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Jax Build Guide by Klexander

Le 3v3 (TT) Jax build!

By Klexander | Updated on January 19, 2013

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  • LoL Champion: Jax
    3v3 TT
  • LoL Champion: Jax
    5v5 Jungler
  • LoL Champion: Jax
    5v5 Top Lane


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Jax [center/]

I've noticed that there is a lack of 3v3 builds. Especially for such an awesome 3v3 champion as Jax.

So here you go, this is my Jax build for 3v3. Please comment and discuss if you like.

NOTE: I did'nt calc wether or not Atma's Impaler would be better or worse than the Black Cleaver. But I've had most succes with using Black Cleaver.

Secret trick to OPness: This champion works very well as bot with Zilean (AP zilean - not Support).

((I might put more info on the build - such as item choice and such - but untill then, check the item build and follow it as it fits yourself and your own game-style.))

((Also included my 5v5 jungle and top lane builds... Inspired by taos95))

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Farm lane till just about 60% over the lane. Then go to jungle minions in own jungle (and later in enemy jungle if things are going great).
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Summoner Spells

I like flash and ignite.

Ignite gives you more atk dmg, ability power and DoT dmg.

Flash is the best get-away with jax... It helps you get close enough to your allys so you can jump to them with Q. Or it can also help you catch enemies on the run.
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I would build like this in most games. However, you might face a time when you need Armor or MR.

If you need Armor, I recommend Randuin's Omen. If you need Magic Resist, I recommend Maw of Malmortius.

If you dont like Frozen Mallet, there is 2 other opportuneties. You can either rush for the Overlord's Bloodmail or you can get a Rylai's Scepter. Both will give you a hp bonus.
If things are tough and you die alot, I recommend the Overlord's Bloodmail, but if things are good and you are ripping everyone appart without dying, you should go for the Rylais Scepter.
Frozen Mallet is the golden way that will be helpfull to you both if things are tough and if everything is going great.
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It works

To prove that my build, I've focussed on playing jax for a few games with just using this build.

This is the proof that the 3v3 build works:

I will try to get a screenshot of 5v5 battles aswell - however it might turn out to be harder to pick the same champ over and over again. But I'll do my best and show you some proof as soon as I get it :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Klexander
Klexander Jax Guide

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Le 3v3 (TT) Jax build!
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