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League of Legends Build Guide Author Falco87

Lux Illumination

Falco87 Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

Welcome to my first guide. I've been playing Lux since she has been introduced to the game and she is a very fun champion to play, but challenging though. I've seen a bunch of guide for Lux and none of them suited me, so I tried to play around with different item choices and share my experience here.

I highly advice to read through this guide before you play with my build AND/OR rate it. Additionally nothing in here is written in stone and you should read it that way. It is a guideline, where you are allowed to step next to the path (in some games you have to leave the top build eventually). Additionally Lux is a Champion that requires practice to be effective. So play a few games before you rate positive or negative and make an objective judgement on how you find my guide useful or not. If you end up feeding/getting fed really ask if thats your own fault/the fault of the enemy or an issue given through the direction of play I want to give you.

English is not my native language, so feel free to point out any grammar or spelling errors.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction - What awaits you
  2. Pros / Cons
  3. Tools of trade (Skills & Explanations)
    3.1 Illumination (Passive)
    3.2 Light Binding (Q)
    3.3 Prismatic Barrier (W)
    3.4 Lucent Singularity (E)
    3.5 Finales Funkeln (R)
    3.6 Summarize
  4. Before the game
    4.1 Summoner Spells
    4.2 Masteries
    4.3 Runes
  5. Item Build
    5.1 Clarification
    5.2 Think outside of the box
    5.3 Special mention: Lich Bane
    5.4 Items to avoid
  6. Gameplay
    6.1 Start
    6.2 Early game
    6.3 Mid game
    6.4 Late game
    6.5 Dos and don'ts
  7. Epilogue
  8. Updates

1 Introduction - What awaits you
When playing Lux you have to be in the know of a set of things. Otherwise you will fail. I will state those things and give you a brief guideline throughout the game. As I said already in the foreword section this is a guideline, not a stubborn straight path. Please keep in mind that (if you are a experienced player) that you will find information you already know (there won't be any great revelations, I think), but this guide is for everyone, even the people who just started to play Lux or even LoL. Just be sure that you won't miss any important stuff.

Obviously I play Lux as a magical DPS Champion with its strengths on teamfights and with capabilities (given through her skills and skill order) to support. If you are able to do well early and mid game you will have a really nice area of effect burst damage.

2 Pros / Cons

2 great crowd control spells
Long range Ultimate
Quite short cooldowns
1 protection spell
Good farmer
Can do massive area of effect damage

Very squishy
No escape mechanism
Needs a team on who she can rely on
(Desperatly) needs the elder golem buff

All in all a decent performance.

3 Tools of trade

3.1 Illumination (Passive)
Illumination is a great passive, which stays useful the whole game, but with a decreasing curve. The damage is increased by 10/level. Early game is it very important to make a good use out of it. Note that there are two ways of triggering the damage effect. The first one is if you auto attack the enemy. The second one is your ultimate Finales Funkeln (which not only triggers the damage effect, but places a new Illumination debuff on the targets)

3.2 Light Binding (Q)
Light Binding This is your primary startup spell when you engage the enemy. By rooting them for 2 seconds (the second target for 1) you and your teammates have enough time to get themselves in position and start to rip the rooted one into pieces. it takes a bit of practice to hit the enemy every time. If you find yourself missing enemys to often, start a practice game against a computer and try to hit a minion from the side (preferably one whos in the middle of 2). You need to get a feeling for how fast your projectile and the enemy is.

3.3 Prismatic Barrier (W)
Prismatic Barrier is a great protection spell but its vastly underestimated. You may find that the values and scalings are to low, but keep in mind, that your shield is refreshed when your staff comes back. So if both shields are destroyed you did prevent 100/150/200/250/300 (+0,6*ap). A level 1 Barrier can prevent the whole damage from a level 2 Champion that trows Ignite on you (or your ally) while you/him are fleeing. The benefits late game are also very good, if you start to teamfight you throw your staff in the middle of the battle to hit as many allies as posssible. It is also a great tool to towerdive. You can absorb two shots. Don't take more though, a tower will kill you very quickly.

