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Kha'Zix Build Guide by PoisonFang

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PoisonFang

Kha'Zix - Evolve and Conquer

PoisonFang Last updated on August 14, 2013
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Hello Mobafire.

I am PoisonFang (on EUW ) and I am a Diamond mid laner and this is my guide for Kha'Zix the Voidreaver, who is my most played champion in season 3. This is a guide for mid lane Kha'Zix. I am not saying this is the best way to play him and the best way to build him, but its my way.

What you read here is a subject to change in the future, so be advised and look at the date of the guide before using it.

There may be some spelling or gramatic mistakes, for which I am sorry. English is not my native language

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Pros / Cons

Here are some pros and cons of Kha'Zix.


    - High physical burst damage
    - Reset based skillset
    - Assasin
    - Good late game scaling
    - Medium difficulty champion


    - Has low sustain on lane
    - Has no hard CC
    - Very realian on team composition
    - High gold per minute requierment
    - Hard positioning in team fights

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Lets first look at the runes.

For Marks/ Red I use 9 x .

For Seals/ Yellow I use 9 x .

For Glyphs/ Blue I use 9 x .

For Quintessences/ Purple I use 3 x .

I use the and as my offensive runes. I found that pure attack damage works best for Kha'Zix and it gives him a very good early game, because you will not be geting much early damage items because he needs his Tear of the Goddess.

I use the and for my deffensive runes. The scaling magic resist enables him to do fine vs AP champs only with the runes, Resistance and Mercury's Treads. The armor from your runes and Hardiness is always good and it helps vs other AD midlaners, such as Zed.

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The masteries are prety simple and standart.

In the Offense Tree: First off be sure to take Summoner's Wrath , for the bonus 5 AD from Ignite.

Everything else is just all the AD related masteries. Just be sure not to take Lethality , because your build does not involve any critical chance.

In the Defense Tree: Take Durability and Veteran's Scars for the extra HP.

Also put 2 points in each of Hardiness and Resistance for some resists.

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For my spells I always use Ignite and Flash.

Ignite gives you great kill potencial on your lane and also gives you some bonus AD from Summoner's Wrath . In later team fights its also good for finishing people you dont want to chase and geting resets on your Leap.

Flash is a all around great spell which I use on 95% of champions. It gives you some great bonus mobility and a good escape.

I have tried Ghost and Teleport, instead of Ignite, but they didnt work very good for me.

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Skill Sequence

After the giant nerf on his W, his skill setup has changed a bit.

First you would want to max and evolve on level 6 your Q - Taste Their Fear. They made this his most viable damage source and the passive from his evolution on it is great. It gives not only the skill more range, but also to your champ, which is great. It also does % damage so it has a good scaling for late game.

You max your W - Void Spike, second, but you dont evolve it. Its not worth evolving anymore, because it does prety bad damage, the only good thing about it is the slow, so thats why I dont max it first anymore.

You max your E - Leap last becasue maxing it doesnt realy changing anything important about it, except for the cooldown. But you still want to evolve it on level 11 because it becomes very good and the reset your evolution gives on it, makes it one of your most important skills.

Max your R - Void Assault as soon as you can. Not leveling it up does not let you evolve your skills, so its very important to get it on levels 6, 11 and 16. Evolve it third on level 16, because of the bonus stealth proc, you also get a bonus proc on your passive in teamfights and it makes you a little harder to kill.

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Start: My standart start for mid lane is a Faerie Charm with a sight ward and 5 x Health Potion and 1 x Mana Potion. Sometimes vs AD mid laners I may start with Cloth Armor and 5 x Health Potion. These stats enable you to farm on lane without having to back every 30 seconds, because your geting poked.

Early game: Before I back the first time I usualy try to have enought gold for Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed + some sight ward and Health Potion. The Tear of the Goddess is a great item on Kha'Zix, because he needs mana to farm and because later in the game when you get Muramana it increases the damage on your basic attacks, Unseen Threat and Taste Their Fear.

Armor penetration: With your next couple of backs try to get Last Whisper. It gives you some extra damage and a lot of armor penetration, which is very good on Kha'Zix. I dont think getting The Brutalizer is worth anymore, because of the nerf on The Black Cleaver.

Damage items: After that finish off your Boots of Speed into Mercury's Treads or if they have a heavy AD team into Ninja Tabi. Then start your The Bloodthirster. This is your main damage item, which also provides you with sustain. When you finish it take your Manamune and that wraps up your damage build.

Defensive items: Only thing left are the defensive items. I usualy take Guardian Angel if I need defense in general or if they have a fed AP carry or double AP comp I first take Maw of Malmortius and then the Guardian Angel .

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Farming with Kha'Zix after his Void Spike nerf is prety hard if your oponent is ranged.

You can still use your Void Spike for farming creeps you wouldnt be able to get with melee range. And you can also use it to get the ranged minions when you have some points on it and it deals enought damage. In combination with your Leap you can also get the ranged minions prety easy, but I dont recomend using it to farm.

Your Taste Their Fear is also useful for geting the minions you cant get with an auto attack. It has a litle more range than your autos and does more damage so its good for people who cant realy last hit very well with only AA.

I dont realy recomend going to the jungle much as Kha'Zix. I would prefer roaming to other lanes, rather than goint in the jungle to farm.

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Lane matchups

Here are some lane matchups for and how they vari at dificulty:

- Medium. She is easy to kill with a gang, but makes farming hard for you.

