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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kassadin Build Guide by TIGBlacklight

Kassadin - Master of the Lich Bane

Kassadin - Master of the Lich Bane

Updated on July 5, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TIGBlacklight Build Guide By TIGBlacklight 8,607 Views 7 Comments
8,607 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TIGBlacklight Kassadin Build Guide By TIGBlacklight Updated on July 5, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Cleanse


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport



Disclaimer: This is my first guide here on the site. I am not a 'pro' Kassadin player, nor am I a level 30 player. This is simply my preferred build for my favorite champion, Kassadin. It may not be the best build out there or the most advisable, but it is my preference and I am posting it so other players can try out a (possibly) unorthodox way of playing Kassadin. Hope you all enjoy!

For those of you that may have never played Kassadin and are interested in trying out the teleporting fiend, here's a bit of an overview on him and this build.

Kassadin is an assassin mage. His main job is to hang back in teamfights and hit vital champions in a lightning fast blitz, then get out again before he gets focused down. His main tool for doing this is Riftwalk, which is essentially Flash on a (in this build) 2.4s cooldown. I'll go over his abilities in detail further on in this section. He is also great for chasing down weak or near-dead champions, as his Riftwalk can jump terrain and intercept fast moving champions.

He is also excellent at tower diving, surprisingly, as he can move through the jungle, find an unguarded tower, and hop terrain to start wailing away at it before the enemy sees him. This is best done later in the game when he has (at least) a Nashor's Tooth, because his attack speed will be vastly increased. Regardless, it is a useful tactic. Even early in the game, tower diving with Kassadin is extremely gratifying. Weak champions in the early to mid-game (levels 5-8) will often get low health, pull behind their tower, and begin to Recall. "No you don't!" says Kassadin, who moves around behind, hops the terrain, and nukes them before they can run. Another Riftwalk and he's safely back behind the terrain. It's a very enjoyable tactic and it keeps enemies on their toes.

I promised a bit of an ability overview, so here you are:

Void Stone: This is Kassadin's passive. Basically, it converts a percentage of magic damage you take and converts it into bonus attack speed. For the most part you can ignore it completely - when you get it to proc, you get it to proc - but don't go out and try to take damage just to get the bonus speed. The bonus isn't substantial enough to warrant it, and with your Nashor's Tooth you'll have plenty of attack speed as is. It is nice to have this proc when you're chasing an enemy, just to get a few more hits in, and if you're backed into a corner while out of mana, you might as well start smacking some champions around with your basic attack since you're going to squish anyways.

Null Sphere: A large part of your burst damage and the first skill you'll train up. It's a ranged nuke with very respectable damage and (my favorite part) a very strong silence. At level 1 it silences for a full second, at level 5 it silences for 2.6s. It's a great ability because in the middle of a teamfight where enemy champions are burning cooldowns out of reflex, a well placed Null Sphere will completely throw them off and get them off balance for either you or your team to take them down. It's AP bonus scales very nicely and at level 18 with the 700AP this build provides, it's a lot of damage.

Nether Blade: This is probably Kassadin's most disputed ability. As a champion that is incredibly weak, an ability that returns a (relatively) small amount of mana on hit as a passive and grants armor penetration as an active is seen by many as useless. However, with the recent Yorick patch, this ability was, in my opinion, greatly buffed. It now grants additional magic damage (with an AP bonus to boot) instead of armor penetration. This gives Kassadin players three solid damage dealing abilities. Though the AP scaling on this one is fairly low (+.15 per AP), it really doesn't matter because all of the other abilities still deal strong damage and this one is just icing on the cake.

The other side of this ability is its on-hit mana return. Before the Yorick patch, this ability granted 4/8/12/16/20 mana back on hit, which is tripled for melee attacks on champions. However, in the recent patch this was modified. At level 5 it still returns only 20 mana, but the early levels now look like 8/11/14/17/20. What does this mean? It means that in the early laning phase, Kassadin is all that much stronger. Being extremely mana hungry, Kassadin needs all of the mana he can get. I typically get two ranks of Nether Blade straight away, which grants 11 mana back per hit. With a pool of around 600 mana at level 1, and Null Sphere costing 70 mana a shot, 11 per hit is substantial. You could even go with only 1 rank of Nether Blade and still get a solid 8 per hit back. At higher levels this amount isn't of much use, but early on when you have a small pool of mana, every little bit helps.