3.4 Lucent Singularity (E)
Lucent Singularity's tooltip information is incomplete:
Cost: 70/85/100/115/130 Mana
Cooldown: 11 seconds (starts after detonation)
Range: 1100
Slow: 14/18.5/22/26/30%
Damage on detonation: 60/105/150/195/240 (+0.6*ap) magic damage

This is your primary farming tool (in combination with your passive). Throw it on a creep wave (the radius is big enough to hit both, melee AND range creeps) start auto attack a creep which has lost a few hp and before your attack hits, press E again. Continue to attack every minion. With this waiting technique you are able to attack 5 enemy minions with triggering the Illumination debuff. If you do it without it (because its saver) your can hit a maximum of 4.
To harras the enemy it is important to regard your opponents' behaviours. Some people tend to dodge your sphere always in the same direction, giving you a great advantage of where they will be when you can detonate your Singularity. What you should keep in mind, that the opponent can see when you somehow rush a few steps forward if you want to harras him, giving him an alert sign to back off OR (if you weren't cautious enough) to engage you. When you see that the opponent is in the middle of your slow you can start auto attack before you detonation. Once fired, detonate and he will get the Illumination damage as well.
Lucent Singularity give a small radius of sight, meaning you can scout bushes with it. If you are suspicious don't hesitate to use it as a farming tool.

3.5 Finales Funkeln (R)
Finales Funkeln's tooltip information is incomplete:
Cost: 100/150/200 Mana
Cooldown: 80/60/40
Range: 3000
Damage: 300/400/500 (+0.85) to all enemy units in the area.

Your mighty ultimate. The damage concerning the low cooldown and your Passive is great. The range is also a great plus on this. Preferably you want to use this in teamfight when (nearly) everybody has engaged and Champions are cuddling each other. A well placed ultimate can turn the tides of a battle.
Another use is, of course, to finish some fleeing Champion off. But be aware of the little delay your ulti has. If the enemy isn't running into a narrow path or he is just aware of your ulti to come he can dodge it.
When finishing off fleeing champions try to positionate beforehand (when you are actually fighting them) so you stand in a straight line with their future flee path. Also try to have an Illumination debuff active on him, because Finales Funkeln is one of the two possibilities you can trigger it (with auto attack being the other one).
Hitting someone who running from the side is very difficult and can easy be dodged if the enemy is a bit cautious.

3.6 Summarize
In order to be successful with Lux's skillset you need to be aware of a few things. I've mentioned a few things in the description of the skills themselves, but I will get more into detail concerning the combined uses of your skills in this section.

Concerning the skillorder there is to say, that you should start with one level in Light Binding in order to set up or prevent a first blood attempt. It is just more effective to rather have a 2/1 second root then a 14% slow from Lucent Singularity of course.
Lucent Singularity is you main component in team fights to debuff everyone with Illumination which is a main component of your devastating combo and on top of that your source of farming. Obviously you also level up Finales Funkeln whenever possible to reduce the cooldown, increase the damage for a little raise of manacost.
Now I want to explain my thoughts behind the iterating skillorder between Light Binding and Prismatic Barrier. When you start leveling up one of these at level 8 you have possibly finished your Mejai's Soulstealer and may have gotten a few charges. You don't have your Rod of Ages yet, if you did well, you maybe got the Ruby Crystal. A smart enemy will realise that if they don't stop you, you will become a real threat. So they will try to set up ganks and focus you in team fights. Also this is the point of the game where you are vulnerable the most. Your Prismatic Barrier only got one level and your Greater Seal of Vitality have just not kicked in yet. So you need another source of protection, which means getting Prismatic Barrier at level 8 or 9. It's a personal preference, for myself I decide which one I take, if I'll do the Golem or not, depending on the game situation (maybe someone else took it) and progress of Mejai's Soulstealer charges. If I'm about to get the Golem this level, I pick Light Binding for the increased damage and cooldown, because mid game the Golem can be a little pain in the *** if you have to do it on your own. On the other hand, if someone helps me or I feel I don't have enough damage, I pick Prismatic Barrier and wait with the golem until I'm level 9. Later in the game (from level 12+) I keep on iterating between the two skills, because both have their upsides. While the damage of Light Binding is not the main part I usually worry about, it's cooldown is, so I try to keep the order as such.
Of course the whole thing is viable and based on personal preference, playstyle and situations. If you got enough roots/stuns and no healer, you should consider to leave Light Binding at level one and level up Prismatic Barrier after you did so with Lucent Singularity.

