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Rammus Build Guide by ab111392

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ab111392

Keep on Rollin' (Down the River); A Rammus Top Guide

ab111392 Last updated on October 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello, I am ab111392 (I know, I need to change the name) and this is my low ELO guide to Rammus. Rammus is a tanky champion that is a terror for the enemy team because if they dont kill him, he does TONS of damage with his [tremors] and jumps onto the enemy adc with his puncturing taunt and Defensive Ball Curl, dealing tons of damage while CCing half the enemy team with his Powerball. If the enemy team DOES focus him, then he still deals tons of damage as the more they auto him, the more damage he does. Plus if they focus him, his team's damage dealers will completely annihilate their team. He also brings a fun and effective split pushing skill set to the table. His Tremors and Defensive Ball Curl are some of the only abilities in the game that deal magic damage to enemy turrets, making him, with the AD bonus on his passive, able to take out enemy turrets and inhibs very fast. His Q also lets him escape enemy ganks very effectively by either CCing them and running or just running. His Powerball also becomes a really strong AOE CC nuke in teamfights by late game.

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Pros and Cons

Great DPS all times of game
Very tanky even with DPS
Taunts the enemy carry
Very mobile with Powerball
Strong duelist
Hard to escape from
Lots of CC
Can do this:

Vulnerable to AP top laners
Forced to build MR against AP-heavy teams
Can be countered by stacking armor pen
Bad if your mid lane feeds

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Basic tank Runes, Health quints, MR glyphs, Armor seals and marks. These will allow for max tankiness and DPS from the armor. These Runes are pretty much a must on Rammus.


Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

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Standard 9-21-0 tank runes, very effective on Rammus. A case can be made for AS in the offensive tree, but i prefer CDR so your abilities are up more often to trade in lane (and take towers).


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Sunfire Cape is just an overrall amazing item, giving you AOE dps, armor, and health. All the things that Rammus needs in one item.
Thornmail is also a great item, giving you increased DPS in trades through the passive and the ad from armor, and, of course, the armor.
Randuins Omen. Nothing else need be said. The passive synergizes really well with your taunt, slowing enemies too, and the active is just an amazing AOE slow. Not to mention the 70 armor and 500 health (and 17.5 AD on Rammus).
is usually a situational item if you build it earlier, but by this time in the game the enemy should be putting out a decent amount of magic damage, plus the AS and damage on this item greatly add to your DPS, making it a nobrainer. However, if the enemy APC is underfed, you might want to consider going for the Rylais first.
Rylais Crystal Scepter is a great item on Rammus late game for the slow. It will allow you to use your Tremors DEFENSIVELY, as a slow, and decrease enemy movement in teamfights.
Ok, I get it. The enemy team has one strong engage spell and you don't wanna get locked up by it, but I just dont see trading the extra DPS from Wit's End for MR, health, and the passive unless the enemy team has almost no poke.
Spirit of the Ancient Golem -YOU ARE NOT JUNGLING!
Warmog's Armor is a good item for tanks that dont scale really well from armor. Don't get it unless your team already has a TON of CC, then get it instead of Rylais.
Liandry's Torment -Great passive synergy with your ult, but no. Your ult should be used to push down towers mostly, and if it's still up for a teamfight, great, you still dont need Liandry's.

Ninja Tabi is effective against AD top laners, and should be gotten under most normal circumstances.
Merc Treads are a decent item, and should be gotten against teams with heavy CC, teams with high AP damage, and against an AP top laner (ex. very good against Elise b/c reduces her stun and damage).

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This is a very strong passive because it allows you to put out extra large DPS while building items that make you tanky.

This will be maxed second because it does a lot of damage in lane trades(300 when maxed) and since you are top lane you want to win lane trades or you will be forced out of lane, losing cs and giving your opponent free cs, and therefore gold.

This will be maxed first because it is your main damage ability in trades, and you are able to force trades with your puncturing taunt. This is part of what makes Rammus such a strong lane opponent and duelist, due to his unmatched tank DPS.

puncturing taunt
This is how you force lane trades. By level 6, you should be able to out-trade almost any lane opponent with your Defensive Ball Curl, Tremors and Powerball. Only max this second against AP champions (excluding Teemo and Kayle).

One of the strongest ultimates in the game. You can use it to push minions, kill towers, and kill dragons and buffs and still have it up almost any time you need it. This is what makes Rammus so good at split pushing.

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ALWAYS TAKE Flash ON Rammus! A Flash puncturing taunt ONTO THE ENEMY ADC CAN WIN YOU THE GAME!!!