When you're attacking a champion, pop this ability. Whenever you can, pop it, especially if Force Pulse is in need of charges. At level 18 the 25 mana the active costs you won't even notice it because your MP5 will be so high. It's very nice for charging Force Pulse, and that was it's main use before the Yorick patch by many Kassadin players. Many still don't level Nether Blade at all until late game when their other two abilities are fully trained. I don't subscribe to that style, preferring to have some bonus mana early on, but it's up to you.

Force Pulse: One of Kassadin's bread and butter abilities, I actually don't recommend getting this until the laning phase has ended. Basically this ability 'charges up' every time you or another champion, friend or foe, uses an ability around you. After six charges you can cast the ability. Force Pulse casts in a cone, slowing enemies in the blast and dealing great damage. It scales great with AP (+0.7 per AP) and the slow is vital in chasing down enemy champions. I say not to buy it until later game if you can because the charge up time is a large factor. In a solo lane facing one enemy, your Force Pulse is going to take far longer to charge than is worth it. Null Sphere is far more viable in terms of both damage and usefulness until you get into the teamfight stage. If you're not soloing mid, by all means feel free to take Force Pulse early - in an outer lane with 4 champs firing off abilities, your Force Pulse will charge relatively quick. However, regardless of where you are, NEVER buy Force Pulse first. Even in a lane with four people, it takes 6 charges before you can use it a single time. You'll be useless in an early gank, and you'll be useless for nearly an entire level until you can buy a rank of Null Sphere. Don't get me wrong: it's a great ability. Just get it later when you can use it to it's fullest potential.

In teamfights, Force Pulse is ALWAYS up. It's cooldown is a mere 6 seconds WITHOUT CDR, and with this build you'll have a full 40% CDR fairly early in the game. So long as there's abilities going off, you'll be able to deal cone AoE damage and slows a lot.

Riftwalk: Kassadin's iconic skill, and the most fun in my opinion. Riftwalk is, essentially, the summoner spell Flash. However, it is on a (in this build) 2.4s cooldown at level 3, deals around 100 damage in an AoE at the target area, and STACKS. What does this mean? Well, every time you use Riftwalk within 7 seconds of each other, the mana cost increases by 100 again and deals an additional 100 or so damage. This can stack up to 10 times, potentially becoming a devastating source of damage especially with high AP. If you hide behind a wall and stack up Riftwalk, then jump into a teamfight where the enemies are clustered up, it's a brutal awakening for the other team.

In addition to damage, Riftwalk is your 'get the eff out' spell. If you find yourself low on HP and being chased around the map, just pop Riftwalk and hop over a wall. Still chased by, say, a Tryndamere? Give it two seconds or so and do it again. You are Kassadin. Nobody can catch a Kass. Just keep Riftwalking, and if you can, let your Riftwalk stacks burn before Riftwalking again. That's the one thing you need to keep your eye on: mana. Riftwalk will slaughter your mana pool when you get up into 3 or 4 stacks, which is very easy to do in a teamfight or during a chase. So long as you keep your eye on your stacks, you'll be fine. Late in this build you'll have plenty of mana to Riftwalk as you please, but no matter how much mana you have, 10 stacks of Riftwalk will STILL one-shot your mana pool. Just be careful and enjoy teleporting all over the place!
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Runes are fairly simple for this build. I personally don't build for balance - I like heavy hitting glass cannon champions, so I build Kassadin this way as well. I go straight Force runes for all of them - Marks, Glyphs, Seals, and Quints. The AP you could get from Potency runes would be nice at early levels, but Kassadin is so weak early game anyways there's really no lasting benefit to that. At higher levels, the 80 or so AP from straight Force runes is far more beneficial.

Marks: 9x Greater Mark of Scaling Ability Power
Seals: 9x Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power
Glyphs: 9x Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power
Quintessences: 3x Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power

If you really, really really feel that you need more AP at the start of the game, you can swap out one set of runes for Potency runes. Again, I don't feel that this early game AP bonus is really worth the late game tradeoff, but it's a personal choice.
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For masteries I go usually with a 3/0/27 build, as shown above. This adds a lot of mana regeneration, XP gain, less time dead... overall a lot of boosts to Kassadin. The Offensive tree I only take 3 points for a slight AP boost, but when you compare going straight Offensive to going straight Utility, Utility wins out in my book for Kassadin. With mana hungry behavior, increased mana regen is a must. You're likely going to die, so less time dead is always a plus. Additional time with monster buffs is great, as Kassadin benefits from both red and blue buffs and if he gets them both he's an absolute monster. My personal favorite aspect of the Utility tree is the 15% reduction on summoner spell cooldowns. Cleanse is one of Kassadin's lifelines. If he gets stunned, rooted, or otherwise locked down, he dies. It's inevitable. He doesn't have the life to stand still and take hits. With the 15% reduction, Cleanse is up more often, hence Kassadin can break stuns more often and keep on the move. It also keeps Teleport up more often to help with map control.

