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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by KajiKumihoAkukei

Jungle gold

Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10

By KajiKumihoAkukei | Updated on December 2, 2019
379 Votes
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KajiKumihoAkukei's Featured Video

Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Fiddlesticks
    Fear me! ~ Sorcery Fiddlesticks
  • LoL Champion: Fiddlesticks
    The End Is Near! ~ Domination Fiddlesticks
  • LoL Champion: Fiddlesticks
    I Feel Your Fear! ~ Unsealed Spellbook Fiddlesticks
  • LoL Champion: Fiddlesticks
    Yes, My Master! ~ Glacial Augment Fiddlesticks


Arcane Comet
Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

Sudden Impact
Relentless Hunter

+1-10% CDR (lvls 1-18)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


LeagueSpy Logo
Support Role
Ranked #19 in
Support Role
Win 51%
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Ability Order


Fiddlesticks Passive Ability

Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

Kaji's Fiddlesticks Jungle ~ Carrying season 10

By KajiKumihoAkukei



1. Kaji's Guides
2. Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle
3. Introduction
4. Climbing in Ranked
5. Summoner Spells
6. Pros / Cons
7. My Runes
8. Different Primary Paths
9. Unique Abilities
10. Skill Sequence
11. Combo
12. Items
13. Matchups
14. Jungle Pathing
15. Junglesticks ~ Full Gameplay
16. Special Thanks
17. Update Log

Hello and thanks for reading my guide!

I am KajiOĢ„kami, a player that loves playing Fiddlesticks, he is a very fun champion that can heavily impact games if you play him right.

This guide is made based on the experiences I have had in my many games on the champion.
It is my first guide, so I hope you guys enjoy it.

If you do like my content, feel free to follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube! You can find the links at the top of my guide!

Enjoy the guide and have fun out there on the fields of justice!

If you want to be able to climb the ladder in ranked here are a few pointers in general (counts for every role and every champion). League of Legends is, and will always be, a team game. This means that you will have to rely on others in order to win games. Some games you can carry your team, some games you will be the one getting carried by your team. Just remember: everyone can have a bad game!


+ Be positive
+ Be a teamplayer
+ Play the vision game
+ Take objectives
+ Play mastered champions
+ Keep your cool
One of the most important parts about being able to win consistently is being positive. If you go into your games with a clear and positive mindset it will not only help you, but also your teammates. Part of playing as a team includes going along with plays your team commits to. Even if you don't 100% agree with the play. By not joining when your team is committed to make the play you just lower the chances of a play succeeding or not!
Another very important key to victory is vision! It's not only the support's job to provide vision. It is a team effort, by buying a Control Ward on every opportunity you have, you will help your team out tremendously! Once you have learned to help your team provide vision, the next step is learning to secure objectives, because they win games. Taking turrets or slaying an elemental dragon can help your team get global gold or increased stats!
Next thing to keep in mind is to play champions you feel comfortable on, don't force yourself into taking the meta pick if you don't know how to play the champion through and through! Knowing everything there is to know about your champion is very important to consistently win lane!
Last but not least: keep your cool! If you are having a bad game, don't start making risky plays or going by yourself. Play safe and rely on your team to help you get back into the game. Same thing goes if your team is playing poorly. Stay calm and don't blame it on them, just keep playing and help them get back into the game.


- Flame
- Be negative
- Afk farm
- Surrender
- Chase kills
- Be a KDA player
Never flame your teammates, because this will cost you the game more often than not.
For example: We've all been there, the enemy jungler seems to have a tent set by your lane and your jungler doesn't visit your lane once. What to do next, flame and blame your jungler? No! Just play safe, don't give away free kills and let your jungler have impact elsewhere on the map. The same goes for being negative, this will just have a bad impact on your teammates. It will affect their play and your chances of winning decrease by a big amount.
If a game isn't going according to plan, don't go sit in a sidelane doing nothing but farm all game. Yes, farming is important, but helping your team and assisting on plays is a lot more important!
Surrendering is also never an option. If you are behind, just stall out the game until your have caught up with the enemy team or at least until the difference in items and gold doesn't matter as much anymore. A lot of games can be won by just playing smart and waiting for your time, even if you are behind.
One more thing to keep in mind: don't chase for kills. Most of the times you keep chasing for a kill you are just wasting your time or worse, getting yourself killed! If an enemy gets away with just a bit of health take this opportunity to take an objective or provide and clear out vision. This will help your team globally a lot more than trying to get that one kill to boost your KDA and risk dying.

In every game you will take Flash and Smite as it is just the best set of spells you can get for Fiddlesticks jungle.
There isn't much else that can be said about it, you need your Smite for obvious reasons and it doesn't do you much good if you would take anything but Flash.


+ Very fun champion
+ Easy to master
+ Provides cc
+ Healthy jungle clear
+ Strong combo
+ High impact ult

Fiddlesticks is a very fun champion, he isn't too hard to play and his kit is pretty straightforward. He provides a decent amount of crowd control with his Terrify and he has a silence on his Dark Wind, which can be very valuable in teamfights. Fiddlesticks's ult Crowstorm can have a very big impact in teamfights and ganks. Especially in late game teamfights, a well timed Crowstorm can deal a big amount of damage!

- Very squishy
- Vulnerable to cc
- Gets invaded a lot
- Channel time on ult
- No real escape

Fiddlesticks is a pretty squishy champion, which makes him easy to burst down. Early game junglers tend to invade him very often. Fiddlesticks has no real form of escape, so when you engage it's all or nothing. Crowstorm has a channeling time, so if you get interrupted your engage really falls of. Fiddlesticks is also pretty vulnerable to crowd control.

First things first: because of the new runes system there are now so many different building paths, depending on your playstyle, that it can become hard to choose.

In this chapter I will go over the runes that I think are best on Fiddlesticks.

Arcane Comet is the best keystone to build on Fiddlesticks because of the extra damage it does.
Once you get a point in your q, Terrify, Arcane Comet will almost be guaranteed to hit. Terrify fears and slows the target, so they will have no chance to dodge the comet. Because of how easy it is to hit someone with Arcane Comet as Fiddlesticks this is my preferred keystone.

With preseason knocking on our doors and all these changes to runes there is one thing that hasn't changed: Nimbus Cloak is still the rune to take as Fiddlesticks. The bonus movement speed you receive while using Crowstorm is so good and makes it very hard for enemies to escape from out of your ult.

