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Pantheon Build Guide by iggi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author iggi

Jungling Pantheon and Ad

iggi Last updated on December 19, 2011
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Hello! I am Iggi and this is my Jungling Pantheon build-guide.
Pantheon was an old favorite champion of mine that I recently had a lot of fun playing with, since I got bored seeing and playing the same champions in every game. It has come to my attention, that now (with the jungle changes) Pantheon has a nice jungling potential.
His Spear Shot applies the Lizard buff slow on enemies giving him a nice ganking power.
In addition, I believe that Pantheon is a very fun but underplayed champion, who has a need to shine.
In this short guide, as you can see, I include a build for Tanky AD Pantheon for solo top.

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Pros / Cons


- Has fairly fast jungle
- Amazing ganker
- Stun
- Semi-Global ulty
- Great damage output
- Can towerdive early because of passive
- Tanky late game


- No natural escape
- Need to start at blue
- Scales to tank not to dps in late game
- Rage at champion select etc.
- Mana hungry

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I use 9 greater mark of desolation and 1 greater quintessence of desolation for a bit of armor piercing. Then I use 2 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage for a bit of early attack damage bonus, because Pantheon's Spear Shot has an 1,4 ad ratio. For defense, I use 9 Greater Seal of Armor and 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist.

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For masteries I prefer to focus on offense, assigning 21 points to boost my early game damage output and jungling time. I spend the remaining 9 points in utility grabbing Runic Affinity for the monster buff duration and a bit of mana regen.

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As far as items are concerned, I have a pretty standard jungler build.
I start with a Wriggle's Lantern, buying armor and potions first. Then I buy Boots of Speed and a Phage. That I build it into a Frozen Mallet and then I go for Atma's Impaler the most OP, cost efficient, tanky dps item. At 3000 hp it provides a nice 60 bonus ad. Last, I build a Banshee's Veil and a Last Whisper.

Late game, Wriggle's Lantern can be replaced by The Bloodthirster for some extra damage, but games rarely go that far.

Alternative item choices:
- Force of Nature if your opponents are mainly AP and you need magic resist.
- Aegis of the Legion and/or Zeke's Harbinger for a more supporting role in your team.
- Infinity Edge if you are owning hard :P
- Warmog's Armor if you prefer insane hitpoints and thus tankiness.
- I also enjoy Trinity Force on Pantheon,although it's a bit expensive.

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Skill sequense

I start with Spear Shot, which I rank twice till level 4, to boost my jungling speed and then I max out Heartseeker Strike, which is pantheon's main source of damage. I take Grand Skyfall when available, then max out Spear Shot and last Aegis of Zeonia because the stun duration is equal (1 sec) at all levels.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I use as a loyal jungler should
and to get in or Gtfo!

With the Flash nerf, Ghost seems attractive, but pantheon doesn't have a trick up his sleeve to make a natural escape. (except ulty, but that can go bad)
Generall, I, too, believe that every jungler MUST have Smite and that Flash continues to be useful even after that nerf.

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Start at blue - continue to wolves - then wraiths - red - then fast gank mid - top or bot - then golems and so on. Farm when lanes are pushed, gank when someone overextends and help any lane that needs you. Try to spam-gank when you "wear" the red buff, but remember that you can also gank without it cause you have a stun!

If you want a more complete jungling - ganking guide, try to find a general jungle guide with more tips. Everything generally works with pantheon.

In addition, after level 6, Pantheon's ulty makes him extremely dangerous and nearly every ulty-gank is a kill, if you cooperate successfully with your teammates and aim it right.

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General tips

- Try to guess your opponents position and direction of movement when aiming your Grand Skyfall and always aim a bit behind them taking in mind the time you take to land.
- Remember that Aegis of Zeonia refreshes your passive.
- Try to attack, then move, then attack to maximize your positioning and damage.
- Aegis Protection does not affect magic skills.....
- If you have red buff, even your Spear Shot applies a slow on the opponent.
- If you find yourself mana starved don't hesitate to buy some Mana Potion
- Spear Shot's synergy with Heartseeker Strike's passive makes it deal 150% damage to targets with less than 15% health!!! (read tooltip)

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18/12/2011: Changed skill sequence from Spear shot oriented to Hss oriented.
18/12/2011: Added a laning pantheon build.

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Jungle Pantheon is here to rock your so -boring-same-routine- based games. He is a fine jungler and an even finer ganker with great early game damage and tanky transition into late game.

I will continue updating and meliorate this guide. Let me know your thoughts about it. I hope I helped a bit! Have fun!