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Lee Sin Build Guide by munchfigner

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League of Legends Build Guide Author munchfigner

Lee Sin detailed guide

munchfigner Last updated on October 31, 2014
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Threats to Lee Sin with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks is really squishy in the early stages. Normally when you duel him he can hold is own against a Lee sin because of his Drain. When you want to engage the Fiddle in the jungle, make sure that he already used his Drain. In teamfights, make sure you kick him away from your team!
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This is one of my first guide's and I chose to make a guide about Lee Sin. Why? Because Lee Sin is my main and he is pretty hard to play so I'll try to teach you guys something about him

Lee sin has been one of the most popular and strongest junglers in both soloQ and competitive play for a while now. He takes a while to master him, but if you can play him well, he is an absolute terror to play against. Lee Sin is extremely strong early game which you can use to pressure lanes or to pressure the enemy jungler. You are most likely going to build tank so in the mid game you will have a lot of vision with your Sightstone and your moibility. Lee Sin doesn't scale very well so late game he is better off as a tank. You can jump in to the enemy team to Dragon's Rage someone in to your own team.

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Pros / Cons

+ Strong early game
+ Fun to play
+ Fits into any team comp
+ A lot of mobility
+ Great ganks
+ Great sustain

As you can see Lee Sin has a lot of Pros. You could do great combos with him, to outplay your opponent with your Sonic Wave into Warding Totem+ Safeguard and Dragon's Rage someone into your team. Although it's better to first use your Safeguard into a Dragon's Rage because you can then jump to your enemy with your Sonic Wave and you will be a lot safer because you are with your teammate most of the time.

- Doesn't scale very well
- Hard to play/master
- Hard to carry on your own, you need your teammates to snowball

There is a small problem with Lee Sin, you really need to be careful with your Energy because his combo's will use a lot of Energy. If you use all of your abilities back to back it will cost you 240 energy (3* 30+50). This means that you need to AA atleast three times before you can pull of all of your abilities. This could be a problem while going into teamfights, but if you manage to play him well enough, you won't really have this problem. NOTE: When you Safeguard to a ward NEVER EVER use your Iron Will because this is a waste of energy!

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Skill sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Always start your Q Sonic Wave, because it has a lot of damage output. Some people prefer to level your E Tempest as second ability, but I personally prefer to take my W Safeguard second, because it will give you a bit of sustain and a small shield, so you won't take as much damage. Always max your Q Sonic Wave because of the damage. I always max W Safeguard second because of the sustain and cooldown so you can ward jump a bit more.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

These runes are pretty basic, because you will propably have these on all of your AD junglers.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage
You will get flat AD marks because it will give you a lot more damage early on in the game. You will be able to not only clear faster but also duel the enemy jungler.

Greater Seal of Armor
I know the Armor seals got nerfed but I still like them, because you will be a bit more tanky and you will take significant less damage from jungle monsters.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
These runes are good because you will gank a lot with him, while you are ganking you have some extra defense against enemy champions and this is always good.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
I see some people having movemement speed quintessences, but the AD quints are just way better. You will have more damage output, and because 3 of your abilities Sonic Wave, Tempest and Dragon's Rage are scaling with Attack damage it will help you a lot.

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I always use 21/9/0 masteries for Lee Sin because it will accents his early game strength by giving him more damage from offense tree and a bit more survivability from the defensive tree. You could change some of the masteries, for example you could use Sorcery instead of Fury or you can take a point out of Expose Weakness to use it for something else.

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(Passive) Flurry

Lee sin has a great passive, it will give him bonus attack speed for two auto attack after you cast a spell. Each of these 2 auto attacks will restore energy as well. This makes it ideal to space one or two auto attacks in between your abilities when jungling or fighting to keep up your energy and make use of the attack speed.

Tip: When you are doing your first buff start of with your Q Sonic Wave then you have to auto attack twice, after that you have to use your Resonating Strike and attack auto twice again. After these 4 auto attacks and your Q the buff will have enough health to smite it to death.

(Q) Sonic Wave / Resonating Strike

Lee sin's Q is a skill shot that deals damage to the first enemy hit, he will be able to cast it again to dash to the enemy hit and deal more damage based on how much health the target is missing.

This is definitely Lee Sin's core ability in the early game, being able to hit your Q is everything. A good way to hit your Q is being patient. If you are trying to hit it at max range it's easy for the enemy to dodge it. But because most of the people will try to dodge it you can also walk up to them, to throw the Q straight into their face. You will propably always be able to catch up the the opponent because Lee Sin has an extremely high base movement speed.

