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Lee Sin Build Guide by OGrayO

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OGrayO

Jungle Lee Pin S3 "indepth technique and combos"

OGrayO Last updated on May 9, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 9

Honor Guard

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Introduction FOR YALL

Hi, I'm OGrayO at Gold league in NA and this will be my very first guide for LOL, I've played Lee since season 2 and basically got myself out of elo hell just cause of this champion. I found Lee very fun to play and found myself as an pretty knowledgeable Lee Pin player and he is a great champ to increase your skill level in LOL. This guide will focus mostly on Lee Pin's techniques and making plays.


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Lee Pin jungle is one of the most fearsome junglers. Epic mobility with all his skills and can easily dominate the game giving easy lanes for your team. Being one of the most skill required champion and having 6 skills at level 3, is a very good choice of becoming better at LOL. S2, lee sin was a dominate at top and jungle, however S3 riot decided to cut down Lee's Pin at top(its pretty small already) and left him really only viable at jungle. Nevertheless, Lee Pin with his combos and S3 items, all you will hear is" DEM PLAYS BY LEE PIN"

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Pros / Cons

-Make Plays ALL DAY
-Counter JUNGLE PIN!
-Many choices of Gank routes
-DaT Muscle Combo
-Played right, easy lanes for team and crush any1 in seconds

Weak CC(ult really good if played well)
Hard to catch up if falling behind
Must be communicating well
>****** squishy teams

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Armor Pen runes- NO! LEE PIN Does Epic early DMG, while people dont have much armor at mid and early game, Ad scales better for his Q and E.

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i would take this defensive if i have squishy top and mid.
However, I prefer aggressive 21/9 taking the usual top masteries for epic damage out put during mid and early game and not fall hard at late game.

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Hunter's Machete Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion Health Potion
not much to say, a usual starting for all junglers since s3

First Recall

Try to rush wriggle's for the extra ward and lifesteal(makes plays), if not , at least take madreds for jungling. Gaint's belt and Pick axe is 2 very strong item's for lee sin early game, Gaints belt can transfer either to randuin, sunfire or warmogs depending on you and your team's needs. Pickaxe can upgrade to lee's cores like Tiamat, Maw or last whisper. This gives you a more variety of items to select.

Cores and Mid game

or sight ward
I don't like spending money on tier 2 boots since Lee sin has loads of mobility and rather save the 850 gold for my damage output items for strong mid game. ] Giant's belt Giant's belt is not upgraded because Lee Pin drops at late game and focusing on damage is a better choice at mid game. Hexdrinker is usually a must get unless their team has NO mr, you could buy armor for randuins. Last Whisper and Ravenous Hydra, in most cases, Last whisper should come after Ravenous Hydra because the extra sustain Ravenous Hydra can give is unbelievable( MAKE PLAYS ALL DAY 2)


warmogs and randuin's omen most situations, they are two must gets for sustain since LEE Pin really drops late game, however if you could do with only randuin, then it is advisable from me to not take warmogs and get "botrk", because Lee Pin dropping late game is something i really hated, i'd like to perform damage and plays even through late game, and botrk+ravenous hydra+last whisper+Maw of mortius can really surprise others how much Lee can still do at late game. take GA if you are willing to switch it for your damage items for more risky initations

This can be bought if your support is falling behind in gold and your team are some balls deep divers such as
this is also an very good item if their team has huge cc like and the extra movement speed is really useful to position your self and land skill shots.


YOU GOT LEE PIN'S SMACK IN DA FACE[tempest]AND Holy S*** this is some expensive stuff, after the phage cost rise, this is no-longer a good choice to rush for the extra SLow every attack and dealing NO Damage with it. i prefer pick axe and gaint's belt which cost only around half the price.
******** IT, people KEEP thinking of brutalizer, black cleaver on Lee Pin. However, thinking Lee usually gets auto attacks only a few times on important carries, Last whisper is a better choice of bursting people down.
Very expensive and no extra effect but more Ad and Lifesteal, this is considered a good pick before ravenous hydra came out, it takes tooo long to save up for a B.F sword while you can buy ravenous hydra piece by piece. Ravenous Hydra is also a better choice because the aoe damage is really amazing in teamfights and the aoe lifesteal can 1%to 100% easily used with botrk
THIS IS LEE PIN, NOT LEE SUPPORT, i know some junglers take bulwark making it easier for supports to give better ward vision for the team, but Bulwark REALLY SLOWS YOU DOWN,not saying bulwark is a bad item, it's just not advisable to S*** on LEE Pin's early mid Power for items that you hardly use cuz most are still laning.
LEE IS PIN NOT TANK, this only gives armor,[randuin's omen] is a much better choice because ur actually NOT TANK, Adc will ignore your thornmail because u ONLY HAVE around 1.5k Health.
so season 2
only idoits buy this aloWAY with no other crit items, do it with trinity and ie and
you're wellcome to see swares at ur face.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
q is where lee sin produce most his damage from, use your early mid advantage well by maxing it out
w is just better than e in most cases.

