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Malphite Build Guide by rincewind86

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rincewind86

Malphite:The Godfather of the Shard/ Tankassassin

rincewind86 Last updated on October 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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I will get into some important things about Malph but not as detailed as in other builds.

This build especially suits Mid and Solo-Top

at first: why is this build called "The Godfather of the Shard/ Tankassassin"?
very easily explained: everyone knows that malph is a great tank but i prefere to go more deeply into his "magical" side with still beeing tanky enough....
or so i hope.

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Pros / Cons

The Pros:

- Malphite is one of the best initiator for teamfights
His Spellcombo (W + R + E + Q ) not only slows the attack from everything in range, it does a ****loade of damage and can be intitiated through walls and stuff.

- The best choice to counter Ad-carries and such because of:
his Passive called Granite Shield with gives him a shield with 10% from your max. health.
(Reloading every 10 sec when u are not attacked),

-his almost unbeatable/evadeble Q which is NOT a skill shoot and only can be dodged rarely..this Q slows the target and gives you the same speed that taget has at impact (even statboosts through enemiespells or skills will be yours for 4 sec)..besides dealing dmg based on Ap and your Magicpen. So it is an awesome evadeskill,too.

-And the best part: his E spell takes your Armorresistence and adds it to your dealed Dmg, which has an area-splash and sets the attack speed of your enemy down for a couple of secs

-Deals a huge amount of Magicdmg even without strong Ap-items

-His Ultimate Unstopable Force can be used to initiate, harrass, instakill squeeshees or flee if u got no choice becasue it goes almost through any walls (but be carefull, many teamfights have been lost cause my ultimate was not ready because of flight just moments ago.

- A MEAN Burstdmg

The Cons:

- A Mean burstdmg ^^...that means after loosing your skills, you have not much left but to w8. So it is quite easy to take him down after he engaged. If your enemy is smart he will w8 for your release, gives a hit on your armor and gets you bad with his full skills before you can either spawn your Shard or anything.

-quite the high cooldowns in my opinion...dont know if that is truly so.

-REALY manadependant...without it your lost. His skills cost a huge amount of mana especially early on.

- easily countered (when they stack magicresi you cant really do **** but standing as tank in the front)

-Very Teamdependant! If they wont follow when you jump in its is useless and just one more kill for the enemy

Maybe I just suck but i find him very hard/just useless against enemys like: Yorick, Mundo, Warwick

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For the Masteries I decided to go 9-14-7

The 9 in Attack are for getting the magicpen-boni through Arcane Knowledge mostly but i rather like the ignite means Summoner's Wrath , and 3 more for your Abilitypower/Mental Force and 4% extra Cooldown/Sorcery , too

The 14 in Defense are just all the points remaining after taking 1 point for Flash/Summoner's Insight and 6 more points in wisdom/Expanded Mind +Meditation for the manaregeneration which is very important for Malph.

How u devide this points is up to u and i had many games with 9-21-0 or 9-0-21, too.
All are ligit and it just depends on how one wants to play.

But in all my builds i try to get my magicpen because this his the secret to a very powerful early and mid-game Malphite.

With some runes you will have enough magicpen that you wont need ap-items to do a great deal of dmg.
Even when playing Support-Malph i choose those cause to harrass the botlane with my Q is just awesome.

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For the runes i have choosen concentrate on Magicpen, Armor and Magicresist

Main rune set

Greater Mark of Insight
It is ALL in the MAgicpen ^^ With the eye on as much magicpen as possible your spells will hurt without any AP early on.

Greater Seal of Resilience
The more Armor you have,the more DMG your E-Spell does. And you survive longer,ofcourse
Greater Glyph of Warding
What is a tank without Magicresist? DEAD!. Because i will have Manarec through my first item i dont go into manarec but mor magicresi

Greater Quintessence of Insight
I choosed to take in my Quints the same i took in the rest of my buid. Macicresi, Armor, Magicpen

Greater Quintessence of Resilience

Greater Quintessence of Warding

Here you will find many diffferent ways to go but I get my mana early on through the Chalice of Harmony and the cooldownreduction from the Glacial Shroud I dont need Runes for that.