Overall Utility is just a great tree for casters. It really helps Kassadin stay in lane and stay mobile. A different route would be to go into the Defense tree, but I've never done this personally. The masteries in the Defense tree would help increase his survivability, but as I've said, Kassadin isn't meant for survivability. He's meant for destruction. He's a true glass cannon and he rewards those that can play him that way. The better you are at choosing your fights, the less you'll die, and the more you can focus on pure damage.
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Items are a massive part of any champion's arsenal and are usually how the game is decided. Those with the best knowledge of their items usually have the advantage. I'll go through this guide's item build step by step for you.

Start: As soon as the game starts, grab a Sapphire Crystal. You need this for the mana boost, and it will start you right into a Tear of the Goddess when you hit level 6. This doesn't mean you have unlimited mana, however. Manage your abilities, use them only when they matter, or when you can last-hit a minion. Money is key to Kassadin becoming a boss.

Level 6: I'll be assuming you're going solo mid for the purposes of this guide, but even if you're not the process remains relatively the same. Once you hit 6, get aggressive. You need to scare the enemy champion back to their tower so you can return to your base and get your Tear of the Goddess. The Tear of the Goddess is one of Kassadin's key items. It leads you into an Archangel's Staff, gives you a great mana boost, and will let you start using Riftwalk a little more liberally. If you did well during the laning phase, buy Boots if you can afford them. There have been games where I've been able to stay in lane long enough to buy my Tear of the Goddess and then get Ionian Boots of Lucidity at the same time.

I must add - if you're doing well in mid (bad player feeding you, etc.) don't leave! Stick around if you have the health and mana to do so. Sit around and get fed, get money, be aggressive as long as you can. However, if you don't have the ability to stay, leave as soon as you hit 6. Try not to bail before you hit 6, though, as you'll lose out on valuable XP. Kassadin is extremely vulnerable levels 1-5, and he needs every drop of XP he can get his hands on.

After you get your Tear of the Goddess, save up and get your Ionian Boots of Lucidity as soon as possible. If you can't buy them straight away just buy your standard Boots and save up by laning a bit more until you can get them.

After you get your boots, start working on your Nashor's Tooth. Your AP is going to remain low for a while until you get your Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane built, but you'll still be plenty able to contribute especially against squishy characters. I buy the Fiendish Codex first, then Stinger, then buy the Nashor's Tooth itself. If I'm doing well, I find I can buy the Fiendish Codex and then go straight to a Nashor's Tooth. Rule of thumb though, if you're at base and can buy any part of the recipe you need, do it. A little bit of a bonus is better than none. Once you get the cash, run back and finish the item.

Your Nashor's Tooth will give you a nice attack speed boost, some AP to work with, and the ability to start doing some good damage. Your next item is your Lich Bane - the core of this build. Start by getting Sheen as soon as you can. It has roughly the same ability as Lich Bane - though instead of adding your AP to your attack damage, it simply doubles your attack damage. Fortunately Kassadin has a high base attack damage, so this will help while you save up for Lich Bane. Be sure to get the Blasting Wand before you get the Null-Magic Mantle - the Blasting Wand will give you much needed AP.

Once you've finished your Lich Bane you can really start to dish out the damage. Next stop is your Archangel's Staff. It's fairly cheap compared to the Lich Bane, especially considering you've already got a Tear of the Goddess. After you get your Archangel's Staff, your AP will be serious business and you can really scare the enemy team.

Rabadon's Deathcap is next on the list. I take a Needlessly Large Rod first if I can afford it simply because it has more AP than the Blasting Wand, but if you can't afford it the Blasting Wand is fine. The Rabadon's Deathcap will nearly finish up your build, and your AP will be devastating by this stage. Your Lich Bane will be giving you a lot more bonus damage and your abilities will be very strong. Single-bursting squishies is possible here, and severely crippling tanks is a possibility.