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flash and smite is what you want, smite ovbiously for jungling and flash for making plays.

i'd take flash instead of exhaust unless there is really bursty champs like

Flash and exhaust have better uses than ignite since the lanes you are ganking mostly consist ignite teammates

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Jungling/ counter Jungling

Start go wolves(kill the small wolves first) and a smitless , Use Lee Sin's passive well and hit basicly attacks between skills give you a quicker and safer jungle. head straight towards their jungler's camps red buff and kill the buff if it is a slow jungler such as use Sonic Wave smite Resonating Strike combo inorder to quicky clear the red lizard since your Resonating Strike does health %missing extra damage. Wait at the bush if the opposition is fast jungler or Look at the red lizard's health and time the smite and quickly try for a first blood. Hit your Tempest following an AA and hit your Sonic Wave straight after, this time the jungler should be half or if not lower(from the jungle damage) follow with more AAs and try hold your Resonating Strike till he flashes(this wastes their smite and ensures the kill since you still have flash)

decide to gank mid or top straight after,(unless your really low from counter jungling, you should steal his big golems) try go from behind(e.g. tribush ) to gank, if their mid or top is pushing, rush at them with your e following with AA, and land your Sonic Wave, again Hold your Resonating Strike while AA to bait his Flash and follow it with your 2nd Resonating Strike.
, Recall and check your red buff, choose to take it or camp there because he may try counter jungle you because you stole his red.

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Unique Skills

Mastering these abilities will make you a legit LEE Sin player, but to Be pro, you will have to use them flawlessly in any situation (Lee Pin style) And using these techniques even in signs of chaos.
Use basic attacks in combination with your skills making sure you dont run out of energy"hint" (DONT SPAM)

simple techniques:

sight ward->safegaurd
For gap closers inorder to land sonic wave and escapes(through walls as well!)

this is where lee sin burst comes and you this does well extremly against invincible abilities champs like and . when they are 30%, this combo immediately kills them before they can even react.

-> ->
smite increases resonating strike damage because of the %missing health extra dmg

this is used for the spell vamp given from ironwill to gain some hp back and is really good for fights because it can be used in lanes to save 1 hp ignites when you use it on minions
connect these two and you'll get heal+easy jungle camps

[safegaurd->AA->AA->->AA ->
(Use your basic attacks as much as possible to save energy for use of all skills at same time

to save yourself and others especially assasins jumping at adc

Advanced Lee Pin techniques

This can be used to harrass those at lane even if they are at their tower, timing this properly avoids you even getting hit by the tower.

(into wall)->->
As you play against better players, they realise when they are30% ish you would try to q>r>q them, they would try to juke your q by walking side to side when they are next to you, and hitting them into the wall will have a 1second collusion stun and give you and easy, this requires a good skill of positioning your self and requires practice.

->sight ward->safegaurd->
you will face situations where you are ganking a champion with epic long range gapclosers and escapes and , use this well and you will catch them even they used W away and with their flash.

->->sight ward->->
-> ->->->
these to combos are what makes lee sin the god of mobility and can turn impossible ganks to easy ganks, by kicking enemy champions back into your teammates giving an easy kill. This requires lots of practice and it took me a while to master this as i get average of 250 ping(AUSSIE PINGS OP)

Don't mistaken me, this is used for high level jukes, while you are running away, using the bushes,
] and walk straight away behind them can juke many skills such as cho' gath's .
this is also used to escape in jungles with using jungle camps.



#2 Killing champs with dragon's rage when unnessary. i have seen so many Lee Sin Players do this, and lose a teamfight straight after because they used r on some1 that was 1 hp. this will stop you from being a pro Lee Pin player and this might leave the champion 1hp and getting ur boost running away if timed badly

#3 trying to Q->Q->W back when they are at tower when the oppenent can CC you while you Resonating Strike them,So many LEE Sin players Do this to harrass and end up getting stuned at the tower or chased to death.

#4 side wards or forwards the champion being chased, this causes an chance of escape for the opponent and saves him from your team's SKILLSHOTS.

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personal preferences

I prefer not using smartcast for his skill shots because IMO it gives me more time and prediction of the other champion's route and only using it on safegaurd for faster ward jumping speed(i don't really find a difference thouļ¼‰
And Yes , traditional LEE PIN> DRAGONFIST >LEE PIN

Walk hit is important!!!!
"hit, walk,hit, walk this increases your attack speed and keep your distance with the champion., this also helps Lee Pin to use his passive effectively."

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Lee Pin is a highly skill capped champion and is one of the best junglers if you can execute the techniques in every situation. Again i am OGrayO, and i hope you liked my first build in MOBAFIRE on Lee Pin, I would love comments and approvements needed for my guide.

Now Go Ahead and Lee Pin SOME PLAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S, i will add my own videos showing lee pin plays soon,