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Master Yi Build Guide by Camperison

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Camperison

Master Yi for the beginners

Camperison Last updated on January 27, 2012
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Hi, this is a guide for those who just played League of Legends.
Welcome to the game!

Before you start reading, i wanted to say my special thanks to my friend who also play League of Legends, Freedom975 who already guided me how to play LoL from the beginning
Thx for the rune build too :D

Before you start your first game, i recommend you to follow the tutorial and battle training first

After you finished your battle training, you will get enough IP to buy a starter champion

Here, in this guide i will teach you about the basics and how to use Master Yi

Icon 1 is the usual build for Master Yi
Icon 2 is for jungling Master Yi

If you have mastered the basics of the game, you will be a great Master Yi player in no time! :D
*Note : i have no right in these pictures. I just found it on google and put it here to make my guide easier to understand

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Important Terms In Game

For the one who just started playing this game, you must know about the important terms in League of Legends.

Creeps or Minions give you gold when you kill them. Killing creeps are one of the important terms especially in early game (lvl 1-6). If you can't farm well, getting money in early game will be quite hard. Try to hit them when their HP is low enough to be killed so you got the golds

Debuffs and Buffs
Debuffs and Buffs are status from other champion or jungle minions that affect your status. Buffs are the one that profits us. Debuffs are the one that give you disadvantage. Some debuffs are called disables or cc (crowd control) like Stun, Slow, Knocked Airbone, Snare, ect

Make your champion unable to move or attack. Also can cancel your casting. The duration of stun can be reduced by tenacity items like Eleisa's Miracle, Mercury's Treads, Cloak and Dagger, ect

Make your champion move slower. Some type of skill also reduce your attack speed. The duration can also be reduced by tenacity items

Make your champion unable to move, but you still can cast a skill or attack during the duration of snare. The duration of snare can be reduced by tenacity items

Knocked Airbone
Make your champion knocked to the air. During that time, you are unable to move or cast a skill. This is pretty much like stun, but the duration usually shorter and cannot be reduced by tenacity items

Make your champion terrified, and move randomly. During that time, you are unable to cast a skill and move to random direction. The duration of fear usually longer than stuns. The duration of fear can be reduced by tenacity items

Make your champion unable to cast a skill, but you still can move freely and use you auto attack. Silence also can cancel skills that are being casted

Suppress is pretty much like stun, but sometimes the duration can be longer and the enemy champion that give you suppress also can't move but continually damaging you (expect for Skarner)

Gank is an action, where you or the enemy show up from the brush and attack. The success of gank is really determined from teamwork. You can also target the enemy that you should kill first by using the red "!" button above your minimap

Missing In Action or in short MIA, is a condition when an enemy champion in your lane is missing for quite a long time and not showing up in the minimap. The enemy champion that is MIA could be trying to gank your allies in other lane. So remember to type "[your lane] mia" or "[name of the enemy champion that is missing] mia" and remember to type "re" when they back to your lane

Turret Diving
Turret diving is a really risky thing to do. Only some of the champion in League of Legends are good at doing this. Usually the one who has a big amount of HP and has a range closer skill like Maokai, Nocturne, Xin Zhao, Kassadin, ect. However, some of the champion who has a really great surviability can also do this like Tryndamere. His Undying Rage makes him a great turret diver. But turret diving is a really dangerous and risky. The chance of you getting killed are really big. Being disabled near the enemy turret can get you to a very low amount of HP or being killed. So, do it wisely. Look at the condition first. If the target have some disables like stun or snare, don't do it. Also, the worst thing you can do is dive a support like Soraka. I'm sure you know what i mean, whatever it is don't be fool enough to dive a champion who has healing skills

Jungle is the area between the lanes, usually you can find some neutral monster camp inside the jungle. Some of the neutral monster also give you buffs when you managed to kill them. The monsters that can provide you buffs are Blue Golem, Lizard Elder, and Baron Nasthor. Blue Buff give you cooldown reduction and mana regeneration. This buff is important to mage and junglers. Red Buff gives you slowing effect each time you hit units with your auto attack. Baron Buff is the strongest buff of all. Baron's location is marked with red skull in your minimap. Once you kill him, all of your ally will get the buff and 300g.
Jungling is the action of leveling inside the jungle. Usually junglers must have sustainability and ability to gank. Junglers usually bring Smite and Flash