Celerity is the first, and in my opinion, the best option in this tier, even after the changes coming through now in the preseason. The ap boost has been removed, sadly (thanks Riot)!
So why should I still take this rune you ask? The answer is simple: effects that give you bonus movement speed will be enhanced by 7%. This is where Nimbus Cloak comes in to effect. Because now, each time you use your Crowstorm and you get the 100 bonus movement speed from Nimbus Cloak, your movement speed will be enhanced by another 7%!
Another reason for taking this rune is Fiddlesticks's passive Dread. Fiddlesticks really benefits from the increased movement speed as it is also really helpful in your early jungle clear, especially if you try to get a really fast level 3. But more on this later.
Update: patch 9.9 gave a small revert to Celerity, it now once again gives additional movement speed, although it is just 1%.

Absolute Focus is the second go-to option in this tier!
The reason you should take Absolute Focus over Transcendence is the changes that came through for Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes. It now provides cooldown reduction, which makes you cap out your CDR with you items, so you don't need to take Transcendence for that reason anymore.
Absolute Focus gives you bonus AP from the start of the game, as long as you remain above 70% (which is easy as Fiddlesticks because of Drain). This is a lot of early bonus damage compared to Transcendence, which only benefits you from level 10.

Gathering Storm is the best rune for an Fiddlesticks since patch 8.16. The reason is the nerfs that came through on Scorch.
The bonus damage you get from getting Scorch isn't nearly as much anymore on Fiddlesticks jungle because while the cooldown has been reduced, the damage has been cut in half.
As a jungler, you wont benefit from this reduced cooldown and only feel the downsides of the reduced damage.
Which is why I prefer to go for Gathering Storm, because this will help you scale better into the later stages of the game, dealing more damage than you would do with Scorch after the 20 minute mark.

Sudden Impact is the rune you should go for if you want to do as much damage as you possibly can when you use Crowstorm. The bonus magic penetration you get when you use Crowstorm makes it deal a nice amount of bonus damage that will help you assassinate your targets even more efficiently!
Relentless Hunter is the best rune to take here because it will enable you to move around the map much faster without having to go for Boots of Mobility. This is the perfect rune that enables you to still go for Sorcerer's Shoes without losing too much time running around the map.

This preseason has brought something new and, in my opinion, very useful to the rune-page crafting: the option to pick you own bonus stats. There are 3 tiers, each with 3 options.

Tier 1 ~ Offense
+ 6 AD or 10 AP
+ 9% Attack Speed
+ 1 - 10% CDR (level 1 - 18)
Tier 2 ~ Flex
+ 6 AD or 10 AP
+ 5 armor
+ 6 magic resistance
Tier 3 ~ Defense
+ 15 - 90 HP (level 1 - 18)
+ 5 armor
+ 6 magic resistance

I will tell you my personal view on these stats for Fiddlesticks. These bonus stats should be your pick no matter what the rune page you are going to run is.

Tier 1 ~ Offense: 1 - 10% CDR (level 1 - 18). The reason behind picking the cool-down reduction as a bonus stat is very simple. This way you can easily cap of you CDR without having to take Transcendence in your runes. Which leaves more room for you to take more useful (and effective) runes.

Tier 2 ~ Flex: adaptive stats, which in the case of Fiddlesticks will be + 10 AP (unless you are looking to play some good old crittlesticks! ;) ). This is the best way to go because you will be happy to have the extra damage when dueling versus the enemy jungler and it will help you a lot in getting off successful ganks!

Tier 3 ~ Defense: here you will pick the 15 - 90 HP (level 1 - 18) for one simple reason: bonus health is the stat you will be getting the most value out of as Fiddlesticks.

In this chapter I will talk some more about other possible primary rune paths that are viable on Fiddlesticks. If these runes seem to fit your playstyle more, don't hesitate to take them.

Going in to Domination as the primary path can build up to some interesting choices, which are certainly viable on Fiddlesticks if this complements your playstyle better than Sorcery.

Predator will most likely be your keystone when going Domination.
This particular keystone gives you something that Fiddlesticks normally lacks when he ganks without Crowstorm available: a quick way to get to the enemy when you are ganking.
You just start channeling your predator boots while you are in the river and then you are too fast for the person you're ganking to get away without blowing at least a Flash.
Note: always make sure you fully channel Predator before engaging, or else you will just put it on cooldown.

Sudden Impact is a solid choice for Fiddlesticks because it gives you +6 magic penetration after using your Crowstorm. This can really increase your damage output. Well, it does if you actually hit someone with it, that is!

Eyeball Collection is good because of the bonus ability power you get from is.
Not much else to say about it, it's pretty straightforward.

Relentless Hunter is the best rune to take here because it will enable you to move around the map much faster without having to go for Boots of Mobility. This is the perfect rune that enables you to still go for Sorcerer's Shoes without losing too much time running around the map.

Ingenious Hunter is also worth concidering here, since this will give you up to a 40% cooldown on your Zhonya's Hourglass and Hextech GLP-800.
Hextech GLP-800 will have it's cooldown reduces by 16 seconds and Zhonya's Hourglass will get it's cooldown reduced by 48 seconds.
Note: For Zhonya's Hourglass there are some other interesting synergys when you go for Inspiration secondary path. If you take Cosmic Insight and Perfect Timing the cooldown of your Zhonya's Hourglass will be reduced by 53.25%. This means that you can turn golden every 56.1 seconds.

With patch 8.9 a new Unsealed Spellbook has arrived, making it a much better rune to take on Fiddlesticks. The rune now allows you to swap one of your summoner spells for any other summoner spell for one time use. After the selected summoner spell has been used, it is swapped back to the original spell, which will continue it's cool down on the background. This gives ganking with Crowstorm even more potential.
For example: you could swap Smite for Cleanse while ganking a lane with a form of crowd control that could prevent you from getting on your target while using Crowstorm. Or you could swap Smite for Ignite to increase your kill potential. These are just a few of the possibilities the new and improved Unsealed Spellbook offers.