Rooting an enemy with Light Binding will guarantee an successful hit with Lucent Singularity and/or Finales Funkeln . That's the main reason you need to practice hitting enemys with Light Binding. If you want to deliver the whole damage package to an single enemy, start of with Light Binding, throw your Lucent Singularity (do NOT detonate yet), cast Finales Funkeln , auto attack, detonate your Lucent Singularity and auto attack again.
Without any AP bonuses yet this skill order sums up on level 6 to a total of 650 magic damage (60 + 300 + 70 + 150 + 70) and 140 physical damage (base damage on level 6: 70) before reduction, at the cost of 260 Mana. Now take into account that you may have an ally which can do damage as well and Ignite (true 200 damage).

In teamfights you need to change this order. If you see they all engaged and are, more or less, all in one place, you have to options, depending on your teams setup and the fight position. Basically you want get the Illumination debuff on the enemy team and then hit as many as possible with your ultimate.

a) You start off with Lucent Singularity , detonate it, and cast Finales Funkeln .
When to use:
  • Enemys are rooted/stunned from your teammates area of effect root/stun spells
  • You are low on mana
  • Enemy minions are around
  • Narrow place, so there is only one direction of fleeing

b) You start off with Light Binding, then continue Lucent Singularity , detonate it, and cast Finales Funkeln .
When to use:
  • Your team lacks an area of effect stun/root
  • You have full mana
  • No enemy minions around
  • Wide open place, mana directions of possible fleeing paths

Read the situation and decide what to do. Of course there are a few criteria which will lead you into one direction, no matter what the rest of the situation says (e.g. your low on mana will lead to a of course). Reading and rating situations is one of the most powerful abilities you can actually learn. Not just on Lux, but for every Champion. If you don't do that, you'll end up thinking/swearing "I should have done it that other way". So be aware of the situation you find/bring yourself in.

4 Before the game

4.1 Summoner Spells

There are a hand full of options you can choose as your summoner spells. Usually I go with the Ignite/ Teleport combination. Feel free to take any combination that works for you. If you regularly forget about to use your Teleport spell, take Flash instead. Are you often out of Mana? Pick Clarity instead of Ignite or be more conservative concerning the usage of your Mana resources.
Ignite is a great spell to finish off fleeing champions and suppress Regeneration/Healing.
Teleport is a versatile spell, giving you a good element of surprise and map control. The downside is the long cooldown. But its worth it.
Clarity is recommend from me for newer or very aggressive players. Also if you have a jungler in your team which is really dependent on the golem buff, you should consider to choose Clarity over Ignite. Just make sure you choose the Mastery Point if you do so.
Flashis a viable option as a summoner spell since you don't have a natural escape mechanism. I would pick it instead of Teleport. If you've played a few games and find yourself dying often (and Flash would have saved your life a few times) you should give it a try. Just make sure to choose the Mastery point if you do so.
Ghost: you can say pretty much the same as I did for Flash.
Cleanse can be a viable option if you find yourself being stunned to often. But unfortunately you don't know how many stuns are in the enemy team until started. So I usually don't take it. Feel free to choose it if you think you have better uses for this instead of Teleport/ Flash.

Here ends the list of the usual summoner picks that I take. However this doesn't mean at all that the others doesn't work.

