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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Zed Build Guide by Alexwolf

Assassin Master the Shadows as Zed [S5]

Assassin Master the Shadows as Zed [S5]

Updated on March 20, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexwolf Build Guide By Alexwolf 565,764 Views 4 Comments
565,764 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Alexwolf Zed Build Guide By Alexwolf Updated on March 20, 2015
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Hello, my name is Alexwolf, here I will be sharing with you my Zed guide. My goal for this guide is to make it a one-stop shop for all your needs regarding Zed. I want people to be able to learn and pick up on Zed with this guide, as well as hopefully even reach out to more veteran Zed players and teach them a new thing or two they did not know. Zed is in my opinion, one of the strongest assassins at the moment, and with the resurgence of assassins, I want to help you guys get all the coverage you need on the top champions for this role at the moment. Any feedback and just discussions in general would be greatly appreciated.

So without further ado, lets get right into this guide. Prepare to be versed, in the art of the shadows!.
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Pros / Cons

+ Uses Energy, can spam abilities in lane to harass.
+ Diversified kit which includes ranged harass, slow, and lots of mobility.
+ Passive allows for easy farming and executing targets.
+ One of the most strong Assassins and Split pushers in the game.
+ Huge skill-floor and play making potential.
Zed Is one of my go-to champions in solo queue that I feel safe picking for the most part no matter what. He uses energy, so early in the game, Zed does not have to worry about running out of his resource to use abilities. His kit is very diversified. Razor Shuriken provides ranged harass and Shadow Slash is good for AoE. He has a lot of mobility and extra usefulness with Living Shadow. He can instantly shadow swap in order to cover a distance, he can use the shadow to extend the range of Razor Shuriken, and you can use Living Shadow and Shadow Slash to deal damage and slow. His passive is an execute, which makes last hitting extremely easy as well as assassinating low health targets. Finally, Zed has a high skill floor. Not-so easy to use, but hard to master. With Living Shadow Zed basically becomes a champion who is as good as the player who is controlling him. Can be awful in the hands of inexperienced or bad players, but can be a complete monster and beast in the hands of people who are very good with his mechanics. Basically, he is as good as you are. The sky is the limit! And cool downs. Cool downs are your second limit.


- Is melee, can take quite the harass from ranged champs if you try to last hit at a bad moment.
- Not easy to use, two skill shots, needs good positioning, etc.
- Is energy reliant; good in lane, but bad in extended fights.
- Death Mark heavily countered by Zhonya's Hourglass and Quicksilver Sash. Some champion abilities can even render his ult useless like Frozen Tomb.
Zed does have his drawbacks, however one must learn to play around them in order to truly master the shadows. He is melee, so be careful not to get caught into bad situations, baited, kited, etc. In extended fights, you can run out of energy and be rather useless. So be careful with that and manage your energy wisely. Don't go in if you see you wont have anymore energy to cast more spells. And his ultimate, Death Mark, is countered by active items that remove debuffs or put you in stasis such as Zhonya's Hourglass and Quicksilver Sash. Even some champion abilities like Frozen Tomb. You will have to work around it and use your shadows/spells to finish enemies off instead. Do not get discouraged from playing Zed because of these items. It is honestly the only thing keeping this monster of a champion in check sometimes.
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sp S
// These are in my opinion, the best masteries for Zed. He is an assassin and wants to be doing as much damage as possible. We do that by specing 21 points into offense. Because of Contempt for the Weak and lifesteal items/health potions, we shall not be putting points into Butcher or Feast. They are not needed and instead, we can put those two points into Warlord for some extra armor pentetration, which is a lovely stat on Zed. We take CDR over Attack Speed, and on champions where you shall be auto attacking and be using your spells evenly in rotations, Spell Weaving and Blade Weaving are more beneficial then putting the points into something else. We put our last 9 points in the defense tree and primarily, masteries that will help our early game a bit. Enchanted Armor would be a waste since we will not be building Zed tanky. Instead, go for the regen, AA blocks, and Veteran Scars / Juggernaut

Q: Are these the best masteries for Zed?
// In short, yes. You want to be doing as much damage as possible. So you need 21 or more points into the offensive tree, although I would not recommend putting over 21 or 22 points, because we still need some defenses for our early game. If you want to play Zed properly and maximize your damage, run at least 21 in offense.
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

  • Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage: These give us a tiny bit of bonus AD at the beginning of the game. Good for overall damage, last hitting, etc. Although last hitting is easy with Contempt for the Weak, you can still accidentally mess it up. So these runes shall hopefully compensate for small things like that.
  • Greater Mark of Armor Penetration: These are probably the only runes that are absolutely mandatory and will never change on Zed. His base damages are fairly good in the beginning of the game. That means with armor pent, we shall be hitting like a truck in lane. Usually you can opt out your seals, glyphs, and quints for other things. Never opt out these Armor Pent marks. Ever.
  • Greater Seal of Scaling Health: I really enjoy these runes now that I have played around with them. As Zed, I often don't feel as if I am getting harassed to hard. He has an amazing early game. So trading those flat armors/healths out for this works out pretty well. These runes outscale flat health at around level 9 anyway.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: These are just standard against enemy AP mids. You cannot go wrong with them.

Other Rune Choices
  • Quintessences: For Quints, you can instead also run Armor Penetration. The reasoning for this is you do not need flat ad to last hit in lane because of Contempt for the Weak and your base damages are really good, so armor penetration works very well on Zed. You can either run full Armor Pent Quints or run Two Armor Pent Quints and one AD Quint.
  • Marks: For Marks, you can run Flat AD marks if you do not have Armor Penetration, but you better Grind IP like there is no tomorrow so you can replace them with armor penetration marks ASAP. Get on the grind boi.
  • Seals: Seals are the runes that give you the most variety. You can run either full flat armor, full flat health, or full health per level. You want to run armor when you are laning against an AD and or the enemy team has no AP. Then Health per level and Flat health is preference. Flat health if you think you need the early survivability or per level if you think you will do really good in the laning phase and just want to be less squishy when late game comes around. Also, a mix of hp and armor is good. Like 5 flat health, 4 armor.
  • Glyphs: For Glyphs there are three main choices. Magic resist, Magic Resist per level, and Cooldown Reduction. Flat Mr for laning against AP where you think you will get harassed a lot, Scaling MR for a team where you are not laning against ap but they have an ap jungler or top laner. Or you just think you wont take too much damage in the laning phase and you would rather have the mr scale into late game, and then CDR can just be mixed into the page somewhere if you want lower cooldowns.
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Summoner Spells

Flash is a good "get out of jail free" card. Also helps with ganks and closing gaps.

Ignite is good for securing kills and stopping Heal/health regen effects such as Swain or Volibear.

Teleport You can take this if you play Zed top, though I would not advise Zed top. It is harder to snowball and roam in the top lane.
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Ability Explenation

Contempt for The Weak: Zed's basic attacks against targets below 50% Health deal 6-10% of the target's maximum Health as bonus Magic Damage. This effect can only occur once every 10 seconds on the same target. Basically, your auto attacks become executes that can hit an enemy for a lot of damage.

Razor Shuriken (Q): Zed and his shadow both throw their spinning blades forward, dealing damage to any targets they pass through. The shurikens do more damage to the first enemy hit, applying 100% bonus AD to the attack. Afterward, enemies hit after the initial target is hit, take less damage and only around 60% bonus ad is applied. Additional shurikens that hit the same enemy deal 50% less damage.

This is your ranged harass/damage tool. Use this to poke, dish out damage, etc. The missile length is pretty thin, so be wary of that.

You're going to want to max out Razor Shuriken before Shadow Slash and after Death Mark.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use Razor Shuriken to harass your opponent in lane. However, try to make sure that if you can, it does not hit minions and instead hits your target head on. That way, it deals the full amount of damage.
  • If you are free farming, walk to the side of the minions and shoot it in a horizontal line so that you hit all the minions.
  • This thing is a skillshot, you can shoot it over walls, as you are falling back, etc.

Living Shadow (W): Zed's shadow dashes forward, remaining in place for 4 seconds, and mimicking his spell casts. Zed can reactivate to swap places with the shadow. Zed's Attack Damage is passively increased. Energy is also restored if a mimic'd ability hits an enemy. Can only occur once per ability mimic'd.

This is essentially what defines Zed. His entire kit revolves around Living Shadow. The more you understand the mechanics of this spell, the better you will be versed in the Art of Shadows.

You're going to want to max out Living Shadow as your last ability.