Glacial Augment is also worth considering as a keystone because of the increased amount of cc is gives you.
The possibility to take this rune has been pointed out to me by Ryther, a member on this site. So I looked into it and found Glacial Augment good for certain teams comps.
The extra slow it provides when you auto attack someone really makes your ganks more potent. Especially if you are ganking pre 6, and want to close in on the enemy.
On top of that, you get a bonus slowing zone if you hit enemy champions with your Hextech GLP-800 active.
I can really recommend this keystone if you are going up to a team with no real form of escape, aside from using Flash. Because if you set up a gank with the extra slow, followed by your Terrify and Dark Wind the targeted enemy champion will either die or have to blow Flash. If there is good gank assistance on you team (like Leona or Nautilus, your ganks with the extra slow of Glacial Augment will be very strong.

Hextech Flashtraption can be a useful rune as it will give you a lot more playmaking even when your flash is down. You can surprise your enemy by using Hextech Flashtraption over walls to get close to them and follow up with your fear .
You can do this to set up a gank or to all-in the enemy jungler if you have vision on him and he is in a vulnerable position. Taking Hextech Flashtraption allows you to make more plays because you don't have to wait on your Flash or Crowstorm to be off cooldown to be able to get your fear of on the enemy target.
The video below is a perfect demonstration of the power that Hextech Flashtraption can offer.

Biscuit Delivery can be a very useful rune on Fiddlesticks to help him go through the early game without too many mana issues. The biscuits will restore 15% of your missing mana and increase your mana pool by 40 each time a biscuit is consumed. If you end up not needing to eat them, you can still sell the biscuits. Selling them will still guarantee you the increased mana.

Cosmic Insightas a rune and why to take is also explained in the previous chapter.

Dread (Passive):Standing still or channeling abilities for 1.5 seconds grants Fiddlesticks 25/30/35/40% bonus movement speed, this bonus lasts for 1.5 seconds once he starts moving. Being immobilized doesn't trigger Dread, and will reset the timer.
Fun fact: After 5 seconds of not moving, Fiddlesticks will stand completely still and become a scarecrow.

Terrify Q: Fiddlesticks causes the target enemy to flee as well as slowing them by 90%. Flee makes the targeted enemy run in the opposite direction of where you are.
Fun fact: If you use Terrify on Master Yi while he is using his ult Highlander he will run away from you, but he will not be slowed. So when playing against Master Yi, save Terrify for when he uses his ult and enjoy watching him speed away!

Drain W: Fiddlesticks tethers himself to the target enemy and channels for up to 5 seconds. While channeling, Fiddlesticks deals magic damage each second, and heals himself for a percentage of the damage done.
If the target breaks the tether by moving out of range, Drain ends immediately. If the target dies before the channel completes, Drain reduces its cooldown by its remaining duration.

Dark Wind E: Fiddlesticks sends a crow to the target enemy that bounces to nearby enemies up to 5 times, prioritizing targets not yet hit or targets affected by Drain, dealing magic damage with each bounce and silencing them for 1.25 seconds once.
Jungle camps take 100% bonus damage from Dark Wind.
Update: patch 8.15 nerfed the damage coming from Dark Wind.

Crowstorm R:After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Fiddlesticks blinks to a target location with a murder of crows flying wildly around him for 5 seconds, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies every 0,5 seconds.
Fun fact: Fiddlesticks can use summoner spells while channeling Crowstorm, as long as he doesn't have to move to use them!

> > >


Crowstorm: your ult is your biggest output of damage, so for that reason you will want to put a point in it every chance you get. This means at levels 6 > 11 > 16.

Drain: you will max Drain first because of one simple reason: the greatly increased sustain it provides! Especially since the start of preseason, where getting dragon is even more important than before. Leveling Drain first allows you to do very healthy dragon clears. You can even solo dragon and be full health when you leave. Another perk maxing Drain brings is that you can negate a lot of damage enemy champions do to you while you are ganking. Leaving time for your laners to do their damage.

Terrify: after you have maxed out Drain, Terrify is next for one simple reason ~ the duration of the fear increases with the levels. This means you can take enemy carries out of the fight for a longer amount. Leaving more time for you and your team to burst them down, or, when necessary escape.

Dark Wind: once you reach a good skill level on Fiddlesticks you will almost always want to do the fast level 3 pathing on your jungle clear. This means you will start with Dark Wind at level 1. Then you will put another point in it at level 4, because it speeds up your jungle clear decently and it increases the damage you do while ganking. After that you will not level this skill again until level 15.

This is a combo you really need to know as Fiddlesticks.
You can't really control where your e Dark Wind bounces to if you use it.
But when you throw Dark Wind followed by your w Drain the drained target will be focused by the bounces from Dark Wind.
This combo is useful while clearing the jungle and while ganking. If you run up to someone and Terrify them, followed by Dark Wind and Drain you will get the maximum damage output from your gank, because your bounces from Dark Wind will focus the enemy champion you are draining.

This is one of the basic combo's you can use on Fiddlesticks:
If you come from behind on a gank you should start with using your Q, Terrify, and then start channeling you ult Crowstorm. This will guarantee you landing your ult on them, or at least them blowing their Flash.

> > >

This is the best combo you can do as Fiddlesticks, if you get the possibility to pull off this combo you should always take it. The best way to get this combo of is by always having a Control Ward with you to make sure there is no vision in the area.
The moment you go in with Crowstorm you have to immediately use your Terrify on the nearest target. Ideally this will be an enemy carry for obvious reasons. After you have feared them, immediately use your Dark Wind so there's a silence and they will not be able to flash out of your ult. End you combo with Drain, keeping you nice and healthy.
Result: one dead carry!

In this chapter I will talk more about the itemization on Fiddlesticks.
There are a lot of good items your can build, each of which I will explain below.

Hunter's Talisman is the best starting item for jungling with Fiddlesticks. This primary reason for this is the increased mana regenaration in the jungle it provides.

Control Ward is preferable as a starting item because Fiddlesticks doesn't need to buy a Health Potion or Refillable Potion to stay healthy while clearing camps. All he needs to stay healthy is his w, Drain. So instead of using your gold to buy potions, you can buy a Control Ward.
Because you need to start at blue buff as Fiddlesticks, the chances are that your red buff will be invaded. If you start the game with a Control Ward you can place this at your red buff, giving you crucial information.

Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes is the best jungle item to build on Fiddlesticks. It gives you ap, cooldown reduction, mana and more mana regeneration in the jungle.
Note: the cooldown reduction on Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes came with the release of patch 8.10.
I prefer Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes over Skirmisher's Sabre - Runic Echoes because of the movement speed it steals when you cast it on an enemy champion, slowing them. This can be very useful when you use your ult and want keep someone in your Crowstorm.