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About Master Yi

Master Yi is a meele DPS carry champion
Master Yi is quite easy to use, 2 or 3 games and you mastered it (at least for me)
He is a good 1vs1 champion, has healing skill, and a good bonus damage from skill for early game. He is also a great killer and runner when his ult is active

First, i will tell you about his ability and how to use it
Alpha Strike
This is a good skill for farming, harassing, and chasing. It has a chance to deal bonus magic damage to minions and able to hit up to 4 enemies. For harassing, target the creeps that is close enough to the enemy champion but not too close. If you wanted to close the gap between you and the enemy champion, target the enemy champion directly

This is his healing skill. Healing a large amount of HP for 5 seconds. You will also gain bonus armor and magic resist during the channeling, but you can't move anywhere during the channel. Moving will cancel you channel

Wuju Style
This skill gives you bonus damage and the bonus will raise when you raise the level. Activating this skill will double the bonus damage for 10 seconds, but you will lose the bonus damage during the cooldown. Good for farming in early game, so i recommend you to level up this skill first until level 5

This is Master Yi's ultimate skill. You will gain bonus attack speed and movement speed for 6-12 seconds. During the duration of this skill if you got a kill, all of Master Yi's ability will be ready to use again

Double Strike
Master Yi will attack twice every 7 attacks. If you are lucky, you will hit critically during the Double Strike

Pros & Cons
Here, i will tell you what is Master Yi good at and his weakness
Pros are what he is good at,
Cons are his weaknesses

Pros :
+ Easy to use
+ Good farmer
+ High damage output
+ Can run real quick :D
+ A great 1 on 1 champion

Cons :
- squishy, very vulnerable to disables
- low HP pool
- Have no disables
- Not really good at teamfight

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Master Yi is quite item dependent in late game. There is some item that you must build and some of them are optional. If you can't get your core item until late game, you may be get some trouble

Core Items
This are the items that is really important for you. Without it, your damage is not really hurts and less killing potential. Here in this guide i will give AD item build

So, your core items are :

Infinity Edge is the most important item. It give you some damage, critical chance, and your critical damage is increased by 50%. So get it directly after you got your boots

Phantom Dancer is the item that you should make after getting an Infinity Edge. It give you attack speed, critical chance, and movement speed. Just as you need :D

The Bloodthirster is the item to give you some serious damage and lifesteal. But after getting this item, kill as many creep to maximize it's passive. Note that you will lose you stack after dying

Berserker's Greaves is the boots that you need the most. Without it, you can't move quick. Any boots like Boots of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads should be fine for Master Yi. But i would prefer Berserker's Greaves since it also give you some attack speed

Optional Items
These item below is not the top priority items, get these to make you even better after you got your core items. Some items here will work good in some cases

Frozen Mallet I like this item because of it's unique passive. It make a perfect match with your ultimate. You gain attack speed and movement speed while the enemy is continuously being slowed

The Black Cleaver Is the most evil item you can get to the squishy champions. Their armor could be nearby 0 and your damage is hurt as hell :O

Last Whisper Quite good for countering enemies who stack armor, but not really optimal for squishy champions

Another Phantom Dancer, it give you more attack speed, critical chance, and movement speed. Since the effect can stack, why not? But personally, i don't really recommend you to do this. It's still OK, i can guarantee that your DPS will increase drastically. But you will be very vulnerable to disables

Another The Bloodthirster, same as another phantom dancer you will be vulnerable to disables. But it's still OK when you play it on summoner level 5-15. (i don't say summoner level 1-4 because that level is mostly played by pros who are making referral i'ds)

Thornmail this item is protecting you from enemy DPS champion. It's armor and unique passive is a really great counter for DPS champions

