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Fiora Build Guide by caitlynlover69

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author caitlynlover69

La Garde Royale

caitlynlover69 Last updated on October 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Bonjour! Not being a French stereotype here, but welcome to my guide! Really, all I can say about Fiora is that she is a very great pubstomper. In this guide, I will explain different ways to build Fiora, and who she stomps at and who uh.. makes her surrender the fight (no offense French people).

Fiora is a melee AD Carry. Her skills make her a pretty average jungler, a strong top lane against specific champions, a somewhat AD Carry at bot, and a somewhat viable counter-pick to mid. Aside from her kit, she is a very fun champion to play, and has a very high chance of getting a lot of multi-kills.Credits to

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Pros / Cons


    Deals Tons of Damageā„¢
    One of the best 1v1 champions
    Can't be targeted when using ult
    Has a nice ***
    Easily attain high AD from W passive
    Passive combined with lifesteal = a LOT of sustain.
    Has a gap-closer

    No escape when her Q is down
    Ultimate is on-hit
    Ganks are eh
    Any CC would give her a bad time

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The runes I use for Fiora are standard AD runes.
9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage
9 Greater Seal of Defense
9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
3 Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

I find these runes to work well with her. Going for all Attack Damage runes really won't help because you get 35 free AD from your Riposte anyway.

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Your masteries are the standard 21/9/0 bruiser masteries. You can go 9/21/0 for defensive purposes, but if you want to deal more damage then obviously go for 21/9/0. If you are a really aggressive person and runs out of mana quick, then 21/0/9 taking the Expanded Mind mastery, but not having the extra defense.

Now, the next chapter will cover some builds that work well with Fiora.

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Explanation of Abilities

Duelist is your passive. This passive encourages you to trade off with your opponent, and you are a strong early game Champion, so you probably won't have a hard time.

Lunge is basically a gap-closer. A good strategy is to dash to a minion, then onto your enemy. You can use this as an initiator when you're going to fight. However, I find the best use of this ability is to chasing down and finishing your opponent off. Max this last as it is not as important compared to your other abilities.

Riposte has a passive and an active. Riposte gives extra Attack Damage each time you upgrade the ability, very much like Master Yi's Wuju Style. The active reflects auto-attacks, and on-hit abilities like Mystic Shot, Parrrley, Bladesurge, and many more. This is your main ability when fighting somebody, because at max rank, it's at a 5 second cooldown, which takes out an auto attack or two during a fight (which doesn't sound that important, but it's useful for winning fights). Max this by level 9

Burst of Speed is a very high attack speed steroid. Not only does it give attack speed, but it gives a high amount of extra movement speed, which really closes the gap for opponents running away. Be sure to auto attack, THEN use this ability because it refreshes the auto-attack timer. Max this by level 13.

Blade Waltz is your ultimate. In a teamfight, it is a very devastating ability. Consider this an Alpha Strike on steroids. While using your ultimate, if you targeted someone that Flashed away from you, you will still end up following them. You can also use this ability to bait people because you cannot be targeted during your ult, but if someone Ignited you before you ulted, that would still go through.

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Build 1: AD Fiora

There are 2 versions of this build, pick one that works with your situation.
If it's an easy lane (Laning against specific champions down below)
Start off with Boots of Speed + Health Potions
Go for The Brutalizer on your way back
Get either Ninja Tabi early game or Mercury's Treads mid game depending on your matchup.
By 15 minutes you should have your Youmuu's Ghostblade.
Now, work on The Bloodthirster.
Really with this build all you need are those 3 items and you will be fine mid game. If it ever goes to late game, get defensive items such as Guardian Angel. Maw of Malmortius. and another Bloodthirster.

People ask me, why get Youmuu's Ghostblade? I get it on Fiora because she is easily compared to Master Yi. Really, all melee AD carries work well with the Ghostblade. The Ghostblade active really works well with chasing people after using your ult, and it gives lots of nice stats for a long duration. Sell it late game if you find yourself not using the active a lot or need more damage.

If you're not a fan of the Ghostblade:

Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potions.
If you need to, get 2 Doran's Blade.
Get a Wriggle's Lantern during laning phase. It allows you to trade off with your opponent without being bruised that much. It also keeps Fiora in lane for much longer.
Get your boots of preference.
After getting Wriggle's, get your Infinity Edge, as it will be your main damage output.
By mid-late game, get Last Whisper, The Bloodthirster, and Guardian Angel to compliment your damage.