There is a huge urge to want to follow up on any of your Q's that you hit BUT be careful because it's definitely not worth it if you die for it.

(W) Safeguard / Iron Will

Lee Sins's W is a dash that he can use on himself, allies or wards, mushrooms etc. If used on himself or an Ally it will give him and the ally a small shield for 2 seconds, the cooldown gets reduced if it's used on a champion (Including himself). If he activates W again he will gain a lot of life steal and spell vamp for 4 seconds.

There are a few tricks with Lee Sin's W that can make it even more effective. I'd recommend that everyone who plays Lee Sin to make a seperate hotkey to self cast this ability, because it's a lot easier and faster than moving your mouse to target yourself everytime you want to use it while clearing the jungle.

Another trick with his W is by using it to jump to wards. Ward jumping is a huge part of being able to play Lee sin. Always have your wards and your ability on smartcast to do it even faster. I have my wards on my mouse button 5, so when I want to ward jump I can do it extremely fast and fluent.

You can also use your W to cancel the 2nd part of your Q. You can use the dash at an enemy to make him think you are going to jump on them, then jump away with your W before the ability connects. It won't do any damage but it could get in your opponents head or make them waste spells, because they think that you will initiate. CAREFUL: Your dash from your Q goes pretty fast, so don't be too slow because you'll go all the way in.

(E) Tempest / Cripple

Lee Sin's E is an AoE (Area of Effect) magic damage ability that also reveals units that he hits. Activating it again will slow everyone's movement speed that got hit by the initial E.

In patch 4.13 it got nerfed because now it doesn't slow attack speed anymore, but it's still a nice AoE slow and nuke.

The only trick with this ability is that you can E then Flash and it makes your E apply to the are that you Flashed to. You will propably won't use this trick every single game but it could catch your enemy off guard with it, because it's a lot faster than Flash+ Tempest

(R) Dragon's Rage

Lee Sin's ult is a high damage ability that knocks his target backwards and knocks up any enemy that the target gets knocked into.

Lee Sin's ult is extremely versatile because it can be used in many different ways. You can Initiate a fight by getting behind someone and kicking them into your team, you can kick someone through the rest of their team to knock up all of them, you can use it to peel for your carries, you can use it to "secure" kills for yourself or you can even kick them away through a wall.

When you hit your Sonic Wave and then your Resonating Strike you are in the middle of their team, the trick is to then place a for example Warding Totem and use your Safeguard on it. You are now BEHIND the enemy team and you will be able to use your Dragon's Rage to kick someone into your own team, try to kick one of their carries.

A other trick with your ult is the same as using your E. First use your ult then Flash just like you did with your Tempest. This takes a bit of practice and it's pretty hard to do it and it runs the risk of wasting your ult and Flash and you can even save an enemy. But if you are able to pull it off smooth it's impossible to react to and it looks really cool.

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Jungle route

Pretty basic jungle route for Lee Sin, try to start at the botlane side for a better leash.

Since your Smite only has a 40 second cooldown, you can smite both buffs, if you do a small camp in between them. This will safe you a lot of health and time.

The jungle routes in season 4 are actually pretty simple compared to season 1-3. You'll be starting at one of the buff camps, then clearing wraiths or wolves, then clearing the other buff camp. You could invade the enemy jungle, but you are most likely going to start at your own buff.

It doesn't really matter whether you start at red or blue buff as you'll be level 3 with double buffs pretty quickly regardless of which buff you start at. What does matter is the location of your starting camp, as it affects which opportunities are available to you and the enemy jungle. I recommend to start at the buff at the bottom side of the map, because bot lane will give you a better leash. From there on you want to do the wraith camp and go directly to your other buff. Although with Lee Sin it's always good to invade since he is really strong early game. So you could do your first buff, then your wraiths and then go to his second buff, wait in a bush for him to almost kill it. When the buff is almost dead, pop out of the brush and smite the buff and if you can kill their jungler. NOTE: When you invade someone and you get the buff and you also want to kill them, don't immediatly use your Resonating Strike since they can use Flash over the wall, and you can jump towards them after they flashed. It's not necessary to use your Flash for it while you can also easily use your Sonic Wave into a Resonating Strike. After invading or doing your second buff you are most likely going to gank top or mid. Most junglers will gank top and if you know that the enemy is going to do that just wait for the enemy jungler to show up and you can counter gank really easily and get the first blood or even the double kill!

