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Miss Fortune Build Guide by Superior current

Middle Mage Fortune is real!

Middle Mage Fortune is real!

Updated on January 6, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Superior current Build Guide By Superior current 183 27 1,659,536 Views 82 Comments
183 27 1,659,536 Views 82 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Superior current Miss Fortune Build Guide By Superior current Updated on January 6, 2019
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Dark Harvest
Cheap Shot
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Absolute Focus
Manaflow Band

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

Mage Fortune is real!

By Superior current
Special thanks to jokersprank for the editing!

Wait, ... AP Miss Fortune ???

Have you ever wished for a champion who can poke people down from a safe range, dominate both laning phase and in team fights? Than you should try AP Miss Fortune in the mid lane! With her already quite decent AP ratios and synergies with runes and items, Mage Fortune is one of the most fun but yet still working builds!

Who am I ?

I am Superior Current and I play on the EUW server (former name is Luxi). I'm a long time League of Legends player, peaking at Platinum I during season 8 (finished at Plat III). I really love playing Miss Fortune and have created this guide to share my knowledge and fun to all of you! I always try to keep it this guide up to date!

Original picture
Pros / Cons

+ Strong early game
+ Strong and consistant poke
+ High ability ranges
+ Excellent team fighter
+ Hard to counter because she deals both physical and magic damage
+ Constant mobility with Strut
+ Most people don't know how to play against her
+ Very fun to play!

- Squishy
- No hard CC
- Mana hungry, especially early
- It takes a single minion attack to lose Strut
- No gapclosers
- May fall off late game.
- Building penetration is awkward
- People may consider it a troll pick
Abilities overview
Love tap

Your auto attacks deal additional 50-100% damage when you attack a new target (half the damage vs. minions). Although it scales only with AD, Mage Fortune benefits from it a lot. Last hitting is fairly easy and you can use it to harass enemies (it is also applied on Double Up).

Double up

This is MF's signature ability - a target spell with a short cooldown. Usually you will finish your opponents with it. It even has an AP ratio - 35% And if you kill a target with the first shot the second one deals 200% damage, which means it can scale up to 70% of AP!
Additional information

At level 1-3 you will have Double Up. Together with Make it Rain, this is one of your main harass tools.
IMPORTANT TIP: Always try to to make the bouncing hit crit by killing a minion.

Here's a clip which represents a good Double Up. The best option is to hit a caster minion while the enemy is behind it. It takes time to practice it, but you will see how much lower the enemies will get if you master the bouncing bullet.

Of course, you won't always have the opportunity to successfully do it. Often some damage is better than no damage.


The passive is pretty nice. It allows you to dodge skill shots, come back quickly from base, you are able to roam and can chase or avoid enemies better. It is important to know that you can't lose it while shielded or through damage over time abilities like Ignite.
But it is easy to be hit by a minion and brake the bonus, so don't get focused if possible. However, do not be too afraid to lose the passive if you can kill an enemy.

Strut's active does 2 things - it fully refreshes the passive movespeed (if down) and gives Miss Fortune attack speed for 4 seconds. Reapplying Love Tap reduces the active's cooldown. In a nutshell, use Strut for:
  1. Engage/disengage
  2. Last hitting
  3. Pushing
  4. Fighting/ensuring a kill
Strut' active, combined with Love Tap, makes Miss Fortune very good at pushing towers and you should definitely make use of that. AA and Double Up minions a bit and you will always have Strut off cooldown!

SMALL TIP: Whenever respawning after death, activate Strut to immediately gain the full movespeed bonus intead of waiting for 5 seconds. Time is everything!

Make it rain
This is the most important ability of AP Miss Fortune.
The strong slow, the AOE magic damage, which has an 80% AP scaling, and it's strong synergy with runes make it a very strong poke tool both in lane and in teamfights.
You can use it either for kiting or chasing enemies.
The only downside of the skill is that you need to position it well if you want champions to take the full damage of it.
Additional information

Being her most notorious ability, Make it Rain can make the enemy champion's life a complete nightmare. It can be used in many ways, but you will have to practice placing it to ensure opponents take as much damage as possible.

The best tip I can give you is to try to predict in which direction enemies are going to and thus adjusting the E to cover their path. Not by too much though, because then players will just step aside! Use terrain and minion block to your advantage! It will be much easier to land a good Make it Rain while the enemy champion's movement is restricted.

Dark Harvest can be easily activated by just a single tick of Make it Rain! Use it to stack it.
Whenever possible, don't just land Make it Rain on champions, but try to followup with more damage. Enemies under your E want to get out of there as quckly as possible and they are less likely to hit you back. The safest way to do this is when the enemy is behind minions.

