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Lee Sin Build Guide by Unawesomeness

Jungle Lee Sin-Jungleborn

Jungle Lee Sin-Jungleborn

Updated on May 1, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Unawesomeness Build Guide By Unawesomeness 247 38 3,742,876 Views 92 Comments
247 38 3,742,876 Views 92 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Unawesomeness Lee Sin Build Guide By Unawesomeness Updated on May 1, 2021
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin
  • LoL Champion: Lee Sin


Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter


+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Champion Build Guide

Lee Sin-Jungleborn

By Unawesomeness
Hello, this is my first guide. Thanks for any support you guys give me. This is a guide on my favorite champion Lee Sin. Lee Sin is a melee Champion. He attacks in Flurrys. (Heh heh heh) He is very efficient at jumping in and out of combat. I chose to right this guide on him because he has been my favorite champion for a LONG time. I am UnAwesomeness on the North American Server, and I am in Gold. I don't think I'm a really good Lee Sin, I just am pretty successful with my playstyle with him, and I thought I would share that with you.
Here is his champion spotlight:
Jungling, What is it?
Jungling is a position that is essential for the game to function as it does. It gives top lane extra experience. It helps lanes that are not doing good. When jungling you need to find the balance of ganking and clearing camps. As the jungler you can't always go to a lane and take their farm. You still have to kill your camps for farm. As a jungler with fast clear times like Lee Sin, you need to find a good balance. You should be ganking, taking maybe two or three minions, and leaving. When you gank a lane, you almost always want to try to give the lane the kill, it'll put them ahead. Bottom lane, adc wants kills, mid lane wants kills, midlane is almost always a high damage carry. If you think you will do better with kills than your top lane will, take the kill in most situations. Top lane doesn't usually have too high of carry and damage output.
Pros / Cons


  • AoE
  • Very sustainable
  • Slows
  • Attack speed with every ability
  • Good burst
  • Energy
  • Can deal damage based on enemy health
  • Can shield to team, shielding him and his target
  • Very Mobile


  • Skill shots
  • Blind
  • High Skill Ceiling
  • Not Naturally Tanky

This Keystone rune is great because it gives you extra damage with any combo that you use. There are not a whole lot of other options that are good on Lee Sin, except Predator. Either way, you will want points in the Domination tree.

This Rune helps you give out more damage after you have gone in with Resonating Strike, and it also gives you more damage after your Safeguard.

Eyeball Collection will give you some extra damage as the game goes on. This is the best choice as the other options are not able to be wardhopped to, and the vision provided is not worth as much as the damage gained by Eyeball Collection.

Relentless Hunter gives you extra movement speed for every successful gank. It rewards you for being successful, and ideally you will succeed.

Celerity helps you in river fights, and fights over scuttle, baron, and dragon, especially when taking Water Walking.

Waterwalking is useful because as the jungler, your main goal is to help your team succeed. With Water Walking you can arrive to lanes quicker when walking through the river, and that will give you an edge over junglers that are not taking this rune.

Summoner Spells
Smite is a must for jungling. It deals true damage to neutral monsters and enemy minions or pets (like Summon: Tibbers) When using this you want to kill neutral monsters with it, don't start clearing a camp with it unless it will kill the enemy.

The most important spell in the game. It does everything. Your plays such as the inSec benefit. You can also snag some other cool moves, and run and initiate. Always take this.

Ignite is a spell that does true damage over time.This spell is great for getting kills, and destroying regeneration spells. You can take this if you are laning, or learning how to do an insec with wards instead of flash in normals.

This is great because you can run away. As Lee Sin you have a built in jump away. You can either jump to the jungle monsters, or you can jump to a ward placed over the wall to Dragon or Baron . So, Ghost is really good on him, but it isn't completely necessary.

This is great in exchange for Ignite while laning. Exhaust is handy in many different spots. For instance, while you are running away, you can exhaust the enemy, and they will not be able to chase as well. If you are going to duel in top lane, you can Exhaust, and the enemy can't run away as well, and they don't do as much damage. It also can help with teamfights.
This item is essential to jungling. It gives regen and more damage to jungle creeps. Emberknife helps you duel better when you smite your enemy by giving you more damage and reducing the enemy's damage.

This is great anywhere you go. It makes it so you can clear camps and heal the damage taken in the lower levels. You want this because it makes it so you can clear camps and then gank without recalling.

These are wanted so you can run faster. You can chase better, get to the gank faster, and just run around to camps faster. This is a great choice for any champion.

This is a fun item that gives you a helpful amount of damage. If you use it on a dragon or baron your smite will do more damage. This can help you win smite fights, because if you and the enemy jungler are the same level, you will have a smite that deals more damage. This also adds mobility, which can make it harder on the enemies to know where you'll be.

The Black Cleaver gives you health, cooldown reduction, and attack damage. It also has a nice passive that shreds armor, meaning that all the AD champions on your team can do more damage. It's very nice on Lee Sin to help him do more damage.