The last item in the build depends on the game, really. I typically get a Rylai's Crystal Scepter but a Zhonya's Hourglass, Void Staff, or Banshee's Veil are all perfectly viable. If you need a lot more survivability, grab a Force of Nature for magc resistance or Warmog's Armor for flat health. If the enemy has a lot of AD you can try taking a Thornmail to make them regret hitting you. The Zhonya's Hourglass will help in games where you are facing a lot of AD characters, as it grants you not only +100AP, but a large armor boost as well. Void Staff is good for breaking enemy magic resistance, and also gives decent AP, and the Banshee's Veil will give you some extra insurance against those pesky stuns and slows. If you want more damage, pick up another Rabadon's Deathcap for good measure. It's up to you - the first 5 items are vital, the 6th is situational.

This item build emphasizes the Lich Bane. It increases your attack speed so you can hit more often without sticking around as long, drops your CDs so you can keep that Lich Bane proc up, and increases your AP without sacrificing mana or the other areas that Kassadin needs. It's also a 5 item build, really, with an item slot for you to use to adjust him to the situation as it requires it.
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Skill Sequence

I've already gone over Kassadin's skills in the Introduction so I won't take up more time by doing so again. I will cover which order to buy those skills and how best to use them. I'll list each purchase by level and some justification if I feel it warrants it.
  1. Null Sphere - Great harassment tool that silences. Deals good damage, but uses a lot of mana early on so be cautious when using it - use it to harass weak champions in mid, last hit minions, etc., but don't use liberally... yet.
  2. Nether Blade - An unorthodox choice, but I feel it's a good one. With the buff in the last patch, you receive a great amount of mana back per hit and in turn this allows you to remain in lane longer. You can also activate it in time of need for some bonus damage.
  3. Nether Blade - Same reasoning as before: the mana return. 11 mana back, at level 3, is going to go a long way towards sustaining your mana pool in lane. You miss out on some damage dealing capabilities, but really Kassadin isn't a viable attacker until he gets Riftwalk at level 6.
  4. Force Pulse - By this time you'll be able to start generating charges for Force Pulse at a decent enough rate to warrant buying it. The slow is also great for punishing tower divers if they chase you too far.
  5. Null Sphere - You can actually take either Force Pulse or Null Sphere, depending on your preference. Basically this level is just biding time until level 6.
  6. Riftwalk - Finally, the good stuff! You will want to take it easy in using this ability for now, as your mana pool is still fragile, but you can begin to jump onto enemy champions and scare them off. In mid, I frequently let the enemy push towards my tower while I build Force Pulse stacks. When it's ready, I jump onto him using Riftwalk and drop both Null Sphere and Force Pulse on him. Usually, they take off thinking I'll chase. Repeat this two or three times and basically any enemy is going to he heading B. If you play it safe, you can usually get a kill from this.
The pattern repeats here. Basically buy equal parts of Null Sphere and Force Pulse, when you can buy Riftwalk, and at the late game finish buying Nether Blade. You won't buy Nether Blade again after those first two at level 2 and 3 because you will no longer need the mana return.
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Skill Tactics

I decided to break up the previous section for clarity. This will detail some of my personal favorite tactics.

Hit and Run: Kassadin is extremely weak while laning initially. If he is solo he can usually hold his own long enough to get Riftwalk, after which time he's basically fine. My favorite tactic for this phase - once you get Riftwalk - is to jump onto the enemy while they're in a group of minions and burn your cooldowns on them. What this does is incite panic. Early on in the game this actually does fairly little damage, but the shock of you jumping on them and just shooting stuff like crazy makes them panic. Couple that with being tangled up in minions, and most players will retreat while you fall back to your tower cackling. It's a useful maneuver throughout the game and will usually shove most champions away.

Peek-a-Boo: Riftwalk is an amazing ability, good for damage, dodging, escaping, chasing, harassing... use it for damn near everything! Playing peek-a-boo with champions is great fun. Riftwalk is unique in that you can jump farther than you normally would if your landing 'zone' is on top of impassible terrain. So for instance, if you stand next to a wall and Riftwalk onto the top of the wall, you'll automatically move to the other side - even if it's out of normal range. What this allows you to do is pull off jukes and jives to evade enemies. Pop out of a bush, drop a Null Sphere, get them to chase you, and then lose them in the jungle with a pair of well placed Riftwalks. You can lead enemies on a wild goose chase this way and even pick a few off if they get sloppy.