And because i did not go all the way in my Defence-Mastery-tree i rather have some more resistence in my runes..which will work into the 77 Magicdef with Nullmagicmantle ..or 55 Armor 51 MAgicresist (can be some points more or less) when taking Dorans Shield for example.
And at Lv 1 this will rock your world, cause you will have to get hammered hard before you go down.

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Summoner Spells


Just THE best spell for getting away, harrass etc.

For making sure that you will get the kill.

Also nice for escaping and getting kills.

In my early Malphtimes i liked to take mana for spaming like a god and then when they think you are low on mana..BAAM: mana back, Ulti in their faces ^^.

Also a good choice. With some wards on the map u can choose anypoint to teleportto

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I will write much more to the items later on but anyone who played LoL before will know what they are for.

I love to play Malph mid in this configuration but he also does well top with it.
Just a short version:

Starting items: Early Game

I mostly choose Null-Magic Mantle when i go mid, cause with my runes together i have a magicresist of 77 @ Lv 1 and this is quite nice vs. any magicdealer early on.

One should upgrade that ASAP to the Chalice of Harmony which is in my opion one of the best Malphit-items ever and will always be in my inventar until Lategame.
This item means: the more u spam, the more manarec u have ^^

Ofcourse it is important to have boots early on, too.
You need those to stay clear up until lv 3. Then you can harrass very easily with your q-spell which should have 2 points by then.

The Second most important Item (should have it between Lv 4-7) are your Sorcerer's Shoes.
Together with your magicpen in your masteries and the runes it is just incredible how much AP-dmg Malph spawns without having any AP-Items yet.

Those 2 items are my core, from here on it depends on my game, the enemy etc. which way i go ...
i mostly end with the same build+/- one item or so but you will have to see if it more wise to go in AP first or better take Magicresist or Armor first.
Chain Vest following into Glacial Shroud
Blasting Wandfor AbilityPower (works wonders for your Q and Ultidmg
Negatron Cloak for even more Magicrestist. Both items will be needed for Abysal Scepter later on.

Alternate Items:
Depending on your role (Mid, Top, Bot-Sup, Jungl) there are many others usefull items for the early game.

Midgame till Lategame

Later on I always go for Frozen Heart even though i mostly dont buy it at oncecause i rather have mana and armor through Glacial Shroud and then buy life and sometimes even Ap before finsishing the item.

I try to get my Armor up and take one magicrestist-item like Abyssal Scepter for lowering the magicresistenc even more.

One Item which should not be your first but is a very nice addition to your selection is Rylai's Crystal Scepter
The life and ap-boni is very nice and all your skills will slow your enemies even more.

As the game continues, you have take the role of team tank and Assassin...otherwise u are quite useless to the end cause much resitence and life on the enemie-part and your burst dmg will be useless.
For that reason i mostly take tankitems after my two wands. At first Frozen Heart if i did not finsih it already. More Mana, more armor and every enemie will be slowed when attacking you.

Also every nice choices are Sunfire Cape , Randuin's Omen , Guardian Angel , Force of Nature

My very last item most of the time is Zhonya's Hourglass which will boost your Ap and your Armor and has a very nice survival active

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Skill Sequence

My Skillsequence is build up with the following hope: Get as much dmg from your Q (Seismic Shard) as soon as possible. For this reason i skill it up when ever i can, ulti] too ofcourse and the rest goes into your E Spell. My W i only take very late in game or maybe when i really wanna push and need the +dmg for getting the tower down.

I know many swear on the w for getting more resi and dmg but i alwas remember the following:
" 30% extra dmg from 0 will still be zero" so dont waste that point.

(But if u have skilled it never forget to activate it before doing your e-skill and/or Ultimate because it will give you some nice additional dmg on those 2 skills through improving your armorstats for a couple of seconds
W + R + E + Q = OP!!

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All in all i just wanna give something back to this comunity who helped me with many tips and stuff.

I hope i dont steal anyones build and I will update this build/ post until it is finished ...with all those little pictures and such....up until then enjoy and let me hear what you think.


Ps: I played like 2800 normal games with this build and it is still fun.
My highest Elo in rankeds was almost 1600 ...until they banned Malph in every single game.