Great spell on Rammus, can be exchanged for Barrier against tough lanes, but always take it against champs like Zac or Kayle to stop their healing during a fight.

is another strong choice on Rammus to replace Ignite if you think you will be losing your lane. It helps you survive more even when tower dived.

is ok on Rammus but as I have emphasized throughout this guide, you should be spending most of your time split pushing, and teleporting to bot lane to get kills and possible take a tower could allow enemies to take your top tower, making it more dangerous for you to split push and opening up the map.

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Lane Phase

In lane, keep in mind that until level 6, you really aren't much of a duelist, but at level 6, you can engage the enemy under their minion wave if you want because the minions will die so fast. Try to farm up as much as possible, but once you get level 6, try to land a puncturing taunt and immediately activate your Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors, and don't forget to autoattack! They do a lot of damage! Once the enemy tries to run (Which they most definitely will), chase with your Powerball and go around them, and try to knock them away from their turret. soon your Defensive Ball Curl and puncturing taunt should be up, hopefully they won't be at their tower yet, so puncturing taunt and Defensive Ball Curl for the kill. Try to let them engage onto you so you don't have to use your puncturing taunt immediately, but if you have to engage, its fine. Be sure you purchase the all important sight wards. Good places to ward are right after Baron pit, the tribush, and blue buff, no matter which side you are on. Make sure to pay attention to where enemies are on the map, and if your team pings and mia.

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Mid Game

FARM FARM FARM. Ward the enemy's ancient golem so you can steal it if you are on top side and it should shield you from some ganks, a crest of the ancient golem on Rammus is very strong so if you are bottom side ask your mid laner if you can have it during mid game so you can spam out your Powerball to get over to the team faster for an objective or such (dragon, tower). Otherwise, you should be top lane farming. Ask your team to try and stall so you can get fed, because at this stage of the game, no one should be able to duel you, you should even be able to win a 2v1 against most champs (exception: a fed APC). As with any champion buy sight wards and place them in the spots mentioned in the Lane Phase section. Always make sure to pay attention to where enemies are and if they are missing. Tell your team to ping if even a single enemy is mia as they could be coming to gank you.

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Late Game

Once you have at least 3(better with 4) out of your 5 items, start sticking with your team ALWAYS. Farm out jungle minions or lane minions whenever possible to finish that Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Tell your team to let you engage, unless you have another strong engager (ex. Amumu, Sona, Zyra, Ashe) and then be the followup engage, always try to Flash- puncturing taunt the adc and kill them as fast as possible, as you will be doing massive damage to them from your Tremors, Thornmail, Defensive Ball Curl, and Spiked Shell but try to reserve your Powerball to catch up to and CC fleeing enemies, but if you have to, use it to melt the adc. As always, especially if you have Wit's End, auto attack. Once you win a team fight, try to capitalize with a baron nashor , tower, inhib, or the Nexus to end the game.

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If you are Rammus, always ask your mid laner to play Kassadin if possible. He has really strong synergy with Rammus because he counters AP and Rammus counters AD. Rammus also doesnt have very many counters as they usually think you are the jungler or support, and counterpick accordingly. Also, if the enemy team picks a particularly polarizing AP top laner, just ask your jungler to top and go jungle! Rammus is also very strong with Shen, because he can Stand United you when you Flash- puncturing taunt, and then-guess what he does? Taunt again! When both have Thornmail this is very very strong. Ashe also works very well if you play Rammus support.

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Renekton As with most top laners, try not to let him harass you to much. As long as you don't feed him any kills, he will have a very hard time late game.
Irelia The true damage on her W hurts you a lot since you have lots of armor. Pre-level 4 she is weak, but after that don't trade against her.
Olaf Another true damage champ. Tough to lane against because your W and armor.
Darius Another strong true damage (ish) champ, be careful in lane because he will harass you pretty well.
Vayne Very hard lane, she will kite, and deal true damage from her W.
Xin Zhao taunting a good xin in the minion wave will not work as he can just ult all the minions away, and his low cd jump helps to effectively chase Rammus.
Elise A good Elise is very tough, just make sure she can't burst you and buy merc treads to lower her CC length and damage.
Nidalee Not a very common top in low ELO, but an effective one. Try to get an early Thornmail and merc treads to neutral her AA threat, and use your W to damage her when she autos as much as possible. Make sure to stay behind minions or be extra careful if you aren't, and recall far behind tower so her spears won't interrupt you.
Akali Can be tough as her ult can chase you well. Try to always have a pink on you for ganks, and try to use your W well.
Vladimir Will harass you freely in lane, just try not to be to low, and be careful levels 7-9.
Jayce Will harass you a lot, try not to be to low as he will come in for a kill if you are low. Use your W if he AAs you.
Against pretty much anyone else, try to engage them in the middle of waves and utilize your W to do the most damage possible.

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Thank you for reading my guide, comment with any suggestions, and Happy Rolling!