Zhonya's Hourglass is a must buy item on Fiddlesticks in every game. You will always want to buy this as a second item.
The reason for this is very easy: if you ult in the middle of the enemy team they will either flash out of it, or try to burst you down. Having a Zhonya's Hourglass here can prove very useful, making sure you don't die and getting the maximum duration out of your ult.

Oracle Lens has become available from level 1 since patch 8.8. This means that you can sweep your entire jungle a lot sooner than you used to.
I recommend you switch from Warding Totem to Oracle Lens after your first back. This allows you to use Crowstorm from where the enemy team has no vision from the moment you reach level 6. Needless to say that doing this greatly increases your chances to get a free kill.

Sorcerer's Shoes are your go-to boots if you get the chance. The extra magic penetration it gives you is just so good on Fiddlesticks.

Mercury's Treads are preferable when the enemy team has a lot of cc. The increased tenacity will help you get out of tough situations just that little bit faster.
Another good situation to go for Mercury's Treads is when the enemy team is very heavily ap focused (ap top + jungle + mid).

Ninja Tabi should be your choice when the enemy team is full ad, just because it will help you so much against full ad comps. The reduced damage from auto attacks and the extra armor will keep you alive a lot longer against full ad comps.

Boots of Mobility can be a very effective choice if you get ahead early and want to make a big impact on the game by ganking a lot.
Personally I prefer Sorcerer's Shoes on Fiddlesticks because of the increased damage they provide. But this is more of a choice of playstyle, since both Sorcerer's Shoes and can be very good Boots of Mobility.

Hextech GLP-800 is a very good item, especially since the ap item changes. It gives you extra mana, a lot of ap, 20% cdr and the active is so good on Fiddlesticks.
The active deals a nice amount of damage, but more importantly, if provides a slow. Keeping enemy champions in your Crowstorm for a longer amount of time, or making them have to blow their Flash to get out.
Note: patch 8.9 buffed Hextech GLP-800, making it an even better choice for Fiddlesticks.

Morellonomicon is another great item, since it's changes gave it the extra magic penetration and made it more heavily focused on the grievous wounds. When the enemy team has a lot of healing power, think of an AD carry with Blade of the Ruined King or Bloodthirster or champions like Warwick and Swain, this item can decrease the effectiveness of their healing by a substantial amount.

Rabadon's Deathcap is a strong item to consider building on Fiddlesticks if you need the extra damage, especially since the bonus ap % got buffed.
You can build this in games where you are the only ap threat on your team or you ap midlaner is 0/5).

Liandry's Torment received some change that made it's identity a lot clearer. If the enemy team is building a lot of health, this is your go-to item. The magic penetration has been removed, but the burn it does has been increased pretty largely. So for those who don't really know when they should get this item: build it when you see a lot of items that give bonus health on the enemy team.

Void Staff should be build when there is a lot of magic resistance on the enemy team.
I their builds are heavily focused on magic resistance buying this item will increase your damage a lot more than buying flat ap. More ap (like you get from Rabadon's Deathcap may look stronger, but trust me, Void Staff is a much stronger choice in these kind of situations.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter is another very good item on Fiddlesticks.
The reasons here are very clear: more ap, more health and an extra slow, making Crowstorm that more effective.

Luden's Echo can be a replacement item for Hextech GLP-800 since they both build out of Lost Chapter since the ap item changes. The difference between the two is that Luden's Echo offers more burst.
In my opinion Hextech GLP-800 is better because of the item active, but both items are viable options.

Hextech Protobelt-01 can also be a replacement item for Hextech GLP-800 for the same reason a with Luden's Echo. It provides more burst.
Here, again Hextech GLP-800 is the better item in my opinion because it offers more cooldown reduction and mana.

Twin Shadows is back: talk about a blast from the past! The more experienced league player will remember the spooky ghosts well enough.
When an why should you take it on Fiddlesticks?
If you get an early game lead and want to snowball your lanes, this item can be very effective. You activate them as you walk into the lane, slowing the enemy champions and making them easy targets for your Terrify, Dark Wind and Crowstorm.

Shurelya's Reverie is also back: yet another blast from the past that found it's way back on to the rift! The more experienced league player will remember this item as well.
When an why should you take it on Fiddlesticks?
If you get an early game lead and want to snowball your lanes, this item can be very effective. It's kind of the same as with Twin Shadows. Only this time you don't slow the enemy, but you increase your (and your teammates's) movementspeed.
This also scales well with your runes if you take Celerity.
So go out there, buy Shurelya's Reverie, pop it when you ult in, and enjoy watching everyone fall around you!
Note: preseason has changed Shurelya's Reverie and now it no longer gives you bonus AP. It is still worth looking in to though because of the bonus movement speed it provides on the active.

Banshee's Veil can be a very good item on Fiddlesticks when there are a lot of ap threats on the enemy team, or when they have a lot of cc. The magic resistance and spell shield you get from Banshee's Veil can make the difference between getting a kill or being killed in there kinds of situations.
Example: you channel Crowstorm and end up right in an Event Horizon from Veigar. If you have Banshee's Veil in this situation, you will not be stunned and Veigar will most likely be dead. If you don't have it, you will get stunned and you are going to be the one sent back to base.

This chapter will be dedicated to the different jungle matchups you can encounter as Fiddlesticks. If you are new to the champion and want to learn how to play him, I can really advise you to read this chapter thoroughly. It will teach you when to pick your favorite scarecrow and when to pick a safer champion in your learning period.
Once you have completely mastered the champion, you will learn that there aren't a lot of matchups you can't win if you play it right.
You can click on the champions listed below to go directly to the matchup you wan to read about. Champions in green are matchup levels 1/10 - 3/10, yellow are matchup levels 4/10 - 7/10 and red are matchup levels 8/10 - 10/10.

