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Kindred Build Guide by IvernLover74856

Top Kinder Egg Top UNLEASHED

By IvernLover74856 | Updated on January 16, 2021
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Runes: PTA

1 2
Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Nimbus Cloak
Gathering Storm

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
The only good ones
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Champion Build Guide

Kinder Egg Top UNLEASHED

By IvernLover74856
Why should you play Kindred Top?

The only way this works is if you catch your opponent off guard or you're much better at the game than them.
Who am I? Back to Top
I am ONLY SEXY CHAMPS, the self-proclaimed #1 S11 EUW Kindred top main due to the fact that it's barely ever played and the season has just started. I peaked silver 2 last season and I've never come within sniffing distance of gold. I've decided not to let that stop me from writing this guide as if I know what I'm talking about, though.

If you look at my OPGG you'll see how much of a psychopath I am and therefore how grounded in psychosis this guide is.
Pregame mental victory Back to Top
Kinder egg is a cool champion. I am not a furry.

At the beginning of the game, just as you load in, I advise you to make the enemy team think you're stupid.
A favourite of mine is to imply I'm inebriated on some kind of drug. Consider the following:

This Vodka tastes like paint thinner.
I'm actually seeing double rn
I think my dealer cut my coke with glass...
I kinda do be smoking a doobie rn ngl lol
I just huffed a whole bag of gorilla glue :DD
Just took the fattest rip I think I can see Harambe
I just got suspended for huffing a whole tin of Dulux
Just vaped a lethal dose of DMT. Wish me luck!
Just ate 3 whole fly agarics

These play into the second category of ways to make the enemy team think you're dumb, that of making them think you're an edgy 12-year-old:

I should be in school rn 0_o
HELLO [insert enemy toplane champ]
It's 10pm where I am now xD

I feel this is the best kind of mental warfare, because it will affect your opponents negatively in different ways depending on their various disorders.
If they understand sarcasm/trolling, the intent behind the weed jokes will mildly irritate them throughout the game.
If they don't, either:
• They'll assume you are 12, and will int to try to kill you and tilt you. This suits you fine, because you hard win early trades.
• They'll think you actually are high, in which case a kill on you will feel like a hollow victory, and to be killed by you will be immensely demoralising.

Regardless of whether this will actually do anything, it's fun to troll the enemy team into thinking you're braindead pregame, and it can lead to some fun exchanges.
Just remember, you're only PRETENDING to be stupid

(more chat openings to come)
Your kit Back to Top
I don't know, read the descriptions and figure it out.


At the start of the game, mark your laner. There's not much fancy **** you can do with this because it goes away once you're in combat.

You can use this to troll other lanes who're pushed up by selecting them. Sometimes they'll expect you to suddenly appear and will back off for no reason.

Once you get 4 passive stacks, you get bonus attack range. That's probably good.

E: Mounting Dread

Your E scales off crit chance, and it's how you deal most of your damage. It also will only crit if the enemy is below a certain threshold based on your crit chance. Basically, it lets your crit chance execute. Crit chance is good on Kinder egg.


Your main combo is to E the enemy as soon as possible, then use your
Q -> W -> repeated Q in W zone
to gap close as you add in auto-attacks. Auto then use your Q to cancel.

If you're doing the lvl 1/2(/3) cheese, first get them low enough by poking then do the same combo but opening with E -> ignite with the nimbus speed boost to run them down.


Your ult does not work for enemy spawn fountain. Trust me, I've tried it several times. In ranked.

Fighting people in ult is a strange and common part of Kindred. Ideally, you ignite them as ult's about to run out so they get reduced healing after the ult and you have ignite tick damage on them.

Your ult saves minions, drake, baron and shelly (rift herald) from dying. You can use this between the two nexus turrets with a low-hp shelly in order to stop the enemy from killing it or to finish the game clutch-fast.

If you took TP like a little *****, you could use it to backdoor nexus with ult and be unkillable - so long as they can't stun or CC you out of ult.
League of Legends Build Guide Author IvernLover74856
IvernLover74856 Kindred Guide
Kinder Egg Top UNLEASHED
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