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Jhin Build Guide by Tolis slayer

ADC Learn how to count to number 4

ADC Learn how to count to number 4

Updated on December 1, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tolis slayer Build Guide By Tolis slayer 28 4 89,601 Views 6 Comments
28 4 89,601 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Tolis slayer Jhin Build Guide By Tolis slayer Updated on December 1, 2023
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Runes: Fleet footwork/main build

1 2 3 4
Fleet Footwork
Presence of Mind
Legend: Bloodline
Coup de Grace

Gathering Storm

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3 4 5
summoners spells 1
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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Extreme Threats
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Champion Build Guide

Learn how to count to number 4

By Tolis slayer
a little introduction
Hello guys im tolis an eu player that after trying really hard was able to conquer the high ranks of gold 2.I have been maining Jhin for about 3 years and while i dont think i am that good in this game i think that i have enough experience and tips i have picked up from other Jhin player in order to make a good Jhin guide.I know this isnt even near to being the best Jhin guide on this website. not while taco's Jhin guide exist. but despite that i really hope you enjoy this guide and learn a few things about how to Jhin effectively
Why to jhin
good at all stages of the game
good range
reltively easy to pick up and start playing
good burst damage
Is pretty good at kiting late game due to ms from crits
can go either lethality,crit or ap
Has the highest ad in the game
Good cc with his w and his e and r slows
very fun and satisfying to play
very squishy champ
not incredibly mobile
Is completely vulnerable for a couple seconds while he is reloading
cant do very good damage damage to tanks
is pretty hard to master
gets easily 1v1 against traditional adc's due to his lack of attack speed
is pretty weak if he falls behind
Needs a pretty different mindset compared to other adc's so it can be hard to get used to him
laning phase
Personally in laning phase i try to play aggresive. you have a pretty strong early game so i try to poke enemies with my 4th shot or with my q bouncing. Espeecially if you have an engage support like a tresh, Leona or Nautilus you should play aggresive because one good engage from the support can easily mean a couple summoners spells from the enemy or a kill.On the other hand if you are laning with an enchanter play more passively. try to poke the enemy as much as possible and go for short trades since enchanters like Soraka can heal you after the trade and enchanters like Lulu or Janna can buff you so you can you win the trade.Prefereably you shouldnt all in while the enemy bot has full hp if you lane with an enchanter
mid game
Mid game might be when you are most vulnerable since its the strongest part of the game for assasins which of course completely destroy and you might not have ldr yet which will make it pretty dificult to deal damage on tanks with a couple of items.On that phase of the game you should try to farm a bit more or roam with your support to mid if needed. You should also start using a ton of Jhin's traps at that point as mini wards since if you are able to root whoever steps on them they start dealing pretty good damage
late game
late game can be pretty dangerous for Jhin since death timers are so long. also even if you are ahead many traditional adc's can 1v1 at that stage of the game since they do good damage and attack way faster than you. at this stage of the game you should stay with your team and never be alone unless the enemy has literally no assasins and you are 2 items ahead of everyone also should use my traps even more on bushes and the jungle especially in tight places while doing baron or drake and try to poke enemies with the extra range of fircannon. in teamfights depending on the situation i either stay in the backline trying to quickly kill the squishies or back up a bit and ult from far in order to help my team.Along with the rest of your team you should also have as much vision possible so it will be hard for asassins to quickly surpise you and kill you or for a champ like blitzcrank to grab you while you dont expect it
tips and some combos
- your most basic combo is q+4thshot.It is a pretty reliable combo that does pretty decent damage even if the oponent is full hp and below i explain how to use it
-probably your deadliest combo is auto attack to q to w. That not only does really good damage but since you also root the enemy you have time to get more shots.If you end up also getting off the 4th shot you will either kill the opponent or leave him low enough to finish him with your ult
-if a low hp opponent is marked by your w but out of your range you can w to root him and immidiatly ult.If you do that the opponent will either die because he got hit by r while rooted and couldnt move or will have to move quickly and very predictably making it easy to shot him
-Another good combo against low health enemies is galeforce active to 4th shot/q and 4th shot. Galeforce will of course let you get in range of the enemy and also do some extra damage to make sure that 4th shot kill.Also if you can use it unexpectedly the opponent wont be able to react before you shot your 4th shot which not only will kill them but many times also take their flash since they thought they could get away
-you should use your flowers a lot since they have many different uses. you can use the as mini wards,in narrow paths in the jg,for more damage to farm,to get a slow on your oponents or a long range root etc
-late game since your 4th shot does missing health damage it can do huge amounts of damage to objectives so you can use it to outsmite the enemy jg or if your junglers smite is on cooldown
-if the enemy is low hp and you have 4th shot you should first q them and then 4th shot in order to get more missing health damage if you feel like 4th shot wont be enough to kill the enemy
-while q to 4th shot is more damage 4th shot to q is actually more reliable so if you think the opponent might be able to get out of range you should 4th shot 1st and then q if you are still in range
-your q deals increased damage if one of its targets dies but it doesnt need to specifically be what killed the target. the target just needs to die before the next bounce so that means that if q a minnion and it survives if kill it by an auto attack then the remaining bounces will have the increased damage
-obviously your ult is supposed to be used to execute ppl so when the enemy has tons of hp it doesnt hurt them at all.despite that in some situations you will still need to throw it out. these situations are if your teamates are chasing someone you ult in order to slow the enemy and help your aly catch up to them or during teamfights if you are to afraid to attack you can back up a bit and ult so help your team.
-when you are in laneif you throw your q at 3 minions and you know its gonna bounce to the enemy laner too then w asap so your w hits the enemy imideately after q and you get a quick and unexpected root
-during the laning phase try no to get multiple minions too low at the same time especially before lvl 6 when your q doesnt do much damage.Since you have so low attack speed and early your abilities dont do much damage leaving many mibions on low hp can cause you to lose onlu leave multiple of them low if you are sure q can kill and continue bouncing
-in lane before you engage on a fight i suggest trying to poke your enemies a bit with 4th shot
-if you are running fleet footwork and it gets charged up while you are on your 3rd shot use it on a minion and then use fleet footworks movement speed in order to quickly get in range of the enemy and q 4th shot them
-While using your w you can flash and the w will fire from the original position. use that in order to get to safety if need to
-A lot of people dont actualy know this but n adition to things like j4's flag,tresh's lantern or zac's blobs you can also use jhins flowers as a teleport target
-before the teamfights start if the enemies are all really close to each other and you can get in range of one of them make sure you q them.Even if it doesnt get the bonus damage from killing enemies it still does a ton of damage to multiple enemies
-since instead of getting attack speed gives you ad if you have at any point 1k-1.5k unspent gold you should really go back to buy items even if it isnt a complete item since you are losing a lot of ad and damage
-in lane i reccomend always have one traps in some of the bushes either the jg ones or the lane ones.You cant imagine how useful they can become. from working as mini wards to alert you that the enemy laner is in a bush/the jungler is ganking to killing the low hp enemy that killed you becaused they werent payng attention to thet trap
-jhin obviously reloads after firing all 4shots but if he doesnt have all 4 shots and doesnt aa for 10 seconds he automatically reloads.but using an ability refreshes
the 10 second counter so if you need to preserve your 4th shot for some burst damage to an enemy or objective place a flower down or throw a q to an enemy to refresh the 10 seconds
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tolis slayer
Tolis slayer Jhin Guide
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Learn how to count to number 4

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