Master Yi | Amumu | Nidalee | Hecarim | Kindred | Rammus | Ivern | Warwick | Twitch | Volibear Evelynn | Elise | Olaf | Sejuani | Gragas | Wukong | Graves | Nunu | Xin Zhao | Kai'Sa | Malphite | Shaco | Udyr | Skarner | Rengar | Diana | Vi Lee Sin | Jax | Pantheon | Kha'Zix | Jarvan IV | Rek'Sai | Zac | Kayn | Aatrox

You might not expect it, you may not want to believe it, but Master Yi is actually really easy for Fiddlesticks.
Early game: he doesn't have enough damage to kill you early game. If you ever run in to him, just Drain him as he is attacking you. If he starts to use his w, Meditate to heal, just use your Dark Wind on him and that will stop his ability.
Late game: when Master Yi uses his ultimate, Highlander and comes running towards you or your teammates really fast, you just use your Dark Wind to silence him so he can't use his Alpha Strike, followed by Terrify and he will go speeding off in the other direction.
Bye bye Yi, bye bye damage!

The sad little mummy isn't a real threat to Fiddlesticks. Normally Amumu won't be counterjungling you and he doesn't take objectives really fast and easy on his own.
What you do need to watch out for is his Bandage Toss and Curse of the Sad Mummy because they can stop you while you are channeling your Crowstorm.
Late game: don't stay grouped up as 5 within ult range of Amumu or he will stun your whole team and things won't end well.

Nidalee is not really a problem for Fiddlesticks if you keep one thing in mind: vision! If you buy wards and are aware of where Nidalee is, it becomes easy to dodge her spears. When she doesn't hit her spears, Nidalee really doesn't have the damage she needs to hurt you.
Hint: when playing against a Nidalee take your buffs as soon as they spawn. If you don't, chances are pretty high that she will have stolen them by the time you arrive.

Hecarim shouldn't be too hard for you, he is much like Master Yi in a certain way. Meaning that when he comes speeding to you, it is easy for Fiddlesticks to first silence him with Dark Wind and then Terrify him so he doesn't get to engage.
The big difference is that Hecarim offers a bit of cc, meaning that he can interrupt you while you are channeling Crowstorm. His e, Devastating Charge has a knock-back and his r, Onslaught of Shadows can make you flee. So you will have to time your engages with Crowstorm a little more careful.

Kindred doesn't cause Fiddlesticks too much trouble, the most important thing in this matchup is that you always take his marked camps as soon as possible. When playing against Kindred you should always max your Dark Wind first, because when he is trying to take a marked camp like gromp or rift scuttler , you can get a lot of bounces off on Kindred and get him low before you even started fighting.
Late game: if you use Crowstorm and Kindred uses his own ult, Lamb's Respite to stay alive, wait to use your Zhonya's Hourglass untill after his ult has ended or else you will lose precious time.

Don't be afraid when you are playing against Rammus. He will not be counterjungling you unless he gets a very early lead. In this matchup you are very important for your team. Try to take every rift scuttler and ward the river as much as possible. This way your team will see Rammus coming in time and they will be able to respond.
Rammus can also stop your Crowstorm while you are channeling with his q, Powerball and e, Frenzying Taunt. So make sure he isn't close when you plan on using Crowstorm.

Ivern isn't that much of a threat to you. All you have to do is buy enough vision to protect your buffs and communicate with your lanes a lot.
If you have good vision, you will always know where Ivern is, and when you and your laners respond every time he invades, he will lose all pressure. Because late game Ivern doesn't provide a lot of utility except for a shield here and there.
Note: when you channel your ult, make sure he can't root you because it will cancel your channel and put Crowstorm on cooldown.

I know that a lot of players may find it hard to play against Warwick. I used to dislike this matchup to. But actually there is a very easy trick you can abuse as Fiddlesticks to shut down Warwick. You just have to realize what you have in your kit and how to use it.
Fiddlesticks has a silence on his Dark Wind meaning that all abilities that are being channeled will stop when someone gets hit by it. This means you can stop Warwick when he uses his e, Primal Howl.
But more importantly, if you time your Dark Wind perfectly, you can stop Warwick right as he uses his r, Infinite Duress.
Timing is key here, you have throw your Dark Wind right as Warwick jumps towards his target. The jump will still proceed, but when he reaches his target and gets silenced, the rest of his ult will be stopped and go on cooldown.
Needless to say that without his Infinite Duress and the damage and lock down it provides, the effectiveness of ganks from a Warwick are heavily reduced!

Twitch is a good jungler and you should never underestimate a good Twitch player. But all in all, this matchup isn't really hard for Fiddlesticks. You will not get invaded because Twitch lacks the damage to really force anything early on. Make sure you always leave your Terrify up, so that when he pops up in front of you, you can press q immediately to either get away from him or take him down. Buy enough vision and tell your lanes to do the same, so that they can't be surprised by a sudden Twitch gank.
Late game: it might be wise to focus Twitch in teamfights because he can do a lot of damage!

Volibear is not too hard, he is a little stronger since his small rework but not too much of a threat to Fiddlesticks. If he comes running to you with Rolling Thunder, use Terrify to send him away, followed by Dark Wind to silence him. Making his engage completely useless.
What you do need to watch out for is his passive Chosen of the Storm. When it is up, you will not likely be taking him down so don't get greedy and risk the chance of ending up in a bad situation because of this. Also always keep an eye on your own health, because his w Frenzy deals increasing damage the lower your healthbar is. Luckily your are Fiddlesticks so you can stay relatively healthy in most situations.
One last thing to watch out for: when you are channeling Crowstorm be careful for flash engages from Volibear, interrupting your ult and leaving you helpless.

Evelynn is one of those matchups that depends a lot on skill and how well your team is doing. She will very often try to counterjungle you because of the nature of the champion. Warding is very important in this matchup, especially buying a Control Ward every time you go back to base. By doing this you make sure that you see her coming when she tries to invade you are when she tries to gank your laners.
If you see her coming you can easily dodge her Allure. If she misses that, a big part of her burst falls of.
One last thing to keep in mind is this: if you try to all in her, make sure you have enough damage to kill her during the time you can Terrify her and silence her with your Dark Wind. Because she can escape easily with her own ult Last Caress.

Elise is mostly an early game jungler. Her job will be to gank as much as possible and try to get her laners ahead or get a lead for herself. There is also a pretty big chance she will try to invade you. Don't underestimate Elise, if she lands her Cocoon on you, her burst is strong enough to take you down or make you have to blow your Flash. The best thing to do against an Elise is buy enough wards to spot out her invades and ganks. If you can stop Elise from having an impact in the early game, she will fall off heavily in the late game.

