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League of Legends Build Guide Author KayCB

Kayle: Not JUST a supporter.

KayCB Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Welcome to my guide on . This is my very first guide so pardon me on the flaws of my guide. Well, basically Kayle's my very first champion and most people underestimate her for some reason. Just the other day, a friend of mine was playing a rank game and the moment he saw Kayle on his team he simply closed the game. Well,I'm pretty much here to tell you that Kayle isn't that bad of a champion. That's enough rambling out of me and I'd appreciate if you'd only rate after you've tried my build.

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    Great harassing early game with Righteous Fury
    Great joke IMO
    Very versatile
    Can solo lane
    Cost-effective champion
    Respectable damage output
    Helpful Ultimate
    Left-Handed( LOL,whuut?~ i'm just out of ideas ATM)

    Mana hungry early game
    Skill with last hitting needed
    Not as easy to learn as most champions
    Underestimated by some players
    Team mate-dependent

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Mark: I prefer Greater Mark of Attack Speed for Attack Speed but you can try Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.I honestly haven't made any calculations on the damage output and what not, so just try and see which ones are for you and kindly inform me,I'd appreciate it.:)
Glyph: I normally would go for Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power but that depends on how well you can farm(Don't use Righteous Fury all the time early game). If you,however,have mana issues then you could try Greater Glyph of Replenishment or if you can't really sustain in lane then try Greater Glyph of Magic Resist for some MR and what not. Basically, just go with how you usually play,be it more offensively or defensively.
Seal: Preferably AS runes but Armor/HP runes work as well. Like I've said earlier, it really depends on your very own play style.
Quintessence: I'd usually choose Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration but Greater Quintessence of Ability Power works too.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells:
and are my usual spells. Before Surge came out,I'd usually go for or (You'd be surprise to see how many times I've killed with Fortify,it was simply ridiculous. I only take this spell when I play with friends with a higher level because it was really hard for me to do anything in a level 30 match when I was level 12.LOL, but that problem's gone and so is Fortify.)

Other Spells:

Ignite: It's an alright spell but I seriously prefer Surge.
Teleport: I've never used this on Kayle before so I'm not sure about this one but IMO it's not that useful.
Exhaust: Not necessary. Kayle herself has a slow and on top of that we're getting Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Although, I do find this spell extremely useful on other champions such as Ezreal.
Clarity: No, don't go for this. You shouldn't have mana problems if you know when and how to use Righteous Fury. Besides that, this spell is kinda useless late game.
Heal: This here depends on how you'd wanna build Kayle, if you're going for FULL support then knock yourself out. I usually play more offensively tho.
Promote: What.the.heck. Do you even need to ask?
Cleanse: It's aye, Get this if you notice that you're usually shut down by CC.
Clairvoyance: No, you don't have a global ult unlike Ezreal, Ashe and who not. Even if you're a supporter, I don't really recommend it, unless you have an Ez or Ashe on your team and what not.
Garrison: Fortify beats this spell any day but it's removed so yeah..I still think this is rather redundant.
Revive: If you're not a klutz with your ulti then you don't need this. I have slow reactions with my ult and I don't even need this.

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Reckoning: You're only CC. It scales extremely well with both your AD and AP. I don't use it to harass and poke unlike Phreak. It's a target spell so it should be easy enough to land.

Divine Blessing: Very useful regardless of how you build Kayle. It grants a MS buff and heals the target. I usually heal my team mates with this more than I heal myself, especially melee champs. It doesn't have the best AP ratio in the game but oh well, let's not be greedy.

Righteous Fury: This here is your bread and butter. Harass well with this skill and last hit creeps with it. You won't go OOM if you understand when to use it.Early game this does a lot of damage which is exactly why I get this first above everything else. Really, I can't tell you how much I love this spell, it has great synergy with her passive, Nashor's Tooth and Malady.

Intervention: The spell most people value Kayle for. It's kinda like Tryndamere's Undying Rage but then this requires you to target,so if your timing is bad and you get nervous then someone would die in your team most of the time.I'm a klutz with this but yeah,nobody's perfect right. Get this right and you can even win a 1v1 fight with Tryndamere(Well,....maybe XP)

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Why Not Guinsoo's Rageblade(and other items)?

Honestly,I don't even know why every Kayle I've seen buys (well other than me anw).Truth to be told,I used to rush this whenever I play Kayle,but that's all water under the bridge.IMO,this item is only useful if you're going Hybrid and Kayle is better of being played AP.I mean sure it gives 93 AP, 32 AS and 35 AD once it's FULLY STACKED but I can't find a slot for it in my build; is too cost-effective to give up(I actually prefer Malady over Guinsoo's for some reason), gives a respectable amount of AP and HP and to top that of,it's passive is just awesome IMO(i think it stacks with your slow from Reckoning and slow with like the first swing of your Righteous Fury every 2 seconds but it'd be hysterical IF it'd slow your allies through your Divine Blessing and Intervention after all, it does slow the 'target'.),Lich Bane gives some nice MR,Mana and AP and it's practically the AP version of in terms of it's passive, boots are boots(I prefer MPen boots but AS boots works too if you have farming problems as it is cheaper), grants A LOT of AP and is an absolute must on Kayle.