If Double Up can't be aimed you can also approach and directly q and auto attack the enemy.

An important thing you should do is to kite with Make it Rain! This can save lives and buy time for teammates to join in.

Make it Rain grants vision of the affected zone. Use it to check suspicious areas!

Bullet time

The ultimate deals literally tons of damage.
For a duration of 3 seconds, you shoot up to 12/14/16 bullet waves, each of which deals 20% AP + 75% AD physical damage.
The total damage is 240%/280%/320% AP plus 900%/1050%/1200% AD.
As you can guess, a good Bullet Time can turn the tide of a team fight. Try to chain it together with Make it Rain so you can shoot a ridiculous burst amount of damage.
The tricky part is, that the ultimate is a channeled one and can be interrupted by a simple cc.

Make it Rain and Bullet Time is the deadliest combo of a Mage Fortune . If successfully land, it is devastating to the enemies.
However, keep the following in mind:
  1. Enemies may use escapes like Flash,
  2. You may get interrupted with a cc ability.
  3. If you are too close enemies may kill you before you can unleash full damage.
So make sure that champions have used their escapes or that they are being kept in place from allies (e.g. Amumu's Curse of the Sad Mummy)
More tips:
  1. While you would usually want to combo Bullet Time with Make it Rain, if E is on cooldown and enemies are under CC it is better to immediately use ult or you will risk to lose the fight,
  2. Using Ignite, Exhaust and Heal during Bullet Time does NOT interupt the channel!
  3. Ult enemies not too close, but not too far so they can't step away!

This is an another example of a good Bullet Time. You can see that Miss Fortune is ulting only after Braum has jumped in to cc the enemies.
Currently this rune set benefits MF the most - it heavily increases her damage and it provides strong synergy with her abilities.

Main path: Domination

Dark Harvest
You can proc it with every ability, including Make it Rain!!!

Cheap Shot
This is basically free damage on Make it Rain.

Eyeball Collection
Cheap stats, but slightly risky if you get behind.

Ingenious Hunter
Hextech Gunblade and Hextech Revolver are essentially another skill for MF. That's why you benefit from reducing their cooldowns, by up to 40% when you can have only a 26 seconds cooldown.

Secondary path: Sorcery

Bonus: Take 2x 10 AP. For the defense trait, it highly depends on the enemy team composition.

Absolute Focus
The AP will help you with poking and normally you should be above 70% HP. Transcendence is also a viable option, but you will have less AP until you surpass the CDR cap.

Manaflow Band/ Gathering Storm
Both choices are valid, but I tend to prefer Manaflow Band just because Miss Fortune struggles with mana usage (even AD MF !!!). You want to cast your abilities as much as possible and not having to go back to base frequently.

On the other hand the late game AP will help you not fall off.

What about other paths?

Here is which runes to take if you choose a different secondary path:

Inspiration: Biscuit Delivery and Cosmic Insight
Resolve: Chrysalis and Second Wind.
Precision: Triumph and Coup de Grace
I offer you the item build for AP Miss Fortune which based on my experience and current game balance is the optimal. However, don't feel pigeon holed and feel free to expreriment and vary your builds.

Corrupting Potion is particularly effective against melee champions or enemies who poke you a lot. The DOT is applied from all your damage, including Make it Rain! And due to the fact how adaptive damage works, you will get bonus AD which will help with early AA harass and farming. Surprisingly good item for establishing dominance against champions who otherwise counter you - Zed, LeBlanc, Ekko. A useful item for most of the game.

First back
Buy control wards from time to time, it helps your team by a LOT!

Core items

Because of Miss Fortune's hybrid scalings Hextech Gunblade is the optimal first item to build on her! It gives a total of 80 AP and 40 AD on top of that. Autos will actually matter, Double Up and Bullet Time will be stronger while Make it Rain will be equally strong as with other 80 AP items. The omnivore passive heals from ALL the damage dealt and provides massive sustain over time. And last but not least is the active. Comboed with MF's abilities you will deal tons of damage.

Build order towards Gunblade should be Boots - Long Sword - Hextech Revolver - Vampiric Scepter - Bilgewater Cutlass. You can take vampiric scepter first if you need sustain.

The magic penetration from these boots allows Make it Rain, Hextech Gunblade and rune effects to hurt really bad. Double Up will fall off anyway by mid-late game so don't worry that it doesn't benefit from magic pen. As for Bullet Time, it deals so much damage that not having armor penetration isn't really a concern.

Right now, this is your secondary core item. Nashor's Tooth capitalizes on the fact you have some extra AD in your kit. The extra on hit magic damage and attack speed will give you an overall edge in extended fights, while destroying buildings becomes a piece of cake.

