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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VAIReetaws

Malphite Combat Ranked Tank

VAIReetaws Last updated on February 14, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Malphite - Shard of the Monolith!


Malphite Shard of the Monolith

My victoria secret to a succesfull Malphite build.
This is my way to play Malphite in high elo rating ranks.
A good Malphite can change alot for your team cause of the over powered ultimate Malphite has.
It's important you get a solo lane to level fast and gain alot of gold.
You might find it weird which items I recommended in this build but when you get the hold on it you'll think oooh yeah I can see why he is using these items.
Anyways try my build if you are interested playing Malphite at a higher level and own the game.


Updates - Patch notes

Changes to guide

- 12-2-2011 *Changed summoner spell Ignite for Ghost read down for the reasons.
- 12-2-2011 *Updated items, post descriptions why I chosen the items in this build.
- 12-2-2011 *Edited patch notes.
- 12-2-2011 *Added tip's under Skill sequence.
- 13-2-2011 *Added a few new items Randuin's Omen, Warmog's Armor and Rylai's Crystal Scepter as Optional items.
- 14-2-2011 *Added a new tip under TIPS.
- 14-2-2011 *Added laning face: Early,mid and late game with explanations how to play Malphite trough the entire game.
- 14-2-2011 *Added a new summoner spell Clarity and Flash with discriptions.
- 14-2-2011 *Added more details on skill sequence.

Patch notes, release notes

Release Notes v1.0.0.107


Seismic Shard slow and haste changed to 14/17/20/23/26% from 10/15/20/25/30%
Seismic Shard cast range reduced to 625 from 700
Ground Slam mana cost increased to 60/65/70/75/80 from 60

Release Notes v1.0.0.106


Seismic Shard damage reduced to 70/120/170/220/270 from 80/135/190/245/300

Summoner Spells

: More reasons why I picked this spell.

- Faster recall's if you really need to recall cuz the enemy hurt you to much but you don't wanna risk losing your tower. Teleport is the most handiest skill out there to safe your lane from falling apart.
- Dragon/baron fights. Huh? What do I mean. Well mostly your team use's wards, if not it's just stupid and you can ask your team why they didn't but when the enemy or your team is doing dragon or nashor and you are still at your lane, you can just simple teleport on the ward and trow out your ultimate to safe your team from not getting the advantage of the gold/exp buff. Or preventing the enemy getting it.
- Lane support, when you are soloing top and your team is getting hammer'd by enemy jungler at bot you can simply teleport on a minion and help them with your ultimate/spells.

: Reasons why I have chosen for ghost.

- Ghost is a very comment used spell by most players. It's great for either escape or chase an enemy down.
On Malphite I have chosen ghost for chasing down enemy's allong with your Q spell Seismic Shard. Seismic Shard slows down the enemy so when ever you chase someone down if its in a group or solo it's easier to take them down.
- Ghost is just handy for running faster, simple as that. When you really gotta be somewhere on time you just press ghost. Don't ask yourself if it's a waste if you think it is game changing to use ghost to be able to safe an ally or kill an enemy.

: A skill that you must not forget.

- Flash is seen on alot of champions, simply cause it's great. You can either flash out of nasty situations or you can initiate with flash if you can't reach Unstoppable Force. You can chase opponents if they use some spell to go over walls. Our to reach out a last hit. I often use this skill but I must say it's pretty damn handy.

: Cause you hate being out of mana.

- Clarity, ofcourse this is uppon the summoner spells of Malphite. Some people don't wanna be without mana when you really need to land Unstoppable Force. Or you need to last hit someone with Seismic Shard but you can't cause your out of mana???! Clarity comes in handy when you deal with such kind of situation. If you hate to be out of mana and you want to harrass alot this summoner spell is a must. It keeps you filled with mana and the cooldown is pretty low. Also you can help teammates in teamfights when they are out of mana you can stand next to them and click clarity.

: Why ignite on Malphite?