Tips and Tricks
  • Living Shadow is the thing that defines Zed. You can throw your shadow out forward and quickly swap in order to cover gaps and distances. It can also be used to jump over walls and juke people out in general. For example, walking forward, throwing the shadow behind you, waiting till the enemy has chased you pretty far, then swap back.
  • Living Shadow mimics your abilities. Make sure that if your shadow is out, to try and land both your abilities and the shadow lands off its abilities too.
  • Zed has ridiculous wave clear with Living Shadow. Just simply throw your Shadow out and start going ham on that minion wave. He can clear out a whole wave of minions with one shadow, one Q, and two E's.
  • Make sure both your shadow and normal abilities hit enemies, that way you get your energy refunded.
  • Living Shadow can provide vision, use it to check over walls and bushes.
  • If you use your shadow to harass in lane, then the enemy is dumb enough to walk and stand next to your shadow, you can swap places with your shadow to attack your enemy further and get right up in their face.

Shadow Slash (E): Zed and his shadow spin their blades, creating a burst of shadow energy. The shadow's spin slows. Each enemy hit by this move reduces the cooldown on Living Shadow by two seconds.

A simple AoE spin move that deals damage, reduces cooldown on Living Shadow, and can provide utility in the form of a slow.

You're going to want to max out Shadow Slash after Razor Shuriken and before Living Shadow

Tips and Tricks
  • Shadow Slash is good for wave clear as it deals lots of AoE damage.
  • Living Shadow followed by Shadow Slash is a good way to slow enemies from escaping you. You can then continue to stick on the enemy by swapping places with your shadow. Same can be said for escaping.
  • You can cast Shadow Slash while falling back or being chased to continue dealing damage to an enemy if they are right on your tail. Or if juking somebody, use the tip I mentioned where you do a long distance juke with the shadow, but after swapping, slow the enemy with Shadow Slash just for safe measures.

Death Mark (R): Zed briefly becomes untargetable and spawns a shadow at his location that lasts for 6 seconds.He then dashes to target champion and marks them for death. After 3 seconds, the mark will trigger, dealing physical damage equal to 100% Attack Damage plus 20/35/50% of all Magic and Physical Damage dealt to the target by Zed and his shadows while the mark was active.Reactivating Death Mark will cause Zed to switch positions with this shadow.

This is what makes Zed one of the best Assassins and split pushers in the game. If you are playing Zed properly, nobody should be able to 1v1 you. They send an enemy to stop you from taking a tower? Kill them. This also allows for amazing dive plays where you simply ult somebody, dish out some damage, and then swap back as you wait for the mark to pop and kill them.

You're going to want to max out Death Mark first. Take a point into this move whenever you can.

Tips and Tricks
  • Death Mark places a Living Shadow at your location when you started ult'ing. Because of this you can jump in, get the kill, and swap with your shadow by pressing R again once you are done.
  • You can tower dive low health enemies with Death Mark even if you are at low health too. First, you use Death Mark. Then, you can Ignite and instantly swap places with your shadow. Once you have swapped, you can Shadow Slash and then Razor Shuriken.
  • The distance that you can swap with your Death Mark is huge. You can cover insane distances by swapping with your ult Living Shadow.
  • Zed Becomes untargetable as he is dashing to his target during Death Mark. You can use these invincibility frames to dodge certain spells.
  • When you have done enough damage that will guarantee a kill with your Death Mark's proc, a Shuriken will appear above the enemies head. This lets you know that you can safely retreat and wait for the satisfying bloody "Pop."
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Skill Order

Ability Sequence Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

> > >
Our first basic ability we want to max out is Razor Shuriken. It is a ranged spell that does quite a lot of damage. You can use it to poke, last hit, harass, etc. After that we max Shadow Slash because it is our second damaging ability. The reason we max this out over Living Shadow is because we want the increased damage and the increased slow. The higher you rank up Shadow Slash, the harder the slow becomes. Finally we max out Living Shadow for the lowered cooldown and passively increased AD. Which is one of the reasons why Zed can get away with building mainly armor penetration items and not have to build big AD items like Bloodthirster. Obviously, you take a point into Death Mark whenever possible.
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Item Description


Item Sequence

Boots of Mobility - Homeguard 1250
Blade of the Ruined King 3200
Youmuu's Ghostblade 2700
Last Whisper 1450
Maw of Malmortius 3100
Guardian Angel 3200

These are the best boots when it comes to roaming and covering large distances on the map. You should get these boots if you want to roam for kills and have lots of pressure on the map. For enchantments get Homeguard if you need them because the enemy is pushing hard and in your base or just outside of it. Otherwise, get Alacrity for even more movement speed.

This is considered a core item on Zed. The attack speed and lifesteal is good for sustain and dealing damage for towers when you are split pushing. It also allows you to get more dps and autos off during Death Mark for a guaranteed kill. The active is also amazing and lets you stick to targets after using Death Mark. They will not be able to get away from you and it gives you great sticking power.

