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Kha'Zix General Guide by Bastonnade

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bastonnade

Kha'Zix a little taste of fear(MID)

Bastonnade Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi you all :)
I don't like to talk too much about myself. I'm a pretty "new" league player (roundly 5 months), but I have always been deep in games. I always try to find out new things & find my own way to deal with things. I'm just silver league, so you might think "_". Well even though i'd like to show you my way to build Kha'zix and i'll show u just a few ways to build him (just a few item changes).
I hope you'll like my guide and give it a thumbs-up. If NOT then please tell me in the comments why :)

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Greater Quintessence of Lethality

Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Why Quint Armor pen & Mark Armor pen?

In my opinion you have just 2 possibilties to play Kha'zix. You can play him on strong AD-Runes (which I don't really prefer) or you play him with full ArmorPen-Runes. You ask why? It's pretty simple: AD Runes are simply just for the first levels (1-4). But ArmorPen-Runes are from well actually 1-18. For example: If you'r mid against a Lux. You can kill her quiet easy if you have ArmorPen runes, cause you just shred her armor. So your actually doing a little bit more damage on her as you would do with AD runes. So if you compare it to the late game, your 17 AD from your runes are just useless! But your 23 ArmorPen will shred every adc/apc and support!

Why Glyph MR?

Simply cause u need to survive early & midgame!

Why Armor?

I prefer Armor runes because you have more surivability. Even if you play vs AP their AD damage is good too(for example Diana or Orianna.

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Masteries vs AD/Bruiser


Masteries vs AP


I'm not fan of defensive Masteries on Kha'zix, because you'll lose so much damage!

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Pros / Cons

+ high burst damage
+ fast wave clear (past lvl 6)
+ high mobility (hard to gank)
+ nice poke (with blue buff)
- mana hungry (until Tear)
- postioning can change game!
- relatively squishy

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Item build

Starting Items:

I'd like to start with following items:

sight ward + 4x Health Potion + Elixir of Fortitude
(I'd like to go this way, cause im safe to ganks if I used my E!)

you also can start with:

sight wardx2 + Mana Potionx3 + Health Potionx5
(This is pretty common too, don't worry)

Core items:

Tear of the Goddess + B. F. Sword(or The Brutalizer) + Boots of Speed

Following up is pretty simple:

The Bloodthirster Kha'Zix is an kind of ad-carry. So he's doing a lot of damage with his abilites AND his autattacks. So he just simply needs the "scaling" lifesteal &
the attack damage is just essential

The Black Cleaver Combined with your runes and masteries, the Black Cleaver is just perfect for
Kha'Zix. & fortunately the "free" HP give you an extra boost of survivability!

Mercury's Treads Remember: This item is situational. So if you have for example: MID AP & TOP AP you simply need this boots. If you have just ONE AP, you can go Ninja Tabi. DON'T go Ionian Boots of Lucidity or Berserker's Greaves!!! You need some defense! Your not an AD-Carry which can shoot from behind ;)

Muramana Kha'Zix is pretty mana hungry, so you need this item! BUT: wait till your Tear of the Goddess is fully charged!!

Last Whisper The actual ignoring of your enemy's armor makes Kha'Zix an tank killer!

Finally your defense item depends on your enemy's team and the game progress:

Warmog's Armor or Spirit Visage or Randuin's Omen

Remember: Every item is situational. For example if you have a lot of problems with AP in the enemy team then u can go Maw of Malmortius or Mercurial Scimitar.

Items you really should not build on Kha'Zix:
In the end you can say, that you don't have really much possibilites to build Kha'Zix(damage), you can build him tanky, but that's not what's the guide about ;)

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When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team, he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against an enemy champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.


Deal physical damage to a single target. Damage against isolated targets is significantly increased. Kha'Zix passively marks enemies that are isolated from nearby allies. Evolving claws increases damage to isolated targets even further. Kha'Zix also gains increased range on both Taste Their Fear and his basic attack.


Kha'Zix fires spikes that explode on contact, dealing physical damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'Zix is healed if he is within the explosion radius. Evolving spike racks causes Void Spike to fire three projectiles in a cone. Spikes will also apply Unseen Threat to all enemies caught within the area of effect.


Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage to enemies in the area he lands. Evolving wings increases Leap's range dramatically and causes a kill or assists to refresh the cooldown of Leap.


Each rank of Void Assault allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his active abilities, granting it an additional effect. Upon activation, Kha'Zix enters stealth and gains Unseen Threat, increasing Movement Speed. Kha'zix can cast Void Assault again for a short time after activation. Evolving active camouflage allows Kha'Zix to cast Void Assault three times over the course of its duration and reduces any damage he sustains while in stealth.

Evolving rotation

Level 6:
Level 11:
Level 16: this evolve is situational. If your ahead and you'll carry you evolve ! If you'r behind or with one other champion the "frontline", evolve:

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Creeping / Warding


It's pretty easy. DON'T farm with till you have at LEAST Tear of the Goddess. Just farm with . In addition you can stack up your Tear of the Goddess with your Q pretty pretty easy and fast!! Later on, if you have items, you walk to creep waves and do E, and INSTANTLY (if you'r flying) press your W, and you can nearly catch even a HUGE creep wave!


The red circles are your ward points in the EARLY game! Late game is like all the others but can variate on game progress (e.g. are you pushing, are they pushing, turret down? turret not down? etc etc)

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Fighting with Kha'Zix

Pre-laning phase

After you pick up your first batch of items, run to your jungle and protect it like you would any match. This means either watching blue or red buff to scout for any enemy invasion. If nothing happens, great! You don't have to deal with a whining jungler. If something does happen, oh well. Have the rest of your team come up to fight, because you can win. Chances are the enemy team will be grouped in a bush, and you, or a teammate will have seen them coming. Use your Void Spike to harass the enemy in their bush. You'll know if it hits because it will make a certain animation regardless of whether or not you can see the enemy. Just do not get in range of any stuns or cc, because that will mean 1st blood. Essentially, you want to poke them down with your teammates at your back, because Void Spike, after it hits, does a small amount of AOE damage, which means you'll be hitting everyone on the other team. After an initiation, feel free to get a penta kill and win ALL the lanes.

Laning phase

For the first few levels if you're going against someone ranged, you're gonna have to suck it up and play like a pansy. You use too much mana to realistically trade with them, and they can just heal it up with one Health Potion. Just try to last hit as best you can, but don't be dumb. It's okay to fall behind by 5 or so cs if it means not taking a bunch of harass and potentially getting yourself killed. But don't just sit there and give up. Once you hit level 3, you're going to want to have all three of your abilities. DO NOT USE YOUR Leap TO HARASS... unless you notice the enemy jungler elsewhere. This ability has a moderate cooldown and is your only escape mechanism. If you use this to harass and the enemy jungler is nearby, you're going to either end up burning Flash, or die. If you see the jungler elsewhere, you can finally tell your lane opponent to back up, because you're strong too. One Leap, Taste Their Fear, and Void Spike will set them in place. It should do almost half their health if you do it correctly, also depending on the enemy champion. But be wary, the combo, early, takes a lot of mana. Do not spam this. Essentially your going to want to keep farming until you at least grab a The Brutalizer. Then, once you've gotten your blue buff, you can start getting kills.

continuing laning phase

So if you've gotten this far without your enemies telling you to rush mid because you're already 23-0, you suck. Kidding.. At least be 22-0. After you grab your The Brutalizer, you're gonna focus on getting The Bloodthirster. You can be more aggressive, as a full combo will send your opponent out of lane, and chances are, they won't be able to burst you down. Continue farming and roam if necessary. Make sure to take ALL the blue buffs. Possibilities of team fights will be occurring soon so make sure your ready. Your Void Spike makes team fights very hard for the enemy. If you can manage to get off three of those and hit at least two people with each one you've almost secured the fight with the amount of damage you've done.