- Well to get last hit on your enemy and get kills. You simply harrass them till they are pushed back to the tower.. Ultimate them plus your Q spell plus Ignite. Everykill is 300 gold when there not on rampage. Remember that.
- Enemy has Dr. Mundo, Swain, Nidalee or any other healer. Ignite is a good solid choice preventing ur enemy from getting away with a healer.

: Fortify ain't that bad at all!

- When you are pushed back to your tower with low HP. They'll will try to dive you, when you see them coming. Attack them with a Seismic Shard "AFTER" they attacked you cause the tower must focus them press Fortify! This also counts for your teammates, when you see they are having trouble and getting dived, Fortify is excellent to counter.
- Teammates having trouble defending there turrets? BAM! Fortify up.


9* Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
- Simply more magic penetration is what you want for this build. Penetrate your enemies magic resist with this.

9* Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
- Magic resist per level, why? Well I like to look ahead. I always try to watch at my team setup and fact that late game will come. So it's more benefit to use magic resist p/ level runes cause they eventually give you more then the Greater Glyph of Magic Resist.

9* Greater Seal of Defense
- Same as the magic resist runes. I like to get armor per level cause it gives you more benefit at late game. Cause of this build you are focusing abit more on damage I like to use some more defensive runes that help me trough the entire game.

2* Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
- Magic penetration. I don't find 8.5 magic penetration enough, so I have chosen to get two Quitnessence with it. This is a personal choice.

1* Greater Quintessence of Magic Resist
- An extra 4.5 magic resist at early game never hurts. Thats why I use this rune. Most of the times you face casters or Cho'Gath at solo lane. And they deal magic damage.

Once again runes is something personal in my opinion. So any runes combinded with magic penetration will be good like HP runes.

Skill sequence

Level 1 Seismic Shard
Level 2 Ground Slam
Level 3 Seismic Shard
Level 4 Brutal Strikes
Level 5 Seismic Shard
Level 6 Unstoppable Force
Level 7 Seismic Shard
Level 8 Ground Slam
Level 9 Seismic Shard
Level 10 Ground Slam
Level 11 Unstoppable Force
Level 12 Ground Slam
Level 13 Ground Slam
Level 15 Brutal Strikes
Level 16 Unstoppable Force
Level 17 Brutal Strikes
Level 18 Brutal Strikes

- Seismic Shard, Malphite's main damage output skill. What makes this skill so great? Well there are more things.. It deals a pretty nice amount of damage to a target and it slows down the target. What more could you want? This skill is men't to harrass with so use it. Use it wisely cause it cost pretty much mana during the whole game.

- Brutal Strikes. Not the best champion skill but it's handy to farm with or to face someone one on one with. Most times when I use it is to wreck down towers when I have the chance. The skill does a bit "AoE" Area of effect hits on groups of minions. Thats the passive it gots. I always click one point into Brutal Strikes at level 4.

- Ground Slam a beautiful skill which deals great amount of damage early till late game. Depends how much armor you got, the more armor the more damage it does. I always use this to farm with but also to finish off the great combo Malphite has which is Q and another Q + R and then Ground Slam !

- Unstoppable Force Finaly but atleast the great ultimate what Malphite makes Malphite. I guess the ultimate makes this champion so much fun. You can use it as a great initiate skill in teamfights or to just kill someone at a tower. Tower diving is what Malphite is so good at. Together with your teammates you can tear apart the whole enemy team because YOU landed a perfect ultimate. Don't you just love it when you do your job and people telling you after wards.. Dude, Malphite that was a great ultimate, GG! It also is ment to escape with, if you get into a nasty situation use it as a escape matter.


TIP: Start harrass your opponent when your Seismic Shard is level 3, so when you are level 5.

TIP: Try to use your ultimate against more targets instead of one, but don't be sorry if you can kill one target with it. It's a nice interception.

TIP: Use Ground Slam to harrass but also in your combo. Remember that Ground Slam really does damage when you stack some armor.