Youmuu's Ghostblade offers a lot of stats that are good on Zed. You get CDR, Armor Pent, some crit. But the active is what makes Zed such a great dueler along Blade of the Ruined King. The active increases your movement speed and attack speed, lasting longer if you get off autos on an enemy. Ontop of being slowed by Blade of the Ruined King active, you then activate Youmuu's Ghostblade to stick to the enemy even harder. Getting off a bunch of autos and sticking to an enemy really hard in order to guarantee the kill.

Gives an insane amount of Armor Penetration. You need this for when people start building armor against you. If the enemy team isn't building armor, get it anyways. You will be doing almost true damage with a Last Whisper.

Maw of Malmortius provides us with a great Magic Damage shield. Ontop of that, it's passive of dealing more damage with less health is extremely strong. Early game, you can usually just rush a Hexdrinker and then wait until later on in order to finish the item into a Maw. The shield does not get that much stronger when you upgrade the Hexdrinker into a Maw of Malmortius. So keep that in mind before you fully rush this item.

Guardian Angel will keep you alive in team fights. Just the fact that you have a guardians, means enemies might shy away from focusing you down, because if they waste all their ults on you and you die, your team will come in and engage while you are being revived by the item. Sell this item for something else if the passive gets blown. Wait till the cooldown is off, then buy it again.
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Other Item Choices

: Get these over Mobility Boots if the enemy team has a lot of cc and you need the tiny bit of mr as well. We mainly get these boots for the tenacity.

: We get these boots if we need to split push or want to get the cdr cap in team fights where the enemy team does not have that much cc. Mobility boots are also good for split pushing so don't stress over which ones you get.

: There are a couple situations in where you can get this item. If the enemy team is not building armor and you already have a last whisper then you can get it. Or if the enemy team has no AP and you do not need a Hexdrinker. It provides good life steal and a shield. I would say this is a niche pick item. If you do substitute this item for something, do not substitute it for your Blade of the Ruined King. Opt it out for your Maw or a defensive item if you do not need one.

: This is another niche pick item, but one that I find myself getting over Bloodthirster and Blade of the Ruined King often. The passive and active both work really well for split pushing and wave clearing. If you need to do some hard split pushing, get this item. Although some people say that this item is terrible on Zed, I would say otherwise. It gives you quite a decent amount of AD. Which of course, will be amplified by the passive on Living Shadow. You are getting more flat AD from this item then you would with a Blade of the Ruined King. So really, you aren't getting 75 AD. On top of that, people say that it has terrible synergy with your ult. Although it does not give you the sticking/dueling power of a Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu's Ghostblade, it still gives you some nice burst and raw damage. You throw in your Shadow Slash, Razor Shuriken, Auto Attack, Reset AA with Ravenous Hydra active, and then AA again. Remember one of your autos will be hitting extremely hard with Contempt for the Weak. I recommend you opt out Blade of the Ruined King for this item if you feel very comfortable/experienced with Zed. When you look at Blade of the Ruined King, it doesn't even seem fit as an item for an assassin. It isn't really adding to our burst, it is just adding to our sustained damage. If you can get away without needing the active on Bork to land your skillshots and chase champions, then swap it for this in a heartbeat.

: Black Cleaver is another brutalizer item. It gives good cdr, damage, a little health, armor pent, and the unique armor shredding passive. If you want to get this item, you would substitute it for your Youmuu's Ghostblade. And you generally want to get this item when you are doing really well in team fights and do not need to split push. As the armor shred is more helpful in team fight scenarios. Black Cleaver better for team fights, Youmuu's Ghostblade better for single target and split pushing.

: I like to get this item if I am snowballing out of control and can afford to do it. Usually it will replace Hexdrinker or my defensive item. The crit chance from Youmuu's Ghostblade plus the crit chance from Infinity Edge means I will almost always be guaranteed a crit when I am fighting somebody. Ontop of that, your crit will be doing 250% bonus damage. Attack speed from Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu's Ghostblade also means you will be getting chances to crit a lot more often then other assassins would, and this is why Infinity Edge can work so well on Zed. A auto attack that Crits plus applies Contempt for the Weak is pretty much a guaranteed one shot against squishies and even some more bulky enemies.

: Get this item if you are being focused in fights with really hard cc's that make you otherwise useless such as Nether Grasp, Wither, Impale, and Infinite Duress.