Escape Artist: Similar to the above, this is for escaping after a failed team fight. If your Force Pulse is up, drop it behind you. This slow gives you a small head start. Riftwalk into any shrubs you can find, then jump over any nearby impassable terrain - all while running towards your base. 99% of champions cannot mimic these maneuvers and they'll lose you unless you're affected by abilities such as Warwick's passive or Caitlyn's trap vision. Most of the time you'll get away scot free.

Retreat... Or Not?: Let's face it, players in LoL are greedy the vast majority of the time. If they see a weak champion, they'll typically chase. The allure of a huge K/D ratio is too much for most. If you get weakened, you might be inclined to think you're out of the fight. Far from. Start running away. Get them to follow you. Odds are they'll think you're trying to run and will start burning cooldowns like mad to get you. What they don't know is that you're just waiting for your abilities to refresh. As soon as they do... Riftwalk backwards, catch them off guard, and annihilate them. They'll be so dead set on catching you they won't know how to react when all of a sudden you teleport onto them and burn all of your cooldowns and then hit them with a Lich Bane.

Tower Dive and Dodge: This move can work very early in the game, as soon as you get Riftwalk actually. It works best if you're paired in top or bottom lanes, but can be done in mid on occasion if the enemy isn't map aware. Basically, get an enemy to start tower hugging. Badly wounded champions don't like to leave early game for anything and will generally hug their towers thinking that it's still too early to brave the death cannons. Not so fast, you're Kassadin! Let's say your enemy is hugging the first top turret on Summoner's Rift. Move down into the river and come up behind the treeline right across from the tower. Make sure your Force Pulse is charged, and try to get your lane partner to get vision on the target. Once you see them, jump, hit them hard, and then jump away from the tower.

The most important part of this tactics is to MAKE SURE YOU CAN KILL THEM. Calculate your damage ability before you jump, otherwise they are very likely to Exhaust you or stun you on the tower and you've just died for nothing. This move can also be done on champs that are mid-recall: if they're down to a sliver, odds are they're teleporting back just behind the tower. Hop over, fire a Null Sphere, and get out again.

KassaBOMB: This is a rather risky maneuver that can be completely hilarious if done properly. You need to have the Teleport summoner spell for it to work, and good timing. Basically, stand on the summoner platform. Start Riftwalking in place to build up your stacks. Once you get to 10 stacks, Teleport to a minion or tower near an enemy (or group of enemies, if you're so lucky) and as soon as your Teleport ends, Riftwalk into them. Your stacks will be so damaging that the majority of squishy characters will fall to pieces immediately, and anyone that is still standing will need just a Force Pulse burst to be finished off. As I said, it's risky, but if you're winning by a large majority it can be a hilarious move.

Knock Knock: Kassadin isn't the strongest melee character, but with a Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane he's plenty adequate for this maneuver. Many times once the laning phase ends the minions will push into the enemy towers. This is usually ignored by the other team as they are focused on killing you, not the minions. Usually it takes a good long while for a minion wave to build up enough to take down a tower. However, if you can follow the minion wave while hiding in the jungle, you can Riftwalk onto the tower and surprise the enemy team. While you're in the jungle, they can't see you. Their minions can't see you either, so they will think the tower is safe. Just rift onto it and start wailing away at it. If the enemy is dedicated to a 5 man push in mid, odds are they won't have time to save it unless they Teleport in. And if they do, you have plenty of warning to Riftwalk over the treeline and escape unscathed.
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Summoner Spells

I choose Cleanse and Teleport for my two summoner spells - here's why.

Cleanse: Cleanse, as most Kassadin players will tell you, is nearly a requirement for him. His survivability is so low he cannot be locked down or he will die. Cleanse gives you the 'get out of stun free' card that he desperately needs. It reduces the duration of any future slows for a few seconds, which is more than enough time to rift out of the danger zone and loop around for another pass.

Teleport: This is a bit unusual but I enjoy the map control that Teleport affords you. While Kassadin has a short range teleport already, the summoner spell Teleport lets him save towers from massed minion waves, backdoor opportunities, etc. It also allows you to go back to base more frequently as you won't need to walk the entire way back. This is especially important in the middle lane where you have no teammate to hold the lane while you go buy - and with Kassadin, you really do rely on your items and you can't build up a huge pool of money before you buy. If you can get an item, you really need to go get it otherwise you're basically going to be free kills for the other team.