Olaf can be pretty hard for Fiddlesticks in the early game, but if you know how to play against him you should be fine.
First thing you need to know is that Olaf will often be very low while clearing his camps because of his passive Berserker Rage, which gives him more attack speed per % missing health. Because of this he won't be counterjungling you too much.
This also means is that he is vulnerable to being counterjungled. Only do this if you are confident you can do it and you have pushing lanes, so that your team can come and help you if necessary!
You do still want to watch out for the damage Olaf can do to you, if you get tagged by a Undertow, chances are pretty high you are in trouble.
Second thing when playing versus an Olaf jungle: save your Terrify for another target than Olaf when he has his ult Ragnarok up. Because you will not be able to fear him!

Sejuani is a very tanky jungler, so you will not be taking her down very easily. When you are matched up against a Sejuani you need to contest her for vision all the time. Try to get the rift scuttler whenever it's up, to provide your team with information of where she is.
Sejuani doesn't deal a lot of damage on her own, but she has great engage with her ult Glacial Prison and her q dash, Arctic Assault.
Don't forget that she offers a lot of crowd control: she has a knock up on Arctic Assault, a slow on her w Winter's Wrath and a stun because of her e Permafrost.
So as Fiddlesticks you will have to make sure she is in no position to stop you from channeling your ult before you think about using Crowstorm.

Gragas may not be the best jungler at the moment, you still need to watch out for him. He can be pretty tanky or deal a nice amount of damage, depending on how he is building. The main reason I don't think Gragas is an easy matchup for Fiddlesticks is because he can very easily stop you from channeling Crowstorm by just using his own ult Explosive Cask. Not only does this stop you from using your ult, it can also knock you into his team where he can then follow up with Body Slam, keeping you cc'd long enough to take you down.
So when playing against Gragas I advise you to go for an early Sweeping Lens to make sure you aren't channeling your ult in enemy vision.

The monkey king is a very burst-focused champion. This matchup can go either way, but if Wukong gets an early lead and starts to snowball you will not be having fun.
What you need to watch out for when playing versus Wukong is very simple: his Nimbus Strike followed by Crushing Blow into Cyclone, or better known as e>q>r combo. Wukong can deal a high amount of damage with this combo in a very short period of time. If you save your Terrify until after he jumps on you, it will give you the best chance to survive his combo. Be sure not to use your abilities on the wrong Wukong, because he will often use Decoy before engaging or trying to escape.
Against Wukong the same advise goes as for any other jungler with a form of crowd control: make sure you start channeling Crowstorm when he can't see you or can't reach you!

Graves is not so strong at the moment, so you don't see him very often. The thing about Graves jungle is that he can also stay pretty healthy while clearing the camps. If you are in this matchup, you should always ward your jungle because he will very likely be invading you a lot.
The hard part about this matchup is that Graves can do a big amount of damage to you in a short period of time.
The good part about this matchup is that Graves has no real form of crowd control, which mean that he can't interrupt you while channeling Crowstorm. All you need to watch out for is that he doesn't burst you down before you are done channeling.

Nunu & Willump probably are one of the most annoying champions to jungle against.
Since the rework he has become even more annoying to deal with because he can still counterjungle you very easily with his Consume and on top of that he got a form of crowd control with his new ability Biggest Snowball Ever!, which can interrupt you while using Drain or channeling Crowstorm.
When jungling against Nunu & Willump it is very important to ward your buffs and ask your teammates to help keep track! The more vision you have, the easier you can track where he will try to go next. This way you can be the one making the counter ganks, which gives you a higher chance of success and getting a kill for your team.

Xin Zhao has become a pretty strong early jungler since the rework. As Fiddlesticks you will want to avoid fighting him early on and focus on farming and reaching your level 6. Never try to 1 vs 1 against Xin Zhao unless he is really far behind.
If you ever run in to him, wait until he jumps on you and then use Terrify and Dark Wind to get him away from you.
Because if you do it before he will just jump on you after he's been feared and you'll end up dying. Be aware that when you use Crowstorm he can use his own ult Crescent Guard and become invulnerable.

League's latest marksman has seen some play in the jungle as well, that's why I included her in this chapter.
If you are playing against a Kai'Sa jungle, feel free to try and invade her in the early game. Be careful to not get too low on health in your own jungle, because if she hits her w Void Seeker on you, she can follow up with her ult Killer Instinct. This makes her surprisingly tanky and it has a big range.
Luckily you are Fiddlesticks and you will not be low health in your own jungle very often.
Kai'Sa is a very potent champion, but she needs to scale. If you get the chance to shut her down and put her in a deficit, you should do it. Because if she reaches the late game you will not be winning those 1 vs 1 trades.
The big problem Kai'Sa has is that she is very vulnerable to cc. So if you run into her, you can easily Terrify her and follow up with your other abilities or get away, depending on the situation.
The reason she is still this high up on the difficulty scale is simply because of her very strong late game, if she can reach it.

Malphite is not a jungler with a lot of pressure. So he will not be invading your jungle and he will not be ganking a lot pre 6.
What makes Malphite hard for Fiddlesticks is his tankiness. You will not be getting him down very easy if you are 1 vs 1 against him.
Once Malphite reaches level 6 and has his Unstoppable Force you should be aware of where he is all the time, because this is such a strong engagement tool.
So in this matchup it is also advised to always buy a Control Ward to make sure nobody is surprised by a rock suddenly flying into their face.
When channeling Crowstorm make sure Malphite isn't near enough to use his ult on you, because it will not end well for Fiddlesticks.

Shaco can be a harder mathcup for Fiddlesticks because Shaco is a very active early game jungler. The fact that most of the games, Shaco players will run Smite and Ignite is a big threat for Fiddlesticks because he relies pretty hard on his Drain for sustaining in 1 vs 1 scenarios.
When you are playing against a Shaco you will probably get invaded very often. This is just the nature of the matchup, so try to stay cool and get your advantages elsewhere.
You should start by, and I feel like I am saying this a lot, always buying a Control Ward when you leave base. That way you can help your team keep track of Shaco, which can make a big difference between getting to a better point in the game safely instead of having a 8/1 Shaco snowballing the game and oneshotting your carries.
One more hint I can give you, if Shaco runs away, don't chase him. He is too hard to catch and you will waste valuable time. In matchups like these it is very important to focus on objectives.