Mid Game

There will be more roaming and contention towards objectives like dragon and buffs. Keep everything you need warded (warding will be explained in a later section). Your objective during this time is, as always, to continue farming, as well as pushing. Taking the tier 1 mid tower is a powerful objective, as it opens up more control in the enemy jungle, or rather less control for the enemy. You do not want to be traveling alone in enemy territory unless it's warded and you know where the enemy is. To push effectively your going to want to use your Void Spike on all of the minions. Go to the side of the wave and fire it so it hits both the caster minions and the melee ones. This should instakill the casters and leave the melee ones one autoattack from death. This will allow you to roam more, or, if you've gotten far enough ahead of your lane opponent, pressure them so hard they can't CS. Even under their own tower. Simply put, if you're going against someone who's not building any resistances, you can pretty much successively dive them when they're at 3/4 health. Continue to abuse your power if you have it. If you've been bullied and and not strong, or even behind (yeah right), then your going to want still push, since you can pick up all the CS and exp instantly, and then roam and try to secure kills and make dem plays in other lanes. But don't get cocky or overconfident. Don't make it a game of throws.

NOTE: I'm not sure if I already mentioned it, but early game be smart about skirmishes. Take into account minion damage and location. Use enemy cooldowns to your advantage and try to get them to fight so your minions will attack the enemy champion. Early game is about surviving, while afterward it's about getting kills unless you're going against another melee champion who you cant poke you down before going all-in.

Teamfights and Late Game

So by this point, you should have at least 3 items plus your tier 2 boots. Actually, just a quick note aboutCS to guide you in the right direction, because while a lot of people define mid and late game by time, it's not necessarily accurate. I define early, mid, and late game by where your standing. Simply, if you're fed at 20 minutes, and have most of your build, it's probably mid game for everyone else, but you've already reached late game. The sooner you can reach a late game build, the better. Back to the note about CS. To guide you with that, I'm going to explain how much CS you want by 20 minutes, and from that number, you can determine if you're ahead, behind, or if the game's already been won. An average amount of CS you want by 20 minutes would be around 130. If you have this, you're doing fine. This, plus some kills, means your ahead. If you've got 160, it means you're a bit ahead. That plus some kills, go dive some towers like a man. If you've gotten 200 CS by 20 minutes, you're a god. You don't even need kills. Just man mode it. This plus kills means wherever you are on the map is a bad place for opponents. Now don't go killing yourself, but you're pretty much golden in any fight.

So now that that's done, time to talk about your role in team fights. Riot actually programmed a code into Kha'Zix that makes him a penta kill factory. It's really easy, you just press q,w,e, and r. A lot. Yep. That's it. Okay now to talk about which order you do that in. Seriously, here's how you do it:

You're an assassin, albeit having a decent amount of defensive stats. You can instagib almost anyone who's squishy, and with your ult and Leap reset, your relatively safe. You do not want to initiate the fight. You are not a tank. After the fight starts, you go for the highest priority target on the team. You are not an adc, and you do not need to kite or attack the thing nearest to you in fear of getting blown up. You gotta manmode it and go for their highest damage dealer. You are not a peeler either. Your ability set is not designed for keeping people safe, it's for killing enemies. Now when you jump on that target, if they blow everything to get away, which may happen, it's not always the best idea to continue chasing. You have a lot of damage, and by sending their damage dealer out of the fight whether through death or making Ezreal Cleanse, Flash, and Arcane Shift, away, you've done your job. Unless you know your team can completely sweep the floor with the other four enemies, don't give chase, turn around and go deal some damage. The reset on your Leap makes you exceptionally well at cleaning up fights as well, so if your late and you see someone low, you can proceed to clean up. With your low cooldowns, aoe, and reset, you should have more than enough damage to win fights. Be careful of getting focused though. That's why you wait for your tank and front line to try to soak up some stuns and CC first and go in. Treat it like Katarina. You don't want to go in why their Alistar still has Pulverize or something to stop you.


Kha'Zix is fun to play, but hard to master ;)

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SPACESPACE Kha'Zixis an extremely fun champion to play, even though he is hard to get the hang of. If you have any comments, questions or queries about my guide, please don't hesitate to ask any questions.Upvote if you liked the guide, and only downvote if you feel it is absolutely necessary. If you do downvote, please inform me of why, and perhaps I can rectify any mistakes I have made.

Fear the Void


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in progress

I'll try to keep the guide up to date (Patches & maybe Comments)


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