: Get this if the enemy team is very poke reliant and has ap, or you just need to make sure you don't get hit by certain moves like Rocket Grab, Dark Binding, and quite literally a Death Sentence.

: Get this if there is no AP on the enemy team and you just want something to survive a bit of AD. This item is also good against attack speed reliant champions like Fiora, Master Yi, Tryndamere, and Yasuo.

: EXTREMELY SITUATIONAL. AP is a useless stat on Zed. but the armor is good and Zhonya's Active is amazing. I've used it to dodge things like Karthus ults. But aside from that, most of the times you can just get a Quicksilver Sash or Mercurial Scimitar instead. This is like a joke purchase pretty much, BM people with the active. No seriously. Don't consider this. I was joking. Stop.
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Laning Phase

Unlike other Assassins such as Talon, Akali, and Katarina who have some what weak laning phases, Zed's laning phase is amazing and pretty fun to play out. Take a point in Razor Shuriken at level 1 and just focus on farming up. Farming and last hitting should be relatively easy with your passive, Contempt for the Weak. Make sure that you are harassing and poking at your opponent early on. If you can make the Q hit them head on instead of going through minions, that is even better. You also have to be careful that you do not push the wave out too hard with your Q. Unless the enemy has a hard time farming under tower. In that case go for it. Just make sure you are at least level 2 and have Living Shadow up so you can escape ganks.

At around level 3 you can start becoming a huge bully to the enemy. You want to throw out your Living Shadow and as it is flying out, Use your Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash. If done properly, everything is done in a straight line in front of you and the enemy. This little combo will hit for quite a lot of damage. You can also E first then Q if you are new and need help lining up the Razor Shuriken

If you have poked down the enemy quite a bit, you can get a kill before you even get your ult. Simply wait till they are in range. Throw out a Living Shadow in their direction. Use Shadow Slash for damage and a slow. Reactivate Living Shadow To swap places with your shadow. Auto attack them and do a mini execute with Contempt for the Weak. Then simply finish them off with Ignite or Razor Shuriken.
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Mid Game/Roaming

Now you should have a few of your core items. A The Brutalizer, working toward your bork like a Bilgewater Cutlass, and Mobility Boots. Now, as an assassin and as a mid laner in general. You want to be putting pressure on the map and roaming. You want the enemy team to fear you and the arts of shadow which they do not understand. Push the wave forward with Zed's amazing wave clear, then simply pick a lane to roam to. Top, bot, whatever. And also, do not worry if you are not getting every single little kill. Share the gold with your teammates. Put your bot and top lane back into the game or ahead if you can. That way you will snowball the enemy harder as a team in general and be more successful in team fights. If you are getting all the kills however, just realize, more pressure is on you and your team is relying on you to carry. So when you are the only person fed, it is crucial that you do not make mistakes. I don't care how you do it, but get fed.

If you cannot roam for whatever reason, or you just can't get anything out of the enemy if you roam, then I advise you try to take your enemies tier 1 turret (tier 2 if possible) and just farm up a lot. Just cuz you have a lot of kills does not mean you do not need to farm. Always keep upon your CS.
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As I mentioned earlier, you want to roam and ward the enemy jungle. You don't have to waste too much money on wards, just buy 1 or 2. We will save our trinket ward for escapes and warding our lane from the enemy jungler. Here is a map giving examples of where to ward.
  • Yellow: Vital to protect the jungler on your team
  • Blue: For protection depending on which lane you're on
  • Red: To guard Dragon and Baron
  • Orange: In order to Counter-Jungle

The Blue Circles by each side of the river in mid lane is where you should be warding early on with your trinket and and stealth wards. Mid lane is the shortest lane, but can get ganked on either side. Most mid laners know to place a ward on one side and then stick to that side. If they get ganked, they can retreat to safety since the enemy jungler is ganking from afar. And if the jungler is coming from the side you warded, you can see him so you know to back off.

The Orange Circles are where you should be warding when you are roaming. The enemy jungler will most likely go through there. And the Yellow Circles are where you ward to protect your jungler and to have vision of your jungle if you are losing. The enemies will most likely be roaming your jungle if they have a lead and have taken a lot of towers.

