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Hecarim Build Guide by FoughtX

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FoughtX

Jungle Hecarim

FoughtX Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Rush Tri-Force


Way of GP 5

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello guys, my name is Fought and I am going to be walking you through how I play Hecarim. As you know, he just came out, and I haven't had time to try all of his builds. However, I had great results using these two, and hopefully you find them useful!

Just to clarify, I do NOT have a full item build in the quick tab at the top. Mostly this is because there are too many options, so I will include them in the optional items later in the guide.

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Hecarim, the Shadow of War

Hecarim is a tanky dps made for the jungle. He excels at clearing in AoE, surviving in the jungle, and ganking. His high damage, as well as utility, allow him to make a huge impact on team fights. For those of you who are thinking about buying him, I would say Riot combined Sejuani and Fiora into one awesome centaur.

Warpath is Hecarim's passive, providing him with extra damage for his bonus speed, scaling with levels as well. Although this may sound amazing, and you think "Oh, Boots of Swiftness, Phantom Dancer, and Force of Nature," it just isn't worth it. You will pick up extra movespeed with Mercury's Treads and Trinity Force, but focusing your build on speed is going to leave you too squishy and misfit. In fact, I consider the best part of this passive to loss of unit collision.

Rampage is Hecarim's main skill, providing tons of DPS for both jungling and fighting. Keep in mind that you can not exchange hits very well with this skill, because you practically need to be in auto attack range for it to hit. While jungling, use this right after an auto attack to increase damage, at least until you get Sheen. Remember to keep using this, especially with blue buff, to increase clear time and damage output.

Spirit of Dread is a brilliant and, I believe, will be a completely underrated skill. The damage it provides is good, but the 30% healing from ALL DAMAGE will have 30% healing. This includes: auto attacks, Smite, Onslaught of Shadows, and everything else. This will keep you in the jungle for a long time, and provide a bit of dps and survivability.

Devastating charge is a really fun and useful ability. You can get around faster with it, knock people back, and just fell like a badass centaur. However, Rampage and Spirit of Dread are more useful early game, so you max this last. Remember, the cool down is very large, so don't use it unless preemptively.

This ult is ridiculously strong! Not only does it get you onto someone, you can fear them INTO your team. Try to jump behind whoever you are initiating on, and Devastating Charge them into your team. Beyond that, use your ult only when you need to, it will let you escape ridiculously well and initiate like a boss.

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Summoner Spells

Take Ghost and Smite. Ghost will be your get away/initiation/damage throughout the game. Flash is normally better, but on a champion like Hecarim the move speed is where its at. Smite is obvious, you're going to be jungling with this guide!

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I take a pretty standard set of runes for AD bruiser, getting lots of beefiness early.

greater mark of desolation
Armor Pen Reds: These are pretty standard, you get more damage out of your auto attacks. You can switch these for flat AD runes if you like, I personally prefer PEN.

Flat Armor Yellows: These will get you great starting survivability, especially against jungle creeps. I wouldn't recommend taking any other seals, they just won't go as far.

Mage Resist per Level Blues: Scaling MR and flat MR in this case is fairly even. If you don't feel the need for early MR, get scaling. If you like early survivability, get flat MR. Just get some form of MR.

Flat Armor Quints: Again, these will provide you with great early game resistance, especially coupled with armor seals and cloth armor. Don't get Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed for damage, only take it if you like the utility provided.

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I will keep this part short, because I am guessing you can sum up which masteries you want. These are dynamic and you can definitely change them and still do well.

The 21/9/0 masteries I have provided above will give you the best early game survivability and clear time, while carrying into the end game well. ............ ............ 9/21/0 masteries SHOULD NOT be taken if you have defensive runes. However, if you have offensive runes, you may want to take this to keep your survivability up. Just remember to have a good balance of defense and damage.

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Items - Way of the Triforce


  • Traditional starting items, I find armor and regen helps more than boots. This can be built into a Madred's Razors to increase clear time.

  • The next progression should be boots unless you manage to get good ganks off. Buy your boots and get some more Health Potion's and sight ward's.

  • Buy your Madred's Razors and build them into a wriggle's fast. Remember to keep buying sight ward's, but you won't need many Health Potion's from here on out.

  • Now that you're's time to do real damage. Remember to get attacks off after each Rampage for the sheen proc, it will make your damage skyrocket. Keep farming the jungle, and try to stick between wolves and wraiths. Grab double golems when you go down to gank bottom (or top, if you are purple team).

  • AND
    You generally want to get mercury treads first for the CC reduction, but hopefully you can farm up to get both at the same time. Really, just get these two at a decent time and you'll be set.