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Early game

For starting items you always want to get Hunter's Machete and 4x Health Potions. After patch 4.13 I personally prefer to buy my Spirit Stone first over your 2x Long Swords. Because if buy your 2 Long Swords first you will take a lot of damage. But if you are planning to gank a lot or fighting the enemy jungler you could take 2 Long Swords and 3-4 Health Potions. After that you ofcourse want to finish up your Spirit of the Elder Lizard.

After you have finished your Spirit of the Elder Lizard you can either go full tank Lee Sin or you can do the DPS build. If you are getting fed you should go for the DPS build but when it's even or you are behind you should always go full tank.

Tank Lee Sin

After you have finished your Spirit of the Elder Lizard and you are willing to go full tank Lee Sin you should buy Boots of Speed after your Spirit of the Elder Lizard you'll have more presence on the map and more mobility. After your Boots of Speed you want to buy Sightstone as fast as you can. Switch to a Sweeping Lens if you got your Sighstone because you'll have a ward cap anyway. After your Sighstone you should finish up your boots, you can either build Ninja Tabi or Mercury tread's. It really depends on their team but you'll propably go for Mercury tread's because it has tenacity and magic resist. After you have finished up your boots you want to build up more tankyness. Go for a Randuin's Omen or either a Banshee's Veil also this really depends on the enemy team whether they have more magic or physical damage. Your last item could really be anything, if they are more of a heavy AP team you can either build Spirit Visage for more tankyness but if you also want some more damage AND magic resist you can also buy a Maw of Malmortius. If the enemy team is more physical damage you can either go for Sunfire Cape or Thornmail. If they have a mix of both AP and AD damage you can also buy a Guardian Angel.

DPS Lee Sin

After your Spirit of the Elder Lizard, get Boots of Speed for more presence and after that you want to get The Brutalizer. If the enemy team is more magic damage focused you can either go for a Hexdrinker instead. After one of these items you can really buy whatever damage item you want. You could go for a Ravenous Hydra but it's pretty expensive but it scales extremely well with your W Safeguard because you will have a lot of lifesteal. You could also go for a Last Whisper because it will scale well with the The Brutalizer and with your Q Sonic Wave. If you are going to build full out damage, remember that you are extremely squishy and that's why you dont want to full on teamfight, you should look for small engagements. I recommend picking up a Guardian Angel because you will die extremely fast, so you can come back to life and you can die instantly again.

When building DPS Lee Sin I'd highly recommend to keep your Warding Totem to get yourself into fights or get yourself out of sticky situations. Never buy Sighstone when building DPS Lee Sin

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How to play Lee Sin

Early Game

In the early game, pay attention to where the enemy jungler starts. You can usually see this by which lane shows up late. If they are at red side and bot lane showed up late he most likely started at his Blue buff. A other thing you should take a look at is which lane is vurnerable. If the other team's top laner looks gankable, then start on the buff closest to your bot lane so that you can show up top at level 3 with double buffs. If you know that the enemy jungler also wants to gank top, you could wait in a bush and wait for their jungler to show up so you can counter gank.

If you have a good jungle match up (most champions other than Elise), then feel free to counter jungle the enemy jungler. It will set the enemy jungler behind and will take pressure off of your lanes because you will have vision of their jungle.

Mid Game

Mid game is the period of time when you have finished your Spirit of the Elder Lizard and Sightstone and at this point you want to put as many wards down in the enemy jungle and you want to look to make some plays with your Dragon's Rage every time it's up. Lee Sin can do dragon pretty easily once has has 2+ points into his W Safeguard so try to secure that every time it's up. Keep checking buff timers and coordinate invades with your team to steal enemy buffs.

Late game

Late game with Lee Sin can be a bit awkward, if you build tanky then you aren't really strong enough to kill anyone and if you build damage then you'll die if you ever go into a team fight. The best thing you can do with Lee Sin late game is to either use your Dragon's Rage to kick one of their carries into your team or to either peel for one of your carries. Try to apply your E Tempest to as many people as you can and hope your carries are strong enough to win the fight!

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Final notes

I really hope you enjoyed reading my Lee Sin guide. It put a lot of time and effort in it and tips always welcome! If you want to know how to counter jungle I recommend to take a look at my other guide.

Click HERE for my guide about jungle control and counter jungling