Dead Man's Plate gives you health, armor, and a passive which is used when you auto that gives you more damage on that auto and movespeed. The Dead Man's Plate is nice to help you chase and run away. It also gives you a little more beef so you can tank more damage.

Spirit Visage is great against teams with AP damage. It is good if you need to be a little tankier. A counterpart to it for more damage instead of health is Maw of Malmortius.

There isn't too much to talk about about this. It gives you health and some armor. Woo-hoo! It makes you tankier, and might just give you the edge against the enemy team's adc. It also gives you a pretty good passive, but an item that is also really great is a Randuin's Omen

This is a conditional item that gives health. It basically isn't that good. 800 health is a lot, but you want damage and tankiness, or resistance against the enemy team. Spirit Visage or Sunfire Aegis are better than a Warmog's Armor because they give armor or magic resist. Flat health and health regen isn't that good. There are plenty of better items as Lee Sin.

This item is common on Lee Sin. It gives damage, magic resist, and a passive shield that can save your life. It's nice when the enemy team has a lot of burst in magic damage.

This item is amazing for anyone slightly tanky. It lets you apprehend their ADC. It slows attack speed, and gives you armor and health. The active in it isn't half bad either. In an area around you it slows, so you can use it to run away, or chase, or just help win the fight. Buy this against Yasuo

Sterak's gage is nice to give you health, damage, and a passive that gives you a shield. It makes you overall more tanky, but also gives you damage so that you are more of an offtank.

This item adds to your damage output, which is something essential to Lee Sin's playstyle. Lots of people will buy a Tiamat early in the game, because it's active paired with Tempest is good because you can animation cancel. This is not a necessary buy for Lee Sin, and if you are below Gold I highly recommend you do not worry about buying it.

Skill Sequence
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike is maxed first because the damage it gives you is really good. It also gives you a way reduced cooldown, so you can use it so much more often.

Safeguard/ Iron Will has a couple reasons to be maxed second. First of all, it has an awesome shield. This means that you can save your teammates with your shield. Second of all, you can heal better with the spell vamp and lifesteal.

Tempest/ Cripple should be maxed last because it doesn't have enough damage nor slow to be useful in the midgame. Without an attack speed slow you can't duel as well, but you still want the spell early because it's a decent slow.

Dragon's Rage deals tons of damage. Don't be afraid to use this to grab the kill. Max it ASAP. Ideally you should use it to either kick enemy champions with low health into your team, or enemy champions with high health into the enemy team and away from your team. This deals 600 damage at level 3, plus 2 per AD you have. It also scales based off of the target's health.
How to use your abilities/combos
When playing Lee Sin you want to space the abilities. His passive is very good when jungling, as after every ability he attacks twice faster, and gains energy in those abilities. He does an ability, hits them twice with more attack speed, and another ability and twice attack, and so on. This is effective because he is continuously attacking. When clearing a camp you start with Tempest and attack, then you Cripple them, making them attack slower. At higher levels you Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike in. After that you safeguard, then cast Iron Will.
When you are ganking you will do very much the same thing. You will Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike into an enemy. You will then Tempest/ Cripple. Then Safeguard/ Iron Will to the other side of the person you are ganking and Dragon's Rage them toward your allies. If you end up falling behind the person you are ganking and your team-mates are close to them safeguard to your team mates.
If you end up in the jungle while fighting, and you can't or don't want to get to the other side of the enemy champion, you will want to Sonic Wave, Dragon's Rage, and then Resonating Strike so you don't end up too far away from your enemy.
So here are some combos that were mentioned before but not outlined:
One that you can use is Sonic Wave then use your Dragon's Rage then Resonating Strike. This is used to quickly kill someone, or even kick someone out of their team and escape at the same time.
This is a very simple trick. It has to do with two things. Those are having a Stealth Ward, and having your Safeguard up. All you do is put down your Stealth Ward, and then Safeguard to it. This can make for very good outplays, and plays mentioned hereafter.
This one has a name. It's called an Insec. Insec is an amazing Lee Sin player, namely for this one play. In a pro game he did this really cool looking, and fight winning play. There are many variations on this, and this one is the hardest. I will also state variations.
1. Throw out your Sonic Wave at their APC. Assuming it hits, you can use Resonating Strike and very quickly put down a Stealth Ward behind them. As soon as you do that, Safeguard to the ward, then quickly use Dragon's Rage on them, and it will preferably put them in your team. Your team will then not have to worry about going through the tanks to get the carries.
2. This one uses Flash instead of Stealth Wards. Everything is the same in this one up to before putting down the Stealth Ward. In this one, you will just Flash instead of ward jumping. Then, as stated before, Dragon's Rage them into your team.
3. With this one the operations can be reversed. You can either Flash then put down a ward and Safeguard to it, then Dragon's Rage. Or you can ward jump onto then, then Flash and Dragon's Rage, and you'll be set.
4. You can use your Dragon's Rage before you Flash, but use your Flash in the middle of the animation of your kick. This is hard to react to, and makes it so you are likely to kick the target in your preferred direction.
Unique Skills

Lee Sin shoots out a skillshot nuke. If this hits, then it reveals target. For the next three seconds Lee Sin can jump to the shot enemy and deal damage, based on how much missing health the enemy has.