Heal is a great team spell if you have no healing capabilities in your team. But even if I got no one in my team, I don't pick it, but if you feel you need it, don't hesitate. If you have a healer or somewhat in your team (like Sona or Soraka) dont bother to take it at all. If you have Champions in your team which are relying on life regeneration or lifesteal (e.g. a Mundo, Vlad etc) do NOT use Heal around them unless you are 100% sure they'd die. Most people forget about the -50% healing debuff the summoner Heal places on the targets.
Exhaust is a great tool for slowing and shutting the enemy team AD carry down. Unfortunatly you usually don't know what the other team is picking and you already have a slow and a root spell. So don't get it.
Rally Great spell in a team with many AD Champions. But let one of them pick an improved version.
Revive No. The cooldown is way to long and once revived you often die again. Pick Flash or Ghost instead to rescue your life.
Smite You have a great set of skills to farm with. Smite will be useless for you.
Clairvoyance is great for scouting on any team. Feel free to take it instead of Teleport/ Flash.
Fortify I personally don't like Fortify. The cases where I saw a Fortify really work and doing an outstanding job are to rare to sacrifice for the utility you can get from other summoner spells. So no.

4.2 Masteries
Of course the Masteries are depending on your summoner spell choices. The reason I didn't pick Greed is Lux is a great farm champion. Greed gives you 6 Gold per Minute or 360 per hour. If you desperately need that 360 extra Gold then you are probably doing something wrong. If you picked Clarity/ Flash/ Clairvoyance go upgrade them instead of putting one point into Expanded Mind. You can also put this one point into Good Hands if you find yourself dying often.

Other Masteries are possible of course. Just make sure you have Archaic Knowledge. But in the many games I've played with Lux, I've seen that the combination of Cooldown Reduction Masteries, Movement Speed, Manaregeneration and Reduced Summoner Spell Cooldowns is working far better then any other combination.

4.3 Runes
Concerning Runes I peronally go the setup which is stated above. For the Marks Greater Mark of Magic Penetration are pretty standart.
For the Seals I picked Greater Seal of Vitality, because they are better from level 5 onwards then Greater Seal of Health.
Concerning the Glyphs I picked the Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power, since they are better from level 7 onwards when you really start to do serious damage. However if you picked Clarity for the reason you got a Golem Buff dependant jungler you can also pick the Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction (are better from lvl 13 upwards) or the Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction. If not, just let it be because you will bypass the cooldown reduction hardcap(= 40%) when you have the Golem Buff (9% from Masteries, 9% from Runes, 25% from Buff on lvl 18) making the Elixir of Brilliance CDR component useless.
For the quintessences I go with Greater Quintessence of Ability Power rather then Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power because you really need that AP boost between the levels when you finish your boots. Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power are only better from level 12 onwards.

Feel free to change anything you want though. If you find yourself too squishy choose Greater Quintessence of Vitality/ Greater Quintessence of Health. If you change anything just make sure you make the right picks concerning Primary/Secondary Runes. There is a great Rune Guide here on Mob a Fire, which I stronly recommend to everyone whos lacking Rune based knowledge, from Searz Rune tips - What secondary and primary means and more.

5 Item Build

5.1 Clarification
Start off with Doran's Ring for a well rounded package and a Health Potion. It is also possible to go any other item component from Mejai's Soulstealer or Tear of Goddess. But I've found that the HP from Doran's Ring really helps to stay alive and the Regeneration (which this build is lacking actually because you need to get the Golem Buff) and the AP are another upside. So by any of that if you are new to Lux go with the Ring. And also if you are new to Lux skip Mejai's Soulstealer and get Tear of Goddess at its place, following the build afterwards regularly (of course without a second Tear of Goddess :) ). Mejai's Soulstealer is just not useful if you end up dying often. If you find yourself having less then 7 charges for the majority of time, skip it next game and focus on the other items. Whether or not you took Mejai's Soulstealer Boots of Speed are next. Get the Tear of Goddess of you took Mejai's Soulstealer before and finish your Sorcerer's Shoes.
Since you are very squishy you desperately need something to do against that. This is the reason for Rod of Ages. Start off with the Ruby Crystal to prevent dying as early as possible. If you got Catalyst the Protector you can start buying an Elixir of Brilliance whenever you can afford it. Don't use it immediately after you bought it, but go out of your base first until you engage an enemy, to get the maximum time span of the bonus. Finish your Catalyst the Protector off with a Rod of Ages. Meanwhile your Tear of Goddess has got a few charges and you can turn it into Archangel's Staff, giving you extra Manaregeneration (which is needed because you cooldowns are getting smaller) and a nice chunk of extra AP. This is usually the point, where most of my games are ending.
However if the battle is still lasting, go for Rabadon's Deathcap. In the unlikely case that the game is still running after that, sell your Doran's Ring and get anything you think is useful. E.g. Rylai's Crystal Scepter for more HP & AP or an Abyssal Mask for AP & Magic Resistance. Read the situation and decide what you need to win this game.