If you are playing against an Udyr prepare for a rough early game. The most important part here is that you don't give him an early lead, because he will make your life very hard and take away every camp he can.
Focus on farming up until you have your Crowstorm and then start impacting your lanes with some well placed ganks.
Another thing you can do against Udyr is be the one that counterganks. Take away his vision of you as much as possible. For this you need to work together with your laners, everyone has to buy a Control Ward. That way, when you see him ganking somewhere you can respond quickly. If you have Crowstorm up, this is a great opportunity to use it.

Skarner is mostly a hard matchup for you because of his really strong early game. If he comes to invade you and you have no back-up from your laners, just give up the camp. Because you will not win the 1 vs 1. When he reaches level 6, be very careful not to get targeted by his Impale. His e Fracture also comes with a stun if he auto attacks you after you get targeted by it. So be very careful when going in to trades with him.
Hint: placing a smart Control Ward in the dragon pit will inform you in time when he tries to take a dragon.
Late game Skarner doesn't provide a lot of damage or tankiness. He mainly serves his purpose as a catch tool to try and get that one target.

Rengar is a tough matchup for Fiddlesticks, you can be pretty certain that he will be invading you on every occasion he gets. The problem with Rengar is that it is almost impossible to get away from him in the jungle because he can always leap onto you from the bushes. Buy Control Ward and make sure you team does to.
You can take down Rengar when you reach level 6 and have your Crowstorm up. But without your ult, you aren't likely to win a duel against Rengar unless you can really outplay him.
Late game: save Terrify when you see Rengar using his Thrill of the Hunt. That way when he leaps in on you or one of your carries, you can immediately send him away. Buying time for your team to try and burst him down.

When playing against a Diana jungle try to make some early ganks for your teammates. Diana doesn't have decent ganks until she hits level 6 and has Lunar Rush, so you can abuse this lack of pressure to try and get your team ahead. Once Diana has Lunar Rush you really need to watch out for her burst. Because she can start doing a lot of damage past this point. Her Moonfall can also interrupt you when channeling Crowstorm, so you have to watch out when trying to go for an engage. The moment a good Diana player reaches level 6, the invades will start and you will either have to give up a few camps or die.
In this matchup it might be wise to go for Mercury's Treads to increase your chances to survive a Diana burst.
The good thing about this matchup is that Diana has to get in the middle of your team to deal damage in teamfights. This is where you have the advantage because you can Terrify her and after that even silence her with Dark Wind.

Vi is a strong early game jungler that can have a big impact on games. She has good damage and a great gap closer to get on her target with her q Vault Breaker. You can fight her in the 1 v 1 early game, if there is something near on which you can bounce your Dark Wind to her.
Note: While Vi is a strong jungler early, she doesn't have the best first clear.
Try to pressure her early: for example if you start on blue side, you can do the fast level 3 on top side and rush to her red, there you only need to Q > E > W and watch her die or flash.
Looking at early ganks Vi definitely has the advantage over you and most of the time she will be ganking a lot early on. The strongest thing about Vi that makes it a hard matchup for Fiddlesticks is her ult Assault and Battery. While using her ultimate Vi can not be feared by your Terrify or silenced by Dark Wind.
If you want to stop Vi you will have to do it after she has used her Assault and Battery.
What you can do is use your Dark Wind to silence her when she is charging up her Vault Breaker, putting it on cooldown.

Lee Sin is one of the best early game junglers in the game. His damage is much higher than yours in the first part of the game so you have to play this matchup very safe. If you ever get tagged by his q Sonic Wave in the early levels, you should cast Terrify when he uses his second part and comes flying to you.
Playing against Lee Sin means that you and your teammates have to be very careful. If he doesn't get a lead for himself or his lanes, he will fall of late because he doesn't scale very well.
Providing vision in the early game is a great way to stop him from making plays. As in so many matchups, a Control Ward is your best friend.
Note: be careful for his r Dragon's Rage because it can interrupt you when channeling Crowstorm. Lee Sin can use this directly on you, or on one of your teammates and knock them towards you.
Another important thing to note: don't chase after a Lee Sin, he is too mobile. Objectives are much more important than greeding for a kill.

Jax is a hard matchup for Fiddlesticks, because he is such a strong duelist. You can never 1 vs 1 Jax as Fiddlesticks without having your Crowstorm up.
Try to stay out of the leap range of his q Leap Strike because you have no escape tools once he gets on top of you. If he does manage to get on top of you, immediately use Terrify to try and get away from him. Don't fight him unless you are absolutely sure that you can take him.
Late game: Jax will try to get on top of your back line, just as you will try to get on to his back line with Crowstorm. Make sure you channel your ult out of range, because if he stuns you with Counter Strike you will not be able to have an impact on teamfights.

You don't see a lot of Pantheon jungle, but in some games you will have to face this. If you ever get stuck in this matchup there are a few things you should not do:
First, you don't want to fight Pantheon 1 vs 1 , because he will win, there's not much you can do about it. He just has too much damage in the early game.
Second, walk around the map blind because if he knows you are on your way and you don't see him, he will stun you with his w Aegis of Zeonia and your screen will most likely turn gray.
Take rift scuttler every time you can and try to ward his jungle. This is important to give your laners important information when they should play safe. Because with his r Grand Skyfall Pantheon is able to gank from out of his own jungle or the river.
Late game: don't get caught on your own by Pantheon and everything should be fine. In teamfights you provide a lot more damage and utility than him.

Kha'Zix is a very good jungler with a lot of damage, especially against isolated targets. Since you are a jungler, you will be isolated a lot of the time. Fiddlesticks also isn't a very tanky champion, so you are a perfect prey for Kha'Zix. If you run in to him all alone the chances are pretty high that he will just burst you down.
Your best option when you run in to him is wait until he uses his Leap and then Terrify him. This way you can get away from him safely, or, if your team is coming towards you, to stall for time.
Because of his high damage against isolated targets Kha'Zix is good at taking objectives, so be sure to watch out for sneaky dragon takes.
Late game, if your team groups as 5, it becomes hard for Kha'Zix to burst down a target. But if a squishy member of your team (such as yourself) ever gets caught out on their own, Kha'Zix can very quickly take them down.
Because of the changes to his ult, Void Assault, Kha'Zix no longer gains stealth from entering brushes once he evolves R. This means that his more damaging abilities will be evolved first again, be very aware of this and be very careful not to get caught out isolated. Because he will burst you down.
As always: vision is key! Buy Control Wards and communicate smart with your teammates.