What to build later on

At this point you'd want an additional burn on your spells (particularity E), while the HP will make you slightly more durable.

During late game a single death can cost the entire team defeat. With Guardian Angel you automatically become a less attractive target and have better chances of survival. The extra AD will help too. You can even build it as a second core item if you get bursted down or you feel in need of AD.

This offers you both extra poke, which synergyzes with E, and a much needed 20% CDR. Combined with Dark Harvest it gives Mage Fortune even greater burst. You can take it earlier in place of Nashor's Tooth if you're comfortable less auto attack usage.

I like to finish my build with a bit of extra AD. Mage Fortune is still a hybrid champion and this will balance her damage output. You may buy an elixir while farming for a 5-th or a 6-th item. The combat stats from it may be decisive!

Other item options

In some games you will be forced to build a defensive item in order not to get assassinated. Sure, it sucks delaying your damage, but staying alive is much better than starring at a grey screen. In such situations build as normally and leave out Rabadon's Deathcap, buy a basic mr/armor item, then build Gunblade and after that finish the defensive item.

For that and further item alternatives, be sure to collapse the spoiler!

Alternative/niche items
Skill Sequence
> > >

As all ultimates take ranks of Bullet Time at 6, 11 and 16.
You should max Make it Rain first, because it is your main damage and utility ability.
Double Up's base damage doesn't increase much at higher ranks, but it should be maxed second in order to take advantage of it's lower cooldowns when leveled up. Strut is a one point wonder and is left for last.

Start with Strut for safety and easy farm. At level 2 take a point in Make it Rain If you invade, start with Make it Rain. At level 3 continue with Double Up. After that max the abilities in the previously said order. You can also take Strut later, at levels 3 or 4, but you will be more susceptible to ganks and skillshots.
Summoner Spells
Flash is the universal summoner spell in LOL and people use it with all champions in almost all games. Because Miss Fortune doesn't have gapclosers, this spell is mandatory for her.

Ignite mainly provides additional kill pressure, but also has a niche use against healing champions like Dr. Mundo.

Defensive options

Exhaust works best against champions who have to get in low range to kill you (assassins, divers). It can be used both defensively and offensively. Suits most bad matchups.

Heal gives Miss Fortune self peel. If you won't be able to use Exhaust for protection go with Heal, but if the enemy has Ignite, you can switch it with Barrier.
Early game

With the exception of a few bad matchups it is optimal be aggressive. Mage Fortune is a very strong lane bully.
However there is an other factor in your playstyle - the enemy jungler. All junglers are a moderate treath, but some can be really hard to deal with, like Zac, Rammus and Hecarim. If they are in the game try not to push the lane. But if the enemy midlaner also pushes then you won't have to worry about unintentionally killing minions while harassing. As long you have Flash up, you can afford a moderately risky playstyle. And you can use Strut to outrun everybody!

Level 1

Minions have spawned!
Start farming. At this point your and the enemy's goal is to hit level 2 by killing 7 minions for the power spike.
While most junglers are just finishing their first clear, watch out for sneaky assassins like Twitch and Shaco!

Level 2

Now you've got your Make it Rain and can start poking.
But beware! The enemy jungler may assist their struggling teammate. Ward up likely gankpaths and read the enemy's body language. If they suddenly move in an unusual manner or start channeling towards you, this likely indicates an incoming gank.

Levels 3-5

You have all your skills now. Keep up with your playstyle - farm, poke, try not to overpush if you think you'll be ganked and possibly go for a kill. If needed ask your ally jungler for cooperation - MF's E is a perfect set up for a gank.
A good E-Q combo can take half of the enemies' health bar. And if a low-hp enemy refuses to go back you can kill them with Ignite+ Double Up+autos (you will probably have to Flash), you can also wait for E to come off cooldown, but enemies will probably not expect an immediate engage.

Level 6+

Bullet Time is up! But so does the enemy have their potentially gamechanging ult. If you played well you can score a kill with the E-R combo.

Bullet Time can be also used to quickly clear a wave. If you find yourself pressured or unable to use R strictly against enemy champions, clear the minion wave under your turret or under the enemy turret. It works really well for applying lane pressure . But don't do it just for farm, you have other spells for that.


Early game, ward with the Stealth Ward the side of the river which you think the enemy jungler is more likely to come from. You may place a ward further in the river if you think you won't have enough time to retreat as you detect an incoming enemy.

After backing purchase a Control Ward and ward one of the sides of the river. Always upgrade your trinket at level 9 to Farsight Alteration because you don't want to facecheck brushes and it can pinpoint a fleeing enemy's location.