  • Hecarim is possibly the best wielder of this item. His Q ( Rampage), though not an on hit skill, has a natural cooldown of 2 seconds when you have the stacks. That means a LOT of Sheen procs, slows and survivability with Phage, and Zeal gives him attack speed AND damage. All in all, get this before everyone else gets their core, and you will dominate.

  • You may have noticed that you only have 3 inventory spots filled now. That's OK! They are all you really need. In fact, you should really sell your Wriggle's Lantern eventually for something better. However, for extra items, go down to the "Optional Items" section.

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Items - Way of the GP5


  • Traditional starting items, I find armor and regen helps more than boots. This can be built into a Madred's Razors to increase clear time.

  • The next progression should be boots unless you manage to get good ganks off. Buy your boots and get some more Health Potion's and sight ward's.

  • philosopher's stone
    You want to get your philo stone first if you are going for GP5. It will give you great regen, especially since your blue buff will be wearing off around this time, and Hecarim gets really mana hungry.

  • Build your Cloth Armor into this, your clear time will go up, thus more farm and more time to gank.

    You will be getting these items around the same time, or maybe far apart if you keep dying! You want your merc treads first, but if you feel no need for more move speed and CC reduction, get heart of gold for more survivability or wriggle's for infinite jungling first.

  • ---> --->
    The best item progression on Hecarim, you will be getting this later than normal because of your GP5 items, but they should help you on your way. Once you finish this, you're golden.

  • shurelya's reverie AND
    Build your philosopher's stone and Heart of Gold into these two items for later.

Eventually, sell your Wriggle's Lantern for something more useful.

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Optional Items

This is a list of situational items to fill in your open slots, especially for the "Way of the Triforce" build. Pick and choose the items that fit best in your situation.

  • AND
    Useful for getting the massive health and armor, as well as damage. This is a safe bet if you don't know what to get for your last items. However, don't get this if the enemy team has a natural Madred's Bloodrazor carrier, like Kog'Maw or Udyr.

  • A very good choice, especially if the other team is AP heavy. This should always be your first choice for MR, since it basically gives you damage as well. At that, this item should be picked up if you aren't certain what to get, along with atmog's combo.

  • If your support hasn't picked on up, and isn't planning on it, then grab Aegis of the Legion for your team. You will be tankier and make your whole team more survivable.

  • Another wonderful item, if you don't have someone else on your team with this, drop something to get it. If the other team has several AD's, especially ones reliant on attack speed, you had better pick up frozen heart.

  • If you can't figure out why you should get this...well, read the description again. Get this if you are 100% initiator on your team and need the extra survivability.

  • --->
    While this item may look great, you're not going to want to stick around fights with lower health on Hecarim. This item would be best picked up against high AP teams, or teams with a lot of finishing skills like Fizz, Garen, or Karthus, just to name a few. Use your best discretion when buying this.

  • AND shurelya's reverie
    Although these were already included in the "Way of the GP5" build, I needed to add these for people following the trinity force build. Even if you don't start off with the philo stone and HoG, these are still great items to have on Hecarim.

  • A stereotypical tank item. I would say get this after things like Randuin's Omen, Warmog's Armor, and Frozen Heart, since it doesn't provide a ton of utility. However, you will heal off of the passive with your Spirit of Dread. Make your own decision based on the game and your play style.

  • You can get a blood thirster late game to replace your wriggles lanter when you use all your other inventory slots. It will give you great damage and a total of 20% life 30% from Spirit of Dread, you have 50% lifesteal with just one lifesteal item.

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Jungle route

This is going to be short and sweet

Start either at wolves or blue, depending on how good your runes are and if you can get a leash. Either kill wolves then get blue or kill blue then get wolves, making sure your Q stays charged. Moving to wraiths, your q is going to lose its charge, but that is ok. Auto attack then Q the wraiths, killing the big one first of course. As you clear the last wraith, head to double golems. As long as you have decent runes and masteries, you should be able to get through here with pretty high health. REMEMBER to use your health potions! They will keep your HP quite high and keep you from being counter jungled easily. After golems, take down lizard since your smite is back up. If it looks like you can gank a lane well, take Devastating Charge at level 3, otherwise get another point in Rampage. Keep going between wraiths and wolves, looking for ganks.

You can try to get a friend from mid or top to go counter jungle, but only do so if you are comfortable and have some wards/CV

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Thank you for reading my Hecarim guide. I hope to enhance it repeatedly as I learn more about how to play Hecarim and learn the in's and out's of his play style.

All +1's are welcome! Please leave valuable input if you see something you think is wrong and what you think is right!