Safeguard/ Iron Will is an ability that shields you. When using it you jump to allied target. This can be used on yourself. This is great if you are running, as you can ward over a wall and jump to the ward. Iron Will gives you a boost to your armor and lifesteal . This is great for attacking targets and for jungling.

Tempest makes Lee Sin punch the ground, making a tiny tremor for the area around you. It reveals enemies and deals damage. Tempest/ Cripple makes it so the enemies in the near area that were hit by Tempest have a lowered attack speed and lowered movement speed. It will make you clear camps a lot faster as it has AoE. It has a slow, so you can use it in sync with your Dragon's Rage so you can Tempest/ Cripple and then run around your enemy and kick them towards your base.

Dragon's Rage kicks the enemy away from you. It does catastrophic damage. It can be used to save yourself and others; enemies hit by the champion you kicked are hit up and hurt too, resulting in a better run. I have used this to kill someone running, I used Dragon's Rage on an enemy closer to me, and they hit their team-mate, making them die.
How to Gank


Lee Sin has a very powerful skillshot that can be used to initiate. I recommend that you don't use it to initiate, and instead you drop a ward and then use Safeguard, then follow further instructions. You can also jump to an allied champion if they have a dash that puts them on the enemy.


You want to use your Tempest/ Cripple and slow them. Then you run around them, insec them, or kick-flash, and kick them towards your team. After that you can Safeguard/ Iron Will to your team, and grab the kill with Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike, or give it to your team to allow them to get ahead.
If you are one of those people that lanes Lee Sin then you can use this same build. Start with Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike, max it first, and get Tempest/ Cripple at level 3 for someone you can't fight, and at 2 for someone you can. I love to start with a long sword and rush a Vampiric Scepter for the extra lane sustain. While laning you need to wait for your minions to almost kill the enemy minions then last hit them. If your jungler is so nice to give you red, take it. You will want to try to just poke the enemy with Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike. You don't need to jump to your enemy, but you can if you are able to jump in and jump out in time for them to hurt you very much. If you really want a great guide for laning please look at Fruity28's guide on Laning with Lee Sin, because I am don't do too much laning as lee.
Jungling Order
Start at Red camp if you are on blue side, and start at Blue camp if you are on red side. Then go do a rift scuttler, then the other buff, then gank. Then you can do wolves and raptors and back. At this point there are some choices you need to make. If your lanes are pushed, you need to try and go towards there and try to counter gank. Alternatively you can try to gank a different lane, as a sort of trade of one of your lanes for a different one, depending on the hierarchy of power in the game. Whichever lane has more power to carry, which is usually bot lane but could easily be the other lanes, should be the lane that you prioritize ganking.
Counter Jungling
You need to analyze who you are playing against, and whether or not you are stronger early game than them. If your mid lane will make sure you aren't gonna get "Ganked" by mid in the jungle, then you can probably go for it. Lee Sin is an amazing character with level 2 1v1s, and level 3 1v1s. Most people aren't stronger than you. Some people that you might not want to go up and fight are Udyr, Vi, and maybe even Trundle.
Team Work
When in a team fight it is good to be behind enemy lines. Your team will start fighting, and you will Dragon's Rage the targeted enemy into your team mates. Before this you could sonic wave your enemy, and then kick and resonating strike to your enemy(This is a better idea, in case they have Flash). You could also Dragon's Rage and then safeguard to your team mate, which is good if you are gonna chase effectively with Sonic Wave/ Resonating Strike. You want to land Dragon's Rage on multiple enemies, meaning that you kick one enemy into the other enemies. This can create really nice cc on the enemy team, or set up an ult from a teammate.
Warding and ward jumping
I find that warding can be very helpful, and in the jungle you have to be able to know where the enemy jungler is, and if he is trying to steal your buffs. Here are some helpful places to ward:
The wards to put by Baron and Dragon are for escaping. What you would do is start running away, ward over the Dragon or Baron wall, and Safeguard/ Iron Will to it.

If you have played any really great games with this build, please send it in to me so I can put it on my guide:-)
This are a couple of my games where I did pretty good. I will be posting my games with this build, and try to get my friends to play some games with my build, and see how well they do, and maybe post those games.
Well, this is my guide on Lee Sin. Hopefully you learned a lot. Please upvote or downvote, but if you vote please explain in the comments. I hope you will like my guide, but I have to give a bunch of credit to JhoiJhoi, as the guide she provided is really helpful. Thanks!

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