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Maokai Build Guide by Darth warrior

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Darth warrior

Maokai S3 Jungler guide

Darth warrior Last updated on December 18, 2012
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Hi everyone its me agains, i came this time with my 3rd favourite champion build the lovely maokai, in this build you'll see the best way to build a maokai for the jungle and full tank, i hope it can be usefull for some people.

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Let's go with this 1st, well flash is very helpfull not just in a defense way but in offensive 2, and considering that you are gonna be jungling this will help you to gank better with you +ARCANE SMASH combo

Obviously if you are gonna jungle be SURE to use it, maokai is a fast lvl 1-4 jungler but with smite, without it, its another story, also helps to secure buffs, steal them, secure baron and dragon.

I dont recommend this spell for maokai cause he can gank nicely with his own abilities, and you need flash to scape from unexpected situations, but it works very nice in teamfights, if the support didnt take this then for the sake of the team you grab it.

No no no, you are not the adc or the apc, you are a support tank jungler, you dont need to get all the kills, if you get more assists than kills and than deads then you are just fine.

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Skill Sequence

We need damage, i know we are a tank but we still need a bit damage for the ganks so max it first cause it has a nice damage and the knock its good to counter some ults or skills as drain Ult and few more.

Our most important skill for ganks, it snares the opponent and gives your team mate the advantage to safely kill the enemy on that lane, also helps to snare someone that is chasing an allie, or if well use helps you to be indepent of flash in the jungle, max it second.

Just 1 point at lvl one for making wraiths or wolves, or blue pretty quick, works as a ward and can help you iluminate a dark part of the map in the jungle to then use and get away without using flash, max it last.

I've seen a lot of people saying that this ult is not that awesome, i think its perfect for teamfights, drain 30% of the damage that the enemy is making inside this ult to then convert it into damage, just perfect, life saver and it has low CDR.

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Pros / Cons

Full tank.
Iniciate teamfight.
Good Sustain in jungle.
Perfect for teamfights.

Low damage.
Mana hungry.
Doesnt have a good escaping system.
Low mobility in the whole map without .

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We need this to do a little bit more damage in early game i always recommend magic penetration instead of AP

Greater Seal of Armor
We are going to the jungle and without this we will have a hard time doing the jungle, beside maokai is the kind of champ that doesnt need to recall 2 many time while jungling.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist
We also wont need 2 much MR in early game but in Late game we do so this runes with our items are just fine

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
To do more damage in early game so we can do the jungle quick enough to be able to help a lane.

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Main Items Build

We are tanks but not just any tank, we are heavy tanks so we can iniciate, wait for the whole band to come and kill everybody without dying, or thats the main idea, cause if they are smart enough the wont focus you as you are the tank, but some teams just forget to focus, if they do you'll have a nice resistance to them so ur team will definitely win the fight

This boots, always in late game cause the mobility thing is over, we need now to be helpful for the team and we cant be helpfull if you are stun half a century.

Nice boots for jungling, cause of the movement speed you get to go through the jungle and then go from top to bot ganking.

This new item will give us the health, MR, tenacity and health regen that we need to be a tank.

Second item, nice health and mana, great passive and MR.

Cdr, Health and magic resist also his passive works along with passive

Grants us nice magic resist and armor, but also health it helps us become the tank we wanna be.

Well as we already have a lot of magic resist now we need all the armor we can get in an item so this is the miracle solution, 100 armor plus his passive, none adc will want to start fighting with you. we can also use but i like thormail more.

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Another Items you can use to.

If you need a bit more ap just to secure kills in some cases.

If the other team is pure adc, grab this item with too.

For those champion with their supresse ultimate like

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Creeping / Jungling

Well here comes the jungle part, 1st of all we dont need a leash at blue, but we need our team to ward it for us to avoid an invasion, in blue start with your at 1:25 you should be able to place 2 more till blue spawns(1:55) Respawns every 5 minutes as red buff.

There are several ways to jungle for the best way for maokai is to do 1-2-3-5-4 (blue color) then gank, you'll be lvl 3 by now if theres no way to gank in any lane do 3 again to be lvl 4 then 2 and recall.
Dont spend the potions to quickly cause you wanna have some to keep jungling when you reach lvl 3.

Dragon spawns at 2:30 but u wont be able to kill it till you lvl 6 or seven with the help of bot lane, and it respawns every 6 minutes

Baron spawns at 15:00 and will respawn every 7 minutes, keep this in mind so you can control baron.

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Team Work

As teamwork, try to iniciate but beware your team is near and always, ALWAYS snare the adc or apc then Q to fly back and ult dont press it again until the fight is over, or an enemy with low hp is inside your ult.
Try not to keep all the kills for you, give away the kills to your adc or apc or maybe the offtank, try to control dragon, and the buffs, dont let the other team take your blue buff or red buff, dont forget that the blue buff IS NOT YOURS is for the mid laner and the red is for your adc, if you want a blue buff ask your team help and go take your enemy's buffs.
In baron use your ult to avoid them to steal it from you, at the end use your ult again with smite so you can secure it.

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Thanks for reading this guide i hope its helpfull for people that likes doing jungle. Plis comment about this build and vote ^^