Aditionally, I am starting to like placing wards by the bush behind the enemies red, and a ward by their wraiths. It gives me great coverage and vision of where there jungler is. You can also place a deep, risky ward all the way in that bush that is sort of adjacent to the bush by red buff. It is to the right of the enemy junglers golems if you are on Blue side. A pink there provides amazing coverage for the whole game and a lot of people never bother to check there.
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Split Pushing

If for whatever reason, your team simply cannot win in a full on 5v5 (wombo combo comps, team has better engage, etc.) You are going to want to split push. This is a strategy that forces the enemy team to split up, thus making them fight-able or allowing somebody on your team to take objectives easily. Zed is one of my favorite split pushers in the game, and he is also one of the best Assassin split pushers. Other honorable mentions for split push Assassins are Kha'Zix, Shaco, and Talon.

So when split pushing as Zed, I often like to push out the bottom lane. For two reasons:

  • It is easier in my opinion to ward for that half of the map if you are purple side.
  • Regardless of what side you spawn on, bottom lane is further away from Baron. Meaning your team can pressure Baron while you are bottom. And if the enemy team does have to split up to go after you and the Baron, then they are going to have to be way further apart then if you were pushing top lane.

Push the wave and start going Ham on the towers. Then, when you have pushed it out very far (Preferably past tier 2 turret.) Then the enemy team is going to send somebody down to push the wave out. Most likely the enemy ADC (I will never call them Marksman rito. You better MARK my words. Hue.) Anyway. wait in that tiny little bush on the side of the lane and when the enemy ADC comes to close, kill them before they even realized what happened. After that, you have effectively made it a 4v5. Now you can either get a free turret, inhib, etc. Or if the enemy team comes to stop and try to kill you, then your teammates can take objectives at mid, baron, etc.

I am going to provide a map done in Microsoft Paint with places you should be warding up when you are split pushing. Split pushing can be dangerous especially if they send the whole team after you. You need good ward coverage in order to protect yourself. These pictures will be done from the prospective of blue side, but apply the same ideas to purple side.

If you are going to be splitting top inner and inhibitor turret, you want wards in around those areas. By all means add more wherever you want. But those are two of your best/safest bets. If they go through these spots, you will see them coming and can leave. If not, they have to go around your wards or through the river which will take a long time and you will already be gone.

These are for when you are splitting outer and inner turret, since you can be got from any angle, you need wards on all three sides basically.

This is if you are splitting bot lane. Always have a ward in the blue bush, it covers a good center point of that side of the jungle. If you are deep, put a ward at the top toward the walls protecting their base/around that general area. If not deep, ward around dragon. River control is always important.
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End Game/Team fights

When it comes to team fights as Zed you want to sit in the back and wait a few seconds before instantly jumping in. Maybe wait out some important ultimates like Curse of the Sad Mummy or Idol of Durand.

Once you see an opportunity to kill your target, either jump in with your Living Shadow or walk right up to them and Mark them for Death with your ult. Either kill them instantly or make sure the Shuriken icon is above their head. Once you see that shuriken, you can back off and start focusing on the second highest priority target. Make sure to constantly be landing your skill shots with your shadows, otherwise you will run out of energy really fast and be rather useless. You can provide some pretty decent AoE with Shadow Slash and hit multiple people with Razor Shuriken.

And don't worry if you die in the fight. As long as you take one or two people down with you, especially the high priority squishies/carries, then it was worth. Now your team can mop up and take objectives or even just win the game. However, because of Living Shadow, if played right and your positioning is good, you may not ever need to die in a fight.
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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Zed is an extremely fun champion to play who is very rewarding when mastered. He is a little difficult to get the hang of in the beginning, but once you learn how to play him, you wont want to put this champion down and find yourself playing him frequently like me. The sky is the limit with the champion and because of his mechanics, the possibilities for making plays are endless. Any questions, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

This is my second guide on Mobafire, please let me know if it helped. Upvote the guide if it has helped you or you learned something new.

Remember to Embrace the Shadows and that Balance is a Fools Master.


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Q: Who will ask the first question about Zed Alex?.

A: I do not know. Let us wait till the guide gets some views and then we shall see if any cool questions arise.
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Change Log

  • Just edited my masteries a bit to keep up with my personal preferences that I've been using lately.
  • Looking to fix my lolrecorder or find a new recording software so I can get video demonstrations for you guys.
  • Peace, sex-monkeys.

  • Added new elixirs in the guide, get them once you are full build.
  • Changed my Armor/flat hp seals to all Scaling HP Seals. Just a preference thing. Armor or Flat HP is still viable guys.
  • Happy Holidays all, hope you have a good one~

  • Guide has just been published, no changes have been made yet!
  • Going to be making a chapter labeled "Lane Matchups" and I shall go over champions you will most likely see in lane. Explaining how to deal with each one in specific. But for now the raw parts of the guide are finished.
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