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Teemo Build Guide by buhlertj

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author buhlertj

Mastering Teemo

buhlertj Last updated on March 14, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners, I hope you enjoy my guide, and comment at the end!

Teemo is one of my favorite characters in LOL, in the higher echelon of champions with Diana, Renekton, GP, Swain, and Leona.

Some history...

Before the map/item patch mid-second season of LOL Teemo was a completely different champion. The options for on-hit items were different, and included the infamous Madred's Bloodrazor. I mained Teemo during this time, playing him on the old Twisted Treeline, and easily went on a ~30 win streak.


There is no more Bloodrazor! This is a problem. I have been maining Teemo recently, and watching other Teemo's fight it out, and I have come up with this guide. My main reason being I want all Teemo appreciators to do well with a great champion that has been getting some bad criticism, especially when you want to play top with him in ranked.

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Two different builds for Teemo

I am making two builds in this guide for Teemo, this is my suggestion on where and when to play them.


I like to play this build on the top lane of Summoner's Rift. It works really well, even against tanky champs like Jayce, Singed, and Garen. Remember, Teemo is squishy and at lvl 1 has base armor and magic resist set at 18 and 30 :O Try to get your jungler to be a fattie, or an off tank if you want to take top (a currently tanky position). This build will also work on Twisted Treeline.


I love AP Teemo, but he is looked down upon on Summoner's rift. He is best played as a support champion on Summoner's rift or maybe a mid. This build really excels on Twisted Treeline, where you can shroom the entire map with relative ease, and get kills with strategically placed mushrooms.

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Pros / Cons


    ☼ Sneaky
    ☼ Fun
    ☼ Moves Fast
    ☼ Annoying to other team
    ☼ Shuts down bruisers/ADCs in fights
    ☼ Uses little mana
    ☼ Built in dot/extra damage
    ☼ Can be built many ways
    ☼ Can kill any champs
    ☼ I penta'd with Runaans and Teemo :O


    ☼ Squishy
    ☼ Very Squishy
    ☼ Hard time fighting long ranged champions**
    ☼ Can be revealed by Yordle Snap Traps, TF ult, etc..
    ☼ Can't always secure a kill
    ☼ CC makes teemo very vulnerable
    ☼ Gets focused 1st or 2nd usually
    ☼ Teemo is looked down on by some ranked teams (Bronze players detected ;) )

**Not always true, blinding dart is awesome and shuts down ranged ads while you get in hits, but ranged mages with good cd's could be a problem if you get caught.

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Masteries are your friends :)

Of course they aren't all that important when you are a level 3 summoner, but pay attention for future reference.


I take a lot of the attack masteries. Hybrid masteries work great because Teemo will have a considerably amount of attack damage, and he will need magic penetration to get some crazy harass with his toxic shot and on-hit items.


Take masteries that mostly concern themselves with AP and hitting people with it. Besides that I took some masteries to help make Teemo less squishy early game.

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If you aren't lvl 30 don't worry about spending IP on runes, just buy champions of all sorts. If you are lvl 30 and only have 3 champions and are going to start playing ranked, go buy lots of champions first.

I'm not a rune connoisseur. I would suggest looking at my runes and making adjustments. I will tell you that the runes I use with each guide seem to do me well early game and late game.

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There are a lot of ways to build Teemo, but after extensive playing of Teemo, these are the builds I like most.


These items provide a lot of on-hit damage. I really like taking them in the order I do for a few reasons. Teemo is squishy and has a short life bar, thus taking a lot of lifesteal and lifesteal effects provide the ability to lane longer. Also, Blade of the Ruined King and Hextech Gunblade both have awesome active abilities. DON'T FORGET TO USE ACTIVATE ABILITIES. Call it overkill, but that's how important these items are. The amount of slow, damage, and lifesteal these will provide you is amazing, and really help to stay on top of a running champion. Most of the other items you will get will just enhance the raw beauty of hitting somebody with Toxic Shot, Blade of the Ruined King and Hextech Gunblade.


Your beautiful items focus around daking Shrooms of Death and making Toxic Shot and Blinding Dart hit for considerable damage. Obviously maxing your AP will do this effectively. I like to throw in a bit of attack speed just so if you get into a fight, you can hit fast enough to do some damage while trying to stay at a safe distance. Remember, you are squishy, use it to your advantage to bait people over a trail of mushrooms spaced carefully so you don't waste their full potential. Mushrooms don't stack poison, they reset timers when a new one is hit.

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I want to quickly make a few notes on each skill..


Remember, this skill is good for damaging opponents and protecting Teemo. If you are about to get jumped on by Xin's dash, or Jarvin's ultimate, make sure to blind them. Shut down Vayne's silver bolt combos, use this to make sure Teemo lives, or in a team fight, that the ADC is protected. I will mention one last perk in the next section.


Great thing to get to move around the map and your lane fast. Use Teemo's speed to your advantage to run away from or chase champions. Remember, the boost is short, there is a 2 second gap in between activating the boost and the passive reactivating, if it was off.


Spam shots at your lane opponent. Make sure s/he is taking damage from the on-hit effect and the dot on this spell. This is key to making tanky champs stay at low life, effectively stopping Garen's passive from working etc..


Place were you can stop minions and champions from rushing your tower. Place it in bushes and the river to gain sight. If you are playing AP Teemo, place the shrooms with an even spacing to make sure they take maximum damage from each shroom, and place them where the autopathing will make a champion walk. Champions take the shortest route, so they don't always walk into the center of a lane, they make tight turns around corners, think about these things and your shrooming will become much more effective. I really can't explain how important it is to observe walking patterns of champions in order to place shrooms. Some shrooms will need to be placed where they get hit when the are coming at you, and when they run from you. Contemplate proper shrooming during a game.

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Killing another Champion (Laning without Dying)

Killing another champ.

During laning phase and the early game when you aren't a nukey champ yet, make sure you span toxic shot, that will get the other champions in a kill-able range for a gank by the jungler, or when they slip up and you can execute a kill move. Shrooms are important to put into bushes when they run from you, to do damage, and slow them down. IF a champion is moving out of your auto attack range, and your active abilities on Blade of the Ruined King and Hextech Gunblade have both been used, remember that you can deal decent damage with Blinding Dart, which has a longer range than your auto attack, maybe securing the kill.

Late Game, make sure to stay in a safe place where you can hit important target while being protecting by the tanks on your team. Teemo has real damage potential late game, and you should be able to solo against most any champ, especially when you can use the element of surprise. Be careful against champs like Xin late game, who have major cc and lifesteal. Just get a buddy and go hunt him down together, and it should be no problem.

Laning without dying

An important note, use shrooms as wards. Even Twitch and Evelyn will pop a shroom while invisible. If you are fighting against those champions, and they are likely to gank you, place lots of shrooms packed together in places where they might come from to gank you. Also, use your speed boost to get out of slows from singed if he is about to flip you. Make sure that you keep your full range from your opponent if possible, because Teemo is squishy. The blinding dart will save your life, use it. Lastly, if you have active abilities on items, once again Blade of the Ruined King and Hextech Gunblade, they can help you gain life, and get away from nasty opponents.

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In closing...

This is my first guide, I hope I did well. If you have suggestions, maybe some code tips, please say so.

I hope these builds and this guide work for you, with practice and a familiarity with the champion Teemo, you should easily be able to start dominating in games.

Also, this build will be update until June of 2013, and will be not changed until July of 2015.
Things may be outdated items wise, but the suggestions and tips I give will hopefully remain true always.