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Thresh Build Guide by EksSkellybur

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author EksSkellybur


EksSkellybur Last updated on August 27, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Thresh with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Thresh In Short, Thresh is an Amazing Champion Support Wise, but can't excatly do too much otherwise unless you built into ADC Thresh, or AP Thresh. (which looks harder to pull off on paper. Yes.) Warning: Do not let Enemy Threshs do work against you.
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Intro: Thresh: 'The Plaaaaaaaaaaaaays!'

Okay, so After about 3 and a hlaf hours alone on working on Thresh's Build, I can now be Officially back for MobaFire, So Let's Get started. ^-^

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Pros / Cons

+Thresh Makes so much Plays as a Support, that he now makes 'D Plays', instead of The Plays.
+Synergizes well with almost any Aggro Champion, as fairly well with Brusiers, Tanks or Juggernauts.
+Thresh has been a Lifesaver or a Surpise Jack in the Box 'Hook + Damage Champion' for a Long time.
+Mastering him isn't actually all that bad, Escpially with the Hook Plays.
+He will always be an All-round Good Support no matter the 'Metas'.

One Major Con:
-He can't defend himself worth Jack against 1v1 scenarios, even sometimes if he went more AP. This is why I were to believe that AD Thresh is actually more viable because of his Flay's Passive, and due to his reckoning under 50% AP Stored to his Hook and Flay Active.

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About the Builds:

ADC Thresh:
Okay, let's get the Elephant out of the room first with ADC Thresh, and why I don't entirely say that ADC Thresh isn't a Troll pick or Troll Build. Since you're Positioned as an ADC, You can now have a Second Support into you're lane, Such as the Double Hook Combo, with Blitzy1, Nautilus or Leona, and Making Early game for Bot Lane a nightmare drag for the both of them. You can use your Abilities more for the Utility work that they do and less for their Damage wise, and you can just start Whipping with your Flay's Passive. I'm Sure that they're are Champions that use thier Abilities more for their active then that would for the damage, so why not Thresh too? Keep in mind that My Build looks like a complete mess right now, but this is what I gotten so far.

Talisman Thresh:
I had been in Love with Talisman of Ascension, ever since it's gotten it's Raptor Cloak buff. They basicly gave the item free Steroies for all non-Jungle Supports and Tanky Champions, as well as making some of the Squishies to have a new reason to buy the Talisman such as Gangplank for example. Talisman on Thresh is really good for Scouting about and being an Overall Semi-Meatshield for your team as well as making D Hook Plays and Ascending to Engage and Fight, or Descending and trying to Escape. He may suffer just a little bit on Early Game, but the Nomad's Medallion is so worth getting. Not to Mention 16 + 75 Extra Armor still makes thresh pretty tanky enough even if he didn't had not one soul in the game.

Claim Thresh:
Claim Thresh is RNG more Scouting about the Enemy, and Less Engaging, but both do a similar job overall. Claim is Good for when you want to Envision more on finding the Enemy Members for Ascending or Descending Reasons, depending on what information you're reading against them.

Mountain Thresh: (And why I don't like it. :c)
Mountain Thresh has a Lacking issue with the Execution to only work aganist Melee Champions. Thresh is a Ranged Champion, but mistaken as a Melee Champion, even with the Animation Windups of his Autoattack. This is way even though it doesn't matter too much on your point of view, it does for Thresh, and Espiically for Tournaments. He's been Mistaking the Uses of the Executions of Minions with the Mountain since as early as 2013, and he repeats the Mistake over and over again. With that said, Even the good parts about Mountain on Thresh isn't that great, since you're only really using it to protect yourself and maybe pull of an AoE Slow.

Tank Top Thresh: For Those who kinda like the Idea of Talisman and ADC Thresh, but not to the full Potential, There is Always Tank Top Thresh. Allowing yourself to be a Pain in the butt to kill against AD Champions to start with, and then with AP Champions along with. Short and sweet, right?

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Thresh's OP Skins: 10/10 (Broken/Broken)

None of his Skins have ever been not even the slightest dissaproval of disapointment. All of his Skins, and even the Classical Thresh "Skin" looks so cool. :P

For the Riches: Dark Star Thresh is a No Brainer

For the Standards: Aside from everyone and thier Champion's Mom having Championship Thresh, as thier Go-to Skin, Blood Moon Thresh and Deep Thresh Thresh are also good Choices, with Blood Moon making you feel more 'Evil Spirited' and Deep Terror for when you want to be a Squid Pirate... thing, or when you want to feel or do feel Summery. (which is Ironic, since we have almost reached Autumn at this point.)

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LCS Approval: Challenger I/Challenger I (27/23/27)

TL;DR: Thresh will always find some Love for support. He'll always be at the very least 'decent' for all Metas.

There will ALWAYS be a place for thresh to shine, no matter how buffed or nerf he becomes overtime. He is one of the only Supports in the game who I feel is Meta-Resitance, meaning that the champion is just too good to let loose, or players still playing the champion no matter what cost or no matter the meta or metas. (Credits go to Stonewall for teaching me what Meta-Resistance is.)

When it Comes to League, I feel like Thresh is the 'Zed for Supports', as he can be played no matter the issue and still do decently well, and He can always make at least one highlight per match with just one good hook landing position against an enemy champion or saving the life of a slivered health ally. Plus he's also fun as Heck, but that's just me. :P

In Short, if you want to be a Support Main, I HIGHLY Recommend you go spend your IP, RP or even Champion Essence to get your hands on Thresh. (Just remember to stay passive up until you are tanky enough to start getting aggro.)

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Notes on Thresh:

!Important Subject: Try to Aim around 150, 200, 250 or 300 Armor as well as 120, 260, 200 or 240 MR for Not just Thresh, but for Any Defensive or Tanky Champion in the game. This will give you your maximum Defenses Percentage without lacking cost efficiency. (Credits to Today on Korean Severs.)

!If you're Buying Frost Queen's Claim, Tend to use the Oracle Alteration more then the Farsight, since the Spooky Ghosts are always targeting the nearest enem(y)/(ies.)

!Thresh can have up to 258 Souls before he actually starts to stale with Armor's Cost Efficiency.

!If you're going to play Aggro, and you land the Hook, Quickly throw out your Latern for any of you're allies to grab with you.