TIP: Malphite's COMBO: Very important!! Use Seismic Shard to lower your enemies life. Strike down with Unstoppable Force and finish with Ground Slam. If your target survives trow another Seismic Shard.

TIP: Before you consider which items to pick on your build you should really look into the enemy's team. Count the amount of magic damage dealers and physical damage dealers. Not only in champion selection but trough the entire game. Counter dress your Malphite against the biggest enemy carry. If it's Ashe for example go for more armor items. If it's the bad *** Kassadin simply go for more magic resist. I posted alot of optional items and they are discriped. Good luck.

TIP: If people are whining about you having Sorcerer's Shoes or Doran's Ring and you can't stand it no more "/ignore playersname" and you won't be hearing that again.

TIP: If you see a gank incoming on your solo lane and you're almost crossed the map and you really need to dodge the gank don't forget that you can use your ultimate Unstoppable Force as en escape matter. Don't doubt to use it if it saves your life it's good use.

Core items

- Sorcerer's Shoes

If you know Malphite a bit you know he is pretty tanky from himself and including the runes I recommend. Sorcerer's Shoes is a better choice to take. It gives you +2 movement speed like any other boots but also +20 magic penetration. This allows you to do a bit more damage as a tank. You can kill now.

- Sunfire Cape

My first tank item is the Sunfire Cape. Gives armor and a UNIQUE aura that does magic dmg per second to nearby enemies. Very cool item for using in teamfights, it makes you more tanky but it also gives you reason to kill more.

Force of Nature

Casters in the enemy team? Time for some resistance then, Force of Nature os a good choice for that mid game. It gives you alot of HP regen. and magic resist. It's unique passive is very strong for a tank. So It's a pretty solid choice in my opinion.

Abyssal Mask

Why this item some people ask themselves. Well it gives you magic resistance. Some ability power. But most important it gives an Aura for you and your team that lowers surrending enemies there Magic resistance by 20.

Guardian Angel

This item speaks for itself. Gives great resistance and allows you to die and come back alive. Great item for all champions.

Banshee's Veil

Blocks a negative spell once in a while. Gives you mana and health, and magic resist. Good vs CC.

Optional items

Frozen Heart

This item is pretty expensive but unique from all others, it boost your armor. gives you CDR. And some extra mana. Gives a Aura that slows down attack speed from nearby enemies which is great in teamfights when the enemy is using alot of AD DPS.

Void Staff

If you're doing well in the game and enemy is stacking MR so bad you might aswell go for a Void Staff instead of Abyssal Mask. Do realize you wont have that much MR no more. I do not recommend this for beginners with Malphite!!


Enemy has alot of AD DPS? Like Xin Zhao or Olaf you might wanna give them a bit of there own by buying a Thornmail which reflex damage by 30%. Also gives you 100 armor. Overall a great item to defend yourself from getting scupped into lil pieces by a hungry Olaf or Shaco especially late game.

Randuin's Omen

Let's talk about this item, I would replace Force of Nature if the enemy has a very high DPS carry like Ashe or Caitlyn. Especially when they are fed. Don't forgot the passive that you can activate if enemy's are chasing you or you want to slow them down. I always trow this item on slot #1 for faster reaction. Great item to get lots of armor and a great passive.

Warmog's Armor

This item is pretty awesome if you feeling yourself too squichy. It gives you a big amount of HP and HP regeneration. Which allows you to survive longer in teamfights and regenerate faster on occasions. I would recommend this item if you feel no real treath on the enemy team and just want to be a bit more less squichy. It's a expensive item thought so I would not use this item as first. Maybe instead of Force of Nature (When you are curtenly that the enemy doesn't have to much magic damage or intead of Abyssal Mask. You will deal less damage though.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter

A item I would like to discuss. It gives you HP and a pretty cool amount of Ability power. Don't forget the passive that makes your abilities slow the opponent. Althought I'm not a big fan of this item cause your Seismic Shard slows as well. If you feeling like owning a game then I would leave out Guardian Angel and I would focus on this one. Personal choice.