Other items:

: Due to the nerf to it,I've lost my habit of getting it in my usual build. But rest assured, it's still one of the best items you could go for if you want spell vamp AND a one of a kind passive that is somewhat fun to use time to time.
: Pretty much the best item you could get for spell vamp but most of the time,one of my team mates would already get this before me so yeah. It is rather cost effective, go for it if you absolutely love spell vamp and dislike more expensive items.
: Nashor's Tooth beats this IMO. Don't get both in the same build, if you really want MAX CDR(which is 40%) then just get the blue buff, I don't really care if my jungler scolds the **** out of me cuz i'm only getting it late game which by then shouldn't be that important to him/her besides a good jungler could always get the enemy's blue buff if he really needed to.
: Only get this if you're going AD or Hybrid cuz we have already have Lich Bane for the AP Build. Besides that, it's too expensive IMO, I rarely use this item even if I play as an AD champion unless I get fed early.
: I kinda like it's passive cuz it's kinda nice to have along with Intervention but I can't really find a slot for it in my build.
: It's kinda expensive for what it grants IMO. You could go for this if you play Kayle as a full supporter with practically no AS.
: In theory, this should go amazingly well with Righteous Fury but I don't think it's cost-effective and I don't really have a slot for it. However,I'd definitely go for it when I feel like using a new build.I think it works better with Hybrid Kayle than AP Kayle but all in all it's pretty tempting to try it IMO.

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Ideal Lane Partners

Like most champions,Kayle benefits from having the right lane partner.Below is a list of 10 lane partner that I found helpful,let me know if you know someone else who's a great partner for her and is really worth mentioning.

Ideal lane partners:

: Honestly, this guy is just amazing to lane with, he could heal himself to save your mana and give you a HUGE AS boost with Hunter's Call.It almost seems like you're the carry and he's the supporter XP.
: I simply love his Rocket Grab and Power Fist combo.
: His Essence Flux gives a respectable amount of AS to you and himself and lowers the AS of your enemies. Also, he can zone enemies out with his Mystic Shot but other than those, you'll have to do the supporting.
: His snare is helpful not to mention his saplings are cute IMO.
: Zoning with Duskbringer while having a fear in the form of Unspeakable Horror.
: A great partner to most champions really due to his poison and fling.
: Why?Coz of his AS boost and slow.
: Love her CC and she can zone coz she's ranged.
: She can heal and grant you some mana not to mention her ability to lower the enemies' MR.However, having 2 AP champions on the same lane is something I'd want to avoid most of the time,but I guess somehow it's alright and you could switch to AD if you really dislike the idea of 2 AP champs on the same lane.
: Amazing Ultimate Impale.

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Hybrid(Build 3), Support(Build 4) & Tank(Build 5)

I'd go for and for the hybrid build but for some reason I couldn't find it under the 'Rune Build' option so yeah.But do note that the runes I assigned for the Hybrid build works fine as well.You could just experiment and see for yourself.All the more fun,right?XP

I don't really play support and tank with Kayle at all but Build 4 and 5 are just something I came up with in accordance to theory.It might turn out bad and what not but I'll be sure to try it someday.Also let me know if you've tried it and what you think about it coz that can really help my guide. :)

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Attack Speed + On-Hit Effects (Build 6)

With this build, you'll reach 215% AS from the selected items and with Surge, you'll reach 250% AS which is the maximum amount of AS any champion can have.The thing about this build is that, from the statistics it doesn't look like much but actually it hits pretty hard.Besides that,the lightning + fire animation( Ionic Spark + Righteous Fury) is just..well you know XP.

Let's see, Malady lower's your target's MR which will help with the damage from the passive of Ionic Spark. Madred's Bloodrazor shred's 4% of your target's maximum health each attack, Berserker's Greaves for AS, Rabadon's Deathcap gives some nice AP for your skills and as usual Nashor's Tooth is great to have coz of the CDR,AS,AP and Mana Regen it grants.Also,I'd usually go grab the red buff if I build this way,it's not THAT necessary so IF you have a team mate that really needs this then let him/her have it.

Note: You won't have as much AS early game since we chose AP and MPen runes and Mana Regen masteries.

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That's it(?)

Well all in all,just have fun with it. And please let me know how my build turned out for you guys.Any criticism,opinion and advice are welcome as that's the way a build can get better.If you like my guide then kindly click the Like button and if not then please tell me why.

Thanks for checking out my build and GL HF to you the next time you play as Kayle. :)