Alternate Abilities: Some Kassadin players choose Clarity for extended survival time in lane, mana-wise, but I don't like this because Nether Blade really gives you the standing time you need without sacrificing a more useful spell. Flash is pointless (in my opinion) because you have Riftwalk, though some Kassadin players use this for a quick one-two punch. Rift in, deal damage, and Flash out. It's not that Flash is totally pointless for Kassadin, I just feel there are other spells ( Cleanse and Teleport) that are more useful.

Ignite can be useful but again, it's a matter of sacrificing a more beneficial spell for a spell that may result in being able to take down a fleeing low-health champion. Clairvoyance has its uses, but it's not worth sacrificing a spell. Heal... just don't bother. Your health is very low as it is, and dropping a Heal rarely will help save your life. Exhaust can be useful but for the most part you won't need it since you can chase down anyone as is. Though if you get the mastery for Exhaust it can help with assassination enemy champions as they will lose armor as well. If you find you don't use Teleport that much Exhaust would be my recommended replacement.
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Pros / Cons


  • Extreme burst damage late game.
  • Unparalleled maneuverability.
  • Strong silence early game and even stronger late game.
  • One of the strongest assassin characters in the game.
  • Ability to escape regardless of terrain.


  • Very weak laning early game.
  • Very fragile if locked down.
  • Weak at sustained damage.
  • Mana hungry at low levels.

As you can see from the list, he's a glass cannon regardless of how you build him - it's just a matter of how fragile. He excels at hiding behind the team lines and then when he sees a weakness jumping in and breaking them. The key is to know when to go in and when to hang out and wait. Getting locked down is a very dangerous situation and more than likely any stun over a second or two will result in your death or near death. If you don't use your Null Sphere sparingly at low levels you'll find you have no mana to retaliate with and will have to leave mid more frequently, missing out on vital XP and gold.
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Team Work

Kassadin isn't a team player in the general sense. Whereas the rest of the team will rush middle in a group, Kassadin will be the guy chilling in the river or in the jungle waiting for a weakness he can exploit. He has no support skills, no auras, nothing of a team sense. He's a dedicated assassin and it shows. Moving with the group will usually result in you getting focused because many players fear Kassadin's damage potential and know how fragile he is. Learning when to move into a team fight and when to wait it out is crucial. I have been raged at many-a-time for this sort of thing - I can tell when a fight is going to turn out bad and I'll retreat, knowing that anything I could do wouldn't result in a kill and would only add another kill to the other team. Players don't like being left behind to die, but if it results in 1 death instead of 2, it's worth it. If you're out of mana, don't listen to your teammate and rush in to distract the enemy. You're not strong enough to do so, and there would be no point other than feeding the other team.

Basically, wait in the shadows during team fights. Wait for a DPS to get low, a support character to go out of mana, or just generally any weakness you know you can get in and exploit. Don't engage unless you KNOW you can kill them. As I said, it's pointless engaging just to engage. You don't have the health or the mana to do such a thing, and as a Kassadin you should move only on a sure thing. The most important part of playing any Kassadin is to engage on your terms. If you get surprised, retreat and spin the scales. Don't stand and fight. You're an assassin, not a warrior. Same applies to a team fight - if it's a losing battle and your intervention isn't going to help, retreat. If your team stands and fights it out, they should have followed your example and pulled back to prevent giving the enemy free gold. This doesn't mean don't ever be a team player, just know when to move and when to wait. This is the best way you can help your team.
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As a summary, this Kassadin is a bit different from the norm. It emphasizes burst damage, but also breaks the usual taboo of Kassadin melee attacking. Giving him a Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane makes his melee attack very nasty and prevents those enemies from escaping because you've chased as far as your mana can take you and your melee attack does nothing. Your quite high AP and Lich Bane proc will ensure they can't run away regardless of your mana level.

If you enjoy jumping from the shadows and teleporting around the battlefield, Kassadin might be for you - as a warning, he is NOT easy to play by any means. The difficulty rating given to him by Riot is well warranted. That being said, he is very rewarding to play. I bought him the first day I started playing LoL and haven't stopped since. My first week or two of playing were very hard, and I rarely won, but once you break the learning curve you see that he is a great champion with a very unique set of skills that make him incredibly fun to play.

I hope this guide helps you with your playing of Kassadin, and to all those that may be interested in starting a game with him, I highly recommend it. He isn't a popular champion but he is rewarding, if you can master him.

Thank you all for reading, please comment and vote and let me know what I can improve!
League of Legends Build Guide Author TIGBlacklight
TIGBlacklight Kassadin Guide
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Kassadin - Master of the Lich Bane

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