Mid game

Fading laning phase

With your first items, you can pontentially burst down enemies. The laning phase should continue as before but be cautiuos about jungler ganks and also roaming enemies from other lanes. If you get caught you will probably get demolished.


Strut allows Miss Fortune to wander quickly around the map. Whether you have a kill or not - roaming allows MF to shine as strong team champion. Getting kills from other lanes helps more than egoistic killing sprees in the midlane since it provides an overall team advantage.
A good time to roam is when the opposing midlaner is back or you just cant do anything against them at the moment. As you approach other lanes ping for your allies to initiate. Upon arriving, try to unleash the full potential of your combos. Always beware of missing enemies and whether somebody has things like Teleport up.


And of course objectives. At mid game you should aim for destroying the outer turrets in order to "open up" the enemy jungle.

Secure the drake with your team after a successful fight or when enemies are away. The infernal drake is of particular interest to you, because it increases your AD and AP, which you massively benefit from!
The E+R combo is capable of stealing the drake. If you have vision, start ulting when the drake is at 800-1200 health (depends on how many champions are attacking it). While not entirely reliable, it can get you easy kills the very least! Keep an eye on enemy vision and don't do it if you're on low or enemies have long range, you will likely get jumped on!

Blue and red buffs

Take blue buff whenever possible (with the exception of a mana hungry jungler). Red should be left for the ADC but if you get your hands on it remember that it's applied on both hits of Double Up.

Summary for mid game

Once you get Hextech Gunblade you will have BURST! Try to sneak on lonely enemies, preferably with a teammate or more. In 2v2 and 3v3 you're a monster! Simply do E-Gunblade's active-Q-Ignite plus Autos and squishies are gone.

Late game

Now teams almost always group and going alone is extremely dangerous. Overall Miss Fortune's playstyle should be similar as in mid game, but positioning is even more vital.

In teamfights be aggressive, but do not put yourself in a too risky spot. The thing you want to do for a good Bullet Time is to stay behind and wait for your tougher teammates to initiate. If your team can't truly engage, just spam Make it Rain (and possibly Double Up if close enough) and immediately fall back afterwards. It is preferred to save Bullet Time for greater fights, but use it whenever needed for solo kills.
Tips for ranked

Tips against individual champions are displayed up on the cheat sheet! However take them with a grain of salt. Even the enemies you counter the most can outplay you if you underestimate them! Additionally some of the tips might be outdated due to me not facing a certain champion for a long period of time.

Good synergies

The best teammates of Mage are champions with high crowd control abilities in order to make up perfect "wombo-combos" with Bullet Time and Make it Rain as well as high (poke) damage dealers in order to complement your own damage.
Equally important is to have a FRONTLINE, i.e. at least a single fairly tanky champion in your team. This is crucial because Miss Fortune relies on good positioning in order to pull off her combos!


Primary ban
Leblanc is your priority ban. Even if laning phase goes fine, she easily snowballs out of control and is nigh impossible to catch.

Secondary bans
(Very) high mobility and burst are the biggest counters to AP MF. While playing as Mage Fortune is a solid pick against most champions, these in particular can assassinate MF with low effort.

Luckily a lot of the champions from above are common bans. Therefore if you ban one of them (let's say Yasuo) you will often end up with a banned Katarina and Zed as well. If you see you're about to face a hard counter, you can either dodge or convince a teammate to swap lane/role (most successfully with the ADC). Considering these champions are fairly popular, first picking AP MF is a moderate risk in ranked.

But how to deal with them ingame? If you start losing lane, roam as much as possible, it's really easy with MF's Strut. Instead of getting all-ined in lane, you can gank bot lane for example. By ending laning phase prematurely, you spend less time being in a disadvantaged position.


In draft pick a secondary role different than support and you will get mid most of the time.

Ignore people who rage at you because you are "trolling"! You CAN'T get reported for offmeta picks, even in ranked! As long as you give your best and don't play trully unviable things like AP Vayne who has no AP scalings you are safe!

If you are afraid of causing uproar during selection, don't announce your pick immediately and just lock in MF, but you should say that you're going AP.

And now an image which speaks for itself! My stats from ranked Mage Fortune Mid games from Midseason to Oktober 5, 2018. You can clearly see a positive 55% W/L ratio and an above average KDA score.

A score from a ranked game (Oktober 5, 2018).

Damage graph from the same game.
Special thanks to jokersprank for the editing!

And that's all folks. I really hope you enjoyed the guide and found it useful. Feel free to ask anything in the comments, I will respond within the next 1 or 2 days. By providing feedback you will help improving my content!

I wish you the best of luck with Mage Fortune on the fields of justice!
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