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Gangplank Build Guide by Warlemming

AD Offtank Maximum Bankplank

AD Offtank Maximum Bankplank

Updated on December 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warlemming Build Guide By Warlemming 25 5 57,034 Views 32 Comments
25 5 57,034 Views 32 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Warlemming Gangplank Build Guide By Warlemming Updated on December 5, 2012
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philosopher's stone

Because you want more gold than your body has room for.

Thanks to the new masteries and reworked Avarice Blade, going Bankplank means you can never lose your lane; the most your opponent can ever hope to do is tie with you for gold, while you run around with your full build by the 30min mark wrecking everyone's day. If you ever find yourself behind your opponent in gold, you obviously weren't banking hard enough.

Bankplank is a versatile champion, able to bank any role. Pick a lane, spam that Parrrley at your opponent every chance you get for more gold (see Masteries), or head into the jungle and Parrrley every creep. If you're last hitting creeps, and there is no enemy champion to Parrrley, make sure you Parrrley every creep you can.

Going Supportbank? Parrrley your opponents non-stop, and absorb CC with your delicious fruit, remembering to buff your ally with Raise Morale whenever you get into a fight. If your ally has to go back, don't forget to bank in his absence.


Playing Bankplank is a measure of your ability to farm as much gold as possible in as short a time period as possible. While it is fine to just sit in your lane all day and farm, you should be looking for other gold making opportunities:
  • Is there a jungle camp up, and no jungler around to take it? Bank it!
  • Is there a lane devoid of ally champions being pushed? Ult it!
  • Is there a champion around to shoot in the face? Parrrley it!


Your passive applies a stacking slow on your victims and deals damage, stacking up to 3 times for 21% slow, giving you a decent way to stick to targets that don't have escapes.


Your gold farming tool. It applies on-hit effects, including your passive, and can critically strike. To use this ability effectively, follow these steps:
1. Is there an enemy champion nearby? Spam Parrrley whenever possible, otherwise go to 2.
2. Is there minions or monsters nearby? Last hit with Parrrley for bonus gold, otherwise go to 3.
3. Find something to Parrrley.


Your survivability skill. Heals you for a reasonable amount and removes all Crowd Control (CC) effects from you. In a 1v1 situation, you'll probably want to use this the moment they hit you with whatever CC they may have, or if they don't have any, whenever you want to heal up some damage. This ability allows you to join team fights without being instantly shut down by stacks of CC.


A very good self and team buff. Grants you a permanent increase to your AD and movement speed, and can be activated to give an even stronger temporary boost to you and all nearby allies AD and movement speed. Use whenever you get into a fight.


A global ultimate, deals damage and slows targets in its ring for the duration. It allows you to stop tower pushes, set up ganks, and cause all around damage during team fights. It also slows anyone it hits. See that wave of creeps and 2 champions pushing your undefended top tower? Drop your ult and watch them suffer. Doing this throughout the game will not only keep your towers up, but get you fed much faster with all the creep gold.

Depending on how far into the game affects how you should use this ability... Early game, feel free to use Cannon Barrage just to "prevent lanes from being pushed". You'll be able to pull in CS from any lane at this point. However, if you're content with the amount of gold you're banking on your lane (because you're not greedy enough), feel free to use this move to assist your allies on the map. As the game progresses and you're rolling in cash, you should start saving your ultimate for team fights.

Runes are straightforward, taking gold generation seals and quints for more gold, with AD marks for early game damage and easier farming, and Magic Resist growth glyphs for end game MR. Alternatively, take flat MR glyphs if you're gonna be up against a caster (especially if you're planning to bank mid).

Make sure you take 21 points in Utility, taking all gold generation and starting gold masteries, the free Biscuit and Explorer Ward for lane survivability, and most importantly, Pickpocket.

Pickpocket applies on Parrrley, meaning that every time you Parrrley your opponent, you'll receive 5g. This is the ultimate banking tool, allowing you to gold farm while harassing your opponents. You'll make your AD Carry jealous as Supportbank with all that blood gold you're receiving.

The last 9 points can go into either Offense or Defense depending on whether you want more damage or tankiness.


philosopher's stone
The moment you can afford these items, go back and get them. Save your ultimate, wait for the next wave to arrive, then Cannon Barrage everything into coinage. Gotta make a choice between one of these items or boots? These items. Boots are for insecure pirates who live in terror of jungle ganks.

If you need to make a choice between one of these items or the other for whatever reason, take Philosopher's Stone. "But Avarice Blade can generate more gold!" you say, but you've got to look at the long term bankage. You'll need that MP5 generation for your Parrrley that you'll be spamming every opportunity you get, and to make sure you'll have enough mana to Cannon Barrage enemy minions in lanes that are unoccupied.


Now that you've got your gold pouring in, it's time to get started on your end game build. Pick up a Giant's Belt, then rush out a Trinity Force, followed by Warmog's Armor. If you've been doing a decent job banking, you should have both of these items by the 20 minute mark.


Round out your build with some tank items: Mercury's Treads, Runic Bulwark, Randuin's Omen, and some offensive items: Infinity Edge, Blade of the Ruined King, Ravenous Hydra. When finally being forced to sell your gold magnets, save your Avarice Blade for last, it will serve you better during the last few minutes before full build.


I'm Warlemming etc etc. I was pressured into writing this guide by jhoijhoi. If you have any queries, comments or even concerns, feel free to drop them by the discussion section and I'll reply eventually. Thanks for reading my guide on Scrooge McBank, the Saltwater Scourge.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Warlemming
Warlemming Gangplank Guide
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