Situational items - Boots

Mercury's Treads

If you really need to be more like a tank vs alot of CC and magic damage you might aswell take these boots instead of Sorcerer's Shoes. A pretty solid choice for most champions. "Tanks".

Ninja Tabi

These boots are awesome vs alot of AD opponents. Like Xin Zhao, Master Yi and even champions like Dr. Mundo this is a good choice. It gives you more dodge chance and some armor. Which is excellent vs any typ of AD fighter.

Boots of Swiftness

Totally not fan of these, it gives exchant movement speed 3. Which is everthing it gives. You are a bit faster it's good for chasing but you got Ghost for those occasions.
I would not recommend these personally.


- Great pusher on lanes.
- Can do amazing damage to squichy targets..
- Tower dive capabilities.
- Excellent in teamfights.
- People asume you are a tank and ignore you but you deal great amount of damage.
- Great passive skill, allows you to lane longer and safer.
- Ultimate can be used as an escape matter or initiate matter.


- Mana problems
- Slow farmer on creeps, only grows large when your E skill is evolved.
- Can die fast early game when focused in teamfight or ganked.
- People don't like to see Sorcerer's Shoes on tanks.
- Build is a bit expensive when you don't farm, kill enough.

Play style - Laning fase

Early game

Oke let's talk about how I like to play with Malphite. Agressive, pure harrasment but it cost mana. Yes it does, it cost alot and Malphite is not a champion which have alot of mana during the entire game. I like to have a mana buff but most times the casters in my team use them. Start to harrass your opponent with shards when it's at level 2. Don't use it on level 1 cause it won't do alot of damage trust me, I know. Level up your Q and E as fast as you can cause those are the skills you kill with. I like to start off with a Doran's Ring, most of the times 2x. Then when I have 1100 gold I buy Sorcerer's Shoes straight away.

Mid game

Now the fun begin's cause early/mid game your shards will hurt most champions badly. You can easily take out any squichy champ using Q + Q + R + E combo. Try to use your ultimate as much strategic as possible, in teamfights wait for enemy carries to come together like Ashe and Xin Zhao and land your ultimate when your team knows to finish them off. Simply keep harrasin with shards till you win a teamfight. Sometimes when I'm solo top and you are facing a gank with yourself and a jungler don't feel sorry to waste your ultimate on that, A kill is a kill! Try to give your carry's the kills even do' it's so much fun to get fed with Malphite mid game. This is about the most information I can give, be agressive. Don't tower dive to early on just wait untill you got Sunfire Cape. When you got Sunfire Cape start building Force of Nature. Depends on enemy team setup, be aware if they have a AD DPS carry or AP DPS. Stack magic resistance when they use magic damage and stack more armor if they use AD Carry's. Simply watch over the optional items and read the discribtions and purchace after your own choice. Mid game is important cause it can change the whole game. Keep an eye out for your ally's and try to safe your Teleport skill to rescue litterly teammates.

Late game

Late game is most important of all cause here the game ends. You win or lose but if you did well with Malphite and your team is helpfull try to setup ganks in a brush. Cause of Malphite ultimate Unstoppable Force you can pretty much win every teamfight if you land it in the middle of the enemy group. If they are not standing together if this is the case, then try to land your ulimate on a Carry like Ashe or Corki. These are the champions you want to kill first. Tell your team to focus them after you landed Unstoppable Force. Don't feel sorry if you get the kill or not. Assists are fine too.
Well baron fights are most important, always keep it warded and try to get it yourself with your team or prevent your enemy to get it. Good luck and have fun.


I'm happy to share my thoughts and input in this guide with all of you, feel free to add me and let's play some games!
Ingame as VAIR ee taws.
If you tryed the build and had a nice score I would be happy to post it beneath the build, to show it not only works for me.