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Build 2: Tanky DPS Fiora

This build is generally used for the following:

    If nobody on your team is tanky and you have to be the off-tank
    If you want a lot of health and tankiness, but want to deal a decent amount of damage.
    Works well if you get counterpicked
Start off with Boots of Speed + 3 Health Potions, or you can go for Cloth Armor + 5.
If you started off with Cloth Armor, then you can either rush a Ninja Tabi or get a Wriggle's Lantern.
Instead of going for your AD items like the build above, go for a Phage now.
Eventually, build your Phage into a Frozen Mallet.
Why Frozen Mallet instead of Warmog's Armor? Frozen Mallet offers a huge chunk of health along with a portion of offense. The best thing is that it offers perma-slow, so you can chase all you want and assure that they won't get away.
Because you're going tanky, getting a Wit's End doesn't hurt at all.
If you plan on building more health, then compliment that with an Atma's Impaler.
Your other 2 item choices should be Guardian Angel or Maw of Malmortius depending on your matchup.

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Now honestly, I've never tried this build before, so I don't know if it's viable at all.

    First, you start off with
Boots of Speed and 3 Health Potions. Then:

Congratulations! Now your Blade Waltz deals TONS OF AOE DAMAGE!!

No matter how you build Fiora, she will still do a lot of damage in some way, and is a very good secondary carry if your Graves isn't doing so hot.

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Build 4: On-hit Fiora

This build focuses on on-hit, and would work well with her auto attacks and ultimate. These items are viable on Fiora, but should be only used for situational builds.

Boots of Speed and pots
Wit's End
Ionic Spark
Madred's Bloodrazor
The Bloodthirster
Guardian Angel

This build does the least damage, but if you really need those on-hits for that pesky Singed with 4k HP or that AP mid doing tons of damage, then go for it.

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Items and how they work with Fiora

Infinity Edge - A pretty good item on Fiora. Because her Blade Waltz applies on-hit, you can probably crit them for more damage. If you are going to run crit on Fiora, then get this as one of your main items.

The Bloodthirster - In my opinion, is required on any Fiora build. You'll need the lifesteal, along with a lot of damage.

The Black Cleaver - Now, don't get me wrong, this is a good item for her, but only get it for situational purposes.

Last Whisper - Good item for late game if they're stacking a lot of armor.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Provides armor penetration, cooldown reduction, crit and attack damage. Some people aren't a fan of the item, but in my opinion the active is really good on her.

Wriggle's Lantern - Provides a lot of sustain in lane, and a free ward. Can't go wrong with this item. Sell it late game for a Bloodthirster though.

Phage/ Frozen Mallet - Get it if you want health and the slow. Do not build it into a Trinity Force though, it's not really worth it for her.

Madred's Bloodrazor - A good situational item for her.

Phantom Dancer - I'm not a fan of this item for her. I mean, it's GOOD on her, but you get your attack and movement speed from your E anyway. I know it's for critical strike, but you do a lot of damage without crit anyway. It's up to the you if you want to build crit. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it.

Hexdrinker - Works well if you need a shield from that fed enemy mage.

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What Boots Should I get?

These are probably the best boots for late game. They provide some MR and Tenacity. However, there are some games where you don't even need these.

Works well if you find that your matchup is really aggressive on you. It basically works like a Chain Vest because it provides you armor and basic attack damage reduction.

If you find that your opponents and their CC mean nothing to you, then get this. More cooldown reduction = more Blade Waltz.

I'm not a fan of these on Fiora. You get your attack speed from your Burst of Speed anyway. Better to use boots on other passives.

The thing about Fiora is, you're meant to be in combat.

Sure your Riposte will do more damage, but no.

You will probably have enough movement speed from your Burst of Speed anyway.

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Laning against Champions

has a hard time against Fiora, since his Q gets countered by her W. I have played against many Rengars and I usually beat them. The only thing about Rengar is that his ultimate disrupts your ultimate. Other than that, his laning difficulty is pretty easy.

is an easy lane as well. Same as above, just counter his Q with your W and you'll be fine. His oranges will not make him K after you ult him.

Well a lot of people counter Nasus top. Just try to avoid letting him free farm and not get baited by his ultimate.

The former king of top lane before he was nerfed. Yorick gives almost everybody a hard time at top. Just try to make use of your passive and be sure to have sustain in your build.

This guy will give you such a hard time. His dodge just makes you useless, and he has more burst damage. Be sure to ult him after he uses his dodge, or prepare for the most embarrassing moment of your day.

A Singed would wreck you. Any Singed in general will give all melee a hard time, if you need to, get a Madred's Bloodrazor for him.

Same as above, just try to dodge his axes and be prepared to get smited by his true damage. I'd say an average-hard laning difficulty.

Has a lot of poke, passive will annoy you, and his stun can really disrupt your combos. He's a counter to you, so play a bit more passive than usual.

Avoid this rock at all times. He gives every AD champ a hard time top lane.