Jarvan IV is very good against Fiddlesticks because he deals a good amount of burst damage early on + he has enough crowd control to keep Fiddlesticks down.
As Fiddlesticks you should always try to keep your Terrify and Dark Wind up until after Jarvan IV used his e Demacian Standard > q Dragon Strike combo. The reason behind this is simple: he has a great gap closer with this combo, so if you use your abilities too soon he can still get on to you.
Another thing about this combo is that Jarvan IV will knock you up when he lands it on you. This could interrupt you while using Drain or channeling Crowstorm.
Jarvan IV has a great ult to lock people down. Cataclysm puts a circle of impassable terrain around you for 3.5 seconds, preventing escape unless you have flash. Needless to say that being stuck for 3.5 seconds doesn't do well for a squishy champion like Fiddlesticks.
A good Jarvan IV will be trying to invade you very frequently. This means that you will have to concede a camp every now and then. The best thing to do here is to provide enough vision so you know where he is at all time, taking a lot of the pressure away.
Note: if you see Jarvan IV ganking a lane and you are nearby, you can go and try to countergank. Counterganking in this matchup will give you the most chances to succeed.

Rek'Sai is a tough matchup for Fiddlesticks because of her mobility and her passive on her w Burrow, which gives her tremor sense, enabling her to see movement in an area around her when she is burrowed. This makes it hard to invade her, because if she is burrowed your movement will give your position away.
On top of her mobility she also has a knock-up when she becomes unburrowed. Expect to get invaded when you are in this matchup.
If you see a tunnel from Rek'Sai you should always try to destroy it because it will take some of her mobility away.
Hint: if you are really low and Rek'Sai dealt damage to you in the last 5 seconds, don't blow your Flash in an attempt to escape, because she will still be able to get on to you because of her r Void Rush.

Zac is one of your hardest matchups because of his natural tankiness, his engage and his crowd control.
His q Stretching Strikes has a slow on the first part and, if he lands the second part, it also flings you and the other target to each other. This can be enough to stop you when you are using Drain or when you are channeling Crowstorm.
His e Elastic Slingshot allows him to come flying in from a big distance and provides a knock-up. This will be his primary engaging tool. The best way to prevent this from happening is by placing deep wards to spot out every Zac engage.
His r Let's Bounce! can knock you back, and if he channels it for more than 1 second, it can even carry you towards a target location. Of course this target location will be close to, or right in the middle of his team.
Hint: when Zac uses Elastic Slingshot to engage on you, immediately throw your Dark Wind on him right as he lands. The silence on him will give you valuable time to use Terrify. This way you can try tp get away from him or burst him down if you get the chance.

Last but not least: Kayn. In my opinion this is the hardest matchup for Fiddlesticks, just because he has so much mobility, damage and healing.
Expect to be invaded very much in this matchup, the best thing to do is ask help from your laners to try and get enough farm to stay relevant. The problem is his Shadow Step, allowing him to ignore terrain. He can get in and out of your jungle or any tough situation pretty easy with this ability. When he first enters terrain Kayn also heals himself.
Hint: don't try to use Crowstorm to try and catch Kayn out if he has his own ult Umbral Trespass. Because in that case he will use it, becoming untargetable for 2.5 seconds. This means Crowstorm will deal next to no damage.
If he doesn't have his ult and there is no terrain for him to run in to, feel free to try and burst him down, but never underestimate his damage.

You might not expect it, but Aatrox is a really tough matchup for Fiddlesticks.
Since the rework he has become an ever tougher matchup for Fiddlesticks than before.
Aatrox is an early game monster, make no mistake about that. His damage is very high in the early to mid game.
Deathbringer Stance, his passive makes it so that his next basic attack gives him bonus range and damage. Not only that, for the next 3 seconds it reduces healing and shielding on his target champion by 40%. Since you are Fiddlesticks this can be a big problem since you rely on your Drain to stay healthy in 1 vs 1 fights.
He also has a knock-up on his q, The Darkin Blade, which can be cast 3 times, and a pull-back on his w, Infernal Chains. Because of the crowd control and healing reduction you don't ever want to 1 vs 1 Aatrox as Fiddlesticks.
What you should do is try to provide as much vision for your team and yourself as possible. This way, when Aatrox invades your jungle, you will be aware of it and won't get caught out.

There are 2 way to go over your pathing as Fiddlesticks.

You can do a standard blue start, which means you will start with clearing the blue sentinel . This is the most common start for Fiddlesticks.
If you are new to playing jungle, I suggest you take this path for your own convenience.
When doing the blue start, you put your first skill point into Drain. This will let you clear blue sentinel the fastest and the healthiest. After blue sentinel you should go for gromp , followed by rift scuttler .

If you are an experienced jungler, doesn't matter if it's on Fiddlesticks or not, you may want to go for a super fast level 3. If you want to do this, you should start on the greater murk wolf as Fiddlesticks.
To clear this as fast as possible you put your first skill point into Dark Wind.
You can clear the wolf camp with 2 rotations of Dark Wind and, depending on how the bounces go, with or without having to Smite.
Once you have cleared the wolf camp, you reach level 2 and put a skill point into Drain.
Now you can go to blue sentinel and use Drain on it once to restore some health.
After the first Drain you draw blue sentinel closer to gromp and auto attack him next. Once gromp and blue sentinel are close enough to each other, you can use Dark Wind to let it bounces between the 2. At this point you should clear gromp first, as he deals more damage to you than blue sentinel .
Note: be careful not to reset the jungle camps, because this will cost you a lot of time. So make sure you practice this clear before you use in a ranked game!
Important note: the fast level 3 was gone for a long time, but with the coming of preseason 10 and the changes to jungle camp experience it is back! So make sure to pick everyone's favorite scarecrow, get out on the rift and start dominating the rift!

These video are a replay of some games I streamed.
They contain, in my opinion, everything you need to know about Fiddlesticks jungle gameplay.

I will be uploading new videos with different matchups frequently.

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  • 06-11-2019: updated guide for patch 9.22.
  • 25-11-2019: updated guide for patch 9.23. Added the preseason changes, changed skilling order and changed secondary rune path.

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