- Hard. She is very hard to duel and to farm againts, you can only beat her with an early advantage.

- Medium. This matchup is a farming lane for both of you. You cant kill her and she cant realy kill you because of your escape.

- Hard. She will make farming almost imposible and if you try to kill her, you WILL die. Only chance for a kill is with a tanky jungler.

- Easy. Just ward up and go full aggresive agaitns him. As long as you dodge his Sear, his a free kill.

- Medium. She is hard to farm againts, because of her poke, but she is prety easy to kill as long as your careful about Petrifying Gaze.

- Medium. This is a skill matchup. If your a better player than her in general you can with the duels, but if you panic or your behind in gold, becasue of CS you will lose.

- Medium. Another skill matchup. You just have to be better or you will die.

- Easy. He has easy to dodge poke so you can farm freely. He is hard to kill, because of his Body Slam and Explosive Cask.

- Easy. His poke is easy to dodge, so he wont stop you from farming very much. Your a stonger duelist than he is, so if he makes a mistake you can easily kill him.

- Medium. She is not that hard to CS agaitns, but is very anoying to kill.

- Easy. Very easy to dodge his Lay Waste poke and he is easy to kill, becasue of his extreamely low resists and HP.

- Medium. Hard to CS againt and hard to duel, but he doesnt have a big kill potencial on you aswell.

- Medium. Hard to duel alone, but with some jungle help she is very easy. Geting farm agaitns her is prety anoying.

- Hard. Hard to CS agaitns and realy hard to kill. If you use your Leap into her, yoru dead.

- Hard. Makes farming realy hard, because he uses energy and can poke you 24/7. You also cant all in him, because of his Slicing Maelstrom and his build usualy includes early armor.

- Medium. She is bad for geting CS, so you should be able to get a lot more than her and outscale her, as long as you dont get killed to much early. Buying and early Hexdrinker realy helps.

- Medium. She will poke you a lot and you cant realy kill her very easy, but as long as you keep farming as much as her, you should be fine mid- late game.

- Medium. She will poke you, but she cant realy kill you. As long as you stay back and farm, you will be able to kill her when your jungler comes. She is realy weak vs junglers with hard CC.

- Medium. Very easy to farm agaitns. All in her everytime you know she doesnt have Soul Shackles up. Withour her ultimate she cant stop you.

- Medium. Hard to farm againts, but easy to kill, as long as you dont get poked too much.

- Easy. Easy to dodge her poke and you can all in her anytime you want. She cant realy stop you even with Command: Shockwave.

- Medium. Easy in the early game, but hard after he gets his armor items.

- Hard. He has one of the most anoying pokes and is almost imposible to kill 1v1. Your only got a chance whe nhe has no mana.

- Easy. Easy to dodge poke and easy to all in, as long as you dont get stunned by her Scatter the Weak.

- Medium. He makes farming hard and you can probably only kill him with a gang. But if he gets fed of other lanes your screwed.

- Hard. He has very hard poke and his Ascended form and Mage chains make him realy hard to kill.

- Medium. Its a farm lane for both of you. If you try to all in eachother you will probably both live on low HP.

- Hard. She has good poke and her Stranglethorns make her imposible to kill in close range.

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Team Work

Kha'Zix is very reliant on his team in order to escalate in team fights. He needs a team with good hard CC and counter engage.

1) Jungle/lane matchups

Kha'Zix in order to get fed in lane needs a jungler with hard CC. He doesnt work very well with assasin, because they also lack CC. He has enought damage to deal with the enemies health bar, but needs help cathcing them. Thats why he works good on lane with champs like :

2)Team compositions

For top lane: I prefer playing with AP champs who can realy spread their team apart. That helps you isolate people and burst them down because of Taste Their Fear passive. These kind of champs are:

For bot lane: For supports I realy like those which can disenage for you, because you already have an engage from your jugnler and a follow up from your top lane. For ADC I like having a long range positioning carry, becasue if you have an all in carry like Vayne, they will have easy engage on both of you because you will be close together. Champs that I like for bot include:

AD Carry:

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Team Fights

Lets say your in the perfect for you teamfight. Your teamates do what they have to perfectly. But what do you have to do in a teamfight ?

Lets say this is your team comp:

Ok so now Zac initiates with Elastic Slingshot and follows up with Let's bounce. Then Vladimir goes in with his ultimate Hemoplague. At this point the intiation is done. Now its your time to jump in ! Go in with your Leap. You have 2 targets you want to either use it on.

1) Their mid laner, if he is not tanky ( over 120 armor or is someone with great sustain)
2) Their adc if their mid is tanky

After you finish of 1 of those 2 ( which with a perfect initiation you should be able to do) with your skill combo of:

Leap + AA + Taste Their Fear + Void Spike + Void Assault + AA + Taste Their Fear

Whih is your standart combo, you should still have 1 or 2 stacks on your Void Assault and your Leap should have reset. In the time that you do that they should be attacking you, becasue your the closest damage dealer to them. That mean now its Sona time to help you disengage. She will Crescendo and its your time to get out of there with :

Void Assault + Leap

You want to Leap near your adc, so you can help peel for him and once the guy/people near your carry die. Its your time to hunt down and kill any remaining enemies.

Remember that this was a example of a perfect team fight. Many of your fights wont be like this one and you will have to react on place. This was just a general example of what you should do in a team fight, when your the ones engaging !