5.2 Think outside of the box
In some cases a few other Item picks get better or way better results. E.g. if the enemy team is full of stuns a Banshee's Veil (pick it instead of the Rod of Ages) can work wonders. If they are just throwing tons of magical damage at you, feel free to get Abyssal Mask instead of the Rod of Ages. Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead of Rod of Ages is also a viable option if you feel your Manapool will be big enough and you need an additional slow (keep in mind that you only get 15% from area of effect spells).

Also items to consider:
  • Mercury's Treads are perfectly fine when the enemy team has lots of disables.
  • Void Staff when at least 3 of enemy team start to build of Magic Resistance.
  • Deathfire Grasp is great when there are a lot of HP Monsters in the enemy team. Also gives some Manaregeneration. A part of the CDR will be wasted, but its still a viable option.
  • Zhonya's Hourglass is a perfect addition to your setup if you need more armor.
  • Frozen Heart is also okay if you absolutely need armor. I'd prefer ZZhonya's Hourglass over Frozen Heart though. But If you feel you still need armor, then its a viable choice. Note that if there is someone who can make a good use of the Golem Buff as well, leave it to him and try to conserve Mana (unless lets say you got 15 charges on Mejai's Soulstealer and the other one not) because you will crush the cooldown reduction hardcap.
  • another Archangel's Staff after you have your Rabadon's Deathcap is also an option not to overlook at, if you need more power.
  • Every full defensive item if taken as item number 6.

5.3 Special mention - Lich Bane
Lich Bane is a very tricky item. I prefer to not build it. While you are right if you say that Lich Bane+ Illumination is a great combo you should keep a few things in mind.
The first one is the point of purchasing. When will you purchase it? When having low AP the Gold is invested better elsewhere. So you have to wait with it at least until you got your Sorcerer's Shoes. If you managed to net some Kills & Assist your Mejai's Soulstealer gathered a few charges (maybe 2 or 3, if you did very well like 5-7). So now you have the choice between a Lich Bane and a Rod of Ages. First option will make you a glass cannon. Not only you have less HP, but can't be more defensive due to the mechanic that you need to auto attack enemy Champions. So bad choice here (in my opinion).

At the latest, the laning phase is pretty much done by now and teams start to group up and gank. So lets take a close look on a teamfight. When your innitiator does what he's there for and champions are getting together, you have two choices:
a) Sticking with your usual skill combination described in Section 3.6 and ignoring the Lich Bane Buff not completely, but as much as you are ignoring the Illumination triggering because you need to focus on landing a nice ultimate and staying alive. Eventually you can land one Lich Bane Buff hit after your full package with another after your waited for the Lich Bane Cooldown and use Prismatic Barrier by two or three following afterwards when your other cooldowns went off. So per teamfight its a maximum of 5 before one team has probably lost and chasing begins. If you survived you have an advantage concerning the additional 7% Movement Speed.
b) You try to get the maximum effect out of Lich Bane. Meaning you start with Light Binding, auto attack at least once, wait/repositionate or auto attack 2 seconds ( Lich Bane's internal cooldown), throw your Lucent Singularity , attack once IF your AP bonus is higher then Illumination damage and detonate before your projectile hits, then cast your ultimate after 1 more second from your hit. Auto attack them once after. Note that this one more second where they are not slowed by you they can repositionate. Also this one more second leaves more room for the enemy to react, like stunning or silencing you before you do your ulti and then focus you. To make this clear, you can do more damage with this way, BUT you also make yourself more vulnerable and messing your whole combo up for at most 3 Lich Bane Buff procs. I agree when your are levvl 18 and got 500 AP that'll be a lot, BUT how often do you get that far? And also by level 18 an enemy carry might not need more then a few seconds to rip you into pieces when you are standing there stunned.