Banshee's Veil This item is really recommended when you are against a mage, it can block the first disable coming to Master Yi

Quicksilver Sash This item is really recommended when you are against a team that have tons of disables. Master Yi is really vulnerable to disables. Activate this quickly without clicking on the item using your inventory hotkeys (1-6)

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For beginner players, i don't ask you to buy runes. This are just for filling up the requirement of a complete guide. But i will still explain about the runes

Runes are some bonus stats that will increase your champion status. You can buy it from the store. Marks specializes in offense, Seals in defense, Glyph in magic, and Quintessence in abilities. I recommend you to start buying runes in summoner level 20, because when you have reached level 20, you can buy tier 3 runes

There is some recommendation runes for Master Yi
Option 1 :
- 9x Greater Mark of Critical Chance
- 9x Greater Seal of Critical Chance
- 9x Greater Glyph of Replenishment
- 3x Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Option 2 :
- 9x Greater Mark of Desolation
- 9x Greater Seal of Armor
- 9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
- 2x Greater Quintessence of Desolation
- 1x Greater Quintessence of Health

Choose and create the rune build that you like, this is only my recommendation. Doesn't mean this is the best

If you really want to have runes, complete the marks and quintessence first! :D

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For masteries, you will get the points as your summoner level increase
Same as runes, complete the offense first (except you are a tanker)

But for masteries, you can create as many pages as you want and you can edit it during the queue

Masteries works almost just the same as runes, just the bonus effect is lower than runes

You can complete your mastery page when you have reached summoner level 30 (max)So play a lot to complete your mastery page sooner ;D

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Summoner Spells

This summoner spell is adjusted for the one who just joined the League of Legends
I will include the summoner spell for leveled summoner after then
Some summoner spell can only be unlocked in higher summoner level
The latest summoner spell to unlock is Flash. You will get it automatically after you reached summoner level 12

For the new players, here is my recommendation

Heal Is for healing you in some unexpected condition, could be for turning up the tide or preventing you from being tower dived

Teleport Is for getting back to the lane without taking a long time to walk from your nexus to your lane. Preventing you from being underleveled

However, if you are getting good and want to get more kills, replace your heal with Exhaust. Since Master Yi has no disables, Exhaust is the best disable for him.

For the intermediate player

You can also replace your Exhaust with Ignite. But i would prefer to bring Exhaust, because Exhaust also reduce damgage from the exhausted target. It's effective when you are against an AD carry

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Playing Master Yi

After all the preparation, let the game begin :D

As the role of carry, you must not be too greedy on early game since you are still quite weak

Your main goal before level 6 is farm as well as you can. You also can seek for some kills in early game with your partner if you partner are fighter or assassin that is really strong in early game

Do not get back to the base too often, it may get you seriously underleveled

Go back to your base when your health is seriously low or when you are reaching level 6

After level 6 and got your highlander, make sure your Exhaust is ready. Activate your Wuju Style each time you got into a fight and chase your enemy when they are on low health using your Exhaust and Highlander. Careful not to get in to turret range if your HP is not really good for turret dive

Sometimes, gank your mid lane or other lane and get some kills. Usually you won't be able to do ganks anymore upon reaching level 11. Because usually, at level 11 they will go in group. So prepare for getting into a teamfight

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Jungling Master Yi

As mentioned above about Jungle and Jungling, Master Yi can also do jungling

But since he is not really sustainable to jungle without runes, i don't recommend you to go jungling from level 1 without runes. You must have at least 5x Greater Seal of Armor
Master Yi is too squishy for jungle. But once he got Wriggle's Lantern he will be just fine

