to kill you when you least expect it. BEWARE him at all costs if you are at low health. As he evolves, his attacks boost quite generously. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM!

Kha'Zix has the ability to jump in and out of sticky situations. Be careful! As a common user of Kha'Zix, I know that he can jump treelines, shoot spikes through the treelines, and use his ulti to quickly run around the treelines. The jungle is his home. Be careful when you enter the jungle when going against a Kha'Zix, new-user or not.

UPCOMING: Zed! I've seen him played, just be careful when he places his shadow down. A Zed with two The Bloodthirsters and a Zed shadow with two as well can kill almost any champion that hasn't built tanky in one blow.