All in all Lich Bane is not a bad but a far more risky option then the other item choices. If thats you playstyle and you can manage that lower survivability well, go for it. Just keep in mind that a lot of Mejai's Soulstealer stacks will lead to the scenario that the enemy team wants to see you dead. And thus having a survivability item isn't the worse choice.

5.4 Items to avoid
Everything with AD of course.
Everything with Attack Speed.
Everything with Spellvamp. Spellvamp Ratios for area of effect spells are way to bad (33% of the damage you deal) to have a good use out of it for Lux.

6 Gameplay

6.1 Start
Grab your starting items, for which ever you decided and preferably head to the lane which is next to the Golem. Lux is capable of doing the mid lane well, but due to her natural squishyness she's an easy target to gank. Unless you have some experience or there is really no other Champion that can handle a 1vs2 lane, because you have a jungler, you should avoid to go that way. Ask for a change, if they are to stubborn just head there and stay very defensive. Just focus on not dying, take Prismatic Barrier one or two levels earlier. If you still are about to get under the wheels (=you died twice) call for immediate help. Hopefully your team will help you.

6.2 Early game
So the startup went as you wished you can focus on last hitting. If you want to harras, only use Lucent Singularity and hit the enemy with one auto attack. If you are lucky, the opponent is standing next or in the middle of the minion wave so you can hit both. Be cautious so you won't die. Shield yourself and your ally when you are getting harrased or are under the effect of a damage over time spell. Try to gather 1300 Gold, if you are still full on HP/Mana and safe to lane (which means in most cases that the enemy doesnt have boots) continue until 1650. Do not wait longer - head back and get that Mejai's Soulstealer and if you stayed until 1650 Gold Boots of Speed. You should start on netting some kills but always be aware of possible ganks from the enemy team. Once you got until your Tear of Goddess and finished Sorcerer's Shoes its usually the time where people start to put more efforts in ganks then before. From now on you should be able to get the Golem Buff on your own and do so when ever there is the opportunity you can.

6.3 Mid game
The biggest rule of all from now until the end of the game: Do NOT run around alone in territory that is not 100% safe. You can kill someone on your own, but you will die afterwards if there is an enemy champion approaching. This is not worth it concerning your charges of Mejai's Soulstealer. Be at least with someone else, try to push towers and lay traps for teamfights. Observe the minimap and communicate with your team - in most game this is the stage where the outcome of the game is decided, meaning that you are not allowed to die. If the enemy team is pushing you into your base or the teams are equal ward the Baron from like level 15 onwards. Pull off your combo in teamfights and hopefully you'll win them.

6.4 Late game
Have the Baron warded. If there is the possibility of course you can kill him with your team. Push lanes with your team. Continue with getting the Golem Buff when there's the possibility to get it. Do not ever run around alone on the enemys side unless they are all dead, by which time your team should push the **** out of the enemy towers. Of course manage to pull off you combo in teamfights as before.

6.5 Dos and don'ts
To sum the playstyle section up:

Focus on last hitting early game
Harras enemy with Lucent Singularity
Make good use out of Illumination
Use Teleport for the element of surprise
Get the Golem Buff
Shield allies when needed
Ward Baron

Run around alone in insecure territorys
Do not towerdive if you are getting more then 2 hits (=> Shield)
Leave your Luggage unattended :)

7 Epilogue
After walls of text you should probably getting something to drink and then finally test out the stuff you (hopefully) learned. If you've picked up the things I wrote here and manage to do well with your spells, you will do fine.

8 Updates
I will try to keep that guide up to date and will write the changes here at the bottom of the guide. If you got any suggestions concerning layout, build, explanations etc. let me know so I can give it a though&test it.

03.01.2011 First Version finished.
04.01.2011 Added explanation for skillorder.
05.01.2011 Changed Zhyona's Ring to Rabadon's Deathcap and added Zhyona's Hourglass as an further alternative.