Lee Sin is also a champion that trades off during laning. Be careful when he jukes with his W, Safeguard / Iron Will. Both of you have sustain, but he has an attack speed debuff and you have an attack speed buff. He will Dragon's Rage you right after you ult though. The difficulty of this lane will be an average, but it depends if the Lee Sin will play aggresive or passive.

If it's an AD Nidalee, then it's guaranteed an easy lane since she relies on auto attacks. It's easy to kill her Pre-6 since she lacks an escape until she gets her cougar.

Both of you will get into small fights during laning. Just be sure to make her waste Intervention before you ult or Ignite. Overall an easy lane.

You may win some fights against him, but as of right now, he's really hard to counter or even lane against. His ranged harass can get you if you aren't near minions. You can probably fight him in melee form, but beware that his E in melee does tons of damage.

People say that Fiora is a counter to him but it honestly depends on the Darius. If he's aggressive, then laning will be a pain in the ***. If the Darius plays passive, then you can be aggressive and probably win the lane. Also, be careful when he is level 6.

Just be careful about his clone, other than that, laning will be easy.

VERY annoying to play against. His blind is your biggest weakness, along with that poison. You're probably going to be more useful than him late game anyway.

Deals a lot of damage early game. You can probably win trades with him post-4, just be careful about his ult.

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Early Game

This time is probably the highest chance of you winning trades against your opponent. Catch them while they're still weak (probably at level 3) and try to go for an early first blood. To assure an early kill, be sure to have all 3 abilities. If you don't have your Lunge, you can't chase. If you don't have your Riposte, you won't do as much damage and reflect an auto-attack. If you don't have Burst of Speed then you can't chase them because you're too slow. During early laning phase, try to farm as much as you can, so you won't be behind mid/late.

One thing that I do early game is to really emphasize Riposte early game when they try to harass you with their auto-attack. It shows them that auto-attacking you will do nothing but just reflect it back to them. It will make them play a bit more passive against you than usual.

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Mid Game/Late Game

This is probably your prime time because you're around level 11 or so. After laning, roam the other lanes so you can help our or get more kills. By mid game you should have at least your core item already ( The Bloodthirster, Infinity Edge, or Frozen Mallet depending on which build you chose.)
During team fights, play it like a carry. Don't go in first. If you're building tanky, then go second and try to deal damage on the squishies on the team. Your Blade Waltz will deal a lot of damage in the team fight.

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What champions work well with Fiora?

In general, champions with AoE work well with Fiora, especially with her ultimate.
This guy will basically just line up kills for you. Once he uses Curse of the Sad Mummy, they are defenseless for a few seconds which let's them eat your full Blade Waltz.

Absolute Zero provides a very large and devastating slow, they won't be able to escape from both of your ultimates unless they Flash away. He also provides you an attack speed steroid if he wants to use his Blood Boil on you.

His Cataclysm traps people. Your ult attacks those people. Very good combination.

His Hemoplague gives you increased damage. He will also end up finishing off those champions that ran away from you with low health.

Unstoppable Force really helps you so you can use your Blade Waltz, and keep the enemies a bit grouped up for you.

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Comparing Fiora to other Melee Carries + Laning against them

Gangplank is in my opinion outclassed by Fiora in terms of carrying the team. Fiora brings that carrying power to the team, a bit more than GP.
In the laning phase, Fiora beats Gangplank. She literally just block's GP's bullets by her rapier.

AD Master Yi is nothing against Fiora. Fiora has Riposte which will work very well against Yi. I'd say Yi and Fiora have similar carrying power, but we all know what happens when a Yi gets really fed. AP Yi on the other hand just leaves Fiora helpless in killing him because she has no hard CC to counter his meditate other than Ignite.

Tryndamere has more innate sustain than Fiora. He also has innate crit, an Attack Damage debuff, and a very annoying ultimate. I'd say this is the only melee carry that Fiora will have a somewhat hard time against. Just land your Ignite before his Undying Rage is about to end, and you'll be fine.

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Where does Fiora fit in Ranked and current meta?

Fiora is best at the low elo (1280s and below). She pubstomps any game there, and I have to give her credit for getting me out of that elo. In the upper 1400s, I find that she is outclassed by other bruisers such as Jayce and Jax. In the current meta, her best role would be top lane, other than that, she's an eh in the high Elo ranked play.

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This is my first guide on Mobafire, and I hope it really helps you know more about Fiora, and how to play her in many ways. I'd like to thank other Mobafire guides on here for really inspiring me to make a guide of my own. All suggestions to this guide are welcome. I've been playing Fiora ever since she was released, and just finding different ways to play her really inspired me to make this guide.

Once again, hopefully this guide helped you know more about Fiora, and see you on the Rift summoners!
-La Garde Royale