So, to jungle with Master Yi
1. Bring Smite (it's the most important spell for jungling)
2. Ask for someone to play solo Top/Bot lane
3. Buy Vampiric Scepter
4. Go farming with the guy you ask for going solo
5. Once you hit level 5, you must get level 1 of Alpha Strike, level 2 of Meditate and level 2 of Wuju Style
6. Recall and buy Madred's Razors or if you got enough gold, buy Wriggle's Lantern
7. Go to Blue Golem first, then the wolfs, wraiths, double golem, and go for Red Buff
8. After you got red buff, ganking should be easy for you
when you are trying to gank, make sure you are in good condition to gank. Meditate
first and run to you enemy, DO NOT START GANKING WITH Alpha Strike. Use Alpha Strike and Highlander when your enemy is running away with low health
9. After you gank or if you don't want to gank, take down dragon for you and for your team. Dragon will give you and your team 190g when killed by you or your teammates. If you look at Wriggle's Lantern active, it can place a free ward for you. Put it nearby dragon once you get that item to secure dragon in case the enemy wanted to take it.

Pros & Cons in Jungling
+ There's no creep or allied champion who usually steal your creep kill
+ More global EXP
+ Also more global Gold
+ Ganking become easier

- Your DPS is less than usual
- If you are not experienced enough, you could be easy to counter jungled
- If you can't kill those monsters quickly, you could be underleveled
- It's very embarrassing when you are executed by monsters
As a jungler, your item build might be a little bit different than usual

Wriggle's Lantern is you core item for jungling. With that item, jungling should be easy for you

The rest is your usual core item
I included Banshee's Veil after Frozen Mallet, but if you want more damage you can replace Banshee's Veil for The Bloodthirster

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Team Fight

Team fight is the condition where you are going 5 by 5 with the enemy champion
As a carry, you must be strong enough to kill at least 2 of them without dying

Master Yi have no AoE skills (area damage skills), only his Alpha Strike can hit more than one target. After that skill is used, you have no other skill to hit them all at once except waiting for the cooldown. Because of that he can only take down the enemy one by one. So you must take down the enemy carry first before the others. Take down the tanker LAST!

Remember that a teamfight means all the enemy are grouping. Because of that, it means more disables will come to you. So if you don't want to be disabled continuously, get a Quicksilver Sash or Banshee's Veil

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Ending a Game

Whether is it good or bad, enjoy it. It's just a game, game is meant for fun :D

If your game wasn't really good, don't blame or mock anyone in your team
Sometimes i also get angry because one of my team fed up the enemy carry, hehe

Leaving a game will make things even worse

note that leaving a game too often can lead to your account become suspended
So, be a good player :)

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Enemy Champions to Avoid

These are the list of champions that you should avoid
You still can fight them, but it's hard and very risky

Champions That You Should Avoid in Early Game :
Xin Zhao
Xin Zhao is really dominating in early game. If you are laning against Xin and other kind of champions that dominate the early game like Pantheon, Urgot, Fiddlesticks, ect. Don't take too much risk getting close to them
Try to farm with your Alpha Strike

He's probably the most powerful tanker in League of Legends
Don't judge him by his look, he is really useful in teamfights
So if the enemy team got Amumu, make sure you got Quicksilver Sash to free you up from Curse of the Sad Mummy

He's scary and powerful as he looks
Don't try to go 1 on 1 with Cho'Gath, you won't know how much his Feast will hurt
Especially when he got a full stack of Feast, it would be good if you can prevent him to get the full stack

You will be dead if you got taunted by him
Most of the DPS champions won't survive with more than 50% of their health
Rammus is really strong only when his Defensive Ball Curl is active. But don't try to kill him when he got Thornmail
The more your damage hurts, the faster you will die

note:those champions doesn't have to be avoided when played by bots/AI :D

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16 Jan 2012 :
guide created

17 Jan 2012 :
guide published

18 Jan 2012 :
added pros & cons in chapter "About Master Yi"
added Quicksilver Sash to optional item list
added a little more detail about "Teamfight"
added a new chapter : "Enemy Champions to Avoid"

27 Jan 2012 :
added Jungle/Jungling on Important Terms In Game
added "Jungling Master Yi" and builds for it on 2nd icon
changed one of The Bloodthirster into Banshee's Veil

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This build is under development,
So please leave your comments below to help me improve this guide

I hope all of the new players can enjoy playing League of Legends :D